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Edward Tabak

Edward Tabak

Mahoning County, OH

About Me

I am a 61 year man. I have hustled all my life and I mean that in a good way. I've sold used cars off 4 different lots in Fla. and ohio, I have financed, built and sold 26 band new homes, the last being in Las Vegas, 3600sq' ranch,sold just before the crash for 695k. I borrowed 500k at hard money rates and took care of my 7 yorkies and a wife who had a very hard bout with breast cancer, cobra ins was not inexpensive and in the end she left me. I did the right thing. Just a side bar. From the mid 1970s to the Mid 1980s I bought, rehabed and sold approx 50 houses,and if the money was still there thats probally what I'd still be doing.Spent 6mos driving otr tractor trailer hauling steel along the eastern seaboard--early 1970s really good money at the time,sold new cars in the 80s and did very well, could have been a GM if I wanted to work 70 hrs a week. Been married 3 times, thats enough.1970s I learned to scuba dive and did so for 6mos or so, harvested spiny sea urchis off Laguna beach in the kelp beds, only we used air hoses, living the So. Cal., ah it was grand. I have a daughter, you can see her on my facebook, she graduated as a Penn State Nittny lion and attends her first year of physical therapy school in Pittsburg.I learned how to take 1 dollar and turn it into 2dollars,not afraid of hard work and taking a calculated risk. So many people sit on the sidelines and dream their lives away,I wanted to make it to the show as they say in baseball vernacular and I did, maybe a little more than some and not as well as others, the idea was to keep on trying. If we are taking about me and we are, I'll say I am very well travelled and extremely well read. Probally my most ambitious endevor was the purchase of a 4000 sq' ornemental welding and install shop with 8 employees in 2003 in Las Vegas,Grossing about 60k per mo. and man did we have to learn alot of regulations, what happened?, lost it in a law suit, ask me and I will tell you, I've lived a ramblin, gamblin, lests put the rubber on the street and make it go. I have a awfull lot of checkable, verifiable biz and personal referances, can pass a back ground check, drug test, don't smoke and don't drink. If the world blewup you would want me and my brother on your side. Call me at 330-366-0181, have 170k in 2 houses that I own free and clear and they are for sale as I type,I want to purchase a conveinence/gas staion store. I have a very good friend who owns a large store in the Youngstown, Ohio area and has been an invaluable sorce of information, I have researched numbers and ratios of many stores and have looked at alot of sites, I have a pretty good idea of which way is up, in diving if you got confused you followed the bubbles, they always went up. Well I am sure you have a lot to say also. I have a certain store in mind, so I belive I could make you a convert. not a get rich fast, but you know what?, they never go out of style. Thank You for your time.


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