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Anti-Aging, Testosterone Enhancement, Hormone Rejuvenation
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Anti-Aging, Testosterone Enhancement, Hormone Rejuvenation

Riverside County, CA

This business owner is a multi-dimensional product developer in the Life Sciences industry. But definitely NOT a marketing or sales person. OWNER SEEKS PARTNERSHIP FOR MUTUAL GROWTH!!! While his products outperform the "snack oil" offerings currently flooding the market, those “snack oil” distributors have what he does not have - the marketing, sales and financial prowess to move these products into the marketplace garnering dramatic sales! By adding the proper amount of sales, marketing and money into this company’s offerings, you will experience substantial growth and profitability!!! These product offerings represent a fresh new approach to: 1. ""Hormone Rejuvenation". Rather than using hormone injections (HRT), this formulation restores the body's ability to produce and regulate its own hormones; just like it did when we were much younger. Instead of focusing on just one hormone, these products use all natural ingredients that boost and rebalance multiple hormones resulting in a better holistic approach. The end results are more youthful levels and balancing that result in improved health. Anti-Aging! Achieve the slowing of the aging process with continuous use of these products!! 2. Gain your energy and strength back with this bar/cup. Recuperate faster. Look and perform your best by taking the best natural product that money can buy! 3. A natural replacement for the current products on the market like VIAGRA (Registered) and CIALIS (Registered). And this offering is ALL NATURAL!!! NOT ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS!!!! 4. Even more product offering are on the way!!!!! These ingredients work synergistically and are backed by solid human studies. This company has seen blood tests from there users showing as much as a 300% increase in testosterone and as much as a 400% increase in growth hormone; all without any side effects! Estradiol is lowered essentially putting an end to "estrogen dominance" or PSA issues. “Your own body will again produce and regulate these hormones just like it did when you were 30 years old” the owner/developer states confidently. If you’re in your 50's and tired of the "aging process" you will be amazed at what a difference these products will make in your life!!! (ALL CLAIMS AND INFORMATION SUPPLIED IN THIS AD ARE FOR PROMOTIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. THEY ARE FROM THE SELLER AND MUST BE VERIFIED BY THE BUYER. FURTHER, BUYER ACCEPTS FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR VERIFICATION OF ALL INFORMATION GIVEN IN THE ADVERTISEMENT INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, FINANCIAL INFORMATION AND FACILITY INFORMATION. BUYER UNDERSTANDS AND ACCEPTS THE FACT THAT ALL INFORMATION IS APPROXIMATE AND OR ESTIMATED AND THEREFORE CANNOT BE RELIED ON TO MAKE AN OFFER TO PURCHASE THIS BUSINESS)

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