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Rick Perez

Rick Perez

Selective Business Brokers
Business Broker
Selective Business Brokers

About Me

Purchasing a business: Finding and buying a good business by yourself, can be extremely difficult, if not impossible. According to industry statistics, over 90% of the people who begin the search to buy a business, fail to ever complete a purchase. Even worse, the average person looks at business for sale listings for 18 months and never buys anything! Some of these people spend thousands investigating businesses. What an incredible waste of time and money! There is no shortage of great businesses available for acquisition: But as a Buyer you face two main problems: * You do not have a Business Broker that is working for you. Most Buyers are speaking to Brokers that represent the Seller of a business. A Sellers Broker has only his clients interest in mind, not yours! * You do not have access to the Private Market. A large percentage of all businesses sold, are sold privately, without ever being advertised to the public. How can a buyer gain an edge in this highly competitive environment? If attractive, realistically priced businesses are in high demand, then a buyer needs a marketing edge to help ensure that he/she is one of the first to be considered when such a business becomes available. That marketing edge is being represented by your own Business Broker. This is similar to the system that is used by corporations to make acquisitions. For example, when a company wishes to grow through acquisition, they frequent retain an investment banker to do the search. The clients we represent have access to: * Businesses that are being sold privately. * Businesses that are not yet for sale. * Businesses that are being sold by other Business Brokers. * Businesses that are for sale by owner. * Businesses that did not know they were for sale! A Proven System For Success Our team of experts will help you develop and implement an effective acquisition strategy. Initially we will: 1. Assist in defining your acquisition criteria, 2. Determine your financial ability to consummate an acquisition , if necessary, assist in securing the financing that will be needed, and 3. Develop and pursue a target list of seller candidates that are NOT currently on the open market. ( This is accomplished by direct contact, proprietary databases of companies, as well as through our extensive referral network of business professionals) Most small business sales are never advertised to the public. Once our acquisition strategy is in place, we will begin our effort to find the right business for you. We will: 1. Communicate with target companies, to make them aware that you are interested in their particular type of business, and determine their level of interest in selling. 2. Gather and analyze all relevant information about a target company, to enable you to make an informed decision. 3. Buffer you from direct negotiations with Seller, to assure that strong relationships will be maintained between you and the Seller, and 4. Participate in all valuation and/or transaction discussions, as well as due diligence efforts as needed, to see your transaction to a satisfactory conclusion. We target a search for maximum success potential, and we know where and how to go about finding the sellers and potential sellers who truly fit your search parameters. We provide a buffer in negotiating with sellers which smooths the process, improves the odds for success, and enhances the buyer/seller relationship. Acquisition failures at the eleventh hour are costly and disappointing. Professional Buyer Representation dramatically reduces that risk. If you are serious about acquiring a great business, contact us today, and find out how you can have a professional Business Broker working for you, FOR FREE! Our commission is paid by the Seller of the business from the sale proceeds. Please call 1800-603-9722 Thank you. Selective Business Brokers (Representing Buyers Wanting To Acquire Tri-state Area Businesses)


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