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Dick Campbell

National Hospitality Brokers
Business Broker

About Me

National Hospitality Brokers specializes in the confidential marketing and sales of Restaurants and related businesses. We have experience selling most types of hospitality related businesses, including restaurants, bars, coffee shops, fine dining, quick service restaurants, ice cream shops, diner’s, pizza parlors, catering services, liquor stores, ethnic concepts, etc. We represent both franchised and independently owned businesses. We sell real property in combination with some of our businesses as well as negotiate leases. We concentrate our efforts within the hospitality industry. As a business brokerage that specializes in serving the hospitality industry, National Hospitality Brokers has at its helm Dick Campbell, a leader who is particularly suited to assisting both buyers and sellers in the bar and restaurant business. Accumulating over 40 years in the bar and restaurant business, he has 25 years of executive experience, and he has created and executed plans to expand and develop several multi-unit concepts at the Senior Executive and CEO levels and as an owner operator. From marketing, finance and operations, to human resources, real estate, site selection, and construction, Mr. Campbell is an experienced expert who can guide, advise and facilitate the best possible deals for buyers and sellers alike. Licensed as a broker in both the Midwest and Southeast, Mr. Campbell is active in a number of markets, and can facilitate the best possible deals for you and your company. In addition, all of National Hospitality Brokers agents are licensed in their respective states, putting NHB clients in touch with a nearly-limitless number of possible buyers and sellers. Experience and Focus on the industry are key to our success. All of our Brokers and Agents have restaurant or hospitality experience, either as owners, management, or at the executive level. Many of our staff have financial backgrounds as well. This combined experience within the industry gives us a keen understanding of the businesses that we sell. Our agents are able to evaluate businesses based on analysis and experience within the industry to market at a price that is not only reasonable and fair to both seller and buyer, but also avoiding the frustrating inability to finance an overpriced business. We are integrity. Everything we do is within strict confidential guidelines. We are able to represent either buyer or seller, offering our experience and expertise to facilitate either a sale or a purchase. We understand and address the needs and concerns of both buyers and sellers. Satisfying the needs of our buyer and seller clients is our highest priority. We want to ensure that our seller’s receive a fair and equitable price for their business so that they can walk away knowing that their best interest has been served. We at the same time want to make sure that our buyer clients are making a sound purchase, and that they start off their business in a position to be able to achieve success. Buyer Services NOTE: Our fees are always paid by the Sellers we represent. Buyers never pay fees with National Hospitality Brokers. Thinking of buying a restaurant? The right restaurant broker can make all the difference in finding the right restaurant for you at the best possible price. Owning your own restaurant is a very wise choice. As a restaurant owner, you are your own boss. You create your own financial independence. And you can take advantage of tax write-offs and restaurant perks. Maybe you’ve considered starting your own restaurant from scratch. While starting a new restaurant can offer the same rewards as buying an existing restaurant, starting a restaurant is much riskier. According to government statistics, 80% of all new restaurants fail within the first three years. Would you bet on those odds? Why take that kind of risk with your money when you can buy an existing successful restaurant and reap the benefits? By buying an existing restaurant, not only can you profit from an existing customer base, experienced employees, and an established name and customer following. You can also enjoy a proven and immediate cash flow and working capital that will keep your restaurant running. But how do you find the right restaurant? We can help you find the perfect restaurant for your needs and lifestyle. Here’s what we can do for you: 1. Educate you in the process of buying a restaurant: Buying a restaurant requires a significant investment of time and energy. You don’t have to do it alone. We will educate you as we lead you step-by-step through the process of researching and buying a restaurant, working with you every step of the way. 2. Determine the type of restaurants that fits your needs, interests, and lifestyle: We are experts in matching buyers with restaurants. Buying a restaurant is not just as simple as determining the amount of income you need. The restaurant must fit your needs, interests and lifestyle. We will sit down with you and analyze your resources, abilities, and interests to determine the restaurants that will suit you best and present these restaurants to you. 3. Find you the right restaurant: If you are qualified, we will find the right restaurant for you. Using our worldwide database of restaurants for sale, our network of brokers, and our local connections we will find a restaurant that fits your needs, interests, and lifestyle. 4. Help you see the value and potential of the restaurant: For tax purposes, tax returns of a privately-owned restaurant are usually prepared to show as little income as possible. We are experienced in reconstructing financial statements to provide your accountant with a more realistic view of the restaurant. As an additional benefit, we can draw upon our experiences with other restaurants and act as consultants to point out what others in the industry have done to improve their profitability. 5. Negotiate and structure a successful purchase: There are many ways to structure a deal. It’s not just a discussion of price, interest rate, and number of years to pay. There are many accounting and tax-related issues that have to be considered. We have the expertise and experience to structure the deal so that it is right for


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