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Mortgage Field Inspection Services
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Mortgage Field Inspection Services

Montgomery, AL

Field inspection services for financial institutions. Their services are typically needed in instances when banks, mortgage lenders and insurance agencies need to verify information about homes, businesses or vehicles they have a financial interest in. For example, an insurance agency may contract a field inspector to examine a home for potential problems prior to issuing a home insurance policy to the owner. A mortgage lender or bank can use a field inspector to confirm a foreclosed property is no longer occupied. The duties of a field inspector vary by the type of inspection, but generally include driving to a location, performing a visual inspection, taking photos and writing a brief report. Insurance companies may employ field inspectors to verify the address of a business or perform inspections after a claim has been filed. Field inspection representatives drive to an address and conduct the inspection based on the requirements of the work order from the client. It is normal procedure to include photos of the property and an address verification photo. The report may note observations of occupancy, damages, vandalism, hazards and other conditions as may be required. Site inspection orders relate to mortgage delinquency, bankruptcy, foreclosure, auto loans, insurance claims and other reasons to have a site visit made. This business is conducting business in 5 Southern States and is currently operated from outside the area. The new owner does not need to be located in the immediate area. No special licenses needed. Please complete and return the attached NDA to receive the Confidential Information Memorandum for the Mortgage Field Services Company. Email completed NDA to

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