6 Ways Small Business Owners and Buyers Rate President Trump’s First 100 Days

small business rate president Trump's first 100 days

In a recent survey conducted by BizBuySell, small business owners and prospective business buyers were asked whether or not they still approve of President Trump and his proposed agenda since he took office on January 20th. According to the findings, most continue to support Trump and his agenda, yet they have mixed feelings about his success, thus far.

1. Small business owners and prospective buyers are divided on whether or not Trump’s first 100 days have been successful.

small business rate President Trump's handling first 100 days

Out of the 500 business owners and prospective buyers that were surveyed, 52% of owners feel Trump’s first 100 days in office have been successful and 47% of buyers agreed. At the same time, 53% of prospective buyers consider him not so successful.

2. They think Trump’s doing a good job addressing U.S. national security.

president trump addressing national security

40% of small business owners and 34% of buyers consider national security one of President Trump’s top three achievements since taking office.  37% of owners and 29% of buyers agree with his increasing of military spending and expanding of the Armed Forces.

3. Many owners and buyers think Trump is doing a poor job handling healthcare and don’t support the GOP’s healthcare replacement bill – they still like many aspects of Obamacare.

President Trump handling healthcare

45% of business owners and 53% of buyers say President Trump has handled healthcare issues poorly. At the same time, over 55% of owners and 65% of buyers say they do not support the GOP’s healthcare replacement bill. They are against the bill’s state waivers to opt-out of regulations and consumer protections that were included in Obamacare. This would allow states to charge more for patients with pre-existing conditions. They are also against the phasing out of Medicare expansion and the elimination of income-based tax credits and subsidies (also included in Obamacare).

4. Most are pleased with how Trump’s addressing immigration, including his push to clamp down on companies that hire foreign workers instead of Americans.

Trump's first 100 days handling immigrations

President Trump gets extremely high marks for how he’s handling immigration, with 70% of business owners and 60% of buyers in favor of his “Buy, Hire American” executive order requiring the government to review its current H1B visa program. Plus, 59% of owners and 48% of buyers support his crackdown on illegal immigration.

5. Business owners and buyers highly favor Trump’s tax plan, but don’t expect it to pass through Congress.

A whopping 85% of business owners and 71% of buyers say they are in favor of Trump’s proposed tax plan. At the same time, 51% of owners and 51% of buyers are pessimistic that it will pass through Congress.

6. They are not happy with how Trump is handling foreign affairs and most do not believe they would benefit from renegotiating NAFTA.

President Trump's handling of foreign affairs

35% of business owners and 41% of buyers believe Trump has done a poor job handling foreign affairs since taking office. He also received low marks for how he’s handled healthcare and his ability to assemble a strong cabinet.