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5 Big Hurdles Small Businesses Face and How to Overcome Them

According to executives at some of the largest companies in the U.S., some of the biggest challenges (and solutions) small business owners face can be summed up into 5 bullet points. Read through our post to find out more.


5 Reasons to Celebrate National Small Business Week 2018

Celebration National Small Business Week April 29 - May 5, 2018
What is National Small Business Week? Since 1963, the Small Business Administration has been recognizing the contributions of entrepreneurs and small business owners across America. Each year, the SBA and its national network of local Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs) join together with industry experts for a week of celebration that includes workshops. [...]

Smart Strategies to Get Business Capital Fast – Even When You Don’t Have Perfect Credit

Many business owners find themselves in situations where they need immediate capital. The financing involved with a private business loan can be extremely creative. Below is a list of approaches that can be considered, even if you show little to no income on your business / tax returns. [...]

How to Use Your Retirement Funds for the Down Payment on a Business Loan

ROBS Business Funding
When it comes to small business financing, many mistakenly believe it’s a ‘pick one and done’ kind of deal. However, in many cases, using multiple methods to reach your desired capital amount is possible and preferable. Mixing and matching can create a customized financing plan that’s perfectly molded to your needs and can save you money. [...]

Go Debt-free: Benefits of 401(k) Business Financing

401k Business Financing
When it comes to small business financing options, it’s usually traditional funding methods that come to mind. However, there is also an alternative option called a Rollover for Business Start-up (ROBS), that enables individuals to leverage their own retirement assets without having to pay any tax penalties or get a loan. [...]

Top 4 Small Business Funding Methods of 2017

Top business financing options
Once you’ve done your research and chosen the business you’d like to buy, financing your dream is the next step. Many options exist depending on your situation and amount needed. Here’s a look at the top four ways business owners are financing their ventures, and what it takes to qualify for each. [...]

How to Choose a 401(k) Business Financing Provider

401k business finance provider
An increasingly popular financing method for first-time small business owners is 401(k) business financing, also known as the Rollover for Business Start-ups (ROBS) arrangement. When learning how to choose a ROBS provider, it is essential to carefully consider the following five traits. [...]

How to Find an Investor for Your Small Business by Thinking Outside the Box

find an investor for your business
Finding an investor takes more than just hanging a sign on your door or posting an ad. Plus, it may even require more than meeting with a bank loan officer or seeking a venture capitalist. Here are some ‘think outside the box’ strategies to help you find an investor for your small business. [...]

Get a Business Loan in 6 Minutes: How Kabbage Is Disrupting Small Business Lending

Kabbage, one of the growing number of alternative lenders, lets you easily apply for your loan online. Kabbage offers borrowers lines of credit for as much as $100,000, with loans payable over six months. The average line of credit is $25,000, while the average borrower takes seven to eight loans a year. [...]

8 Reasons Why Small Business Owners Don't Need Big Banks Anymore. SBA Loans Now Cheaper, Easier, More Accessible

In May 2015, SBA boss, Maria Contreras-Sweet announced the SBA is taking aggressive action in picking up the slack from big Wall Street banks that are ignoring America’s small business owners. Three major steps have been taken to make government loans more accessible while spurring the small business economy. [...]