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Pilates and functional fitness studioMotivated seller
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Pilates and functional fitness studioMotivated seller

Grass Valley, CA

Center of Movement is a locally owned Pilates and Functional Fitness studio in Grass Valley, California that has been operating and running since 1995. C.O.M. is the very first Pilates studio to be brought to Nevada County and remains as the largest. It provides the community with a welcoming and inclusive space for educational fitness activities. Offering a wide range of classes; Pilates Mat, Barre, Pole, Lyra, Mamilates, Fusion Dance Fitness, Kid Dance, TRX, Bodhi, Dance/HIIT as well as private training on custom made Balanced Body Pilates equipment. In addition, COM is a wellness center offering facials, sugaring, waxing, and a full retail experience. All our instructors at C.O.M. who educate in the Pilates world are educated under the ITT Pilates Certification. We believe in teaching our members exercises that both strengthen their bodies and condition their minds to get the most out of life. Our workouts encompass everyday movement patterns, focusing on agility, range of motion, core strength, and flexibility. My dream and wish are for someone to come in and love and care for C.O.M. the way Crissy Jory had and how I continued the vision. I want to see the business flourish as well as grow into a new idea. I am willing to consult for one year, weekly for the first 3 months and monthly thereafter. I will help with client support for injury and to continue the relationships I have created with my client base. My goal is that each one of my clients will move over to a qualified instructor after I finish any remaining contracts with them. I will also offer my services as an ITT master trainer and hold certifications when needed. In addition, we will sign a letter with an attorney that states business is sold as is. Center of Movement has been more than just a business to me. It’s been a place of creativity, growth, and wonderful friendships that started with healing. There is a heartbeat here that creates warmth. I am excited to see you continue the dream and change. “Physical Fitness is the first requisite of happiness” Joseph Pilates

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