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5Arizona Holsum/Flowers Bread route for sale! Rare opportunity!Highly profitable route in beautiful Central/Northern AZ!
$175,000Cash Flow: $110,000
Arizona Holsum/Flowers Bread route for sale! Rare opportunity!Highly profitable route in beautiful Central/Northern AZ!

Camp Verde, AZ

Estimated weekly income after expenses/before route or vehicle payments $2100+ Located in the temperate and beautiful Verde Valley as well as southern Sedona (Village of Oak Creek). 2 Grocery Stores, 6 Dollar Stores, and a mix of local restaurants and schools. (28 accounts total) The area is growing and future growth potential is huge! Exclusive rights to popular brands such as... Nature's Own Dave's Killer Bread Aunt Hattie's Bread and Buns Wonder Bread and Buns Sunbeam Raisin Bread Papa Pitas Cobblestone Bread Co. TastyKake snack cakes and donuts! Be your own boss! There are some schedules to keep but if you need some wiggle room in your day or week to schedule appointments, you can do so! No office politics! Be out and about instead of stuck in 1 building or room all day long! Hustle extra sales and do it all yourself or hire some help and have a laid back work week, the choice is yours! Deliveries are made 4 days/week. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Days are roughly 12 hours long depending on work speed. (If working alone). The general concept of the work is quite simple. You sort your delivery at the warehouse/drop-off location and load your truck. At each stop you see what is needed and deliver accordingly then place projected orders for your upcoming loads. After all stops for the day have been serviced you drop off your empty bread trays at the pick-up location, finalize bread orders, and head home! Down days are Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. On down days the main grocery store must be visited and stocked using leftover products from the main delivery days. Typically 2-3 hours is needed on a down day. I recommend paying someone to do this so you can enjoy having 3 days off! **If you prefer shorter days you CAN deliver any day of the week so long as the business serviced is willing to accept a delivery that day. Pushing the last part of one day's work into the next day to make room for an appointment or other event is totally doable** Income is paid as a commission on sales. This route pays 25% on sales then subtracts any "stale" (out of code date) product you pick back up. I average about a 2% route-wide stale figure for a total commission of roughly 23%. I've owned this business for 12.5 years and another route for 5 years. I'm looking to drop down to 1 route and 1 employee to enjoy more free time with friends/family. I've accomplished the financial goals I set out for and then some. I wish this same success to the next buyer!

Dessert and Cake Shop - Yavapai County
$750,000Cash Flow: $261,844
Dessert and Cake Shop - Yavapai County

Yavapai County, AZ

This profitable bakery and cake shop was established in 2011. They are located in a very busy tourist area. This business is very well known and they have orders into 2019. Financial information based on January-June 2018 P&L (Annualized). For more information contact Matt Uhler at 928-445-1144.

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