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6Biodiesel Equipment Business For SaleMake Money and Make a Difference
$990,000Seller Financing
Biodiesel Equipment Business For SaleMake Money and Make a Difference

Chico, CA

This biodiesel equipment manufacturing business is the leading provider of small-scale biodiesel production systems. We have been designing, manufacturing and selling our fully automated systems for over 10 years. We have over 1,000 delighted customers in all 50 states and 33 countries. Cumulatively we have installed over 8.5MM annual gallons of capacity, enabling our customers to save over $13MM in fuel costs annually while reducing their collective CO2 footprint by over 175MM lbs of CO2 annually. And the fuel they produces is government-grade (certifiable) and good to use in any diesel engine. Our equipment is used by the US military, over 100 schools, resorts, prisons, breweries, municipalities and Ethiopian farmers. Our equipment reduces vehicle emissions by up to 90% and the savings that accrue to our customers generally result in system payback of less than 12 months.

Wholesale/Distribution/Manufacturing Business
Cash Flow: $554,911
Wholesale/Distribution/Manufacturing Business

Orange County, CA

Business Description: This Wholesale/Distribution company partners with many of the top manufacturers in the hazardous location markets and supplies quality products, technical support, and application assistance. Under the original ownership since 1996 the company, product specialization includes; adaptors & reducers, cables glands, and cables, purge systems, explosion proof enclosures and …. more. The company operates under an ISO 9001 quality system. The seller is absentee but oversees operations and is retiring. There is a dedicated staff of five employees who handle inside/outside sales, shipping/receiving, customer service, quality control and other related tasks. Sales in 2015-2017 have been over $5 million and consistent in 2018. The inventory is approximately $275,000 and the business is being offered as a corporate stock sale. The company is strategically located from a 5,500 sq. ft. facility in Orange County and has an extensive customer base. Manufacturing Business: The Wholesale/Distribution company is also offering the opportunity to acquire its sister manufacturing business which is also in the hazardous location market and located in the same facility. The wholesale company distributes products from its sister manufacturer so the synergistic relationship could create a great add-on for acquisition–although each business is being offered separately. (Inquire within for GBS # 407-Manufacturing Business) An investment “asking price” has not been established and the company’s strong position in the market, solid financial results, and a long successful history, will lead to different value perceptions among various investors. Interested parties will be required to sign the NDA and the Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) will be provided to each qualified buyer.

Manufacturer of Solar Installation Products
$295,000Cash Flow: $83,000Seller Financing
Manufacturer of Solar Installation Products

Irvine, CA

This Innovative Manufacturing Business produces products that cut Solar Installation costs by up to 50%. Even though there has been significant reduction in the cost of solar panels over the past few years, no significant reductions have been introduced in the hardware and installation labor cost of the systems. Hardware costs have increased while soft costs, a component of which is installation labor remains at approximately 50% of the total system cost. At 55 cents per watt, the labor content in an average 6kw system is approximately $3,000. Formed in 2012 the company is a leading innovator in the solar industry with strong intellectual property protections via utility and provisional patents, with a customer base primarily within large installation companies. Among its firsts are introduction of products that reduces cost and installation time in residential and commercial solar installations. The company’s product designs are aimed at reducing installation time and labor costs by 30% to 50% as compared to the existing racking systems currently on the market. The company’s primary points of differentiation revolve around racking systems and related products designed to reduce the materials required, roof penetrations and installation time. The company offers a tremendous upside for the right buyer by providing a market proven set of products with favorable supplier relationships to minimize inventory investment. The global push for clean renewable energy coupled with decreases in the overall cost of the systems is causing a surge in installations. This growing market is served by a number of companies both large and small who operate on both a local and global basis. The cost of solar panels has dropped dramatically over the recent past with racking and installation becoming a more significant portion of total project cost. The innovative design of the Company’s products allows for dramatic cost reductions in the installation and maintenance of solar energy systems. The Company has developed solar racking systems with the same innovative approach for the both the residential markets and small commercial products. It has also developed a completed line of roof flashing products. In addition, In 2017, the owners of the Company formed a separate Corporation which has developed an e-commerce portal which allows customers to design, order and have installed a residential solar project in a completely automated environment working at their own pace (OFFERED SEPARATELY). While other similar platforms claim to offer the same capabilities, they are in fact, lead generators who hand off potential customers to several installers who then bid on the project whereas this Company will provide an instant quote, which once accepted, furnishes all of the materials and services required to complete the project. This is achieved through integration with the systems of third party vendors who provide the materials, installation labor and services such as, permitting and interconnection agreements, thus the platform is easily scalable. The Company had its first commercial sale in late 2013. Its products are manufactured in the most cost-effective manner as the fabrication of the various parts required for its systems can be performed by most metal fabricators. The Company has arrangements with suppliers allowing for product to be sourced from multiple locations and has an arrangement with a major supplier for just-in-time inventory availability. The company is able to achieve high levels of quality control to meet Clients’ desired products by dealing only with suppliers who have met the Company’s requirements and have, over time, produced products that have met or exceeded the Company’s specifications. The owners are selling because additional resources required of the marketing and sales required to achieve the market potential cannot be supported by the current ownership as they have other investment priorities. This Company addresses two of the mains issues plaguing residential solar, the first being the bothersome phone calls and visits from commissioned solar salespeople. With this Company the potential customer can browse anonymously and receive pricing before having to furnish their personal information. Once the decision is made the customer then has control of the process by scheduling the site inspection and final installation of their project. The second issue addressed by this Company is customer acquisition costs which can be as much as 30% of the entire project. This Company virtually eliminates this cost and thus can offer lower prices with higher margins than its competitors.

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