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Renown Licensing Agency Selling Its Art Gallery Division
$159,000Cash Flow: $221,000Seller Financing
Renown Licensing Agency Selling Its Art Gallery Division

Scottsdale, AZ

This is an atypical but gainful way of getting into the art industry. And it is all about flooding the earth with art... one gallery at a time. GET INTO THE BILLION-DOLLAR ART & HOME DECOR BUSINESS Since 1982, the guys and gals over at iDealFurniture, an Inc. 2000 licensing agency, have made it their business to put good people into the furniture business. Well over 300 authorized dealers and some 3,000 independent brokers thank their lucky stars for having answered an ad like this one. Now, these new economy marketers are achieving stratospheric success in the wall art and home decor arena, taking the country by storm by helping more good people get into the art gallery and home furnishings business, a billion-dollar + industry! WHAT’S FOR SALE The owners of iDealFurniture are looking for a 25% partner/investor in their successful and popular wall art distribution division: KozyArt. And it comes with shares in their soon-to-be public, $2.4 million-dollar parent company! Cash in on the company’s nationwide expansion plan now underway. No, you won’t be painting or brokering art (unless you want to). Yes, you will be a 25% owner/partner in a billion-dollar market helping to place others in the art and home decor business. HOW IT WORKS Every day, independent business brokers from around the U.S. generate quality leads for licensed KozyArt Dealers and Galleries. Not only is the world a better place when a license is sold, but you’re recompensed 25%. License fees range from $19,000 to $99,000 depending on territory and size/scope of business. Your involvement will increase the number of business brokers generating leads back to the parent company. More brokers, more leads. More leads, more good people taking advantage of the American Dream and owning their own business. You are now in the business of helping good people own an art and home decor gallery. It’s a good feeling all around. ABOUT KOZYART The Art & Frame Mart Company, represented by KozyArt, was founded in 1989 by The Nazar Family and is still 100% family owned today. All art is original, hand painted masterpieces with solid wood, copper, or solid-wood frames. KozyArt is found in the U.S. and Canada, as well as many reputable retailers in Europe, Australia, Mexico, and beyond. Art samples can be viewed at CONSIDERATIONS + Own 25% of the KozyArt Division. + Make 25% on regional, state, and local licenses. + Receive company stock in a soon-to-be publicly traded company. + Run this remotely and with as little or as much leadership as you want (semi owner absentee or full participation). + $9,000 of art for personal use is included in the asking price. NOTE: The numbers in this ad reflect iDealFurniture’s 2017 gross revenue and KozyArt’s 2019 projected cashflow. Let’s talk! KozyAart is a division of iDealFurniture, LLC.

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