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Oramaeze Maxwell

i need a good person
I need an investor
Howard County, AR

About Me

Thanks for accepting me. You know you are a man of knowledge, which is the reason why I choose you to listen to my vision which I am sure it is divine. I studied your worth for have won two times third prize Belgium chocolate masters, which means you work hard. You know I am a Nigerian, and Nigeria image has a dent of scam. For you not to be afraid or seeing your investment in Nigeria as taking risks. For these reasons I have to bring in Roman Catholic Church to take guarantee of any fund you invested upon any of the three projects. Before I contacted you I meet the Parish priest of my parish where I worship with my entire family as a Church Warden and discuss on my research which I know it is divine . He was pleased with me and assured me if anyone is interested to invest in this projects and a guarantee is needed. He will guarantee me even if it is in USA; He said there are Roman Catholic priest in USA that will confirm him as a Reverend father of Roman Catholic. He is a priest he cannot guarantee a thief even if it is a transaction that worth one cent .That is to prove I worth giving trust. Below is my national identity. You are free to verify to my imformations. I attended Umueze community primary school Ihiala in Ihiala LGA of Anambra State of Nigeria.from year 1978-1981 in my primary school. My secondary school was at Marist Brothers Juniorate Uturu Abia state.(A student from1981-1983)my father died no one to fund my school fees of the Marist seminary education. I continue at state college called st.Jude secondary school.Ihiala in Ihiala LGA.Anambra state.Nigeria.student from1983-1986 My names are Mr.Oramaeze chukwuwenitm Maxwell Father ... late.Mr.Silvanus Oramaeze Mother …Mrs.Oramaeze Victoria A father of one child. My wife name... Oramaeze Olivia. Wedded at st.martins Catholic Church Ihiala, in Anambra State on 12 may 2007. House Chizzon street awada Obosi.Idemili north local government area. Anambra State. Nigeria. My town… Ihiala. Local government area…Ihiala Village…Umudioha State …Anambra state...Country…Nigeria. Hospital where I was born…st.Anthony’s hospital Aba Abia state. Occupation …I and my wife sell Roman Catholic sacramentals. I am from the Eastern part of Nigeria. In the eastern part Religion… 99.07% Christianity? The highest populated Christianity in black Africa. So there is peace in eastern Nigeria. What is happening in northern part where Muslim dominate have nothing to do with east of Nigeria. Here there is peace and human right exists here. The east more than 95% bags secondary school certificate .Check attachment is my international passport. You are free to verify above information’s listed it will help us, so that you will be doing everything with trust, joy, freely and happiness. At the end a surprise will come out of Africa. Do know if you invest with me I stand a chance of winning a great award from UN, Nigeria government and other world stake holders. If you bear witness that I met you through the Internet and at the end you invest your hard earn money in my hands and nothing happens to it after Five years. Let us talk on the business plan of the projects. I prefer us start up with snail farm first. The project will be established here in East or South –south of Nigeria. If you want to stay in Nigeria I will work out your security .If you choose to visit once a while after the project might have being established you are free , the lawyer of the project will also serve as your eye, on mainly making sure that the agreed percentage of sharing profit is abiding. It must be a limited liability company. Both of us will serve as a managing director of the project. I have got a female lawyer. She is a Roman Catholic reverend sister of the Holy family Sisters. The technical knowhow of the project is in my hand. It is more lucrative in areas of farming snail and smelting of non ferrous metal, because there is no competition in the market especially in farming of snail. Snail is lucrative because all snails lay eggs both male and its female. A snail laid more than one thousand eggs in a year. It needs three hundred thousand dollars to set up the project that will give me my target profit. It needs such huge of money because we will subsidize the price of the snail in the market so that every dick and harry can afford to buy it. Tools needed are land of five plots size. The land will be blocked fence round. In the land a blocked house building which will contain four rooms, one for snail food store, security post, and office and night workers room. In the main blow of the farm will be a drainage round it that will contain regularly insecticide to prevent any ant not to cross into the farm. It will also in the main bowl have a wire gauze round it, design so that the snail cannot escape or fall outside the main bowl. More than three hundred Plantain trees of three species will be planted inside the main bowl. One hundred trips of River sand also will be trip at main blow and the sand will be leveled. Also a bus needed for gathering up restaurants waste for snail’s food. We will have three farm workers and two security men. Last stage is bringing in the young snails it cost six dollars, twenty five cent per one. After eight months we will sell each at thirteen cent where we will balance more than seven million dollars as profit. It will be good you are around when the project will be erecting. You cans see I prepared my plan well. Another area is the oil section. If you can come up buying oil I belong in the group of the buyer that is your group. I have one dollar in each barrel. It must be bank to bank transaction. Your bank will confirm the account of the seller to the utmost confirmations that the account is the account of NNNPC. With this ideal escrow account will be detected. My name will not be involved in any oil transaction where the seller account is not an NNPC account. For the non ferrous metals project it will consume not less than one million dollars. To establish only smelting plant called rotary furnace that can contains twenty five tons of lead oxide extracted from condemn acid batteries and melt into lead oxide ingots is expensive. In Nigeria pollution commission for recycling or smelting of non ferrous metals have no problem in ones erecting up such project. Its business permit is issued. This entire project I have perfect experience to manage it to successes. Which of the project do we start with now? The ball is in your court. God bless Thanks Warm regard Oramaeze Maxwell


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