Will Small Business Gain from Trump’s Tax Reform? How Owners Say They’ll Use Their Tax Savings

Trump's Tax Reform and How Small Business Owners Plan to Use Their Tax Savings

President Trump’s tax reform bill, which was signed into law in December of 2017, is expected to result in more tax savings and more money in the pockets of individuals and businesses. Thus, fueling economic growth, job creation and increased incomes. BizBuySell surveyed 1,100 small business owners and asked their opinion on Trump’s tax plan, whether or not they expect to benefit, and if so, how they plan on using their tax savings.

Small Business Owners Support President Trump’s Tax Reform, Yet Unsure They Will Benefit.

Small Business Owners Plan to Use the Majority of Their Tax Savings for Investing in Marketing and Sales or Physical Improvements to Their Business.

Small Business Owners Who Do Not Expect to Receive Tax Savings Are Much Less Likely to Give Employees Raises and Hire New Workers.

Will small businesses benefit from President Trump’s tax reforms? Yes and no. While almost all small businesses can expect to see their taxes decrease, some parts of the new tax law may impact certain business income thresholds or industries different than others. View the full results of BizBuySell’s small business opinion poll on President Trump’s tax reform policies.