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40 Most Popular Branded Top Level Domains or TLD’s - $564 Billion Digi40 Most Popular Branded Top Level Domains or TLD’s - $564 Billion Digital Travel
40 Most Popular Branded Top Level Domains or TLD’s - $564 Billion Digi40 Most Popular Branded Top Level Domains or TLD’s - $564 Billion Digital Travel

Irvine, CA

Continuous growth of the internet and the desire to experience new destinations will lead the online travel market to exceed $1T – a One Trillion Dollar value figure by the year 2022. The state of California is the 6th largest economy in the world, behind only five other Nations in the world in terms of Gross Domestic Product or GDP. This is in large part due to California being one of the most visited tourist destinations worldwide. Hollywood is still the leader in motion pictures, surf culture originated on SoCal beaches, visitors from every continent visit California mountain resorts during snow season, and the national parks and deserts in and near SoCal are among the most prominent tourist spots in North America. Global tourism has been steadily growing, and this opportunity is based on the ability to ‘tap-in’ to the $126B generated by California Tourism in 2017, that has seen a steady annual growth of 3% per year. One of the key drivers of this online travel market will be to properly identify and route web traffic to websites that these travelers or potential travelers will be able to identify as valuable, worthwhile, and engaging. The changing shape of generational internet users has shifted the definition of what makes for a Top Level Domain or TLD. Domain Name Acquisition and Development is at an all-time high. Diversity among these added extensions have been slowly becoming mainstream, with many of these distinct TLD’s amassing millions of users, and exact-match domain names being the most desirable of all of these domain names. By creating and/or making use of domains that are short, defining in keyword(s), targeted, and that can make appropriate use of their established domain name extension, will be the key in future shifts within internet marketing. This offering is based on leveraging 40 of some of the most common Southern California Destinations, as Top Level Domains aka TLD’s, targeted as help sites with “.guide” or “(dot) guide” extensions, all of which are very well known, top tourist destinations across Southern CA, USA. By leveraging each “.guide” and the branding that has already been established by these very popular travel destinations on America’s West Coast, one of which hosts “The Happiest Place on Earth”, will conceive ample opportunities in gaining steady traffic and site users. Each of these cities possesses a thriving local character that has been built over the course of several decades. All of these URL’s offer a remarkably simple and effectively named domain taking advantage of the branding in both the destination and the assigned URL. Additionally, there are many less-known or prominent “.guide” domains that have been able to monetize necessary traffic to generate a healthy passive income with relatively little build-out. This idea, coupled with the fact that these are some of the best “.guides” that California has to offer, is very powerful! These destinations depend heavily on tourism for their local economy. These above changes in the landscape of internet marketing, along with the inherent branding in terms of domain and destination, creates an opportunity that can be highly leveraged and profitable for many years to come. In this comprehensive CIM also contains information on methods for generating traffic and monetization of this type of URL - destination with a “.guide” extension. NDA is required for comprehensive CIM and any other due diligence documents on file with ProNova Partners.

Stock photos for textbooks
$175,000 Cash Flow: $85,000
Stock photos for textbooks

Costa Mesa, CA

This stock photo agency has provided images of students in natural settings to the major textbook publishers for over 30 years. The agency has supply contracts in place with McGraw-Hill, Cengage, Pearson, and other publishers, so much of its revenue is recurring as textbooks are reprinted. Our images are found in most kindergarten through 12th grade textbooks. Our website,, contains 678,496 photos. Those images are owned by the photographers who shot them, but we have the right to sell the images for which we pay the photographers a 40% commission upon cash received. That arrangement leaves this high-margin business with a gross profit of 60%. We also pay $1,600/month for software and hosting, plus $2,000/month to the person who works 20-25 hours operating the business. The agency has no other expenses and invests no other time. The agency would benefit from a stronger and broader sales and marketing effort, as it has lately been a neglected orphan at its parent company (which supplies websites and books to lawyers – a completely unrelated business).

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