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$75,000 Cash Flow: $60,000 Seller Financing
New Smoke Shop All set up a Gold Mine in the making

Melbourne, FL


$30,000 Cash Flow: $59,916 Seller Financing
LiquorStore Very Inexpensive/Cheap to get into Needs hands on Operator

Deltona, FL

You will need 65,000 for the inventory. $25,000 ( or an offer) for the fixtures and fittings, license payment of $2,500 per month or come with your own license, three months rent about $5,000. Utility deposit of $2,000. Miscellaneous payment for closing and insurance deposits of about $5,000. Say a total of $145,000 and you are in a Liquor store and there is no cheaper way to obtain a fine business ready and up and running. Total expenses are $8,757 per month including the liquor license payment, $9886 if you take into account all the other added expenses and owners payroll etc.. After all paid expenses and $3,700 for payroll that is now being paid out, it should net about $50,000.

$48,000 Cash Flow: $78,198 Seller Financing
Family Gas Station in the heart of Orlando on very busy road net $75K

Orlando, FL

Gas Station C Store grossing $47,000 inside at a very good margin. Gas sales 8,500 gallons at a margin of $0.13 to $0.25 per gallon. Lotto $2,100 commission per month. ATM $2,250.00 per month. Check Cashing commission $550.00. Weston Union/Money Orders $200.00 per month Net after all expenses $78,198.00. This is ideal for a family as the payroll is $5,000 per month which could be kept in-house ?. This station is in a working-class area with a very high mark up and is ideal for making money.

$125,000 Cash Flow: $48,000 Seller Financing
Supermarket C Store Tourist Area-local trade Orlando Kissimmee Disney

Kissimmee, FL

This is a very nice store that is in the hands of a seller that does not, and cannot get enough inventory.

$145,000 Cash Flow: $75,000 Seller Financing
Dry Cleaners Ideal For A Family Nets $80k Just Husband & Wife

Altamonte Springs, FL

A Twenty-year-old dry cleaning business that is run by the two owners who do all of the work, no employees at all and they enjoy eighty thousand dollars a year working only a normal week from 8:00 to 6:30, half a day Saturday and closed on Sundays. Located on a very busy main road in a retail shopping location with good anchor tenants. The store has an exceptionally low rent of $1,500 including all pass-through charges, taxes and common area maintenance charges. This is a nice clean well laid out plant that is in an upper class mixed blue and white collar area that is growing by leaps and bounds. Ideal for a buyer that can speak a little Spanish as well as English as this is an area of Central Florida that is very much changing and enjoying a surge in people coming to live here as well as many large companies that are relocating and increasing the median income for the area. New homes are being built all around the plant and the military retirees along with the snowbirds from up North winter in this community. The area is right in the middle of a vast amount of apartments, indoor foliage nurseries and close to Apopka.where a lot of Mexican labor lives and works in and around the plant that is ideal for pick up and delivery if a buyer would like to expand.

$129,000 Cash Flow: $75,000 Seller Financing
Gas Station C Store With Deli $75k Plus inventory Nets $75k

Deltona, FL

A very well established station that is grossing inside $65,000 a month with 35,000 gallons at a very good margin as this station is in the country area and surrounded by at least 10,000 mixed race customers so the mark up on gas is very high. Seller will finance the inventory and the gas in the ground with 50% down on the inventory. Lotto commission is $2850.00 per month. The Western Union, Bill pay and a great Check cashing business is all part of this station.

$75,500 Cash Flow: $60,000 Seller Financing
Gas Station-C Store Deli Rented Makes $60k only $75k to Buy

Orlando, FL

A great station for a Spanish speaking operator that is located in Orlando on a main cut through road just to the East side of Downtown Orlando. Ideal for a family and priced very reasonable to get into. Anybody can run this station but if you have knowledge of Spanish it will help greatly. Ruby system up to date. Gas deposit $10,000. Hours 6:00 am to 10:00 pm, (little less on the weekends).gas profit about 15 cents a gallon. Car wash brings in $600 per month. Has the Western Union, bill pay, Car Vac, Money order and one part-time employee at $15.00 per hour 30 hours a week. Gas sales 38,000 gallons a month.Lotto $900.00 per month. Utilities $1,000 a month. Water $70.00. Security $70, Insurance $70.00 all per month.

$70,000 Cash Flow: $33,750
Dry Cleaning Plant with training making money from day one

Maitland, FL

A dry cleaning plant with all of the laundry equipment that has been there for 20 years in the same hands. It is not a cut-price cleaner and it is not a high price cleaners that will give a buyer a good living for a low investment. If you wish to buy a job this is it and if you wish to buy a small business that has no downside to it this is also it. You do not have to reinvent the wheel or start a business from scratch. You do not have to fix anything just do what the seller has been doing for years and that is making a good living for only a small investment in a business that will go on and on for years with no Amazon or Internet to come along and wipe you out.

$175,000 Cash Flow: $125,000 Seller Financing
Liquor Store, Pub-lix Center, Solid Grossing $55k a Month net $100k.

Lake County, FL

Very nice liquor store in the right place at the right time. The purchase price does not include a Lake County Liquor package License that are running anywhere from $200,000 to $275000. A license can be purchased and financed with 30% down. Currant hours of the store are week days 11:00 am to 9:00 pm, Saturday 11:00 am to 10:00 pm and Sunday 11:00 am till 7:00 pm. Sale includes the inventory that has been estimated at $350,000. Seller can run down the inventory as it does not require this much at the moment but at Christmas time a higher level is required. Store is located in a very good area and is clean and safe. Seller operates with one part time employee that works three days a week. Point of sale records each trans action and cost about $5,000. Security system is the top of the line and the books and records are very clean. Seller has owned the store for three years and it has been there for about 18 years. Clientele are blue and white collar workers along with retirees as well as tourists that rent in the area or pass by to Disney. Average profit margin is around 30% but could be greatly increased with the addition of lotto and snacks/larger rang of cigarettes and domestic beers. Longer hours would greatly increase the profits.

$500,000 Cash Flow: $300,000 Seller Financing
Drywall /Framing Subcontracter with whos who Builders & contractors

Port Canaveral, FL

Seller supplies drywall and framing to general contractors on a subcontractor basis. He himself then hires subcontractors to do the work. He does all of the estimating and pricing of the jobs and visits each location as needed. He turns over in excess of one point two million all on his own and this year could top $1.4m, and could do a lot more if he needed to or had help in the office or out in the field. This is a great business as his clients are contractors to the largest gas station operator that are building stations all over the country and in the State of Florida big time at this moment. Seller will make over $300,000 this year and is looking to exit the business over a period of time so that a buyer can maintain the customer base as he is the main part of the business at this time. He is willing to hold a note on half of the selling price and train a buyer if required. This will be a turn key operation for a person that loves the building and or construction industry and wants a profitable business that will give him or her a huge return on their investment. This would be ideal for a husband and wife team or for an overseas buyer that requires a visa to live and work in the USA. This is almost a no brainier as the seller will hand you an established business with a great workforce and a client base that is proven and expanding in an industry that is coming out of recession, in a State that never hardly slowed down building and is poised for a building increase to accommodate the population explosion that Florida expects in commercial and home building in the next ten years. Central Florida is growing and attracting many out of State and overseas companies that see not only cheap land to buy and build on, but an ever growing labor force to support the University and the medical hospitals and re-search companies that are relocating to this part of the World.

$40,000 Cash Flow: $21,224
Security Officer Service and School

Orlando, FL

This Security Officer business offers both armed and unarmed security and bodyguard services to a variety of clients. Also is a Security Officer training facility that has classroom space for 30 students. Can also provide training classes for Florida Concealed Carry Firearms License. Revenue comes from both providing Security Officers to customers and the school for certifying Security Officers. Seller is retiring but will stay on for an extended period to qualify buyer.

$53,000 Cash Flow: $24,000
Great for a family that wants to keep their Day job & still earn $15k

Oviedo, FL

This is a great little investment for a family that wants an extra $1,000 to $1,500 a month absentee or $36,000 a year operating it 6 days a week from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. The store is located close to the Central Florida University and in an area that has a high income and the right demographics for this type of service business. It is located in a very busy shopping center close to all of the single family homes and right in the middle of the student dormitories and accommodations. you take in dry cleaning and sub it out to a plant.If it needs alterations you have the lady renter do it. You do not do any cleaning on the premises. If you wish to do wash dry and fold on the premises you can offer this service and greatly increase the profits. An ideal little business for a wife or couple to run, no long hours, no inventory to buy, no experience required to run it, a cash business and no receivables.

$69,000 Cash Flow: $50,000 Seller Financing
Lake County Bait and Tackle C store very cheap to buy nets $50k

Leesburg, FL

If ever a store needed a new owner this is it. Great location been there for years and owned by the seller for about 12 years. making a living for a laid back owner but could be making so much more.This store is ideal for a family that likes boating and fishing. More tackle more bait more deli more services more inventory. The business is there for the taking. Seller will finance the inventory and will look at any and all offers. It still grosses $35 to $40,000 a month and could be $75,000 and should be $75,000 with out to much more investment.

$65,000 Cash Flow: $76,152 Seller Financing
Nice C store that is ideal for a family or husband & wife net $76k

Sanford, FL

God clean starter store for a family or husband and wife with one employee at a reasonable purchase price.Work for yourself and provide for your self and never work for anybody with this very self supporting cash business.

$400,000 Cash Flow: $216,000 Seller Financing
Gas Station with Chicken Fast Food $18k Per Month Net with Financing

Orlando, FL

Established gas station branded Citgo that is on the main road that runs through the center of Orlando close to many apartments and single-family homes that does not have a gas contract in place with any major brand or jobber so a buyer can change the brand and obtain another gas distributor if so desired. Seller is just about to sign a new 10-year lease that will include a second store that he is going to serve cooked chicken and fast food in. This is a solid business that is now going to get a lot better with the addition of the fast food store that is just about to start operating. The chicken store is almost ready to begin operation it is just waiting for the equipment to be installed, the build-out is already completed and the minimum estimated gross sales per month are in the range of $80,000 and after rent payroll and all expenses will net at least $10,000. Gross inside sales for the gas station is $70,000 a month with a minimum profit of about $13,000 for the C store alone. Gas Sales 26,000 gallons per month with a profit of about $3,650.00 to $4,000 per month. Lease 10 years. Owned for 12 years. Rent $7,000 total including all taxes and pass through charges for the station and the new fried chicken shop. Hours 7:00 am to 12:30 pm. Store inside 1,300 square feet. Buyer to assume the monthly payment on the Ruby system that cost $20,000 and only has three more years left to go. Inventory approximately $40,000 of hard inventory and $10,000 of gas in the ground. Lotto Commission $2,400 per month. ATM machine $200 per month. Vac machine $50,00 per month. Cell Phone top up, that brings in the commission of between $400 and $500.00 per month. Check cashing is not offered. The Western Union. Not operating at this time. Money Orders. Not operating at this time. Deposit: The buyer will be required to have at least one months deposit with the Landlord and the first months rent along with a deposit with the utility company. Jobber. Unknown. Gas deposit of $25,000. Utilities approximately $850,00 per month. No Deli and no room to put one in the C store !. Payroll ranges between $750 to $1,500 per month just for the C store. Financing. Seller will finance 25% of the sales price and the inventory. Books and records and all income and expenditures are very well documented by invoices and a buyer will be able to visit the store for a week to verify the income. Equipment, fixtures, and fittings, plus any leasehold improvements are at a value of $30,000 just for the gas station only and another $25,000 for the fried chicken store. The customer base is a combination of regulars that live in the area and commuters passing by due to the location of the gas station on a busy main road. Business is run by the seller on his own with the help of two part-timers. Owner’s benefits after payroll are in the range of $13,000 per month ($156,000 per year) before the chicken store kicks in. Training: Seller will stay and assist a buyer for Two weeks at no charge to make sure that there is an orderly handover of the business. Equipment is in good order and will all be working on the day of the sale and consists of walk-in cooler, cash register and all of the pumps and gas equipment, shelving etc. This business is a low key family gas station that makes without any frills bells or whistles and has been priced for a quick sale as the seller would like to buy a station with property in another location. Seller will look at all offers and will finance 25% of the sales price

$500,000 Cash Flow: $180,000 Seller Financing
Two Restaurants in major office Park net $180k $250k financing.

Maitland, FL

This 6 year old established sports type restaurant and bar that is located right in the middle of the massive office complex known as the Maitland Center is offed for sale by the chef owner that has nursed this business from scratch, trained the staff and after 6 years of building the business has lost a little of his drive. It is currently two businesses in one, a bar restaurant that has 168 seats inside and 56 seats outside and the other a light mini restaurant/wine bar that has 40 seats that is next door but totally separate with its own complete kitchen and menu that is unique in that every thing is cooked to order and it is self serve in that a customer walks in and orders and what he or she orders off the limited menu is then cooked in the state of the art kitchen. The total area of both restaurants is 5,900 square feet and both restaurants are under one lease. The total rent is $6,250.00 including all pass through taxes, insurance and common area maintenance. The shopping center is not only close to millions of square feet of office space with thousands of office workers but also surrounded by a tremendous number of single family homes and not far away is a very large apartment complex that is being build with thousands of rental apartments that will be open in the fall. Seller does no marketing at this time and only draws a fraction of the customers that are out there. He is a chef and has developed a following and designed the menus to suit this operation, but now is sitting back as both businesses are coasting along and his interest is starting to wain. Dotted all over the Maitland Center is large buildings and I do mean large office buildings with millions of rental space and thousands of workers that have never heard of the bar restaurants that get hired fired, laid off and hired at another building on a constant basis and an operator needs to be consistent with its marketing too the new comers as well as the new tenants that are a moving target in this ever growing office complex. In some of the buildings they have a breakfast and lunch facility but that is not the customers or market that this businesses is looking for, it is the person that wants a drink or an Hors d’oeuvre or a business meeting or after hours social meeting or does not want to go home that is the targeted customer. The restaurants are fully staffed and no expense has been spared in equipment or build out, TVs are every where and the decor is just right and pleasant to dine in, watch sport or just hang out in there. The two restaurants makes money, about $15,000 to $20,000 a month but it needs a new owner who will now develop what has been started and open up the coffee shop and just attract another fraction of the potential customers that are out there and possibly buy the entire center as well as the property will become available later. Sellers point of sale and the ordering system is second to none as every thing is documented so that inventory levels and ordering is so easy to manage. This is a turn key operation and does not need fixing. It needs someone that does not want the hassle of building a facility and then building a customer base but wants to reap the benefit of a talented chef and business mans work who is now a little burnt out after six years. The price being asked is almost the cost of the build out and equipment and contains very little goodwill if any. No brunch is served. No rooms are rented out for meetings. No outside catering is under taken. No delivery is offed. No live music nights is offered.but he does have a trivia night Figures below are for both restaurants Employees: Fifteen. Gross inside sales: $40,000 a month. $480,000 to $500,000 a year. Lease 15 years. Owned for 6 years. Rent: $6,250.00 Total including all taxes and pass through charges. Hours: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm. Store inside both restaurants 5,900 square feet. Inventory approximately $10,000 to $15,000. Utilities approximately $1,000,00 per month. Payroll ranges between $7,500 to $8,500 per month. Books and records and all income and expenditures are very well documented by invoices and a buyer will be able to visit the restaurants to verify the income and expenses Equipment, fixtures & fittings, plus any leasehold build out & improvements are at a value of $500,000. Customer base is a combination of regulars that live in the area and workers in the office buildings. Business almost runs it self as the owner has it very well under control and is very rarely there. Owner’s benefits after payroll are in the range of $15,000 per month ($180,000 per year). Training: Seller will stay and assist a buyer for one month at no charge to make sure that there is an orderly handover of both business. Equipment is in good order and will all be working on the day of sale and consists of walk in cooler, cash register, point of sale software, TVs and all of the cooking and refrigeration equipment. Seller will look at all offers and will finance 50% of the selling price to a good credit worthy buyer. Asking Price $500,000 plus inventory with owner financing of 50%

$25,000 Cash Flow: $80,000 Seller Financing
Flooring and Tiling Shower and glass showroom business for $10k down

Winter Park, FL

This great little business that is open to the public selling a complete range of flooring products and is an agent for a large company that manufactures glass and bath room showers is looking to hive of this business to the first buyer that meets the requirements. Ideal for a lady or man that has a flare for home design and home improvements, or just a great salesman or lady. As this business is so new the new owner may want to wholesale as well as retail so this will be up to them to decide the gross sales and the profit margin.

$65,000 Cash Flow: $79,330
Local Independent Barber Shop

Deltona, FL

Local independent barber shop for sale. Great opportunity for a licenced or newly licensed barber. Seven work stations in physical plant; four being used.

$275,000 Cash Flow: $140,000
Liquor Store Making $140,000 net with Financing on the Liquor License

Deltona, FL

Established Liquor Store located in a local strip shopping center with no competition that is on a main junction cross road close to all the single family homes that are dotted around it along with a host of businesses and lots of cars that pass and stop at the traffic lights right outside the front door. Purchase price does not include the Volusia County Liquor License which can be financed for about $30% down. Currant owner pays about $2,700 a month for his license that is on a mortgage. Gross sales are in the range of $95,000 per month at a 25% margin. Lease 5+5+5 years. Owned for 2 years. Rent $3,065 total including all taxes and pass through charges. Hours 8:00 am to 11:00 pm. Store inside 2,400 square feet. Inventory approximately $160,000 to $180,000. Lotto Commission $800 to $1,000 per month. No ATM machine. No Check cashing. Western Union. Not operating at this time. Money Orders. Not operating at this time. Utilities approximately $650,00 per month. Payroll $4,000 per month not including the owner. Employees three full time Books and records and all income and expenditures are very well documented by invoices and a buyer will be able to visit the store for a week to verify the income. Equipment, fixtures and fittings, plus any leasehold improvements are at a value of $50,000. Customer base is a combination of regulars that live in the area and commuters passing by due to the location of the store that is on a busy main cross road. Owner’s benefits after payroll are in the range of $12,000 per month ($140,000 per year). Training: Seller will stay and assist a buyer for one week at no charge to make sure that there is an orderly handover of the business. Equipment is in good order and will all be working on the day of sale and consists of walk in cooler, cash register and all of the shelving and display equipment etc. This business is a low key family liquor/C store that makes a very good living for the owner and is without any frills bells or whistles and has been priced for a quick sale as the seller would like to return to his former technical occupation. Seller will look at all offers and may finance some of the inventory to a credit worthy buyer.

$70,000 Cash Flow: $60,000 Seller Financing
Boutique type Pizza Store Catering to holiday Hotels I Drive Area

Orlando, FL

This is a great little business that has all of the hard work done for you. Absolutely ideal for a family or somebody that wants to invest and keep their day job as it does not open until 3:00 or 4:00 pm in the afternoon. Very nicely laid out kitchen, clean and pleasant work environment that will make you back your money very quickly. Good location in a safe part of town with a reasonable rent. Pizza will never go out of style or be affected by the internet any more than it has already encountered. Seller will train and show a buyer how to handle the marketing that is already in place. Sellers do not have a beer and wine license that would also help increase profits along with a more extensive Italian menu. Now is the time to buy this business as the tourist season is just about to start and sales will jump in the next few months.This business is priced below market as the sellers have family troubles and very little goodwill is being asked, so now is the time to take advantage of this established business that will make you a good living.