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$30,000 Cash Flow: $15,000
Drop store main road Ideal for owner of a plant or to locate a plant.

Longwood, FL

Currently a laundry and a drop store with old machines that are not working. Ideal for a mechanic type to fix the machines or to buy new or reconditioned machines. No impact fees to be paid, Currently operating as a laundry and a dry cleaning store. Sellers bought for a location just to operate their mobile washing and laundry business out of but have found it is too far from there clients.

$322,210 Cash Flow: $82,539 Seller Financing
E-2 Visa Landscaping Nets $82,539 3 W-2 Employees good 3 tax returns

Orlando, FL

Landscaping & mowing company that is three years with this owner but ten years established. Located in the Central Orlando area with established (all year round billing) accounts. Owner & crew have been servicing the same accounts since day one. Seller is relocating & purchased this business to obtain an E-2 visa. This business will qualify again for an E-2 visa as the 3-year tax returns are in good order. Owner will train & be on call after the sale. This business is run absentee with good W-2 employees. As well as qualifying to obtain a visa this is also a good business as well and can always be sold if a buyer wishes to move on back to ones on trade or vocation as this seller is doing.

$94,750 Cash Flow: $68,000
Restaurant Kiosk that can be relocated in any office building $94,750

Maitland, FL

A completely self-contained kiosk that can be moved anywhere that comes with training and support if a buyer has no catering knowledge this can be overcome with a little training. All you need is a location, preferably in an office building in the entrance where an operator and one part-timer can earn in excess of $60,000 after all expenses. Some buildings give free rent as it is a service to the tenants, some a token rent. No major cooking is required only light catering (sandwiches coffee sodas, salads and the like. Just find a location and you do not have to pay for any good will just buy the unit, it comes with all help from the designer who will assist with any changes you require and will help in setting it up. If this one does not work for you the designer can build any type you require in the same kiosk format to fit any building no matter how fancy or without frills, You just have to give her your concept and she will create it to your ideas.

$45,000 Cash Flow: $98,000
Gas Station Making $90k pay back rent, Inventory & just give some $$$$

Deltona, FL

This was a very profitable station and can be again. It needs an owner that is in the Country and has enough working capital to keep the lights on. Pay the back rent, to say $4,300, Buy the Inventory $10,000 and pay the gas company $6,000. Give the seller something and tell him to go away. This station was grossing $40,000 inside and about 40,000 gallons outside with a gas margin of average 60 cents. Seller paid $144,000 in December for the station and it can be bought for about $45,000 total including the inventory. Hurry as this will not be there for long.

$89,000 Cash Flow: $24,000 Seller Financing
Laundry Service Pick up & delivery /Dry cleaning plant & New Laundry

Longwood, FL

The one-year-old company that picks up laundry items from homes and businesses washes them and returns them. They have just moved into a dry cleaners drop store that also has a plant that is on the side of the retail store. They have installed all new washing machines and dryers and all new plumbing but need more capital to have all the drycleaning machines running. This is a fairly new business with a website and great potential as they have very little competition if any. The dry cleaning side is only working as a drop store at this moment and contributes about 40% of the business the washing side contributes 60% but is growing fast. Sellers have decided to sell the business to somebody that has the capital to operate it and expand it has it now requires.

$399,900 Cash Flow: $200,000 Seller Financing
Computer Repair&Camera installation 23 years est nets $200k Financing.

Oviedo, FL

• A beautifully appointed repair shop located right in the middle of the fastest growing area of Central Florida and a treat to go in too as it just reeks efficiency and has a great environment and first-class reputation for honesty and goodwill in a business that hardly anybody knows anything about, seller has owned it for twenty three years and built it up from scratch. Seller’s are selling this excellent business as they are getting ready to retire and travel and no longer need it for their son as he has moved on to his own career. Sellers also sell parts and used equipment on E-Bay. • A tremendous computer and cell phone shop that also installs and repairs cameras as well as services them. The cameras side of the business is fairly new and they are only just scratching the service and this part of the business has vast room to grow. Two Livery vans and two techs take care of this side of the business installing a range of cameras in homes and businesses which is almost a must nowadays for insurance and safety, not only in businesses but in homes but also in schools and government buildings. The company has a residual income from antivirus contracts of about $3,000 a month and growing. Five computer tech take care of the computer and cell side of the business and two techs take care of the cameras side, and the seller takes handles the sales. The rent for the newly remodeled facility that is located just outside of Orlando and close the fasted growing University in the Country and close to the Lake Nona medical and huge business parks that has just been opened is only $2,200 per month. The business is in the center of old Oviedo and all of the newly constructed sub-divisions that are housing the students, staff and, workers at the University and all of the businesses that cater for this 100,000 plus students facility. • The camera installation market is growing and they have only just scraped the surface. • Gross revenue for sales, repairs, cameras and, installation is $556,000 ($46,000 a month give or take depending on the season).

$199,000 Cash Flow: $200,000 Seller Financing
Car sales 37 years est nets$200k trained staff 23 years with business

Debary, FL

Automobile car sales very well established with two W-2 employees that have been with the company ten and twenty-three years and can do everything. This business just buys and sells cars and boats. It cleans them and stores them in a condo warehouse in an industrial complex in Debary Florida. The unit is very well appointed with a high car lift and amenities like an office and showers with a mezzanine floor that is good enough to live in or use as an office or rent out. The business does not repair cars it just details them and offers them for sale.Rent for the 2,500 square foot unit is $1,659.00 plus sales tax and condo fees of about $270.00 per month. Business grosses about $5,000,000 a year and nets the seller about $200,000 a year including benefits. Ideal buyer will love cars and have the capital or a line of credit from a bank for about $250,000. The business comes with training and all of the licenses to operate and the seller will stay on as a salesperson until the buyer has a handle on things.

$89,500 Cash Flow: $94,740 Seller Financing
C Store to Die for making $94k and only $89500 SafeWorking Class Area

Orlando, FL

This is no Publix or Seven Elevin. It is a good C store with a high mark up that is located on a very busy main road in an old part of Orlando that is ideal for a C store and caters for a mixed client base. The better the area the less you make, the more working class areas the more you make. If you want to make money this is the store to buy. If you want to expand you can !, if you want to increase services you can !. If you want to retire in a couple of years this is the place to buy. Is it pretty no, is it profitable the rent reasonable yes ($2,700 including sales tax insurance and property tax) and the lotto pays half of this($1,350 commission per month).Other commissions $950.00 per month and ATM $350.00 per month. Inside gross $48,000 per month. Owner works full time ($1,000 per month) with the help of two emplees. Their are less and less C stores comming on the market theses days in areas that WaWa Race Trac and Seven Eleven will not go in as it does not warranta a hugh investment and this means no major competetion.

$825,000 Cash Flow: $356,824 Seller Financing
Long Distance Trucking Nets $367,000 with Terms Florida

Haines City, FL

Eight tractors and 5 trailers owned by the company with a storage yard in Davenport Florida that obtains its work from brokers that trust this company to deliver on a reliable basis. All drivers are 1099 operators. All equipment will be conveyed free and clear or a buyer can assume the loans at the bank with good credit and some experience or the seller will carry back a note on the equipment. Sellers pay about $60,000 a year debt service and net over $350,000. Equipment value is based on the equity in the vehicles on bank loans and trailers owned free and clear and is a variable number.

$150,000 Cash Flow: $72,000 Seller Financing
C Store In a working Class área that makes $7000 a month

Orlando, FL

A convenience store in a residential area that caters to the working class residents. It makes a very good mark up and can be greatly improved with additional services like check cashing and opening up the deli with cold cuts and hot food. This store is not for everyone but previous owners have made fortune off of it but this owner is not a shopkeeper and does not put any effect into operating it. This store always made over $10,000 a month when it had $50,000 of inventory and sold cold cuts etc. Lotto commission was 21,000 last year and the seller does not carry all of the scratch-off tickets that this store requires.

$40,000 Cash Flow: $48,000 Seller Financing
Citgo Gas Station Price $40K Plus Inventory Nets $4K terms

Sanford, FL

Very old established gas station convenience store located right on the corner of 17-92 in downtown Sanford that has a repair shop on the side that can be rented out or used. This is a family starter business that can be acquired at a low investment rate that will earn after all expenses at least $4,000 a month. Seller will finance the inventory. A ten-year lease will be granted at a total rent including all taxes of $2,850 total.

$60,000 Cash Flow: $97,452
Gas Station C Store Nets $8K Price $60K Plus Inventory Terms Volusia C

Holly Hill, FL

A nice Gas station inside sales $45,000 Gas sales 40,000 gallons. In your pocket after all expenses over $8,000. Located in Holly Hill Volusia County.

$275,000 Cash Flow: $104,000 Seller Financing
C store Property, Inventory, Goodwill, Equipment, All in one package

Lakeland, FL

This is a bruised business as it has lost its two main services i.e the lotto and the EBT (or food stamp program).It lost them because of the owner and not because of the business. A new owner will not have any trouble in getting them back. It will take three weeks for Lotto and about four to six weeks for EBT to be granted. Customers will come back the moment they know the store has them. The price includes the real estate, the inventory, the fixtures and fittings and the goodwill. Without them, the store is grossing about $20,000 a month and with them at least $60,000 and with a Deli it will be about $70,000. Why pay rent when you can own the business and make over a $100,000 a year, yes you will have to work at it and put in the hours just like the seller who has been there for thirteen years working with only his wife and a clean-up man. The seller has lost heart a little as the system got him and it is hard to fight city hall so it is time to move on and this will be a Gold Mine for somebody that can look a little further down the line. No WaWas, Seven Eleven or Race tracs will ever come and wipe you out or sit beside you.The pro-former or budget is based on what it was doing before the seller lost Lotto and EBT.

$75,000 Cash Flow: $60,000 Seller Financing
New Smoke Shop All set up a Gold Mine in the making

Melbourne, FL


$48,000 Cash Flow: $78,198 Seller Financing
Family Gas Station in the heart of Orlando on very busy road net $75K

Orlando, FL

Gas Station C Store grossing $47,000 inside at a very good margin. Gas sales 8,500 gallons at a margin of $0.13 to $0.25 per gallon. Lotto $2,100 commission per month. ATM $2,250.00 per month. Check Cashing commission $550.00. Weston Union/Money Orders $200.00 per month Net after all expenses $78,198.00. This is ideal for a family as the payroll is $5,000 per month which could be kept in-house ?. This station is in a working-class area with a very high mark up and is ideal for making money.

$125,000 Cash Flow: $48,000 Seller Financing
Supermarket C Store Tourist Area-local trade Orlando Kissimmee Disney

Kissimmee, FL

This is a very nice store that is in the hands of a seller that does not, and cannot get enough inventory.

$145,000 Cash Flow: $75,000 Seller Financing
Dry Cleaners Ideal For A Family Nets $80k Just Husband & Wife

Altamonte Springs, FL

A Twenty-year-old dry cleaning business that is run by the two owners who do all of the work, no employees at all and they enjoy eighty thousand dollars a year working only a normal week from 8:00 to 6:30, half a day Saturday and closed on Sundays. Located on a very busy main road in a retail shopping location with good anchor tenants. The store has an exceptionally low rent of $1,500 including all pass-through charges, taxes and common area maintenance charges. This is a nice clean well laid out plant that is in an upper class mixed blue and white collar area that is growing by leaps and bounds. Ideal for a buyer that can speak a little Spanish as well as English as this is an area of Central Florida that is very much changing and enjoying a surge in people coming to live here as well as many large companies that are relocating and increasing the median income for the area. New homes are being built all around the plant and the military retirees along with the snowbirds from up North winter in this community. The area is right in the middle of a vast amount of apartments, indoor foliage nurseries and close to Apopka.where a lot of Mexican labor lives and works in and around the plant that is ideal for pick up and delivery if a buyer would like to expand.

$129,000 Cash Flow: $75,000 Seller Financing
Gas Station C Store With Deli $75k Plus inventory Nets $75k

Deltona, FL

A very well established station that is grossing inside $65,000 a month with 35,000 gallons at a very good margin as this station is in the country area and surrounded by at least 10,000 mixed race customers so the mark up on gas is very high. Seller will finance the inventory and the gas in the ground with 50% down on the inventory. Lotto commission is $2850.00 per month. The Western Union, Bill pay and a great Check cashing business is all part of this station.

$75,500 Cash Flow: $60,000 Seller Financing
Gas Station-C Store Deli Rented Makes $60k only $75k to Buy

Orlando, FL

A great station for a Spanish speaking operator that is located in Orlando on a main cut through road just to the East side of Downtown Orlando. Ideal for a family and priced very reasonable to get into. Anybody can run this station but if you have knowledge of Spanish it will help greatly. Ruby system up to date. Gas deposit $10,000. Hours 6:00 am to 10:00 pm, (little less on the weekends).gas profit about 15 cents a gallon. Car wash brings in $600 per month. Has the Western Union, bill pay, Car Vac, Money order and one part-time employee at $15.00 per hour 30 hours a week. Gas sales 38,000 gallons a month.Lotto $900.00 per month. Utilities $1,000 a month. Water $70.00. Security $70, Insurance $70.00 all per month.

$69,000 Cash Flow: $33,750
Dry Cleaning Plant with training making money from day one

Maitland, FL

A dry cleaning plant with all of the laundry equipment that has been there for 20 years in the same hands. It is not a cut-price cleaner and it is not a high price cleaners that will give a buyer a good living for a low investment. If you wish to buy a job this is it and if you wish to buy a small business that has no downside to it this is also it. You do not have to reinvent the wheel or start a business from scratch. You do not have to fix anything just do what the seller has been doing for years and that is making a good living for only a small investment in a business that will go on and on for years with no Amazon or Internet to come along and wipe you out.