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Californa TV station for saleUnique Sonoma County TV available to everyone
Californa TV station for saleUnique Sonoma County TV available to everyone

Sonoma County, CA

Northbay Television began broadcasting in June of 2014 with the goal of bringing unique television to Santa Rosa and Sonoma County. It is a modern television station that not only broadcasts over the air in the greater Santa Rosa area, but also utilizes a wide range of streaming options, including apps for mobile devices, smart TVs, and streaming boxes. Northbay Television provides a turnkey opportunity to engage with both the content and community of Santa Rosa and the greater Sonoma County area. Northbay TV channel 49 (KZHD) is a turnkey television station including everything needed for continuous broadcast over the air and streaming online. A similar station offered for sale might only consist of a broadcast frequency, FCC license, and maybe a transmitter and antenna. Northbay TV is complete with not only this basic equipment, but also the broadcast router, multiplexer, and specialized computer system running propriety broadcast software and digital streaming hardware and software. As a result, Northbay TV currently streams on apps from a variety of platforms: Amazon FireTV, Roku, Apple TV, iOS & Android phones and tablets, any device running Android TV as well as through the website. There are even a number of streaming boxes that have the NBTV app built in. Each streaming app includes source code as well, allowing for complete customization where needed. Northbay TV is not only a television station, but a fully interconnected online media platform with all of its apps already in use with no additional development needed. Programming Adding to its turnkey capability, Northbay TV already has a library of over 130+ hours of original content spread amongst 5 original series including: Above & Beyond: Cinematographers travel the world capturing the most breathtaking sites and sounds that our planet has to offer. Cinema Nova: Collecting the most cutting-edge independent short films and animations from around the world makes this NBTV original one of the most unique programs on the air. Creature Features: This continuation of the 1972 classic Bay Area favorite features has-been rock star Vincent Van Dahl hosting horror films with celebrity guests in his haunted mansion. Fandom Workshop: Pop-culture crafting and celebrity interviews collide in this fast paced series covering the hottest Film, TV, and Comic franchises of today and also what it means to be a super-fan. Galaxy Theater: The very best in fiercely unique independent sci-fi short films brought together in this fan-favorite anthology series. Also, the station has continuing distribution access to a number of other series, along with over 200 movies and documentaries. Audience Northbay TV transmits over the air throughout the Santa Rosa valley. The 1080p HD signal reaches as far north as Windsor and some parts of North Petaluma, covering over 250,000 people. The Northbay TV community extends beyond the reach of conventional broadcasts through the internet as well. Using the streaming technology mentioned above, countless additional people can be reached through the internet over the included apps for todays most popular streaming platforms. In addition, the Northbay TV community includes those that connect through our Facebook pages, which, when including the Santa Rosa Firestorm Update group, totals over 67,000 active members. Potential There are still many opportunities for the station to grow. Among these is the potential for a significant revenue stream through advertising. Assuming a normal broadcast day, and all ad slots sold at our current card rates, a projected $30,000 of ad revenue per month is possible. Pair that with the low overhead and maintenance required to run the station and there is significant profit to be had. Since the station has been running since 2014, and provides local programming, it is eligible for “must carry” status on local cable, and could be carried across Satellite and Cable providers.

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