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rick tuita

Rick Tuita

Maricopa County Property Maintenance
Business Consultant
Maricopa County, AZ

About Me

“Frustrated Brick and Mortar Entrepreneur Turns Poolside Online Marketer, tells entrepreneurs:’you’re doing it all wrong!’…” Rick Tuita Ready to know my secret? Here it goes…. I’m OCD, very athletic, and love nothing more than being with my family! Born in Hawaii, my family did not come from money. As I assisted my father in his labor intensive landscape business, it was clear to me I did not want to be a laborer for the rest of my life! In fact, I wanted financial freedom, the ability to do what I want when I want. I attended college and started many businesses to work my way through college. Over the years I have built, grown, purchased, and sold numerous businesses! My current company was purchased in 2008 for $1.4 Million Dollars a Commercial Landscape Company in Phoenix Arizona. I found the company right here on BIZBUYSELL! You may be asking yourself this question. How does a kid from no money, no connections, become an amazing entrepreneur, purchase a $1.4 Million Dollar company and pay off his home and have no debt by the time he was only 34? More on that in second! I have done quite well in the business arena, it has allowed me to do many things. First of which was to allow me to be Head Coach for all my children in their sports. I put a lot of time and effort teaching youth the game of life through sports. I love it! It is my biggest passion to coach others to success and help them learn from failure. Well, my kids are grown and I find myself with a lot of free time. I do not personally work the landscape business. I am an absentee owner. Which means I have no physical presence at the business to operate. “Hello Business Success Clue” I can leverage my time! My business and my money work for me as I enjoy my family! That is what I want for you! With all my free time, I turned to two of my passions, coaching and entrepreneurs. I have discovered the absolute best way to help grow small biz entrepreneurs for success fast in today’s business environment and be scalable. The solution…. a combination of online marketing, network marketing, affiliate marketing… And big ticket offers! Multiple Streams Of Income is your ticket to financial freedom. Do Not just rely on your brick and mortar business for your income!! Instead of helping youth athletes, I coach small business owners, mlmers, Affiliate Marketers to grow their businesses fast online! But it does not stop there, I show them how to do it and have all the time in the world to enjoy their family, money, and life! Believe me, money is not the key to your happiness. FREEDOM IS HAPPINESS. When you are free to choose your day and how it will be spent, your on the right path! I can not tell you all the details of what it took for me to be successful in business on this “about” page of my blog. Those secrets are plastered throughout this entire blog. I will help you reach your dreams! Here is how! Success leaves clues! Through out this entire blog I will give you valuable information that will transform your life. YOU have to take the action to read, study, and put to action the clues found all over this blog. I give a ton of value! We need TRAFFIC, eyes to your blog, videos, facebook…etc! You can see both my blog and youtube videos are on the first page of google…..plastered throughout the internet. I know a thing or two about marketing! More importantly, I know how to grow your business better than 99% of the gurus on the internet who want to sell you fluff! I’m the real deal. I proved it with off line Biz and on line Biz! Join me and my team and I’ll show you to success so you can enjoy your life the way you KNOW you can if you had someone to show you the way! Rick Tuita


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