The Secret Sauce of Success: America’s SBDC Clients Experience Above Average Growth

As 2019 marks the 40th year of America’s SBDC, we’d like to remind everyone how over 1,000 SBDC offices help aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners across the United States. March 20th, 2019 is SBDC Day, a day where SBDCs from across America come together to celebrate their work, impact and success of their clients.

SBDCs provide no-cost business consulting and low-cost educational training at over 1,000 SBDC offices across the country. Their contributions to small businesses have had a significant impact on economic growth. In 2017, small businesses and entrepreneurs that took advantages of SBDCs services experienced annual sales growth 18.1%, almost 4.5 times more than the national average.

Furthermore, SBDC assistance to these entrepreneurs and local businesses resulted in 93,471 jobs created; $7 billion in sales growth; $5.9 billion in capital investments; and 14,716 new businesses started. Not only can SBDC advisors assist with business planning and marketing, they can also assist with financing a business venture. They are an invaluable resource for business owners.

You can visit your nearest local SBDC office by looking it up on America’s SBDC website.