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Ron Shell

Business Owner

About Me

I have an idea for a very good business model. I just need $5000 per month to keep it running until it takes off, which should take less than 2 years. The money can come from one or more partners. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you join up, we will be working with a company called "evergreen IP" ( They accept submissions of product ideas from inventors, and lease the rights to these inventions to big corporations. They have $2 million in committed capital and access to up to $10 million, so they can invest their capital in promising inventions and take compensation only when a successful licensing agreement or sale is completed. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am able to come up with a good idea for a product in minutes. and can build a working prototype in a day. So I can submit a new invention to Evergreen, at least, every 2 days. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Big corporations will pay at least $100,000 a year for exclusive rights to a product. Due to my ability to come up with product ideas very quickly, the chance of getting a lot of successful products is very high. In addition, each time a lease is renegotiated, a company will pay even more to retain the rights to a product that made them a lot of money the previous year. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Evergreen takes 35% of the royalties paid by a big corporation. As the inventor, I will split the remaining 65% 50/50 with an investing partner. If we end up with two or more investing partners they will share half of the 65%. So the more you invest, the larger your share will be. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It takes about 8 months to go from submission to a deal. However it could be much faster, if a corporation is interested early in the process. Since we will submit 50 to 100 inventions per year, our business will be making a lot of money very fast. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you are interested, email me with any questions. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you, Ron.


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