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Adult-Use, Medicinal, Non Retail Delivery ServiceAdult-Use, Medicinal, Non Retail Delivery Service
$350,000Cash Flow: $80,000
Adult-Use, Medicinal, Non Retail Delivery ServiceAdult-Use, Medicinal, Non Retail Delivery Service

El Centro, CA

Here we have an amazing opportunity for a Delivery service in the city of El Centro. There was only 5 Delivery licenses issued in the city of El Centro (A city with a population of over 40,000 residents) in a lottery style program the city implemented and this one is 1 of those 5 that were guaranteed a Delivery License. This opportunity comes with a lease, the new operator can take over the existing lease. Lease: 3 year Lease (Landlord open to long term lease) Space- 950 sqft (Ideal for a Delivery Business) Rent- $1.25/sqft Delivery vs Retail? A Delivery service is set up almost the same way as a storefront. Unlike storefronts mobile delivery services can sometimes be a safer method to enter the industry as far as risk and capital for one that is new to the industry. Many storefronts face external challenges from the cities they operate in, neighbors who complain of the smell or the constant foot traffic that disrupts the neighboring businesses or residences. Internally, storefronts have a higher overhead cost with rent, security, employees and inventory comparing the costs to a delivery they are night and day. With a delivery a small space of 750sqft + is ideal to set up the operation, it does not have to be in a prime real estate location, because the business is making deliveries to customers/patients unlike a storefront. The delivery provides cannabis to those whom cannot leave their residence because of an ailment or simply convenience for the people who want to avoid driving in traffic, looking for parking, long wait lines at the storefronts, etc. From the business owner or investor standpoint, the beauty of a mobile delivery collective is that the expenses are night and day compared to a storefront. Asking Price: $350,000.00 Must sign an NDA/Waiver and have proof of financials before any other detailed information is released. Kay Akel, BRE CA# 02061374 If you have any questions call Kay’s assistant at (619) 653-0483

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