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Growing Commercial Plumbing Company in Southern California
$5,500,000 Cash Flow: $1,331,000 Seller Financing
Growing Commercial Plumbing Company in Southern California

San Diego, CA

A well-established plumbing company, which has profitably operated in the highly competitive Southern California marketplace since 2001, is currently available for purchase. They offer a full line of traditional commercial, industrial and residential services. Utilizing their C-36-A license they also procure high revenue projects involving sewer, gas line and utility works. During the past 5-years the Company’s gross revenues have grown from $2-million to over $5-million annually: all while net profit margins have continued to grow. Much of the company’s dynamic and steady revenue growth is attributable to the addition of a business-oriented owner 8-years ago. The new owner has been wholly focused on developing a comprehensive marketing plan designed to create recurring income streams. Consequently, much of the recent revenue growth has resulted directly from the addition of numerous commercial contracts with: nationally recognized franchises, hotels, property managers, apartments, HOA’s, hospitals, senior care facilities, government entities and many more. These profitable contracts have consistently generated reliable and growing sources of recurring revenues. In order to assure they maintained a top-quality reputation, regarding dependability and workmanship, the company has consistently invested heavily in both their employees and their equipment. They recognized that customer acquisition was the short-term goal, whereas customer satisfaction and retention was the critically important longer-term goal. Maintaining rapid and effective responses to plumbing emergencies is essential to keeping commercial and industrial clients happy. Consequently, the company is available 24 hours a day, 7-days a week, providing speedy responses and resolutions to client emergencies. The existing plumbing team consists of a general manager, 4-superviors and a team of 21 associate plumbers. Recognizing that the plumber is only as good as his equipment, the company has constantly invested in and upgraded their trucks and truck-gear; including 25-state of the art $10,000 video cameras and 3-large Hydro Jets. Their fleet of 30-large trucks, all with high quality advertising graphics, represents a rolling billboard to solicit new business. Each truck is outfitted with a full arsenal of tools and equipment capable of dealing with nearly any type of plumbing problem. A team of dispatchers schedule and direct the workforce in an orderly and disciplined fashion, designed to optimize both men and material. The dispatcher also effectively matches the individual skills of the team members to each job’s particular requirements. With an eye towards continuing to expand their client base, the company has a dedicated, full-time sales person soliciting and marketing for new clients. There is an effective legacy management team that will remain in place. One of partners, who holds a C-36- A license, will remain during a transition if desired. Additionally, the company recently added a new team member from a major consulting firm who is highly sophisticated in business operations and overall management. He would be capable of functioning as a potential COO. The business includes a number of highly desirable and important characteristics including: Desirable Acquisition Indicators: 1. Strong cash-on-hand position 2. A/R, (Average receivable 39-days, virtually no bad debt 3. Strong Balance Sheet – Substantial hard assets on the balance sheet 4. Net Operating Margins of 24% and growing 5. Virtually no customer concentration: a. None of top 10-customer exceed 1.55% of Gross Revenues 9. Domiciled in a high growth market area 6. Substantial recurring income from loyal customer base… both with and without contracts. 7. Company is a pre-approved vendor by a number of otherwise highly restricted commercial client groups… that generate recurring revenues at very high margins 8. Consistent historical year-over-year growth, 9. Positive growth trend for 2018 Revenues a. Year-over-Year revenues already up by over 30% for first 2-months of 2018 10. Substantial growth potential via an expanding market area along with the addition of exciting new products and service offerings 11. Strong, well-established management team that will remain in place. For additional information, request a Non-Disclosure Agreement by emailing or calling Fred Mercuro.

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