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$150,000 Seller Financing Available
Make over $1M 1st yr, wth Profit assurance guarentee, $250k BEST Business, HUGE Profits fast, with Profit assurance $250k

Best startup business on this site to Purchase projected profits between $1M-$3M in 24months $$$$ MFG LIFETTIME LUMBER for house decks, boat docks, etc $$$$$ 1)Purchase this company now, for $250k with profit assurance. $150k down, and balance of $100k due within 36 months. Profit assurance- $150k down- if you do not profit over $1M in the 1st 12 months, then balance is Zero, and you own the company for the $150k were that assured that this company will be very profitable. I hate to sell this Huge, lucrative startup company, especially at this price. but I have just learned that my wife has early stage Cancer, and I will not be able to put the needed time and effort into running this business at the Corporate level that it will need to be operated at, once this business is into production, and demands for this product become very high. i would also like to agree on terms to possibly stay onboard and own the franchise rights for Alabama, where i wouldnt have to be as involved as the actual company owner, dealing with retailers such as home depot, lowes, etc. i could operate a franchise here and just deal with the local dealers, etc if this is something we can agree to terms on. "GO GREEN, PRESERVING OUR TREES TODAY FOR OUR CHILDRENS FUTURE" Build it Right. Build it Once This company will be Larger than (pressure treated lumber company) imagine owning the rights to (pressure treated lumber) Preserva Board Inc is a company that will end up replacing the pressure treated lumber choice, Preserva Board Inc makes lumber last Forever,preserving it to last a lifetime with a New Innovative system. Allowing us to Preserve our Trees for our Childrens Future , by making your lumber last a lifetime, without always replacing todays weather destroyed lumber This company is a Wood preserving system that totally encapsulates lumber, and seals lumber away from all elements, to last a lifetime with a NEW innovative process, no competition, very high in demand, uses would be/but not limited to, Boat docks, House decks , decks, privacy fences, picnic tables,etc. the uses are endless, anywhere lumber is needed and needs to last forever. waterproof no more painful splinters in feet, nails/screws backing out, rotten wood, no more replacing wood every few yrs, has 3 levels of skid resistance, so no more slippery deck boards and system is lifetime color pigment injected, so no more painting, Go Green for our future. Stop using pressure treated wood that may only last a year without damage, and Start Using Preserva Board. Build it Once, Build it Right, Last a Lifetime. You spend a fortune to get your deck/dock built to perfection. Why use Pressure treated lumber, and replace boards forever. wasting lumber, wasting your time, wasting our trees. By using Preserva Board you Build it once, it lasts a Lifetime. saving our trees of tomorrow , for future projects, for our children. Become a Partner into this New Business at the ground stage, or become an investor, or purchase this company outright. I have a location here in Alabama that I could open as one of your franchise locations immediately, and train 3-6 people to operate this facility, and I could also use this facility to Train your immediate crew. so immediately you would have 2 working locations. this is a company that can be Franchised internationally, and will be a Multi Million dollar company very very fast. a NDA agreement would need to be signed before further detailed information can be released. contact for

Own A $1.5 billion Per Year Income Business With $588,000 Make $1.5 B per year starting with $588k investment. No work required.

12 FACTS ABOUT THIS BUSINESS: 1. INCOME: You could be making $250,000 to $125 million per month or $3 million to $1.5 billion per year in this business, starting with very little investment capital. 1,000 to 10,000% ROI in 12 months possible in this business. You can start making 1,000% to 10,000% ROI (10 to 100 times your investment every year from your trade exchange business) 2. WORK REQUIRED: No work is required on your part. 100% of the work involved would be done for you. 3. TIME INVESTMENT REQUIRED: No time investment or effort is required on your part since your business would be professionally managed by our trade exchange experts. 4. KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS REQUIRED: No previous experience, no qualifications, no previous knowledge, and no technical skills are required to get started. . . and you can get started in less than 24 hours.... and start making money within 48 hours of starting. 4. AREA SERVED: Worldwide 5. BUSINESS PLATFORM: Web based 6. NATURE OF THE BUSINESS: Ecommerce marketplace combined with a trade exchange membership business model 7. TARGET AUDIENCE: Businesses and business owners 8. SERVICES OFFERED: 24 HOURS SALES GUARANTEE. We help businesses to sell off all their products, services, businesses, and properties in 24 hours. Whether the product inventory is worth $100,000, $100 million, $100 billion or more, it does not matter. We can help any business achieve their sales goal and sell off all their product or property inventory within 24 hours. 9. REVENUE MODEL: You make money from: I. Members activation fees when they join your platform II. Monthly admin fees paid by every member III. 5% transaction fees paid for every sales made by your members via your platform IV. 2.5% transaction fees paid for every purchase made by your members from other members via your platform V. Members' trade dollars purchases from you. VI. And many more income streams 10. WHAT IS THE UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION OF THIS BUSINESS? WHY WOULD BUSINESS OWNERS JOIN YOUR TRADE EXCHANGE AS MEMBERS? Why would business owners prefer to use your platform to do business instead of their conventional sales channels? The benefits of trade exchange membership are revolutionary. The most compelling benefit is that, your trade exchange platform can help any business to sell off all their products, businesses and properties within 24 hours. 100% guaranteed. Whether your members' product inventory is worth $100,000, $100 million, $100 billion, or more; it does not matter. Your trade exchange platform can help any business to sell off all their products, businesses and properties within 24 hours. 11. INVESTMENT REQUIRED: Go to for more information. 12. DYNAMICS OF THE BUSINESS: How does the business work and how does it make money? Go to for more information. If you'd like to be “SET FOR LIFE” as the owner of a million- to billion-dollar trade exchange business–collecting 7 to 8-figure income monthly, then this automated Trade Exchange business opportunity is all you need to start living your ultimate business dream! This opportunity is limited to just one client in the next 24 hours. For more information about this business, go to . For answers to any question you may have or free consultation to help you get started immediately, send your questions to

$5,000 Capital Required: $40,000
Superior Insurance Agency Opportunity Why become a Superior Insurance Agent?

•Ownership of the economic interest in the book of business your agency writes. •Potential to own multiple locations across the country! •Write insurance with multiple carriers, not just one. (Travelers, Progressive, Hartford, Tower, Amtrust, GMAC, Nationwide, etc.) •Extensive training program. •Co op internet marketing program and website designed to help generate revenue for your agency. •A customizable company Website that is Search Engine Optimized. •Support from a growing group of agents. •Enjoy bonuses, contingencies, trips, and annual gatherings.

Home Based Trade Shows and Fairs Vendor Perfect Part Time Biz Trade Shows And Fairs Home Based Business Part Or Full Time

Trade Show Vendor: This program is designed for the real entrepreneurs. You will receive a license for an exclusive area in which you can retail the products at trade show, before you stop reading, know this, it is a very profitable part time business. You will be displaying mostly art (exclusive original art and photography all done by me Peter Nowell, that is how I got into this business) or the jackets, both items sell like crazy at shows. Example: art shows, craft shows, home shows, rodeos, street fairs, State fairs, gift shows, holiday shows, festivals, gun shows, Car Shows, Sports memorabilia Shows, and any show where there is tons of peoples is a venue for our stuff. This past year we did 20 shows just here in phoenix alone and generated over $40,000 in net profit, not bad for 40 days work. ( most shows are 2 days). Know this: "We have never had any competition at any show due the fact that our products are own exclusive designs an sold exclusively to our vendors and you have and exclusive territory." You can certainly do more the 10-20 shows a year and increase your income. I do not know of any other biz-opp that offers so much for so little. We have art for all taste but the majority is southwestern. We also have a line of sports art that you can add to your inventory with famous sports celebrities. If you want to become your own boss then call us today, time is running out and territories are as well. We will give you an area large enough to do 52 shows a year and help you find all the shows within your territory as we have a directory of every show in the USA. We have been in business for 22 years and can assure you of great support and products. Buy as little or as much inventory as you need for each show, there is a minimum opening first time order of $3000.00 after that no min, anything less would not give you enough inventory for any show. Many of our framed canvas prints start at $50.00 and retail for $150.00 to $175.00, jackets cost from 95.00 and retail for 195.00. The profits margins are very good, Sell ten prints and make $800 to a $1000 per show. Cost for exhibiting runs anywhere from $25.00 to $500.00 per show. The only other expense you would have is a pop up tent for around $200.00 that's it. Call today and start tomorrow. 602.276.0363 ask for me, Peter Nowell.

$80,000 Capital Required: $12,000
Fun & Unique Kids Arts & Crafts Birthday Party Venue Offering Private Play Dates, Themed Parties, Arts & Crafts, Movies...

Exciting opportunity to own a one year old start-up with the busy season fast approaching. Owner relocating as soon as possible for family reasons. Great potential for the right owner/operator. Fun, easy, low overhead, kid centered business. Perfect for motivated moms. 2 years left on lease with option. Sale includes all business assets, equipment, and fixtures.

$100,000 Seller Financing Available
RR Gear - Rolls-Royce Accessories Store - Huge Potential Rolls-Royce Accessory Store

This is rare opportunity to own a ready-to-launch e-commerce store for some of the wealthiest consumers in the world. As such, this e-commerce store comes complete with already built website, detailed business plan, business operation training, and enjoys profit margins exceeding 40%. Conservative business plan projections based upon initial market trials indicate this store will gross $250,000 just in the first year. This e-commerce store requires no capital investment in inventory, is capable of being operated as drop shipper, and is a great opportunity for those seeking a stable business that can be run with as little as a single person from any location. This store features over 150 authentic Rolls-Royce accessory products ranging from Spirit of Ecstasy plinths to leather goods such as wallets and iPhone cases. Many of these items are not widely available on-line and thus, this e-commerce store provides a unique niche within which to succeed. With unique customer demographics such as average net worth exceeding $30 million and strong brand affinity, this store represents a strong opportunity for the right entrepreneur. Built by a Rolls-Royce enthusiast and successful entrepreneur, this store comes with pre-built e-commerce website, valuable domain name, and Google SEO so that customers are able to find the store. The reason for the sale is that the owner of the store does not have the time necessary to operate it. Owner-provided financing is available. Purchase before Wednesday, November 26th and enjoy immediate profits with upcoming holiday season.

$2,500 Seller Financing Available
Make $750,000 Per Month From Your Own Trade Exchange Business Make $750,000 Per Month With Only 4 Hours From Trade Exchange Biz

You can now own a 'PART-TIME' TRADE EXCHANGE BUSINESS through which you could be making $750,000 every month with only 4 Hours Work A Month! Go to for more details. No previous knowledge, no qualification, no previous experience and no technical skills are required to get started. You can get started in less than 24 hours and start making money within 72 hours of starting……without leaving your current job, without leaving your current business, without leaving your home or office. You can do this business using just your phone or email only, working 4 hours per month. Work once and get paid month after month for the same work! You'd only work once but get paid every month, forever. Go to for more details. Your trade exchange business would be set up and managed on your behalf by our team of trade exchange business managers. This offer is valid for the next 24 hours only. Go to for more details and to apply for this part time trade exchange business opportunity now.

3D/4D Elective Ultrasound Business Relaxed, Exciting, Entertaining, Profitable - 4D Ultrasound Studio

Are you looking for a new business opportunity that is not only profitable but is also rewarding? Ultrasound Trainers is the premier non-franchise 4D elective ultrasound system out there. We are not only looking to grow our company image but rather helping our clients to establish their own name and territory in the ultrasound market. This is why we have come out with our revolutionary new 3D/4D Ultrasound training program that will allow for anyone to become trained in the 3D/4D Ultrasound Applications and be able to open their own studios. Ultrasound Trainers offers real results for your money, no more paying ridiculous upfront franchise fees, followed by high monthly franchise fees, for a little more than a name and possibly a little marketing support. Our business partnership is tailored to help you succeed in business; we are with you from the beginning to the end. We are in the business of helping our business partnerships do well. Turn-Key Business We provide a mix of all the trainings related to how to operate the machine and so much more. Our company basically does all of the main setup for you. Your main job is to find a location, have it built out (we will help with the design process) and furnished; then you can sit back while we complete the rest for you. We create a custom logo, website, print marketing and get your organization running in no time! The customers who opt for this package do not have to worry much because we include your ultrasound machine, we set-up your machine, all computers, televisions and initiate the original marketing campaign. Every turn-key that we open is customized based on the tastes and style of the owner. With this package your business will never have to pay royalties or any franchise fees. After we complete the job, you will have complete control over your new business. This package has been created for those people who are looking to start a new business or would like to enhance their current portfolio, but they do not have the time to fully setup their studio on their own.

Ground Floor Business Ground Floor Opportunity of the next Billion dollar Black Swan Company

Ground floor company with the potential to be at the top of the "tree". Wide open market. Company has NOT hit momentum yet. We are looking for business owners who want to be involved with a company that has limitless opportunity. If you want to make a minimum of $50,000 or more per month then you need to take a look. This has to be the right time in your life and you need to have the desire to make a lot of money. Exploding with selling breakthrough products that the world has never seen before. Need to be entrepreneur minded, energetic and driven to succeed.

Capital Required: $15,000
OnGARD product line for sale GROW this business

With 80+ million dryers in US homes, there are over 250,000 reported and unreported fires annually causing unnecessary tragedies resulting in injuries, deaths and property damage. 'Failure to properly clean' is the #1 cause of dryer fires. Most people clean the filter in the door while tremendous amounts of UNSEEN lint build up under and around the drum. When a spark touches this highly flammable lint, used by Scouts to start campfires, you have a tragedy about to occur. OnGARD is the first, universal, automatic suppression unit which combats and contains lint fires 24/7. OnGARD units consist of a cylinder of ABC extinguishing powder connected to an 8 foot length of tubing. When a fire occurs, the tubing 'POPS' when touched by flame discharging the extinguishing powder under the drum and up the duct. The OnGARD unit is totally automatic. being wall mounted, the gauge is easily checked every time the dryer is used. OnGARD has a service life of 6 + years, making it a very low cost method of protecting home and family. OnGARD is marketed , not only to home owners, but also nursery, group homes, day care centers, condo associations, etc. OnGARD is marketed both directly and through duct cleaners, appliance repair, catalog companies, etc. OnGARD's pricing allows for attractive margins. OnGARD can only grow with an effective marketing/sales effort

$50 Capital Required: $2,855
Global Online Distribution Opportunity Earn an Executive Income Part Time

Earn The Income You Want For Sale WORK FROM HOME. EXCITING BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY. BUILD A LONG TERM CAREER WITHOUT INCOME LIMITS. Do you want to be your own boss? Do you want to be paid what you are really worth? Do you find it tiresome travelling for work and working long hours? Do you want to say goodbye to office politics and unrealistic deadlines? Do you want to enjoy a fantastic work/life balance? Do you want to achieve financial freedom? If the answer is YES to any or all of these questions then you should seriously consider a change. We are an innovative Media and Personal Leadership company expanding approximately 50 countries across the world, working with World Class, Award Winning products. If you have the desire and ambition we have the opportunity. How many times do you see? The house you really want to buy, The car you really want to drive, The clothes you really want to wear, The holidays you really want to go on? This is not a job its a LIFESTYLE CHOICE! This is a self-employment business opportunity. Start Part time or Full time: Your choice. Work from anywhere you want: You just need a phone and a lap top. Flexible Working Hours. Proven turn-key business system: Create income quickly. Prospects come to you. Lucrative Income Opportunity: Upfront profits, Leveraged profits and Residual Income. Training and Support by Experienced Professionals: One on One mentoring and daily live webinars. There is NO MLM, cold calling, chasing family or stock handling. IF you: Have a desire to achieve your financial freedom. Have a desire to achieve your personal goals. Have a desire to reach your dreams. Have a desire to achieve time freedom. Have a desire to achieve a better lifestyle. You would make a successful candidate. Previous experience isn't necessary! We have successful associates from a wide range of industries including general management, sales and marketing, ex bartenders and waiters, fitness trainers, teachers and coaches just to name a few. Our business model suits just about everybody. If you are serious, work from home today in your own Home Based Business.

$99,000 Seller Financing Available Capital Required: $50,000
Personalized Greeting Cards Web-based custom greeting cards (a disruptive technology)

This do-from-anywhere business is only for the bold with a big vision and commitment. As an Internet business, it is super-high-margin. Priced at only 99K up front with a 7% royalty, with only a toe-hold of 1% of the U.S. greeting card market (not even looking at the rest of the world), this business will gross $18,000,000 per year. Read on to find out about Flash memory is now displacing disk memory. The digital camera destroyed the film camera. And now truly personal greeting cards, available for the first time ever, will edge out the generic cards that have dominated the greeting card market for over a century. If you act now, you can be the first to establish your dominance with this disruptive technology. (The Poet) asks the user five-six easy personal questions about a friend, relative, or lover. From this unique information, The Poet quickly composes a personalized 15-to-20-line poem for and about the intended recipient of that message. Only a professional bard would be able to match this customization. But why listen to a description?! In just a few minutes you can personally experience the power, intrigue, and fun of this personalized message business. You can go directly to the website and use it in its free version (it uses the freemium business model). But much better, let us provide you with a VIP Key to experience what it’s like to be a “Five Star Bard” with The Poet. Email and we’ll provide you with your unique VIP Key, enabling you to enjoy Five-Star-Bard status for 47 days. Also, you can get a good feel for The Poet just by watching this 11-minute video of a user creating a poem for a friend: Email or call 206-923-9554 now to receive the full package on this business. We have an electronic NDA you can sign in just 30 seconds. We’ll then send you our introduction package with enough focused information for you to begin to decide whether or not this business opportunity is for you…and how to proceed, if it might be. CHECK OUT this fast moving, informative video about The Poet>>>

Personal Development Business Join our award-winning global company

Work in the Positive Media, Success Education and Personal Development industry. You will learn how to use the principles of Personal Development and the Law of Attraction for your own business development and to help others create more success. Forget about pushing products to friends and family, having home parties or coffee shop meetings; our business model through our simple 3 step system will have you up and running in just a few days. We'll teach you to have clients looking for YOU. You won't have to stock products or handle inventory. You will have opportunities to travel the world, and be surrounded by like-minded individuals who support you in your vision. This is a BOOMING and lucrative business opportunity. Benefits: *Work from home, using your phone and the Internet. *Proven formula, partnered with lucrative business systems *Flexible hours *Start small or start big - the limit is up to you! *Turnkey business *Unique and very successful industry *Online Training and Mentoring at no cost to you *Part-time or full-time opportunity *Quick and easy setup *No cold calling *No income cap *No making lists of friends and family. If you can follow a simple and easy business model, then this is the business for you. Your time spent will include placing simple ads online, conducting brief scripted interviews via telephone, investing time in training and mentoring others, and of course your own personal development. With a consistent, small amount of time applied daily, along with a business mindset, this a great business for you! About the Personal Development Industry: Years after the book and movie "The Secret" was released, awareness of the Law of Attraction became popular. Leaders like Jim Rohn, Anthony Robbins, Oprah and Deepak Chopra have always lived by these tried and true universal laws to achieve success and aid others in living more enriching lives. Now, you can do the same with this business. You will attract people who are looking to succeed by providing products that are educational and will help them improve in all aspects of their life. No investment or product purchase is required, however all participants must purchase a start-up kit; this kit is sold ‘at cost’ by the company; no profit is earned from the sale of this kit. Contact us for more information

Capital Required: $2,335
Personal Development -Booming Online Home Business -Global Opportunity Work From Home - Learn How To Earn An Executive Level Income

A unique opportunity – work from home around your family and interests. Enjoy the laptop lifestyle! You can effectively operate this highly lucrative business from anywhere using your laptop & phone and tap into the global economy. Get the results you really want. Work smarter and leverage your time by tapping into our simple 3-step business model coupled with our multi award winning personal development program. We provide you with a structured 3-step business system that is simple and proven to be effective in USA, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand and over 100 countries worldwide. We will teach you how to follow our proven system and, by doing this consistently, you can generate an executive level income working part time from home. We have everything in place for you to just simply tap into, eliminating all the guesswork on how to start your own business. Powerful advantages you will enjoy when you join us as a home-based business owner: - Generous upfront profits - make up to $8,000 per sale - Turn key business system – quick and easy, step by step set up. Be up and running within 2 hours. - Complete flexibility - choose your own hours – part time or full time - No inventory to stock, NO cold calling, No staff to manage - Expert mentoring and coaching – one on one at no cost to you - Live training calls conducted by our most successful business partners – interact and mastermind with our leaders - Ongoing training with social media on how to generate FREE leads - Fun, exciting, rewarding and highly profitable - No franchise fees or area restrictions Your responsibilities will include: placing simple advertisements, conducting brief scripted telephone interviews, supplying information via the telephone and internet, coaching and mentoring your business partners and investing time into your own personal development. Described by Industry experts as a "refreshing alternative to franchises and traditional businesses" we are the most awarded Success Education Company on the planet, achieving 100% growth in the past year alone. The personal development business is a booming $65 billion industry. The only requirements are: you must be ready and willing to change your life and ready to take action now to make it happen. Great! What is the next step? Fill out the contact form or visit our website and fill in your detail. We will call you soon to discuss further. Opportunities available across all of the USA and Canada.

$5,000 Capital Required: $1,000
Hot! 50% Off! Entrepreneur Magazine's top rated Travel Franc. for sale Cruise Planners/American Express Travel Franchisee for sale at 50% off

Own the cruise franchise ranked by Entrepreneur magazine as #1 in the industry for 11 years in a row and #19 in the world! To find out more about them, please look for their ad for new franchisees in this website at You are basically buying the same business from me at 50% off what it would cost you to get franchised from them, & there's no transfer fee. We also have $500 of unused credits in our account that can be transferred to you free, which can be used towards website building/maintenance, stationary, marketing, etc., The home office already has a pre-packaged professional website that their franchisees can tap into right away - and a mobile app for iPhones & android as well. If you are a professional travel agent, you must be aware of the value Cruise Planners / American Express will bring to your business - or, if you are starting fresh, this is a great low-cost home based franchisee that yields high returns and requires no travel experience. Their home-based business model is a family of over 1700 franchise owners and is one of the largest, privately owned, nationally recognized and continually awarded travel franchises in the country. It's a franchise business you actually enjoy working! Why choose Cruise Planners? It’s a fact: people want to travel. The worldwide travel industry grossed almost 70 billion dollars in 2013 and over 34 million Americans plan to cruise over the next 3 years. Isn’t it time you joined a recession-resistant industry? Unique benefits for franchise owners: - Full service travel provider, not just cruises. - Cruise Planners/American Express Ranked Number One 11 Years in a Row - Multiple revenue streams. - Highest commission levels in the industry. - Turnkey, award-winning marketing and advertising programs. - Free direct mail programs. - Free social media interactive pages. - State-of-the-art technology and mobile tools that allow you to run your business from the palm of your hand. - Consumer mobile apps for smart phones and tablets. - Enormous buying power and group inventory. - On-demand virtual training programs offering over 600 modules, videos and webinars for continued education. - Proprietary accounting and customer management web-based software. - One-on-one coaching and development. Americans have trusted the brand name American Express above all others in travel for over 150 years. We are an American Express Travel Service Representative Agency which lends instant credibility to our new franchise owners with a trusted, well-recognized brand. Low investment: Our franchise is a low-investment, low-risk opportunity – no inventory to buy, no employees, no retail space, no construction, no time clock, no mandatory monthly fees, and no more corporate America! Cruise Planners/American Express Mobile Smart Phone AppsCutting-edge technology: With their smart phone apps and back office access they will help you build your business and you have control of your information right from the palm of your hand. You’ll have your own website with unlimited pages search engine optimized and access to Google analytics. Training and support: Award-winning marketing Top-notch training: Their 6-day training class in Ft. Lauderdale is hosted by one of the best training and development teams in the industry, with some of the most respected people in the travel profession to support you! Visit ships, supplier seminars and trade show, computer labs and much more. Cruise Planners University(CPU) is a training and continuing education program that works at your pace. CPU is a total continuing education program just for their owners. They have over 50 people in their home office that will support you like family, & whose sole responsibility is to ensure your success. Please also look them up at entrepreneur's franchisee list:

$65,000 Seller Financing Available

Tremendous opportunity for entrepreneur in the wholesale food distribution business. Premium brand / manufacturer is seeking an exclusive distributor in the Alabama market. You would sell to commercial clients - restaurants, supermarkets, country clubs, schools, stadiums, etc. Thumanns is a 60+ year old family owned food manufacturer with distributors across 37 states. Their product catalog includes over 800 items - from Alaskan salmon to cheesecake. Thumanns is best known for their premium butcher-cut deli meats, cheeses and hot dogs - quality on par or better than brands like Boar's Head and Dietz and Watson. Thumanns has been voted numerous awards such as "best hot dog in the state" in New Jersey, New York and California. They are also the official hot dog provider for the Jets and Giants of the NFL. This is a great opportunity with unlimited upside for an owner-operator or investor. Call for more information - WON'T LAST LONG!

Seller Financing Available
SaaS based inventory and check-in applications Fully developed SaaS Inventory and Check-in Products with iOS apps

Inventory (Core Product): Web-based inventory management for small and micro businesses. The product solves an operational pain with simplicity at an affordable cost for small business owners. The application has been in development for 3 years with several completed case studies. Just completed open beta and is ready for a hard product launch. Check-in: Check-in application integrates with CRM contacts with a barcode and can immediately fire off a follow-up sequence to check them into classes, events, or a revenue-generating sequence. Completed beta customer testing and is ready for a hard product launch. Estimated margins for the business are upward of 95%. Product is built on the MEAN Stack (MongoDB, ExpressJs, AngularJs, NodeJs), a full JavaScript stack. Hosting is set up with development, staging, and production environments. Reason for selling: Seller to focus on another business.

$55,000 Capital Required: $55,000
Social Early Childhood Venture 100% Ready To Go Great Opportunity - Will Not Last Long

Company goes to first qualified bidder. This company is 100% complete and in TURN KEY condition; developed with the intention to sell. Company is meant to be online based however add on services can be provided off-line for maximum profit. Company is a mission driven early childhood education company that includes picture book delivery services, lesson plan sales and the option for private teachers. Online store setup, active email marketing campaigns, website, company incorporation, social media account with hundreds of followers on twitter and Facebook is complete; the company solely needs an excited ambitious owner/ leader to expand network. This company has $1,000,000 potential. As a result of extensive blog work, youtube video production and twitter campaigns the company now ranks on the number one "GOOGLE" page for our targeted key words. Partnerships for wholesale book purchases are in place and networks to solicit teachers will be provided. This business is PERFECT for mompreneurs, teacherpreneurs or professionals that have a love for early childhood. This low price is set to raise after 30 days. At only $55,000 it is a steal!

Smartphone App Business Complete With App Building Software Work From Home, Run From Anywhere In The World, No Experience Required

Exciting WORK FROM HOME opportunity for someone to purchase this fully developed mobile smartphone app business. No experience necessary. Asking Price: $6,495 Expected Turnover: $120,000 - $180,000 per year* Expected Net Profit: $80,000 - $150,000 per year* (*Figures depend on whether you build the apps yourself or outsource) THIS SALE INCLUDES: - Full Brand Images & Logos - Professional Feature Rich Website with Testimonials and Videos - Website with Built In Live Help Chat Function - Full FREE Access To App Builder Where You Can Make Unlimited Apps For NO Cost - Already Set Up 0845 Telephone Number With No Ongoing Costs. Can Be Redirected To Any UK Landline - Company Answerphone Message Recorded By Professional UK Voice Actor - Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Google+ Accounts Set Up & All Necessary Social Media Graphics - Full guidance on how to run the business along with marketing tips - WHAT WOULD I NEED TO DO? - You can be as involved as you want to be. Scenario One: You find local businesses who may be interested in having their own smartphone app. This can be done in person, over the phone, or by internet/mail marketing. There is practically no competition as it is such a new marketplace. Once you have found a customer you build an app for their business in seconds flat using the specialised software. It's a drag and drop style layout, with full technical support if you get stuck (more details on the software below). When your app is complete you publish to the app stores and collect payment from the customer. Your invoice to them includes not only the initial upfront payment (from which you profit 100% as you have no outgoings), but also a recurring monthly payment (which guarantees you income for the future). Scenario Two: You don't want to be involved at all, you just want to be the mastermind (this is the preferred option). You hire freelancers to do all tasks from selling to development, and even customer service. And you just concentrate on growing and reaping the rewards. We can show you how to hire good freelancers from £3 an hour, among other tricks! - THE WEBSITE - The fully customised website has been designed and built especially for us. It includes a massive features list, along with graphics and a video detailing how they can help your business. A case studies page documenting how each specific business niche can be catered for and what a smartphone app can do for you. Pricing tables and an explanation of charges. Market relevant statistics for mobiles and apps. As well as a branded typography promo video on the front page. - WHO WOULD BENEFIT FROM THIS BUSINESS? - Anyone who is looking for a good, work from home, income. Without ties. Particularly people who have little or no experience in running or setting up a business, and who need things to be done correctly. Also, it will be helpful for someone who perhaps doesn't have the time or funds to set everything up themselves. Experienced business owners will recognise how long it takes, and how much it costs, to get to this point. The trial and error factor is enormous, even when you already have the business knowledge. With this business sale everything has been done for you. - MORE DETAILS - So if this sounds like your cup of tea, don't hesitate to get in touch. You could be up and running your own smartphone company within days. Upon sale completion all social media accounts, domain names, branding, content etc will become your property. Absolutely everything is included in this sale.

$7,500 Seller Financing Available Capital Required: $7,500
Versitle Pool Side Kiosk It's Beach Magic...

*10 years of research and development *Our own line of quality, durable molds *Training DVD's with Trade Secrets *No Royalties *No Territories *No Franchise Fees *Direct Buying Power for products *Continued Support and Training Available *Become part of an "Island Art" Family *Experience in over 25 different venues *Complete reference manual

$25,000 Capital Required: $50,000
Electric Vehicle and Pedal Cars Electric and Pedal Car Dealership opportunity

"Our vision is to bring our customers the most innovative, low- cost, no-emission, safe, alternative and fun urban transport vehicle". To accomplish this, it is essential to select synergistic distributors who have the desire, motivation and ability to work with Milan Coach Builders' management and to actively pursue these objectives. We are a highly-motivated company with clear-cut goals and definitive designs for growth. Our growth will come through you, the individual Milan Coach Builders distributors. NOW EVERYONE CAN OWN AN AUBURN SPEEDSTER, JR. DEALERSHIP • The Milan Coach Builders business opportunity is in the right place at the right time. • The market demand is there. • We have the products. • We have the expertise. • The distributorship system is in place. If you feel you are right for the business and we feel you are right for us? There is no reason you cannot be as successful as you dream. Though not a partner in the legal sense, we will be your partner in a moral sense. As you the distributor, we at Milan Coach Builders will be a vital and integral part of your Milan Coach Builders dealership business. This is a business of ever-changing technology and new, environmentally-friendly models, our partnership must be a close one, as we will be introducing you to new technologies and models as they are unveiled. ________________________________________ Milan Coach Builders, LLC offers great opportunities in the ever-expanding alternative automobile market. Because we are the first company of its kind to offer dealerships, the growth potential is unlimited. More about the deal:

IDLife There Is No Other Health and Wellness Buisness Like IDLife

Unparallelled Training, and Support. 100k+ Potential, Work From Anywhere, Full-Time or Part-Time. Come Join Our Success! If you are looking to earn extra money each month or make this a full-time or part-time job, this could be right for you. This industry in a Mulit-Trillion dollar a year industry that keeps growing year after year. Please watch the video below to get more information. Also, please see the attached document below called "Earnings With IDLIfe". You can contact me at any time if you have questions. 859-816-6580

$20,000 Seller Financing Available Capital Required: $127,356
Title Boxing Club Franchise - Reduced Fee Entrepreneur 500 Franchise Opportunity - In hot Fitness category

This Isn’t Your Average Franchise Opportunity If you’ve always been fitness-obsessed and driven, and you don’t let anything hold you back! This is your opportunity to share your passion and lifestyle in an exciting business that was rated #235 on Entrepreneur Magazines list of the top 500 franchises. In our workouts, professional trainers teach boxing techniques that strengthen the whole body, increase endurance, build muscle, and boost confidence. Combined with cardio and toning exercises, our workouts produce unbelievable results. Founded in 2008 by retired professional boxer Danny Campbell, TITLE Boxing Club is a health club that packs a punch. Our explosive total body workouts include group boxing and kickboxing classes that help members burn up to 1,000 calories in just one hour. Title Boxing Clubs are unique. This is about fitness not fighting. We welcome members of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels. They choose how hard or how light they hit this workout. The trainers at our health club are here to work with members of all fitness levels, helping them succeed and push themselves harder than they think they can. TITLE Card Members can work out at any of the 140+ nationwide TITLE Boxing Club locations. And families are welcome! Our family gym membership is designed for a family living together under one roof. Children 8 years and older are welcome to join their parents or an older sibling. This is an opportunity to buy a Title Boxing Club franchise in the highly desirable Chandler and Tempe area at a reduced price! The current license price from the franchisor is $35,000 per license. For personal reasons I have decided to sell these licenses so that I can pursue other opportunities. I am offering them at $20,000 each in this exclusive area. For more detailed information see the following links:

Seller Financing Available
Home Based Logistics Company Let us show you how to make a six figure income in a stable industry

We are currently looking for Independent Agents to work from home under our Agency Umbrella. We have developed a solid business model that we can show you how to make a six figure income in the transporation and logistics industry. We provide all the training, back office support, sales leads and operational backing you need to be successful. This is a perfect opportunity for an individual or husband/wife team who is looking for a solid business opportunity. In 2008 my wife quit work as a school teacher and joined my firm as the second team member. Together we have built a solid business that gives us the income and flexibility to live our lives as we see fit. We can show you how to do the same. This is a low cost start up opportunity with solid long term financial potential. No other start up costs involved.

$19,950 Seller Financing Available Capital Required: $2,500
Movie Finding Site/App - Get Invited To Movie Industry Events! Share in $100+ Billion in Movie Industry Ads and Ticket Sales

Get a part of the $35.9 billion in worldwide movie ticket revenue and rapidly-growing $3.2 billion in worldwide mobile movie industry advertising revenue. Get potential millions in revenue from Google Adsense for movie promotion advertising (and general advertising to moviegoers beyond movie industry advertising) placed on this app and website. Get additional revenue from percentage of all ticket sales placed through this app. Who knows - maybe you'll get invited to movie industry events and parties - filmings, red carpet premiers, the Oscars, tons of events worldwide: (* see revenue and ticket sales data sources below) You'll own exclusive worldwide rights to an online responsive app/website that can provide people worldwide the fastest, easiest way to find the movie they are looking for - when they want to see it. The app displays movie times, movie ratings, user ratings and theater locations on all PC, Mac and mobile devices - including all iPhones, iPads, Android devices, tablets, and Microsoft mobile products. The app is instantly available - no downloading or installation required by users. All updates are also instantly available to users. Relevant patents can be applied for and assigned to you (if you pay the costs for acquiring the patents - approximately $1,900 for 1-year provisional, $5,000 to $8,000 typically for full patent). The application requires almost zero user support - it is simple and easy to use. In the unlikely event of any possible issues or needed changes - updates can be programmed and released to all users within minutes. There was over $5 billion spent last year by the movie industry. You get a percentage of that revenue from a single vendor - from Google Adsense (so you won't have any receivables collection issues - just one check that automatically comes to you monthly). There were 7.9 billion movie tickets sold worldwide in 2013, 3.4 billion in the U.S. alone. You get a percentage of all ticket sales made through this app/website. App is ready to reach the worldwide movie ticket market. 3.4 billion movie tickets sold in the U.S. in 2013 ( ). 7.9 billion movie tickets sold worldwide in 2013. The site is in English and ready to be translated into any additional languages for $295 per language. You activate the data stream for the U.S. market for 90 days for a one-time charge of $800 paid to the movie data provider. You'll get a data feed of all necessary movie data (from that 3rd party data provider). Thereafter, the U.S. market is $500 per month. Data for additional countries is priced separately and varies by market size. I have all information available to begin the data feed and include with the sale price the programming necessary to activate the data feed. * Market data information cited above: Total worldwide digital ad spending: Worldwide Media Ad Spending Statistics Worldwide Movie Statistics Theater statistics ( )

CRM Software Company - Partnership Opportunity Professional CRM Software Company

Company Introduction: Our company is in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software industry. We have been in business since November 2013, and have come a very long way since than. Making a name for ourselves in an industry made up of fortune 500 companies, we are quickly becoming recognized as a serious player in the space. We are a high growth, young company, with solid infrastructure and a large growing base of recurring monthly users. Synopsis: We are looking to raise $250K in capital - since inception we have been 100% owner funded. We have 10 full time employees, and operate in 1,500 square feet of professional office space. The first year of business was spent maturing our product, developing our company infrastructure, and acquiring a customer base to get us to break-even territory - which is where we are currently. Now we are looking to take on investor(s) with the experience to help us prepare for and get to a Pre-IPO stage. What Makes Us Different: We were the first CRM Software company to release a cloud phone system as an included feature with our product. We are the only company that offers this, and it has given us a huge advantage when winning new business. This feature actually allows our customers to save money by cancelling their monthly phone service, as we deliver free VoIP phone service with the solution. Also calls and voicemail are automatically recorded in the software (eliminating the need for employees to manually log phone calls). We are also half the price as our competition, and do not require an annual contract. Management: The owner/founder of our company has vast knowledge in computer engineering, he is currently CEO & Chief Engineer, directly responsible for planning and developing new features and functionality. The sales manager is highly skilled in building and developing large sales organizations. Extremely motivated and highly passionate about the company. Currently responsible for our 7 sales specialists, holds morning meetings, constant training seminars, and responsible for recruitment of new talent. The product specialist at our company has 15 years experience in the software industry, enthusiastic about new features and constantly pushing to make the product better than the competition. Customer Base: Currently we have over 1,500 businesses using our product as their company software. We average around 50 new software deployments weekly. 2 Year Goal: File for our Initial Public Offering in order to raise enough capital for our aggressive international expansion effort. Assets: Proprietary CRM Software To try and put the value of our software in perspective - if you were to try and hire a team of computer engineers to reproduce our system, it would cost around $2.5 Million and take approximately 8,500 man hours. Our main product is our CRM Software, which is a cloud based software solution, built completely "in house" by our company engineers. We spent 6 months (Nov 2013 to Mar 2014) building the product prior to releasing it, since launching in March 2014 we have continued to build out the software with innovative functionality - with a simple mission "to provide a single software solution to manage all aspects of a business". Contact: To learn more about this opportunity contact Richard @ 973-634-7620 or reply to this listing. We have a complete financial package and company report available upon request.

$55,000 Seller Financing Available
Charter Fishing Business Successful and growing sport fishing charter business

Florida Sportfishing Adventures is a two year old charter fishing business located in Ponce Inlet, between New Smyrna Beach and Daytona. The business has experienced exponential growth in these first two years. As expected, the first year's revenue was small, approximately $3500. This year, our second year in business, revenue jumped to almost $20,000! This business is perfect for an owner operator. Otherwise, find a qualified skipper and profit share. With good marketing, revenue could easily triple next year. (Captain must have 6 pax license from USCG, which is easily obtainable and inexpensive) This business can easily be relocated anywhere and the seller will make all changes to the web site and brochures to reflect new owners needs. Current skipper is retiring after 45 years in the business. Seller lives out of state and wants to start new business. Owner will consider partnership or owner financing.

Membership Website Guaranteed Income $5,940 Plus Per Month! The Perfect Online Business For You!

ABOUT THE BUSINESS The focus of the eLearning training program is on RESULTS! During the program the individual is not only learning but they are executing the goals and delivering the results. AThe program has been used by many high profile individuals including Fortune500 companies and has also been featured on many credible sources such as CBS, ABC News, FOX News, USA Today, Newsweek, Wall Street Business Journal etc. We have inquiries and bookings from people all over the world (Different ages, background, and social status). This is one-of-a-kind system based on 50 years of intensive research into the science and mechanics of personal achievements: what really makes successful people successful. . WHY ELEARNING? - From a global perspective e-learning opens doors. Distance is no longer a barrier and learners are able to access and share information from virtually anywhere in the world. - The US and Europe account for over 70% of the global eLearning industry. The fastest growing market, however, is Asia Pacific, with eLearning revenues expected to grow at an annual rate of 20%. ELearning is the second most important training method within organizations, with companies increasingly moving towards blended learning and eLearning, rather than instructor led training sessions. - The global market for eLearning is forecast to hit over $100 billion by 2015, with growth from the benefits of reducing operational costs, flexibility and simple training programs. - E-Learning is also Eco-friendly. Recent studies conducted by Britain's Open University have found that e-Learning consumes 90% less energy than traditional courses. The amount of CO2 emissions (per student) is also reduced by up to 85%. - ELearning is generally shorter than classroom training on the same subject by up to 25-60% (according to Brandon Hall, 2001 and Rosenberg 2001). INCOME & PROFITS This business is not just profitable; it is very LUCRATIVE because it is based on HIGH END Product, which therefore attracts PREMIUM clientele. Because the Program is about expanding yourself, setting High Goals and Achieving them (both in your business and private life) it generally attracts motivated successful self-starters who understand the VALUE of investing in themselves meaning you will have a good paying clientele. Please contact us as soon as possible if you are interested in buying this very profitable online business – (Serious Buyers Only!)

$45,000 Capital Required: $125,000
Synergy HomeCare Franchises in Colorado SYNERGY HomeCare - In the business of caring!

Like many of us, you want to make a difference in the world around you. You want to follow your passion, you want to start something that matters, you want to create something rewarding and lasting for others as well as for your own family. That’s exactly what Synergy HomeCare does and it’s what you’ll be doing every day. There is a difference between Synergy HomeCare and other home care organizations, and it’s about the difference that you want to make for yourself, for your family, and for others. Home care is not just another product in a vast field of consumer goods, home care is a service for all people who need and seek your help. Synergy HomeCare has established itself as a premier non-medical, home care provider for all ages, including the disabled, the elderly and those recovering from illness and surgery. You and your careTEAM will provide independence and comfort to those in need. You’ll provide families with peace of mind. You’ll improve lives. Where will you be in 5 years? Do you like what you see if your life continues on the same path? How about 10 years from now? 20 years? As a Synergy HomeCare franchise owner, your opportunity and growth potential is truly limitless. Whether you ultimately own one territory or three, Synergy HomeCare offers one of the highest Financial Performance Representations in the nation’s fastest growing industry. And this industry is only beginning to show its full potential. SYNERGY HomeCare is on the Franchise Business Review's list of the Top Franchises for 2014. SYNERGY HomeCare is proud to be ranked 31 of 100 on Franchise Gator's Fastest Growing Franchises list. SYNERGY HomeCare is listed among the 2013 Military Friendly Franchises®. SYNERGY HomeCare has earned the position of 1915 on the 2013 Inc. 5000. This list features the fastest-growing private companies in the country.

$9,500 Capital Required: $5,000
Beauty/Skincare-Business in a Box Needs Marketing Guru- Has Beautiful Website & Product Packaging

Ready to Launch... Boutique brand beauty company (Private label) ready to ship and sell. Beautiful website! Beautiful product packaging! Clean name with NO complaints or lawsuits. This is a VIRGIN company. Anti-aging skincare with beautiful packaging and website. Over 500% margin built in to retail selling price. All assets of business are included. E-commerce Website, inventory, business materials, contacts, everything. Use your good business sense or your aestitician license to capitalize on this new business. Implement a direct sales model of business or sell to day spas, or both! This is an Amazing opportunity! This company is being offered at a fraction of the actual start-up cost. Plus the long hours of start-up time to ready this company as a business in the box - Now Ready for you to launch! Use your expert marketing and sales to run this online business and collect all the profits as the owner. It's an easy business to maintain. This business can be operated part time or full time from anywhere in the U.S. This is not a franchise nor multi-level marketing company. This is a registered, name-protected LLC business entity with inventory and assets, for sale by single owner. Owner is moving out of country, but will go over ALL files and offer limited training. The company assets for sale are on an AS IS basis. There are no returns. There is no warranty, nor promise of success, nor any other promises or guarantees associated with this sale. Offers will be considered, but CASH ONLY on this final sale.

$25,000 Seller Financing Available Capital Required: $10,000
Marketing and Graphics Business Distributorship Offer Local Professional B2B Graphic and Marketing Services!

My Marketing and Design is expanding and offering distributorship to individuals interested in providing business-to-business graphics and marketing services and helping local businesses grow. Distributors work with small business to help their local economy by helping small and medium sized businesses develop professional and effective promotional materials. is well establish with 20 years of experience and a proven system for developing clients and an established line of products and services. Distributorship includes sales training, fully automated customized website with product and order tracking, and mentoring in business development. if you enjoy meeting new people and working with excited entrepreneurs to help them grow their business, then a My Marketing and Design distributorship may be for you.

Seller Financing Available Capital Required: $30,000
Sprint Store Opportunity Fun, Fast-Paced Opportunity

Sprint's Certified Retailer Program, is a brand new and exciting exclusive retail store opportunity, and we are now accepting new dealer applications. As a Sprint Certified Retailer, you will have access to Sprint's extensive portfolio of wireless products (Sprint, Boost and Virgin) and solutions to meet your customers' evolving communications needs. Sprint offers a full range of advanced voice and data services designed to help consumers and businesses succeed. Certified Retailers benefit from high quality Sprint products and services, profitable compensation programs, sales tools and fulfillment options - plus brand recognition few other suppliers can match! You will also receive the support of a dedicated Indirect sales management team who will work with you to establish your relationship with Sprint, and provide continued sales support and training opportunities.

$292,425 Capital Required: $50,000
Unique Food Concept Looking for Oregon Master Franchisee An Island spin on an old staple - the hot dog

Franchise has a unique opportunity for you to hold a master license for the State of Oregon. This franchise has re-invented the identity of the American hot dog. The sweet essence of tropical fruits is combined with the mellow warmth of their sauces to contrast with the savory taste of a polish dog or veggie dog. Not only do they provide a hotdog that presents a totally new taste sensation, but one that must be held differently too. These are not traditional split hot dog buns. They are essentially small loaves of bread. They employ their uniquely designed equipment to toast a hole in the bread. They then pour in a combination of your chosen sauce with uniquely Hawaiian relishes. Next is added one of their special mustards. Finally, they slide in a perfectly grilled polish dog or veggie dog. With bright colorful murals, tables & chairs, guests enjoy a dining experience in a tropical setting, enhancing the Hawaiian influence in their products. Other products include shaved ice, fresh-squeezed lemonade, tropical relishes, garlic lemon secret sauces, Hawaiian mustards, and artisan signature breads. This franchise is selling like hot cakes in California, and there are no locations in Oregon yet. This is a ground floor opportunity! Chosen by the Travel Channel as one of the Ten Top Hot Dogs in America! Featured on “No Reservations” with Anthony Bourdain! Named by Good Morning America as a ‘must visit’ when in Hawaii! The cost of the master license includes one franchise unit to be operated by the master licensee. Here are the basics of what it means to be a master licensee with this organization: 1. Is granted the right to operate in and to develop a specific territory; 2. pays a master franchise fee to Franchisor; 3. receives training from Franchisor; 4. must own at least one Franchised Business within the specified territory; 5. must recruit and screen franchisees and open franchised units within the specified territory; 6. must train the franchisees within the specified territory; 7. must provide day-to-day guidance and field support (as defined herein) to the franchisees for the time period specified in the Agreement; 8. receives 50% of all franchise fees paid by franchisees within the specified territory (except as otherwise limited by the Agreement); 9. receives 50% of all royalties paid by franchisees within the specified territory. The state of Oregon will contain a minimum of 10-15 unit franchises, and possibly more. As stated previously, the master license holder will receive 50% of each unit sold. The franchise fee is $35,000, so the master licensee will receive $17,500 on each sale. Residual income will be received by the master licensee from 2.5% of all sales in the state. The master licensee will also receive income from the single unit he/she operates him/herself. Note that the franchisor does not have an earnings claim in the Franchise Disclosure Document, but you can do a rough pro-forma based on various assumptions.

$12,500 Seller Financing Available
Telcel - Marketing/Sales Partner Needed Help Businesses Save Between 20-41% on Their Cell Phone Expenses

We are looking for an experienced partner that is is skilled in marketing and sales and is interested in generating a residual six-figure income very quickly. Telcel is the ultimate telecom win-win business opportunity. Help businesses and organizations save money on their cell phone and telecom expenses while sharing in the savings you create for them. Did you know the average business overpays on their cellphone bill between 20% and 41% a month? Did you also know there are many billing errors that occur in telecom that only benefit the provider. Telcel Solutions will save a business money on their telecom and cell phone expenses using our proprietary software "cel-op" and "tel-op". We do not change their existing provider. We do not change how much their phones are used or limit that in any way. We optimize and audit their phone lines and provider each month to rid the overspending. We are seeking Licensee’s NOW to help distribute our leading services to businesses in need. There is little competition in our market and a definite "first-mover" advantage for our Licensees. Learn how our first Licensee in Utah now makes over $100,000 a year in residual income helping businesses save money. We are seeking a Marketing/Sales Partner NOW. Please contact: Jeff Taylor Telcel Solutions 801-901-3771

Capital Required: $2,400
World Class Business Opportunity The Most Lucrative “Recession Resistant” Home Business World Wide

Home Business Specialists BOOMING DIRECT SALES – Make $1828 - $8,000 per sale. Uncapped Commissions If you are serious about creating the life you desire and working smarter not harder, then this is the business for you... • Not Bound by Territory or Region - Global Audience • Start at the top, on the same playing field as $500k per year earners. • Represent the most award-winning product of its kind. • Be given person-to-person guidance. Simple yet Sophisticated System. Become a part of a completely revolutionized business model. Inquiries Come to You – Become A Part Of Our Team Portable Online Business Proven Track Record A business that cuts through the hype and presents you with the genuine opportunity to change your situation. A business that has truly changed my life and the lives of countless other people in over 150 countries worldwide. A real track-record of success. And a real opportunity for you to create the income you've always wanted! You will be following a very simple "paint by numbers" system that has been proven to work for stay-at-home mums, professionals, miners, school teachers, doctors, students and anyone else who’s genuinely interested in following a simple system to wealth. What this business is not This business is not Multi-Level Marketing. MLM businesses profit those who have been in the business for the longest and are set up so profits are shared by many parties. This business is not MLM. This business does not require you to keep stock or make monthly purchases of stock This business does not require you to target your friends and family. This business does not require you to hold meetings, target people, host home parties in pursuit of prospects This business does not require you to work alone in your business in an uncomfortable environment This business does not require you to send unsolicited emails

$25,000 Capital Required: $100,000
Join the Stretch Zone® Revolution The Business Of Stretching

Stretch Zone® is the leading provider of advanced manual stretch therapy, a complete proprietary system of methods, protocols, educational workshops, and hardware that includes the innovative Stretch Zone® Table and Stretch Zone® Conversion Kit. Our mission at Stretch Zone® is to introduce the world to the benefits of practitioner-assisted stretching. We do this by licensing training and equipment to establish local Stretch Zone’s. At Stretch Zone®, we are constantly seeking to increase the profile and awareness of practitioner-assisted stretching and its remarkable role in physical conditioning. We frequently offer workshops, and other demonstrative events to promote this incredible fitness revolution and help teach people how to “Stretch Back the Years®. Stretch Zone® is a revolutionary movement in the health; wellness and fitness industries focusing on practitioner assisted stretching. This proprietary program of stretching uses a patent pending strapping system, together with specific protocols to work with the muscle tonus (muscle’s nervous tension) in a scientific way to achieve an optimal active range of motion. The benefits of the SZM® include: • Increase and maintain range of motion • Enhance physical and athletic skills • Increase muscle relaxation • Relieve stiffness and soreness • Feel lighter & younger

No royalty franchise for sale No Royalties Franchise Opportunity

Are you interested in owning your own franchise but turned off by the high price tag? For ZERO Down & $350 a month you can get you started in one of the most exciting growth industries available! Our high end lingerie business is growing and you can join us with your very own store. Our franchise opportunity is unique in that it does not require a huge up-front franchise fee and years of hefty royalty payments. You also don't have the strict restraints so common in franchises. We can help you hit the ground running and avoid the common downfalls that doom many start-ups with our proven system! We show you what you need to open your own store,from start to finish. This includes how to find a great location, what kind of layout works best, signage assistance, opening inventory guidance, including deals with vendors and much more! Join our female & couple friendly family today! We even have financing opportunities - ZERO down, $350 a month with a minimum 50K investment to get your storefront and opening inventory will get you started! Contact us today!

$48,000 Seller Financing Available
TruSide® - National Opportunities Exceptional Growth & Income Potential – High Need Product

Business solutions to grow sales, increase cash flow, stimulate consumer interest, reduce operating expenses, and improve the financial health of businesses across the U.S. TruSide® represents an opportunity for individuals to grow a vibrant, successful business with limited capital and overhead. NuSide Financial is a forward thinking corporation located in Atlanta, GA and the registered owner of the TruSide® trademark. We have a proprietary product offering and sales approach that allows our business partners to gain access, develop interest, and sell our product line to business owners with relative ease. We call this process and product: TruSide®. We focus on training and support for our partners and value the opportunity to help those partners succeed and obtain success in a challenging market place. Our Mission is to provide businesses with innovative financial solutions that allow them to excel in a challenging economy. We offer unique solutions tailored to their specific business needs. We believe our customers deserve honest and ethical business partners and we strive to deliver every single time. Income opportunities are extremely attractive for individuals who are interested in building a Business to Business Sales Organization. $500K to $1M per year is very realistic and should be a minimum goal for our business partners, but there's ultimately no limit to the income potential as residual income and back-end commissions increase each year. Compensation includes up-front income in addition to residual income that builds over time. We’re happy to send you a simple income worksheet that shows the earning potential of an effective sales team. Your sales reps and sales managers can achieve their income goals as well, you the ability to attract exceptional talent. Your time looking into this opportunity could be the most important time you spend for your financial health. It’s difficult to give a sense of the total opportunity in this short ad. Please take the time to visit our website (listed below) and email us a brief message to schedule a time to speak about our company, our proprietary product line and selling strategy, and the business opportunity. We’re happy to take some time with you to discuss your financial and business aspirations and how we may be able to help. NuSide Financial is the owner of TruSide® Business Solutions, TruSide® Consumer Credit, TruSide®PLUS and the TruSide® Selling Strategy (TSS). TruSide® Consumer Credit is a service that allows businesses to offer their customers a credit option with 0% Interest that eliminates the need for a credit check. This puts the merchant in control of who gets approved instead of the banks and gives them a welcome alternative to conventional financing options that turn down a large percentage of customers. This product is a very easy sell for you, your sales reps and sales managers. It gives your reps the ability to gain access to the decision maker of an organization with ease in order to speak to them about our entire suite of products and services that include: TruSide® Consumer Credit, our conventional financing option; TruSide® Plus, our world class Payroll Service, and our Merchant Services offering that works in conjunction with all of our services and includes many tools that will improve the payment options and pricing for the organization. If you would like to do additional research, please visit; and Email our National Sales Manager with additional questions at or through the Contact Us section of our websites. Thank you for taking the time to view this ad. Have a blessed day.

$15,000 Seller Financing Available
Entrepreneurs Needed For Forbes "Top 10 In Nation" Biz Forbes Top 10 AR Biz Nationwide

We are the nation's premier Cash Flow Management / Accounts Receivable Company, and have been featured in Forbes Magazine 4 years in a row as being one of the "Top Ten AR Professionals in the Nation" for the Cash Flow/Debt Servicing Industry. We are now Contracting with Top Sales Management Talent to join our 20 Trillion Dollar a year Industry. This is a unique opportunity to be your own boss, with the potential of $200,000 first year WITHOUT PURCHASING ANY INVENTORY TO START! ****************************************************************** Why buy products when you don't have to? ****************************************************************** We provide all the services, calls, letters and systems your clients will use. You keep 40% of each sale. THIS IS NOT NETWORK- OR MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING. We are interested in highly motivated entrepreneurs who would like to own their own cash flow management company. As we have just described, this recession-proof industry affords you the low-cost stability of owning your business without the traditional overhead, debt servicing and inventory expenses that can hinder many new start-up operations.

$18,000 Capital Required: $57,000
Gadgets store:Cell Phone Repair Franchise ,Computers,Tablets,TV & More All Electronics Repair, Not only iphone & Cell phones Screen Repair

Can You Really Make Money from Cell Phone Repair? The 3 most well-known cell phone repair franchises that opened up stores in the Tampa Bay area were shut down. Does their success guarantee yours? By law, they are obligated to disclose how many franchises have shut their doors, so be sure to ask them that before you sign any agreements. So, what makes a store go out of business, and what will make your store a success? There are many different factors, and here are just a few: • Overhead costs are too high, which is typical of many franchises • Hiring unqualified employees and technicians • Absentee management, poor oversight • Fewer customers seeking famous brand names, as they prefer to go to the closest store located near them • The franchise company choose your location for you once the contract is signed, without extensive market research What makes us different from the rest? • Famous franchises only focus on success, not the possibility of failure- we speak openly about both • We believe that brick and mortar business may actually work better than SEO-dominated businesses • We can do detailed market research for a small fee, and we will tell you whether the success rate is high or low for the business, regardless of whether you purchase a license from us • We have 14 years of experience, and are ready to share our advice with you Gadgets Repair is not only a cell phone repair or computer store- we repair all electronics. Until 2009, we were making money only through cell phone repairs, but competition became tough in Tampa. At the peak, we had a cell phone repair store located every 1.3 miles! We shifted our business model to meet the new demands of the market, and are now offering full electronics repair.

Seller Financing Available
Decorative Concrete Business Opportunity (3 options - $15K-$50K) Concrete Staining, Concrete Stamping, Residential & Commercial

This is NOT a franchise! NO Royalty Fees! Hands On Training! Be Your Own Boss! We own and operate our own Decorative Concrete Business and want to share our knowledge and expertise to help you do the same! 2 Packages available: Basic Contractors Package $15,000 • Hands On training 2 weeks hotel stay and meals provided • Ongoing phone training for 1 full year • Itemized list of the tools needed for each application and their uses • Training DVD’s for each application • Booklet containing: Resources for decorative concrete products After care for overlay surface Intermediate Contractors Package $25,000 Basic Contractors Package PLUS • Basic set of tools and materials to perform a job Complete Business Package $50,000 Basic Contractors Package PLUS • 14’ enclosed trailer with ALL the tools necessary to complete all types of decorative concrete applications • Assistance with name and logo creation • Booklet containing instructions for: Obtaining a Employee Identification Number (EIN) Registering the company with your state Secretary of State Information on Sole Proprietorship, LLC, S-Corporation and Corporation 1099 Contract work information Information on hiring and paying employees – state and federal taxes required Insurance – General Liability & Workers Compensation • Quickbooks software • Quickbook training – up to 4 hours hands on training provided with package • Photo book for sales presentation • Advertising & Marketing options/suggestions Website & SEO – referrals or do it yourself options Home Show information Information on how to build your own display Network with realtors, general contractors Yard signs • Custom brochure templates Decorative Concrete Offers a substantial profit margin. We can help you be your own boss and love what you do!

SMS Marketing and Messaging Platform Low cost to excellent margins. is a an SMS Marketing and Messaging Platform. Today email just does not work. People get so many emails they just ignore them or they go to Spam where they are never seen. But people always read their text messages. If you want to contact someone and do it now then text messaging is the way to do that. FlippyLoo allows you to do just that. We can help you manage your text messaging and needs. To get an idea of just how it can be used check out our page. Features Include: Unlimited Text Code Per Account Single Use Text Codes Multi Use Text Codes Messaging Scheduling Message Analytics Subscribe and UnSubscribe Functionality Custom Phone number for each user Send messages from phone or website This platform is fully functional and ready to use. It is already integrated with a 3rd Party Payment/Subscription Platform. Purchasing platform entitles you to the software for exclusive use. The software will never be resold to anyone else. I will help with the transition to your development team but after that it will be up to you to take the software and run with it. has many of the features our competitors have taken years to build but you can have them from day one.

$99 Capital Required: $500
Townwaiter-Online Food Ordering Platform For Your Town Own a Townwaiter For Your Town

Be a part of the hottest new business opportunity available. Meet Townwaiter—a free-to-use online food-ordering service. We’re taking our platform town at a time! Your Own Townwaiter Business Is Thought-Out, Affordable & Flexible. We’ll help you execute a complete online food ordering business by providing a licensee system, including training, support, software & technology. The opportunity is huge & the potential to succeed is real. A Business That Grows With You One of the best things about getting started with Townwaiter is that you do so with our help, with a low overhead. We advise that you keep things simple & take on only necessary expenses. Although you may find it better to take on most of the operating responsibilities yourself, at least when starting out, you may want to hire other people to work with you as your business grows. In this sense, your business will not only be an excellent career move for you, but you could actually help create jobs for others. It is a ripple effect that benefits all involved. There are tons of people out there who order takeout and delivery every day. And the reality is, ordering online is fast becoming the method most people prefer. Think about the other industries that have moved online in the past 10 years. From airline tickets to sporting events to restaurant reservations, online sales have gone from 0% to almost 100%. Most likely, there isn't an online service available that's tailored to your niche market. As a licensee, you're powering Townwaiter in your hometown. By building relationships with your community restaurants, you can be a leader in this fast-growing industry. WHAT WE DO: Provide the platform for you to run your business Add & manage menus 24/7 technical support Provide you with marketing & sales training best practices Constantly update & manage technology Provide you with business analytics WHAT YOU DO: You establish relationships with restaurants in your area You sign them up You make money whenever a customer orders

$34,000 Capital Required: $125,000
Title Boxing Club Title Boxing Club Franchise -St.Louis City, County and St.Charles Area

You’ve always been fitness-obsessed and driven, and you don’t let anything hold you back. You’ve earned your life’s many successes through hard work, determination, dedication and mental toughness. In this fundamental way, you already share a lot in common with the members and trainers at TITLE Boxing Clubs. Equally committed to fitness, they’re always striving to feel better, live healthier and get tougher. All they need is somebody like you – someone who knows how to motivate people. Someone passionate about fitness and business who can push them to be their very best. Someone who has the credibility that comes from having a winning record- either in the sports world or in the professional arena.

Child Safety Publications / Ad Sales Ad Sales Onto Various Historic Child Safety Materials

Earn in excess of $1 Million dollars a year selling ad space on Child Safety Materials, fully copyrighted and trademarked under American Student Books, Inc. (Since 1988). Since 1988, the Principals of Student Lifeline, now operating American Student Books, Inc., have been providing potentially life-saving materiel in both direct sales, as well as its primary method of income, advertising sales on child safety items. Much of our services have been conducted in the Greater New York area, and have been quite successful, operating approximately 8 salespeople that routinely sell ad space onto both the Child ID Kit, and the Police Officer Safety Book being offered in this business opportunity. This is not a franchise, and has been designed in such a manner as to avoid the Federal Trade Commission’s criteria concerning franchised operations.For the individual, this is a perfect means of earning very substantial monies on an annual basis, with repeat business in terms of both direct and advertising sales. The remuneration process is based on royalty payments on each item printed, which may include the National Child ID Kit, Student Safety Book, School Notebooks and the Emergency Ride Student Lifeline® Card. Any interested potential Licensee may visit our web site at, as well as reading the Better Business Bureau report, where we have maintained an A+ Rating since our inception in 1988. We are only seeking to provide our copyrighted materials to be extended throughout the United States and Canada among reliable and well intended individuals and other such entities. Child Safety has become paramount in the hearts and minds of many, and our products, in a very meaningful way, address many of these concerns. Prospective Licensee will be given specific regions to conduct business on an exclusive basis, pursuant with the attached Subject Agreement. Two Methods of Sale: 1) Direct Sales to Schools, Police, Vendors, Stores, etc. 2) Ad Sales This method allows Licensee to sell ad space onto Child ID Kit Folders as a means of funding production for no-cost distribution to schools and/or other entities (Police, Elected Officials, etc.). This method has proven to be most successful during the past twenty years by the Licensor. The remuneration for Licensor is exclusive to royalty payments only; no other fees exist, escaping “Franchise Laws”. Initial royalty payments at $0.50 per printed item, is paid in advance on a projected printing of the first 100,000 printings, $50,000.00. In the event Licensee fails to print 100,000 Child ID Kits within one full year from contract date, then, Licensor shall have the exclusive right to terminate said Agreement and refund the Licensee a fifty (50%) percent refund of total remaining royalties unused. The projected earnings for a Licensor is unlimited, with the ability to hire representatives in its territory. 1) Print 1,000 Child ID Kit Folders for distribution to a school or other distributor (no cost to them). 2) Sell ad space, totaling (average) $5,000.00 per 1,000 ID Kit Folders x any number of individual distributions. 28 pages of safety illustrations and messages with the “I Promise” pledges and child, parent & teacher signature areas. Dedicated to teaching youngsters about the primary causes of injury in that age group. These booklets may be printed and sold on a direct basis and/or marketed like the Child ID Kit Folders, via ads, and given to schools at no cost. The royalty payment on these books are $0.50 as well and may be sold wholesale at $0.99 and retailed at $1.99 each. The average estimated cost is based on quantities ordered. Approximate Costs / Printing 50,000 Books @ $0.26 each Average 1,000 Books @ $0.70 each Average A separate Agreement is not necessary to add this item to contr

$65,000 Seller Financing Available Capital Required: $5,000
ZOOmers The New Mall Activity!

ZOOmers is the new and exciting kid and family activity to hit malls across the country. Our ZOOmer animals are electric plush ride able scooters that we rent to cruise the mall. They are the convenience of a stroller with the fun of a ride that is fit for ages from 5 to 90. ZOOmers business model and experienced practices have been duplicated due to its low overhead and high return on investment. This is not a franchise, and there are NO royalty payments. This is a one time licensee fee to use our trademarked name, our products, and resources to operate in high traffic mall locations that we have available to us today. Right now we have over 50 malls across the country that are requesting ZOOmers to open a location in their malls, with more added everyday. Your location can be operational within 30 days. With this one time fee you receive 8 ZOOmer animals * ipad base point of sale system * signage * display materials * HD Television to run pictures * corral to contain the animals * digital waiver & system setup * facebook account * training prior to opening and support services for the life of the business * Insurance resources * business license resource * payroll and tax resources * advertising and marketing material * and a guaranteed location. With our resources and expertise you will have everything you need to operate your business efficiently and turn a profit immediately. This is a very low overhead operating business with an impressive return on investment. With your low initial one time fee it is our experience that you return on investment is less than your first year. We will supply and assist you in everything needed to get started immediately. Unlike a franchise you have the ability to implement changes as you deem necessary. Additional incentives, bonuses, and retail merchandise available if you are interested in this outstanding opportunity. To obtain more information about this business please contact us via phone or email. Thank you for your interest!

Unique Opportunity: Creation Of Mural By InkJet Wall Printer Water based Wall Printer

EZFresco is founded with a vision of providing its customers the opportunity to customize living and working facilities. It is not a sticker. Printer prints directly on the wall. Print header has a sensor and adjusts automatically. The size of the image has the following limitations: horizontal stroke 4.9ft vertical stroke 6.5ft. It takes about 15 min to print 10 sqft. It is possible to print larger images by splitting it into smaller images that will make up the desired image size.

$8,250 Capital Required: $5,000
Private Tutoring: Become A Day Trader in 5 Days Chicago Board Of Trade Member Can Personally Teach You

Private Tutoring: Veteran Chicago Board Of Trade Member can Personally teach you to make money trading. Mini s&p, nasdaq, dow, stocks, options, foreign currencies, t-notes, bonds, eurodollars, crude oil, natural gas, gold, corn, wheat, soybeans, cattle, hogs etc. Trade from your office or home, full time or part time. In up, down or sideways markets. No experience is necessary and no employees are needed. References are available As you probably know, trading can be a very lucrative business, but you must know what your doing. For over 25 years I have been Personally teaching clients how to make money day trading, inner day trading, scalping and intermediate trading. There is risk of financial loss when trading futures stocks an options.

Capital Required: $50,000
Insurance Agency Owner Top Rated Insurance Company looking for business professionals

If you are an entrepreneur seeking an opportunity to align yourself with one of the strongest brands in the insurance and financial services industry, Farmers Insurance has an exciting new program to help launch the careers of new Agency Owners. We are seeking highly-motivated, sales-driven entrepreneurs that desire a platform to sell a wide-variety of insurance & financial services products around the Indianapolis-area. For those who qualify, our company can offer the following: •Start-up bonuses of up to $15,000 •Bonuses of up to 36% of premium written for 3 years •Some of the highest new business & renewal commissions in the industry •Loan options (secured & unsecured) through the Farmers Insurance Federal Credit Union •The ability to sell the service & commissions rights of your agency •The ability to buy service & commissions rights from another agent •Deferred compensation plan •Benefits for you, your family, and your staff •The ability to open multiple office locations •Comprehensive training and business development support •Support from a district office staff (Graham Financial Group, LLC) that is invested in your success Desired Skills and Experience Business Experience: •Strong background in building and managing a business venture •Executive experience and a strong business development track record Start-up Capital: •The ability to leverage liquid assets to establish a business •The desire to invest in a residual income business opportunity Self-Motivation & Independence: •Effective time-management skills and self-reliance to accomplish set goals •The ability to identify and focus on priorities Communicating & Connecting: •The ability to inspire as well as listen and learn from others •Leadership and people management skills Performance & Rewards: •The motivation to work hard and take risks to achieve financial success •The willingness to accept responsibility for personal success and failures Honesty & Integrity: •Striving to do the right thing in all instances •Set and live by standards of moral integrity

$9,500 Seller Financing Available
Authorized Dealers For Fountain Of Youth Bathrooms Authorized Dealers For Fountain Of Youth Bathrooms

WE HAVE SEVERAL PACKAGES AVAILABLE! (Can customize packages if applicable) Please call today for pricing and availability in your area. Our most successful dealers have purchased our Gold Package which gives you everything needed to be successful. The dealership package includes. AUTHORIZED TERRITORY: Up to 500K population Authorized Territory based on 500K population in your local county and surrounding areas. INVENTORY: One walk-in bathtub models, either The Luxor 30x54x38 or The Treasure 26x52x40 equipped with the following: (18) Hydrotherapy Air Jetted System 5 Piece Chrome Faucet Set Built-In Grab Bar Non-Slip Floor Surface Cable Pop-Up Drain 6”Extension Panel 6 Leveling Legs Stainless Steel Frame 17” Built -In Contoured Seat 18” easy access door Lifetime Warranty DEALER PRICING: As our authorized dealer you will be secured at purchasing our walk in bathtubs at the lowest price in the country. SALES DOCUMENTS: Apple iPad Mini Black or White completely preloaded with all sales and training documents for easy access while on potential sale appointments. WEBSITE: We can either build you a brand new website or navigate a domain to your current website. LITERATURE PACKAGE: (4x6) postcards, business cards, brochures, invoices INITIAL ADVERTISING PLACEMENT: (30 second Television Commercial runs in your area, SEO, Direct Mailers, and social media presence. After years of learning the business inside and out, Fountain of Youth Bathrooms has launched itself to the forefront of the walk-in bathtub industry. We strongly believe we have the absolute highest quality tub out there. Our outstanding customer service, mixed with our professionalism, has allowed us great success. But more importantly, it has allowed us to help thousands of people to get the bathing experience that they deserve. How you ask? We have we been able to do this? By setting up distributors all throughout the U.S and giving them a fair enough price that allows them to sell these at an affordable price to the public. That's why Fountain of Youth Bathrooms is a name you can trust, and also a name you can depend on. Fountain of Youth Bathrooms has been in the walk-in bathtub industry for multiple years. We will finance everything you need to get started! We will give you 100% training on all aspects of the business and teach you trade secrets. We also have a proven system that works! We put you in business with an exclusive territory! Yes, you will own your territory! CALL 877-271-0118

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