Selling A Business

How One Texas Franchise Owner Successfully Sold His Growing Dumpster Business

The more you know about the market and the more you prepare your business for sale, the easier it will be to set realistic expectations and have a successful sale. Read an interview with Pat Nolan to learn how preparation, strong marketing and financing approach can attract more potential buyers and lead to a higher sales price. [...]

How to Successfully Sell a Printing Business

selling a printing business
Some of the biggest concerns that printers have are: how they are going to find a qualified buyer; will they be able to offer financing for the deal if necessary; and will they have to stay involved to train the buyer. Here are five steps to guide owners on how to sell a print shop. [...]

Has Your Listing Gone Stale? How to Revitalize Your Business for Sale Listing

There are a variety of reasons why a business listing isn’t getting any activity, but many of these are not insurmountable. While price reduction is a usual tactic when a listing goes stale, there are a few other ways you can revitalize your listing and attract strong offers. [...]

Be Ready for the New Year: A Pre-Sale To-Do List for Selling Your Business

Pre-sale business planning for the new year
Are you planning on listing your business for sale in the New Year? You may be ready to proceed immediately or you may have decided to delay listing it. The following pre-sale to-do list is a great way to start preparing your business for sale in an organized and efficient manner. [...]

Preparing a Business for Sale: 5 Ways to Attract Buyers and Make a Great First Impression

When preparing a business for sale, it’s important to do everything possible to ensure that all aspects of the business are represented at their very best. This is a great opportunity to improve its perceived value and make a great first impression. Read 5 steps to preparing a business for sale and attracting potential buyers. [...]

Why More Employees are Buying Small Businesses from Retiring Owners

Many small business transactions can be attributed to baby boomers that are ready to retire. Because of this, top employees often seem the most logical choice to take over. These are usually employees who have been with the company for years, such as the lead foreman, general manager, or chief operating officer often become the new owners. [...]

Conquer Your New Year's Resolution: 5 Steps to Prepare Your Business for Sale

Preparing to Sell Your Business and Planning your New Year's Resolutions
The New Year is just around the corner and you’re probably already thinking about what you’d like to accomplish. As you start making your list of New Year’s resolutions, don’t forget to add “sell my business”  to the list. The beginning of the New Year could be the best time to sell your business. [...]

Selling a Business? 4 Ways to Communicate Better with Buyers and Close the Deal

Communicating with potential buyers online can be frustrating and challenging. Not only is it important to eliminate unqualified buyers, it’s also important to pique the interest of serious buyers and persuade them to meet with you in person. The following guidelines will help you communicate with buyers more effectively and negotiate a successful deal. [...]

Infographic: Why Buying or Selling a Small Business is Becoming a Big Deal

buying or selling a small business infographic
View our infographic of BizBuySell's 2016 report on buying or selling a small business illustrating the growing popularity of entrepreneurship. According to BizBuySell’s Q4 2016 Insight Report, this can be attributed to an improving small business environment, with more owners looking to sell, more qualified buyers on the market and better financing options. [...]

5 Reasons Why Your Business for Sale Ad Isn't Getting Any Responses

One of the most common challenges in selling a business and creating a for sale ad is attracting qualified buyers. So why isn’t your business for sale ad getting any responses? Read about 5 reasons why your business for sale ad may be getting overlooked by qualified buyers. [...]