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Established Successful Senior Care/Non-Medical Staffing*Appraised Price*Lender Ready*Prime Location.
$1,660,000Cash Flow: $439,986
Established Successful Senior Care/Non-Medical Staffing*Appraised Price*Lender Ready*Prime Location.

Fresno, CA

Contact Us Today: This is a Highly Successful Senior Care / (Non-Medical) Staffing Franchise Resale With Major Long-Term Contracts In Place (Major Hospital And VA Accounts!). The Sale Encompasses Two Locations With A Huge Geographical Service Area And Thousands Of Seniors Over The Age 65/75. The Company Has Solid Financials ...And Is *Lender Ready!! Seller Looking To Retire. The Business Has Been On A Major Uptrend In Sales And Profits For Several Years With A 7.5% Projected Upward Growth Trend Predicted For 2018! As of June 2018 company is tracking to have $800,000 in cash flow due to multiple new clients! Almost 50% More Government Clients Doing Business With This Firm Currently vs. How Many They Had In 2016 -- Their Largest Year! Company Is Predicted To Do $2,482,000 To $3.5 Million In Sales For 2018 With Cash Flow (Earnings) Around $450,000 To $630,000. ************* • *Buyer Must Have A Minimum Of $350,000 To $416,000 For Their Down Payment. Seller Is Willing To Carry A Sizable Note For Qualified Buyers. • Additionally, a major SBA accredited, Wall Street level 3rd party valuation, has already been completed breaking down the sale price and will be supplied after an offer and acceptance has been agreed to and due diligence is underway. This is the same valuation firm many of the banks around the country (US Bank, Wells Fargo, etc.) use when they are underwriting loans ----- The Point Is, This A Highly Respected Valuation. *The cost of an extra territory added to the appraised price. • Finally, the projected ROI on this business (20%!) should intrigue most buyers. Only perhaps if you would have put your money in Bitcoin would you have had a better return! Don’t forget the odds of maintaining the ROI year-after-year -- are probably even better for you, as you are fully engaged in the business and wouldn’t be relying on a CEO of some multinational firm to run your stock portfolio. • INVESTMENT CONSIDERATIONS: Projected ROI of 20%!! • Total purchase price: $1,660,000. • Down payment : 20% or $332,000 ($1,660,000 x 20% = $332,000). • Current SDE (2017) (what you would earn in the business): $349,426. • Amount financed $1,328,000 ( $1,660,000 - $332,000 = $1,328,000). • Debt service per year: $183,392 (10 years at 6.80% apprx.). • SDE less debt service: = $166,034. (183,392 – 349,426 =166,034). • Assume - New owner to pull $100,000 year out of the business in wages. • Remaining cash flow after owner wages = $66,034 ($166,034 – 100,000= $66,034). • Return on investment or your return on injected capital (down payment) year after year = 20%! ($66,034/$332,000 = 20%) Tough to get this in the stock market! • This scenario does Not include working capital nor does it take into account a possibly lower overall negotiated price. • *Important: do not take our word for it on the investment information, call and meet with your accountant and make sure he/she agrees with the outline above. Do not make any financial investment into this business where your money could be at risk until you agree with your financial advisors' opinion and are comfortable with the presented numbers from the seller. ************ Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is required. The sale is confidential which is why we are not publishing sensitive financial information or the name. Information provided to qualified buyers with NDA in place. *Gross Revenue and Cash Flow approximate and stated by seller. *All information, data, financials, valuations, appraisals, real estate values, etc. must be verified with the seller and buyer’s own professional advisors, CPA, etc. Buyers should always verify all information with the seller and their own independent advisors before putting any money at risk. No brokers, students or anyone under 18 years of age, please. Contact Us For the NDA For Details. We will provide the short NDA form to you via email. Check your junk/spam email folders.

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