7 Ways to Grow Your Business With Mobile Marketing

Mobile device usage is transforming the way we do business. We spend more time on our smartphones and tablets communicating and searching online than we do on our PCs. In 2015, Google reported that mobile searches exceeded desktop searches by over 60 percent. In that same year, comScore reported that nearly 75 percent of the U.S. population now owns a Smartphone. Now more than ever, mobile is critical to the success of any business’s marketing strategy.

Here are 7 ways to grow your business with mobile marketing:

  1. Make your website responsive. As of 2015, Google has stated that responsive design is their preferred configuration. In other words, if your site is not responsively designed for mobile use, you can expect a drop in organic search rankings and a loss in mobile site traffic. A responsive website is flexible, fluid and adapts to the size of the device’s screen. It should be easy for users to share your content whenever possible, with social sharing buttons and clean, simple URLs.
  2. Be found on local listings. Mobile usage is highly local. People using smartphones have a tendency to search for things around them. Get started by updating your local listing in Google My BusinessYahoo! and Yelp. Other important local listings include BingFacebookYP.comMapquest and Local.com. A fast and easy way to add your business to local listing is through Yext.com.
  3. Make sure your email marketing is responsive. The last thing you need is to have one of your carefully crafted and very important email campaigns sent to clients, who then open it on their smartphone but can’t read it. Emails, similar to websites, need to be responsively designed. Most major email services providers, such as Constant Contact and MailChimp have already converted their HTML templates to be mobile-friendly. To be on the safe side, always test your email on all devices, as well as in Gmail and Yahoo Mail, before sending it to your clients.
  4. Take advantage of social media apps. As mobile usage grows, mobile traffic is shifting from search to social. Users are going straight to their social media apps to stay connected, shop, and catch up on the latest news. Download the Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter apps to your smartphone so you can share videos, pictures and other content with your clients. Keep in mind that social media marketing is no longer free. If you want your content to be seen by a wide audience, then you need to promote or “boost” it through a paid ad.
  5. Create mobile marketing campaigns. Did you know you can modify your Google Adwords campaigns to display on mobile devices? You can alter the headlines, messaging, display URLs, as well as change the landing page specifically for mobile devices. A good mobile ad should be brief, relevant and simple, with a funnel beginning at the headline and ending at the landing page.
  6. Alert customers through text messaging campaigns. One of the most cost-effective and instantaneous way to reach customers is through opt-in text messaging campaigns. Nearly 100 percent of all devices on the market these days are text enabled – making it the mobile channel with the widest reach possible. Text messaging campaigns are a convenient way to alert your customers on important news, such as new listings on the market. They can easily be set up using text messaging software, such as SlickText.com or EZ Texting.
  7. Build your own mobile app. With mobile device usage on its way to outpacing desktops, there’s no better time for your business to have its own app. Not only does an app offer you a valuable branding tool so your clients can stay aware of your services, it allows you to increase their level of loyalty and bring them back to you at the first possible chance. There are many affordable app makers, such as GoodBarberBuildFire, which allow you to create your own content, push notifications, and unique brand identity.

Now more than ever, a mobile marketing strategy is essential to staying competitive and growing your business. Providing an optimal mobile experience to your clients and prospects is not only fundamental to success of your online visibility, it’s fast becoming a necessity to fuel engagement, drive leads and close deals.