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BETTER BUSINESS BROKERS - a ROYAL Serv. Affiliated Company


Better Business Brokers

Fair BUSINESS Price Evaluation
Transparent Escrow to Closing Processes
Freedom from Junk Fees.

Also AVAILABLE through our Sister Company .

** $$$ Education to purchase businesses & the commercial real estate UTILIZING IMPROVED FINANCING OPTIONS even if we didn't happen to be the listing or selling company !!!

Services Offered

Businesses are offered for sale at CONSERVATIVE PRICES relative to cash flows.

* ASK ABOUT OUR ...Webinars & seminars available Through our sister company which LEVERAGE OUR MORE THAN 25 years in the financing industry.

These can assist you in PURCHASING CASH FLOW BUSINESSES & /or the COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE where the businesses are located; in the BEST POSSIBLE FINANCING STRUCTURES .

Many businesses & real estate can be purchased for MUCH LESS OUT UPFRONT CASH than you may have previously understood !!!


The management of BETTER BUSINESS BROKERS has been involved with assisting in most types of financing for several decades through our sister company ROYAL SERVICES & Affiliates.

Additionally we continued in depth 10K filing analysis , annual report analysis,etc. ALL INITIALLY for our own accounts as we invested in MANY TYPES OF publicly held COMPANIES .

Next we advanced to analysis of the TIER 1 CAPITAL RATIOS & TIER 2 financials of banking companies as we invested in various publicly held banking companies ourselves. We then started receiving the LOAN LOSS reserve data of the same banking companies during the global financial near meltdown 2008-2010. We did this to avoid losing our investment in those BANKING companies because of non-transparency in the banks reporting. We began to OVERLAY several bank numbers along with various public & semi-public official filing data about the banks to GET TO THE TRUTH often hidden by banking double talk. Along the way we became essentially FINANCIAL DETECTIVES adept at uncovering the TRUE numbers in banks & other types of companies.

As an unexpected benefit of all this research we ALSO BECAME good at anticipating WHICH BUSINESSES were good credit risks & those that are " fluff businesses" . We wanted to know which businesses do not have enduring financial strength.

Simply put if a business is prone to default on its bank loans .... Why should you buy into that type of business ? It's a simple point and basically common sense, but common sense - " is often uncommon".

We've also analyzed a lot of oil companies & interestingly enough ; many of the same businesses that are PRONE TO FALLING BEHIND on their fuel , or gas accounts - ALSO DO NOT MAKE GOOD businesses to purchase. If that type of business historically can't pay it's energy bills why should you buy it ?

In short WE LOVE MATH ....we gobble up numbers.. Since we have invested in options, mortgages,real estate, stocks, & currencies ,etc. ;BIG NUMBERS or SMALL NUMBERS ( * I.e. attention to detail ) neither give us a headache.

BETTER BUSINESS BROKERS checks the numbers forward, & backwards ,& we look at the numbers sideways,& we look at the financial numbers multidimensionality SO YOU CAN REST WELL at night. We'd much rather state a HIGHLY CONSERVATIVE SALE PRICE TARGET for a business than talk about a " fluffy fantasy business value ".

We have now chosen to build on our QUALITY financing & CONSERVATIVE financial research platforms in sister companies. We now add the Business Brokerage service for existing clients . We are also enjoying meeting NEW CLIENTS who also want to be told THE TRUTH .

Even if the TRUTH IS STARTLING it is better than buying a
" Fluffy fantasy " that only has imaginary profits. Fantasy profits are the real pain after closing.

We BELIEVE that the post closing discovery of FANTASY PROFITS is USUALLY the RESULT OF LAZINESS in research forensics & SLOPPINESS with verification systems.

NEITHER prestige, NOR projections detached from reality = profits.
BETTER BUSINESS BROKERS chooses to research,investigate,& probe, with the eye to REAL MONEY BEING CASH FLOWED in the businesses that we bring to market.

We thank you so much for the opportunity to serve your family & for the opportunity to serve the families of your partners.

We are very honored to proceed in this opportunity with you. Thanking you in advance for beginning this road with us to ever increasing heights of prosperity.

We've done so much to DELIVER ONLY THE BEST while SCREENING OUT everything ELSE.

Success Always,


Areas Served

  • Stafford County, VA
  • Montgomery County, MD
  • District of Columbia County, DC
  • New Castle County, DE
  • Fairfax County, VA
  • Manassas City County, VA
  • Richmond County, VA
  • Howard County, MD
  • Arlington County, VA
  • Virginia Beach City County, VA

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  • Former & Present certifications & Degrees . previous NMLS certified Loan Officer( sanction free), Current Commercial Loan Officer ( sanction free ), Former Ins. Agent ( sanction free ), Masters of Business Administration (* i.e. M.B.A. ) over 25 years in financing & financial analysis, over 30 years in real estate transactional evaluation - residential/commercial.

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