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Bakery and Donuts
$49,700Seller Financing
Bakery and Donuts

Casa Grande, AZ

We have a unusual opportunity for your consideration. As property managers/owners of commercial shopping center, a few weeks back we took responsibility for the equipment and space for a bakery and donuts store that was opened only about 1 year ago. It was opened by a great guy who remains supportive, and he would love to see the bakery succeed. His vision was to invest in this store and manage it part time from long-distance, but over the months he found himself with increased responsibilities elsewhere (he has a very time-consuming job elsewhere. So he chose to close the doors temporarily as he searched for a buyer to take over. As we recall, he was planning to offer the business for sale at $140,000 based upon a business broker's advice. We did not like the idea of the business closing the doors, having only recently opened, and having already 2000 "friends" on Facebook and great community support. In short, we didn't want to lose the momentum and we were not sure he could sell it with the doors closed. So we worked out a lease termination and equipment acquisition agreement that essentially gave us control under the entity name of Dunkerz LLC and we immediately re-opened the doors. We have 3 great employees, 2 have studied culinary arts (one has a degree and the other will soon have her degree). We prefer to sell the business now, at a steep discount, since we are NOT wanting to be in the bakery business (we are in the real estate/property management business). So we are posted here for a sale of $49,700. But we are moving forward on stabilizing the business and will increase the price once it is stabilized. We are prepared to own it for a year or two if necessary to accomplish this. We participated in the build out of this space, which was expensive, and there is quite a bit of equipment. As I recall, just the 16 foot exhaust hood with suppression system alone was around $25,000. There is plenty of other equipment too, including Hobart Oven, refrigerators, donuts fryer, freezer, bread sheeter, sinks, commercial microwave, mixers, heating cabinet, and much more...ask for a complete listing). We're ready to take a loss now and maybe even finance you, if you can convince us that you are an operator who will make this bakery profitable and plan to stay in our center for many years. A bakery is good for our shopping center, and good for the community! We were not given financials, so we did not buy the business based upon profit and loss, we know that it has lost money so far (but is just getting started). We based our decision on the value of the build-out of the space, the equipment, the assets, great community reception and reputation, and the opportunity to grow it. We were impressed that after just opening, the owner reported gross sales as follows: Jan $14,505, Feb $21,089, March $20,237, April $12,536, May $15,500, June $8,300. It was around spring that he lost a couple of key employees, and apparently did not replace them, at some point began closing his shop at 1:00 P.M. He was already closed 2 days per week, so between the too-few staff, the daily reduced hours, and being closed 2 days per week, it seems to us there is an opportunity to better meet consumers needs. We have just opened it back to 12 hours day Tues-Friday and 7-3 Sat-Sun and customers seem happy to hear of we just need product to sell. Important Note: On 1/10/2018 we hired a head baker, and may elect to sell the business to him and/or other employees pending performance. Please call for details.

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