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6Electronic Hi-Tech Manufacturing FacilityReShoring ?--- Hi-Tech Full Service Electronics Manufacturing Facility
Electronic Hi-Tech Manufacturing FacilityReShoring ?--- Hi-Tech Full Service Electronics Manufacturing Facility

Tempe, AZ

TJM Facility is attractively Priced to sell as a equipped ECM ready to operate for an OEM returning their products to The USA. This is primarily a facility and asset sale with a modest Income of $1 Mil/yr that covers G & A with labor.However we're seeing a resurgance from re-shoring OEM's Prototype to Production TJM Electronic Associates is a full-service electronic contract manufacturer with multiple certifications including, ISO, AS9100 and a number of MIL specifications. We offer comprehensive design, engineering and development services to support all stages of production including, functional testing, circuit design and PCB layout. TJM is one of the oldest original family owned and operated Military Hi Tech contract manufacturers in the country. With operations in Bristol, PA and Tempe, AZ we are a approved supplier for every major government prime. Over the years, we have built a strong long term reputation for the advanced packaging and manufacturing profiling of hi-density complex assemblies. Our 3 pick/place machines to include our two MY-DATA lines allow us to support medium size production requirements into tens of thousands of assemblies. At our Tempe location we have a class 1000 clean room for development of a wafer die,flip chip, etc. We serve the military and avionics industries. Our work with test box & rack builds is tailored to the needs of engineering companies. The following is a list of Mil programs TJM has worked on in the last 24 months either for Raytheon, LMC, LMC Subs, other Government Primes and subs: SM3, SM2, SM6, JAGM, Maverick, Netfires, Paveway, Javelin, EKV, DAGGER, HARM, ECC, LGR, IRAD, MASS, Tomahawk, CSAR, PRP, AMRAAM, EPII, SDB, ESSM, RAM , LK2, OE Waves , Jassm, Thaad Projects TJM is a pilot run vendor for Raytheon M&D with a history of over 100 successful projects/yr, Moog avionics assemblies, General Dynamics Striker Tank, and Northrop Grumman accelerometers, L-3 telemetry radios, L-3 optical devices. . We are on Longbow, Striker, Aegis BMD SM-3 . Today our work is mostly in development support of big primes. For more information on TJM please visit our web-site where menus include pictures of facilities, electronic brochure, completes quality & ISO documentation to include certifications for veteran and woman owned.

Electrical Manufacturing/Supplier
Electrical Manufacturing/Supplier

Phoenix, AZ

Niche market for manufacturing and supply of a patented product to a very diverse customer set including a wide range of specialty distributors, retailers, military, hospitals, contractors and original equipment manufacturers ("OEMs"). Virtually all products are sold to customers located in the U.S. and Canada.

Thermal Variable Nucleated Plating Process/company
Thermal Variable Nucleated Plating Process/company

Maricopa County, AZ

The owners of a patent-pending Thermal Variable Nucleated Plating Process wish to facilitate the sale of the company or licensing of the company’s technology to a strategic investor to support strong anticipated growth. The owners plan to establish and negotiate the pricing of this business as a part of this transaction. This unique thermal variable process was developed for use in the nuclear power generation industry. It is currently in use in equipment manufacturing and is outperforming all other metal processes. In addition, this process is being used by a large integrated circuit manufacture. Extensive independent laboratory testing has proven the performance of the process. The Thermal Variable process is unmatched by conventional hard anodizing (i.e. MIL-A-8625F) or by any other aluminum coating process currently on the market. Anodizing is an electrolytic passivation process that increases the thickness of the surface oxide layer on metal. The process is called anodizing because the part to be treated forms the anode electrode of an electrical circuit. By manipulating the surface oxide layer, anodizing increases corrosion and wear resistance. Anodization changes both the microscopic texture of the surface and the crystal structure of the surface metal. This unique process comes out of the simple idea of putting an incorruptible coating on aluminum, magnesium, and titanium. This creates a final product that is acid resistant, impact resistant, abrasion resistant, corrosion resistant, and malleable, but still retains the superior heat-dissipation qualities of the metals listed above. Under testing, this process has been proven to be vastly superior to anything else on the market today. It allows companies to replace exotic metals with aluminum treated with this unique coating process, resulting in reduced weight, improved durability, lower costs, and better protection from caustic elements. One of the thermal variable processes can be applied to virtually any metal.

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