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Jewelry & Gift Store

Contra Costa County, CA

This profitable handmade Jewelry and gift shop business is located in one of the most prestigious town in Contra Costa County with 25 years of operational and profit. It is 2500 sq ft. The rent is $5,846.00 included NNN. The gross sale is $166,000. The store specializes in the sale of handmade women's jewelry, arts & crafts, embroidery, handmade doll clothes, hand drawing on the glass, gifts and collectible items, accessories, hand crafted items and much, much more. They fix jewelry and appraise it too. Everything is designed and made by the local artists that are one of a kind and you can't find it anywhere else. The store has classes to teach how to make jewelry and also painting on the glass. They seller has 50 vendors and she rented space to 25 vendors that pays monthly rents + 15% from their sale and 25 other vendors is on commission and she has some consignment jewelry too. Each vendor has to work 4 hours per month in the store .this is an owner operated business and no employee. Each vendor set their own space and the seller is not responsible for any lost or stolen vendor's property. The seller has his own inventory to sale and she has the girls scout account to sale girl's scout uniforms and accessories on the store. The store opens 10:00am to 6:00pm. Disclaimer: This Information has been supplied to Broker by Seller. Broker expressly disclaims any and all liability for representation of warranties, expressed or implied, contained in such information, or for omissions from them. Broker believes such information to be correct, but has not verified or checked it. Any agreement or decision by Buyer to pursue a transaction regarding this Business should be based on further investigation by the Buyer.

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