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Jeana Goosmann

Jeana Goosmann

Goosmann Law Firm
Woodbury County, IA

About Me

Jeana Goosmann is an entrepreneur herself. She founded the Goosmann Law Firm and serves as the Firm’s CEO and Managing Attorney. Guiding the CEO through their most important matters and helping them make the wisest business decisions the law can offer makes Jeana’s legal advice sought after by the region’s most successful CEOs. “I provide strategic plans and oversee all the cases to make certain we keep our client’s goals top of mind and leverage our legal minds to win. I love to win!” says Jeana. Jeana looks for out of the box solutions and keeps in mind the total landscape, not just the legal landscape. “If it matters to the client, it matters to me. Behind every company is an owner, a board of people. When I represent an individual I want to know them as a person and not just their current problem. The more complicated and complex the problem, the more I like to work on it. At the same time, if I can pull from experience and help someone in a quick and simple way it is always gratifying. My favorite part of being the CEO’s attorney is the impact I can make on the future by solving problems today and anticipating the issues of tomorrow,” says Jeana. Over the years Jeana has defied the risks of starting her own firm. Jeana says, “I took a calculated risk when I started the Goosmann Law Firm and branched out to form a business focused modern client centered law firm that is now the GLF today. Like a lot of entrepreneurs, it was a difficult decision because my current situation was a good one and a safe one. I just knew I wanted more. Just like I put myself through college by applying for 120 scholarships to obtain 40 and then working to get a great LSAT score and a full academic scholarship to law school, I worked to build my legal skill and put in more than 15,000 hours before I made the leap to GLF. Nothing replaces drive and hard work. Passion fuels it. When I first started the firm and hired high paid educated attorneys to work for me, I was concerned about cash flow just like any other new business owner. I had a vision and I sold it to my team early on. Nothing makes me more proud than when I now hear my team repeating my words to a new recruit through their own eyes. On our five year anniversary, the GLF team gave me a congratulatory necklace; I wear it with pride.”


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