Filta's Eco-Friendly Franchise Awarded EPA Safer Choice Label for DrainFoam

filta DrainFoam

Filta Group, an international franchise known for providing environmental services to restaurants and other commercial food establishments, just announced it has been awarded the EPA Safer Choice designation and label for DrainFoam, a product used with its FiltaDrain service.

The Safer Choice label is designated to products that meet the EPA’s Safer Choice Standard, which helps consumers and commercial buyers identify products with safer chemical ingredients. Participation in the Safer Choice program is voluntary and products must pass the EPA’s stringent criteria in order to earn the label.

DrainFoam is a product used with FiltaDrain grease-free drain foam service for unclogging floor drains in kitchens, bars and bathrooms. DrainFoam uses live pro-biotic bacteria to attack grime, fruit fly breeding groups and other organic materials that clog pipes and cause odors.

“At Filta, we’re constantly in search of ways to be green and preserve the environment. Every product and service that we offer goes through our own rigorous testing to ensure that we are increasing sustainability while saving our customers time and money.” said Jason Sayers, CEO for The Filta Group.

Filta is the predominant leader in environmental kitchen solutions. They offer franchise ownership opportunities across the U.S. and several other major countries.

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