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Work Life Balance plus ROI Galore
Work Life Balance plus ROI Galore

Shasta County, CA

Located in Redding California. This is an outstanding opportunity to purchase an existing franchise for a fraction of what new franchise would cost. The owner has decided to sell because this location to too far away from where she lives (hours away) and can’t give it the attention it deserves. Offered at only $35,000 verses what the franchisor estimates the cost to start a new franchise of $299,200 - $473,000 would be! Invest a fraction of the cost and get a huge ROI, return on your investment at minimized risk. If you love the food business but are concerned about owning a restaurant or if you are a caterer looking for a kitchen, this is the perfect for you! Restaurants can be risky, but this investment is not a restaurant, it is a solution for busy homemakers. Think of it as a retail business but no inventory risk because you order what your scheduled clients are buying. Dream Dinners appeal is to the busy, perhaps working homemaker who wants to prepare the family meals, but does not want to purchase commercially prepared dinners because of the preservatives, sodium, sugar etc. This business provides the solution…Dream Dinners buys the food, provides a clean food safe place to prepare up to a month of meals in about an hour and then does the cleanup. The client saves time, gets out of having to shop, but still has the satisfaction of making the meal specific to their own specifications. Plus, Dream Dinners offers recipes to keep the family happy with new and exciting meals. The concept sells itself. As the owner of this Dream Dinners location, you are providing solutions to busy homemakers, your neighbors and friends. This is a solid revenue model because everyone has to eat, and everyone is short on time, everyone hates to grocery shop and hates to cleanup the kitchen. You just need to make sure they know you have the solution for them. The current level of business at this location pays for your food (cost of goods), rent, utilities and provides you a small profit if you work it instead of hiring all the workers like the current owner has been forced to do because she lives in a different state. Plus, assuming you live in the community, you will network with the locals As an onsite owner/manager, you will be able to grow the business make a nice income with a very low investment and risk. Act now this will not be on the market long. Visit the corporate website to learn more or contact me, sign a confidentiality agreement and TRANSWORLD will provide the due diligence materials supplied by the seller that you need to make an informed decision.

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