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National Master License For Art Gallery Division
$153,000Cash Flow: $294,000
National Master License For Art Gallery Division

Fayetteville, AR

“The only thing worse than starting something and failing… is not starting something.” — Seth Godin. For sale is an easy-to-run national art gallery division license with exclusive distributorship rights to the established and thriving KozyArt. This division is run rent-free, overhead-free, and location-independent. As the division's master licensee, you’ll continue to collect earnings on thousands of KozyArt galleries creating passive income and positive cashflow as either an absentee or fully active owner. HOW IT WORKS iDealFurniture, an Inc. 5000 licensing agency and parent company to KozyArt, has made it their business to help people own their own business in the home decor and art industry. As KozyArt galleries open, sell selected furnishings, or upgrade accounts, you earn an override. License fees range from $19,000 to $99,000. iDealFurniture will continue to handle all points of contact, sales, support, and ongoing training allowing you the flexibility of developing leads on your own time and from any location. Six-figure streams of income come from: 1) Running your own KozyArt gallery (optional) 2) Earnings on all KozyArt licenses sold by parent company (20%) 3) Account upgrade sales (20%) 4) Referrals you generate for galleries and/or home decor stores anywhere in the nation (10%) 5) All designated furnishings sold in your territory (renegotiate your % with iDealFurniture) 6) Parent company stock earnings (also negotiable) NOTE: The gross revenue in this ad belongs to iDealFurniture. The cashflow is all yours. ABOUT THE GALLERIES KozyArt specializes in fine, hand-painted oil art and beveled mirrors that can be sold through galleries and used to decorate and flip real estate. In addition to vending art, KozyArt dealers have wholesale access to a million + home decor items and big ticket things. Everything from kids/pets/family furniture, massage chairs, wall art, to extremely comfortable mattresses. KozyArt and KozyHome are divisions of iDealFurniture, LLC. www.idealfurniture.org Let’s chat!

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