Santa Cruz County, CA All Non-Classifiable Establishments For Sale

Industry Leading Marijuana Dispensary - Incredible Sales Volume &Turn Key and Fully Compliant
$9,550,000 Cash Flow: $1,161,020 Seller Financing
Industry Leading Marijuana Dispensary - Incredible Sales Volume &Turn Key and Fully Compliant

Santa Cruz County, CA

This business is "The Industry Leading" marijuana dispensary among the 11 other licensed medicinal dispensaries in the county. They are the industry leader in terms of annual gross revenue, consecutively year after year. In fact, they are #1 out of the "Big 5". The Big 5 is a name used by the locals that describes the Top 5 best places to go for medicinal marijuana in their Major Northern California County. Revenue from cannabis has strict reporting guidelines, therefore it is a matter of public record in this California city. When this business is compared to the others in the area, it's clearly dominating everyone else in the sales department!With annual revenue of almost $10,000,000 and adjusted EBITDA well over $1,000,000 this business is a cash cow! Whats even more impressive about this business's consistently dominant sales figures?! Is that they have done it with a much smaller showroom (400 sq.ft) than some of their top competitors. The owner is currently doing a full renovation and build out to accommodate for the expected spike in growth from recreational marijuana use that will be fully legal as of January 1,2018. This project will triple the size of the showroom to (1,200 s.ft) and as well as greatly enhance the decor and consumer experience. They have a target date of January 1, 2018 for the grand opening of the newly redesigned and expanded dispensary. It's all about timing and this business is poised to capitalize on it even more. This retail marijuana dispensary has great books and financial reporting. They are 100% compliant with state & federal regulations and fully licensed. There is not a single shade of "grey area" with this business. Everything is transparent and done correctly. The business has a long stable history of excellent growth & profitability. The county that this business operates in, has a Very "cannabis friendly" demographic. This marijuana dispensary is definitely in a proven and more mature market (like Denver) as opposed to other states that have caught onto the economic advantages of legalizing good ole' Mary Jane. The city and county have publicly announced that they will not issue anymore distribution or sales licenses in the area. Which is great for this market leader because it gives them a defensible position in the marketplace. Defensible, predictable, and recurring. You name the best attributes of a small business, this one has it. The barriers to entry are extremely high. And even if more licenses were to be issued, there is Very little real estate available to open a new shop. The business has shown growth in EBITDA margin year after year as well. It's customer base keeps growing daily through word of mouth because of their excellent customer service and top-quality product. They have thousands of great reviews and 5 -star ratings on a multitude of websites such as: Google,Yelp, and Weedmaps. The best part about the business is that it is operated with a great management team and dedicated staff. Most of the employees have a multi-year tenure with the shop and the GM has been there since inception.The current owner spends very little time working in the business because he has built such a trustworthy team of employees. Coming January 1 there will be huge growth with the business as sales are open to anyone who is over 21 years old for recreational "rec" use. Management is forecasting a conservative $2-3million in additional annual revenue, once "rec is in effect". The shop has built the reputation of having the best cannabis in the industry . With total revenue over $10 million This dispensary has been built big enough to be a great accretive acquisition target for any major public American or Canadian marijuana companies. Or for any high net worth individual or family office that is seeking consistent & durable cash flow of over $1 million+ dollars per annum. As the legalization of marijuana continues across the country, this is the perfect time to park your money into an fully established and self-sufficient marijuana dispensary business like this one. Very rarely do opportunities to acquire a market leader like this come about. This is an absolute gem in a market that is currently achieving exponential growth.

2Profitable turn key established technical service businessLong term established service residential and commercial business
$189,000 Cash Flow: $60,000
Profitable turn key established technical service businessLong term established service residential and commercial business

Santa Cruz, CA

Started by the owner after finishing his Air force career in 1984. We are an established 5 star servicing and equipment sales business specializing in retail sales and installation of high end pool spa and water heating solar system equipment. We are currently a 2 man company grossing over 150,000 per year in service and materials sales with another 60,000 per year in regular ongoing weekly service clients. This market is ready for complete expansion. A brick and mortar retail spa sales and backyards showroom was established in 1984. We became full field service in 2008 .The potential to corner this market both retail and wholesale in this lucrative year around market is guaranteed.