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$1,600,000 Cash Flow: $1,200,000
Toxicology and Genetic, $100K/month net

Orange County, CA

Toxicology and Genetic lab, 500 tests per month, billing out of network, grossing 150K and noting 100K per month. Motivated seller, who is the landlord and will provide superb lease and help with more account (since in medical business). Seller wants to focus on own other businesses, the lab is in great shape, billing alone and growing. 2 mass-specs, LIS and water system in price included. Medical Director and CLS shall stay.

Pathology Laboratory, CA, NY, all PPO with Contracts

Los Angeles, CA

Only good licenses and contracts with insurances for sale: badly needed for lab-professionals with good accounts, but not good insurance contracts. Pathology laboratory, established 1996, California S-Corp. with licenses in many states (with the seller as a medical director NY possible too), and with many good insurance contracts, such as: Aetna, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Cigna, Great West, UHC, Humana, Multiplan, PHCS, Interplan, First Health, Parkway Health, Superior Health Plan, Medicaid TX, Medicaid WV, Alliance, Delta Health Systems, Liberty Mutual, Medicare, Medi-Cal… No business, no employees, no equipment… for god or bad… new owner has to have own location and accounts, the seller is a pathologist and medical director, willing to stay and provide support to new owner utilizing the exiting licenses and contracts. Only the buyers with larger number of own accounts, billing PPO, Medicare, and Medi-Cal would find this opportunity worth $2,000,000.

$4,300,000 Cash Flow: $1,200,000 Seller Financing
Environmental Laboratory - Best Reputation

Los Angeles County, CA

Long established business, with more demand than it can serve, very expandable, serving niche for serious clientele only. A full service environmental testing laboratory dedicated to serving California’s environmental industry, industrial facilities and governmental agencies.  Laboratory has been a California state certified, full service environmental laboratory dedicated to servicing California’s environmental industry, industrial facilities and governmental agencies. Business maintains a rigorous Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) program, which meets all applicable regulatory requirements. Incorporated as an S-corp, the laboratory has mobile division to (field testing) as a separate S-corp. 30 full time employees, all highly educated, long time in business, monthly payroll $120,000. Seller the business premises real estate too: two buildings, one 10,000 SF, other 6,000 SF. At the moment, seller paying rent (to him selves) $12K + $9K per month respectively, NNN, for each building. Real estate is also for sale: $2,550,000 and 1,650,000 respectively, combined price may be negotiated; lease with option to buy also possible. Major selling points: -Single working owner willing to stay, if his salary is in cost included, buyer will have great trainer and/or owner absentee business; -No marketing in place at the moment (big potential); -Long term contract in place; It is a niche business, with big demand and easy expandable; -Future cannabis testing for incoming THC ISO 17025 industry is is easy to add; -Lab is maximally efficient and trusted on the market (used by other labs); -Best network, all top consultants and lowers recommend that lab. Truly top business, expanding, fair price - pure retirement sale. Equipment value $1.5M in price included. Management want to stay, train, and expand the business.

$11,750,000 Cash Flow: $2,400,000
Big Clinical Laboratory, 13 Mio. Gross

Los Angeles County, CA

20+ years old laboratory, in large facility, with 10+ draw stations – and with volume of over 1,000 requisitions per day. In network with BC/BS, Cigna, Aetna, Health One, exclusive contracts with big HMOs… Grossing $1,200,000 per month, insurance mix: MediCare 25%, Medi-Cal 10%, PPO 35%, IPA 30%. Over 80 employees, 24/7 operation. The lab has unique market positioning and tests, the buyers with experience and expansion plans are the best fit. Exra opportunity: You can buy another similar lab, also currently available, and maximize synergy effect. Please call broker.

Young, big Tox Lab in Mississippi, 2000 tox/m with lot of AR

Pearl River County, MS

Full equipped toxicology laboratory (2 LCMS, nearly $1M in equipment – all paid off), performing over 2,000 tox specimens per month, with 35 full time and 6 part time employees. Medicare, Medicaid in many states, solid numbers of insurance contracts. Leases property on 9,000 square feet, $3,000/month, expires 2020, 5 years option. About $19 Million Accounts Receivables also available for sale – for $5 Million only (all less than 11 month old and very billable). Partnership dissolution and billing company mistakes are the reason for sale. Some smart investors may make big deal on this impulsive selling decision. The listing is brand new.

$199,000 Cash Flow: $120,000
Medical Practice - Hispanic Area

San Bernardino County, CA

Medical Director in place, salary $6,000/month (currently exchanged with two NP) San Bernardino clinic has capitation $23,000/month (21K Inland Valley IPA, 1.5K Regal, 700 Alfa Care). Expenses around 12K/month. Net around $11,000/m.

Hospice, JCO certified, Medicare

Los Angeles County, CA

Hospice, JCO certified, Medicare, no patients Licensed Hospice for sale in Los Angeles County. Established in 2012, JCO certified, Medicare Provider, no active patients. Very nice furnished office of 900 SF, monthly rent $950, expires February 2018. Business is ready to go for the new owner who does not need to wait years to obtain the necessary licenses and contracts. Established 2012 as an S-Corp. All trained employees as independent contractors available. Nicely furnished, FF&E around $5,000 included. Owner is motivated and ready to carry note.

$1,000,000 Cash Flow: $500,000
Refer. Laboratory, Medi-Medi, 20 yrs

Los Angeles County, CA

Reference Laboratory with lot of specialties, 20 years in business, ready for retirement sales. Grossing over 4 Million per year, mostly through sales persons. Single owner shall count on $500,000 discretionary income per year. 18 employees, including 2 working owners. Lab size is about 2,400 SF ($3,500 per month, 3 years lease left, option available). Equipment worth about $150,000. Seller confident to finance a qualified buyers and stay/train.

$1,100,000 Cash Flow: $36,000
Old Medi-Cal, Medicare Lab, Adult Care

Los Angeles County, CA

Established mid-sized clinical laboratory, specializing in family pack and elderly care centers (3 mobile phlebotomists on field). Good lease: about 3,700 SF, $2,400/month, year-to-year with CPI increases only, security deposit $2,100. Storage and lot of free parking available. No extra draw stations. Insurances mix: -Medi-Cal 40%, -CareMore (national contract!) 30%, -Medicare 20%, -PPO 10%. No other major insurance contracts. 2 full time working owners, 11 employees, monthly payroll $35,000, Medical Director and CLS will stay, if needed. Best customers, will transfer clean and free

$1,100,000 Cash Flow: $200,000
Clinical Laboratory PPO Contracts

Los Angeles County, CA

GOOD CONTRACTS! Operating since 1950-is…in the fancy part of West LA County – you can move it if rent (expires 2017) is to expensive or not needed. Lease $11,000/month, shared 5,000 SF space. Six employees, all what is needed, is in place. The right buyer is the one who can profit from laboratory’s history but, in the first line, needs the existing PPO-contracts for the own accounts. In network with: -Anthem Blue Cross,  -United Healthcare  -Blue Shield of CA. -Beech Street -BCBS of North Carolina -BCBS of IL -BCBS of TX -Carpenters H & W  -Directors Guide -Motion Picture -One Health Plan -Pacific Care -Screen Actors Guild -Southern Cal Drug Benefit Fund

New CLIA Lab with Tox and Specialties


Brand new, ready to go, CLIA laboratory with following specialties: Toxicology, Chemistry, Immunoassay, Hematology… Basic equipment included in sale: Hitachi 911, Cell Dyn 3700, Access 2, DCA Vantage, Medica Easylyte, SchylerHouse LIS, Clintek Status+, GE Water System, Support Equipment… Medical Director ($1,500/month) and CLS ($48/hour) in place, if needed. Lab is in 1,000 SF temporary office, for $1,200 per month, month-to-month lease, must move at some point after the sale. Perfect for buyers who have own lab-accounts and want to start billing with a new, clean, lab license immediately.

$7,000,000 Cash Flow: $2,100,000
Clinical Laboratory, with X-Ray IDTF; Partnership possible

Los Angeles County, CA

Clinical Laboratory, with X-Ray IDTF included; Partnership possible Established laboratory with lot of clients, specialties and contracts (Blue Cross and Blue Shield from "big 5").: Private, Medicare and Medi-Cal. 550 specimens per day. CLIA loaded with all specialties. Grossing over $700,000, netting conservatively $180,000 per month with expansion potential to double business volume in 2017. Seller is therefore interested in partnership too. One full time owner, 80 full time, 11 part time employees – payroll $240,000per month. Great team put together! Large, professional facility, over 10,000 SF, lease 3+3 years, rent $6,100/month – all included. Big new accounts lined up in imminent future! Seller is willing, even preferring, to enter in temporary partnership agreement in order to boost the business before his ultimate retirement, couple years from now. As an extra perk, the business has a valid IDTF license for mobile X-ray diagnostics. The business has also a IDTF license to operate mobile X-ray diagnostics. Extra opportunity: Similar big lab in the same city is also currently available.

$500,000 Seller Financing
Pharmacy License, Many states and PPO contracts

San Bernardino, CA

Compounding pharmacy. Pharmacy with licenses in many states and PPO contract(with RE possible) in San Bernardino. Seller owns the larger building where pharmacy is located – also available for sale: cheaper than appraised if in package with one of the businesses seller is selling in the same building (the pharmacy and the toxicology laboratory).

Toxicology Laboratory License and Assests

San Bernardino, CA

Five years established sizable lab, specialized for toxicology services for Workers Comp (commercial accounts only). The owner co-owns the whole medical building (also for sale), and the compounding pharmacy in it (also for sale, separately or in package). The reason for sale is relocation and partially retirement. Laboratory looks as new, best equipment worth $2.5Mil., on 3,100 SF. 14 full time employees, monthly payroll $70K. CLIA and Medicare license are in good standing.

$4,000,000 Cash Flow: $1,100,000
Famous Toxicology Lab, SAMHSA, Net, Absentee


This is not just another lab! This is a nationally leading forensic drug testing laboratory specializing in law enforcement, prison, corrections, probation departments, pain management, worker’s comp, work-place, pre-employment and labor departments drug testing programs.   Over 30 years in business. The laboratory has an unsurpassed protocol of quality control/quality assurance (QA/QC) guaranteeing the accuracy of these results. The laboratory is a well recognized, Department of Health and Human Services/Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (DHHS/SAMHSA), formerly NIDA, certified forensic drug testing laboratory. Laboratory is also an approved Medicare Provider. Seller owner free standing building of over 10,000 SF is also offered for sale ($1,000,000), but a friendly long lease of $1/SF is also possible. Lab is doing 15,000 tests per month currently (used to do more than 80,000 per month), with potential to multiply the business for younger and ambitions buyers, willing to learn assume this privileged location. The pricing multiple considers history and future potential and the quality of current accounts and current owners part time engagement. Excellent staff and $3M worth of equipment in place

$350,000 Cash Flow: $96,000
Chemistry Lab, Medicare, Medi-Cal

Garden Grove, CA

This laboratory has all licenses usually needed for big accounts: CLIA, Medicare, Medi-Cal, all insurances expect Cigna and Blue Cross (which is billed out of network). The equipment is worth around $200,000. It licensed for Pathology and Chemistry testing, among specialties are: Immunology, urinalysis, endocrinology, hematology. Business is about 20 specimens per day, the transferability of those accounts is possible but subject to separate negotiation. The lease is month to month, so new owner can easy relocate, if needed. More than $150,000 worth in equipment is in the asking price included, about $10,000 of reagents inventory is not included. Lab has just one working owner and 4 part time employees, and one medical director which can stay.

$1,000,000 Cash Flow: $400,000 Seller Financing
Big Tox- and DNA- Laboratory - Small downpayment

Las Vegas, NV

Two years in business, all licenses (CLIA, Medicaid, Medicare, contracts with hospitals vie parent MSO). Lab does tox, DNA and blood work. Specialized in toxicology and DNA using the latest mas-spec devices. Great building and location, 8,100 SF, (seller is the landlord and will give a good lease, and is open to sell the building. Has one outside draft station. Insurance mix: Medicare 65% (starting to bill end of May 2016), Madicaid 5%, Commercial 30%. Seller open to stay as a manager for some time - and take earn out payments if connected with the future performance. The numbers are growing due new accreditations in California and incoming contracts with Hospitals thru the legal owner, a MSO. Seller is confident - Nothing down just assume liabilities - less then $1,000,000 (equivalent to seller's note). Equipment appraised for #1,700,000 included.

Environmental Laboratory, Oil and Gas Testing

Kern County, CA

Profitable Environmental Testing Laboratory in the South West Specializing in Oil and Gas Testing The Laboratory was founded about 35 years ago as a small, independent testing lab for the petroleum industry in the South West and quickly grew into a full-service, state-of-the-art testing facility. The Laboratory provides comprehensive environmental and operational analytical testing services to petroleum, power, agriculture and other clients located to neighboring counties. The Laboratory is very strong in offering a wide array of analytical services for Petroleum, Power, Agriculture, Dairy and Processing Sectors. Its Petroleum testing capabilities include over 80 crude, condensate and gas tests by EPA, ASTM, and GPA Methods. This includes analysis of Bitumen, tar, natural gas liquid analysis, sulfur analysis, crude profiles, etc. Its capabilities include: COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES - Comprehensive testing services for clients, including field service locations in neighboring area - Only Company in the area for some types of services - Exceptional client service - Extensive client list / relationships to be expanded with additional requested testing - Rapid Turn-around Time - Aggressive Pricing (very competitive on gases and Organics; reasonable on Inorganics) KEY FEATURES - Profitable Lab – Primed for growth - Strategic Buyer / Partner can help expand markets, reduce costs and improve margins - Well-equipped, spacious 6,600 sq. feet facilities - Wide range of analytical capabilities in Petroleum field - Some unique testing capabilities.

$1,200,000 Cash Flow: $400,000 Seller Financing
Clinical Research Company

Los Angeles, CA

This medical company is a full-service Site Management Organization (SMO) that conducts Preclinical, Phase I through Phase IV clinical trials in 12 therapeutic areas covering the full range of medical and scientific inquiry. The company have secured revenues for several years ahead, while also improving the gross sales margin, cash management and working capital. Since 1997 Company has conducted hundreds of clinical trials foe the various pharmaceutical and technology companies. Reason for sale is retirement, partnership possible