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John Morgan

The Laurel Group
Business Broker
Los Angeles County, CA
The Laurel Group

About Me

According to the most recent Gallup Poll that touches on this issue, what’s the one thing today’s business owners say they wish they’d have done more of, second only to securing more start-up capital? The answer may surprise you, but it doesn’t surprise us one bit…So, what is it? They wish they’d have asked for more and better advice from truly experienced business owners BEFORE they got started. These are people who were once just like you, but who are now successful entrepreneurs. Many of them may have been a success from day one, but more of them will concede that they had to learn some lessons the hard way. These business owners are the same people who, by sharing their expertise and experience with you earlier rather than later, could save you a whole lot of time and trouble. But, who are they? Where does someone like you go for that kind of advice? And, doesn’t it cost a fortune? The answer is “No!”….IT DOESN’T COST YOU A THING… The answer is The Laurel Group. We specialize in matching serious-minded entrepreneurs with just the right franchising/business opportunity. We are successful franchise owner of many years, with decades of experience in every aspect of business financing, ownership, management and marketing. We know firsthand how hard it is to make the right decision when you’re serious about starting your own business and getting it right the first time. That’s why we started The Laurel Group, where we share that expertise with you free of charge as you make what will perhaps be the biggest decision of your life. You see, much like an executive search firm goes to work placing a person in just the right job or career path for them, we provide the same service for people like you…true entrepreneurs who are bound and determined to be their own boss, capable of taking calculated risks, willing to work hard and, ultimately, dead set on being successful. We’ll help you every step of the way in answering the key questions you really need to be asking yourself before you buy a business, and we’ll present you with options you may not know about or have even considered. We’ll not only help you to assess and recognize franchise/business opportunities that fit your individual lifestyle and business goals, but we’ll also help you gain access to a wide variety of high-level industry contacts, some of whom may not even advertise their opportunities. We’re closely networked with numerous, high-profile, hugely successful and reputable companies nationwide….all of which are looking for potential long-term partners like you. We’ll guide you through an honest estimate of your finances and share with you some of the best kept secrets for obtaining start-up business capital. We’ll also make sure you dodge that #1 pitfall mentioned earlier…not enough start-up financing to realistically achieve all of your business goals. Any which way you look at it, if you’re someone who is very serious about starting your own business, you just can’t afford not to talk with The Laurel Group. Whatever advice and counsel we give you will not cost you a thing, so what have you got to lose? Nothing… in fact, you have everything to gain because we’re dedicated to matching the right candidate with the right opportunity so that both parties can enjoy a mutually beneficial, stable and rewarding relationship for many years to come. We know our reputation and success depends on our ability to fulfill that promise. And, we also know that satisfied customers will refer us to other like-minded entrepreneurial individuals. In fact, we offer a $1,000 referral fee to anyone who sends us a candidate that we ultimately match to just the right franchise/business opportunity. At The Laurel Group, we don’t want to be anybody’s life coach, but we do know what you may not when it comes to owning and operating your own business. And even if you’re an experienced entrepreneur, we believe we can expose you to some options that may be available to you that you may not even know or have thought about should you want to change gears or grow your business portfolio even further. Whatever your individual circumstance, if you’re serious about owning a business, we want to help you find the right opportunity for you. Our hard-earned, positive reputation depends on it. We really look forward to talking with you; For more information on the companies and opportunities The Laurel Group, LLC, represents, we encourage you to visit or Source: Gallup Poll Data 2006; Lessons Learned About Starting a Small Business


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