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Review Co Alabama $10,000 A Month Income
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Review Co Alabama $10,000 A Month Income

Birmingham, AL

The ORIGINAL business was started in 2008 in North Carolina (NC) as NCRreview-ed a number of local businesses thru 2010 and using SEO soon became first page and sometimes even top of the page with Google and Yahoo. Companies reviewed loved it and offered to contribute to keeping it "on the air". This evolved into the present business model of "Volunteer contributors" BUT.....Unfortunately, with success came temptation. Several companies who were not reviewed favorably offered considerable sums (Like $25,000) to "buy" better Reviews. Our shameless webmaster, who shall remain nameless, came under this influence, took the money and kept the websites. Yours truly, the Originator and Creative Mind walked away in disgust. As far as this writer is concerned at that point NCR lost its integrity. Years have now past and NCR still exists, but has gone to seed, so to speak from my point of view. I was revolted by what I considered unethical, and waited until 2015. I decided to find a new webmaster and create a whole new entity. After allowing more than FIVE years to pass, we started with a clean slate. That is what is now for sale. The concept having been fully proven, it remained merely to put a firm policy in place to prevent similar abuse by a greedy webmaster and to incorporate. Parent company, Review Services of America, LLC, RSA, has purchased domain Review names for all 50 dates. RSA has put up 50 Review websites and RSA wholly owns and controls the websites, the domains, the hosting and the content. Of course, we need need a more writers, salespersons and a full time editors, but all the sites are up and running. We like BITCOIN and other Cryptos, but will not accept any payment for a phony favorable review. We write and publish ONLY honest reviews of businesses. Then we ask businesses to voluntarily support YOUR state's Review site with a monthly voluntary contribution. (Like Public Radio, NPR) A very small business would be $10 a month suggested monthly contribution. No big deal. Any business can afford that. And if our honest and favorable review, due to good SEO is driving customers to them, $10 is probably the smallest advertising expense of any category they spend money on. Somewhat more affluent businesses, say a restaurant or health club , might agree to a $25 a month, $50 or even $100 voluntary contribution if the traffic is as good as we hope we achieve. Importantly, note this, if a business does not wish to contribute or fails to maintain the promised voluntary contribution, RSA does NOT penalize them or drop them like a hotcake. We don't hold any business hostage. Do you get the picture of integrity? Good! Now for the math: If we have just 50 businesses contributing $10-100 a month in a city as large as Birmingham, you have $500-5,000 in REPEAT INCOME (This should be a no-brainer for one sales person in 30 days!) Question: do you have any problem with using 100 businesses paying $10-100 each, given an entire city? Or 1,000 given an state? Simple math: That equals $1,000-$10,000 REPEAT INCOME a month. Within a year that could easily be $50,000 a month. $50,000 of reoccurring income, and subject to replication by a few good salesmen. One salesman could bring in $1,000-10,000 every 30 days. Do this until you have enough "content". And then you might halt aggressive outside sales and go into maintenance mode. You simply need to replace those that fall off and Referrals more than cover this. Now consider, I have used the minimal $10 a month as if that is average instead of the lowest denomination with a mix of $25's, $50's and $100's. That's "average" However, there are any number of larger businesses that can and would contribute $1,000, $10,000 or more - "IF" our Reviews are honest and our integrity is bullet-proof. For Example: We reject a company wanting a better Review and offering us say, $25,000 and make that rejection known industry wide. Can you envision an eBay, a or Paypal voluntarily contributing $50-100,000, assuming we had an honest REVIEW of them that was making them rich in IT Traffic? Okay, that's the summary. Your next question is, "Are you doing ALL this yet?' The answer is, "We have only scratched the surface. And that's why I'm asking $149,999 and not 10X that number. Qualifications? It helps if you are a writer? Or, good at sales and marketing. Or, maybe you have the financials to qualify as a passive or active owner? Then I want to hear from you. Thanks for reading the entire SUMMARY!

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