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2Hot Rod, Muscle Car, Classic Car Lot for SaleHot Rod, Muscle Car, Classic Car Lot [+ Private Airstrip and Hangars]
Hot Rod, Muscle Car, Classic Car Lot for SaleHot Rod, Muscle Car, Classic Car Lot [+ Private Airstrip and Hangars]

Quartzsite, AZ

Hot Rod, Muscle Car, Classic Car Lot for Sale: I 10 HIGH PROFILE Properties FOR SALE: Warehouse space alone: [Steel buildings with concrete floorsI need to ] 27,520 Sq. Ft. Hangars are Steel Buildings with dirt floors, 3 completely enclosed & locked, all on the private airstrip: 4,500 Total: 32,020 SF Breakdown of Building Calculations: WAREHOUSES, Plus: Main Event Museum Building: 60X100 = 6,000 SF [Mezzanine addition readily accessuble] 6,000 Main Event Shop Buildig: 40X61 [Interior] Exterior Lift = 2440 SF [Foam Insulated Walls & Ceiling]       8,440 15’ Steel Awning, easily enclosed: 15X61= 915 SF                         9,355 Main Event West Wing: 68X135 (120X12’ Extension, Back of Building [All Enclosed) 9180 SF + 1440 SF Also Enclosed] = 10,620SF                               19,975 Main Event East Wing: 100X45 = 4500 SF 24,475        2020 West Main Street House 48X46 with Single Car Carport = 2208 SF                               26,683 Storage Building 16X24 Next to House [Not Affixed] = 384SF                               27,067 There is an additional two car carport, readily enclosed = 504 SF                               27,571 HANGARS: Twin Engine Hangar: 45X42 ENCLOSED HANGER  = 1890 SF                                                                                                                                                                29,461  Simple Enclosed Hangar: 26X45 = 1170                                                                                                                                                                                                           30,631    Smaller Enclosed Hangar: 40X36 = 1440 SF [Small Jog Accommodates Plane's Tail]                                                                                                       32,071 Log Style Home, Unfinished: 48X46 = 2208 SF                                                                                                                                                                                      34,279 Single Wide Mobile Home: 12X60 with 60' metal awning with porch = 720 SF [Occupied]                                                                                                                              34,999 DESERTGARDENS WAREHOUSES & SHOPS Macine & Repair Shop: 40X60 with mezzanine entire 60' length = 2760 SF                                                                                                                                37,759  Mobile Home Sales Office: 28X64 1792 SF                                                                                                                                                                                     39,551 [West Side 12’ Awning with Porch Entire 64’] Handicap Accessible = 768 SF                                                                                                             40,319 Awning on South Side of Building: 28X8 = 224 SF Porch Area                                                                                                                                       40,543 Awning on North Side: 18X28 DETAIL AREA = 504 SF Easily Enclosable                        41,047 Auto Storage & Repair Shop: 24X50 = 1200 SF                                                                                                                                                                     42,247 There is extensive inventory available for sale: Automobiles RVs Mobile Homes Heavy Equipment Current Business Licenses held by current owner include: Auto Dealer Mobile Home Sales Lot General Contractor Mobile Home SetUp Automobile Towing Banking This is a high profile business on I-10 that runs between L.A. and Phoenix. There are additional properties included that provide signage areas. It's in QUAR

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