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Innovative Durable Medical Equipment Company
Innovative Durable Medical Equipment Company

Valley Center, CA

Innovative Durable Medical Equipment Company The only patented seat assist, which lifts 100% of an occupant’s weight without the use of motors, pistons or springs, has been developed by an American company which develops products to provide greater independence to individuals struggling with physical limitations (the elderly, wounded veterans, people in rehabilitation, post-surgery, and those with neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s). The company’s patented products assist an individual to rise from seated to standing position, and the reverse, by supporting an individual’s full weight using mechanical technologies (see next page). While no other products can lift 100% of the user’s weight by using their own weight to lift themselves, the few other products in this area are either poorly designed, very expensive, or both. • The company’s first product has been FDA reviewed and has been approved for Medicare reimbursement. • The company has received strong indications of interest from healthcare organizations and distributors. • A number of these units have been manufactured awaiting commencement of marketing. • At the indicated retail price of $249 per unit, and a manufactured cost of approximately $55, the company believes early market entry will result in positive cash flow. • Company has additional products in various stages of development • Company has management in place and a marketing plan to achieve projected growth Demographically, as the physically impaired population of elderly and handicapped dramatically grows in the US and abroad, the need also grows to allow greater independence of movement for these individuals. In the US, over 38% of individuals over the age of 65 have some form of handicap, according the census bureau. Today, caregivers and nurses are themselves physically challenged in lifting and moving these individuals. The need will grow, not only in the US, but also in other countries where the company has received or filed patents such as the UK, Japan, EU and China. The company believes that there is a rich opportunity set for a number of its product line of 12-15 prototyped or designed products. After investing several million dollars, as well as several years of R&D, the company was estimated to have a pre-market valuation of $25M. The management’s original plan was to look for liquidity opportunities after building the company for 3-5 years. Owners are now considering a sale of the company for cash and royalties.

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