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Dedrick Storr

Dedrick Storr

Bahamas Seafood Distributor
Im a Marine in the Royal Bahamas Defense Force
Palm Beach County, FL
Bahamas Seafood Distributor

About Me

Dedrick Storr was born in Nassau, Bahamas in 1988 to Androsian Parents Naomi Storr and Andrew Barr. As a child Dedrick always had something uniquely special about him. He was the most caring, energetic, determined and intelligent child of his time. It wasn’t until Dedrick lost both of his parents in his pre-teen years that he learned how to become a go-getter, a person that went above and beyond to provide for his only brother who was much younger than he was. Every summer when school was out Dedrick would leave Andros to come to the city (Nassau) to work so that he and his little brother could have the necessities for the upcoming school year. He was and still is hungry for success. In high school Dedrick excelled, making good grades that allowed him to become the deputy head boy at his school. High school was where Dedrick found his love for painting. It was an escape from all the things that was going on in his personal life. He then went on to selling his artwork to resorts in his home town. He was a well behaved student that every teacher loved; this was just his personality. After Dedrick graduated high school with honours and several BGCSE’s. Dedrick knew that he needed to make a living for himself and his family, so he moved to the big city. He then started working as a landscaper by day and a security guard by night. He knew that he did not want to be an employee all of his life so he stared his own business selling snacks, drinks and phone cards on the street. Although he made good money, after being robbed several times, he decided that he needed to do something that would be more secure and that would help him get to his dream of being successful. He decided to join the Royal Bahamas Defence Force where he has served 8 fulfilling years as a Marine. After intense months of physical and mental training, Dedrick passed out of training as one of the most respected recruits of his squad. During his time as a marine he has received numerous recommendations and awards such as the Ambassadors award for (drug bust?). He is still serving as a Marine to this day and is still very well respected. He has been married to his beautiful wife three years and is now a father to a beautiful baby girl. It was back in 2011 that Dedrick and his wife opened Quelz Convenience Store in Red Bays, Andros. It was a great milestone and accomplishment for them both. Business was great and customers were satisfied and admired this move, but the young couple had much to learn. After a few short years of operation, Quelz Convenience Store shut its doors for good. This was heart-breaking for the couple but, they later discovered that it is better to fail early and responsible which is what he and his wife did. Next on his list of achievements is to be the CEO of a million dollar enterprise. Dedrick is the owner and creator of Bahamas Seafood Distributor While this Business has no physical existence a lot of research and planning was placed into this venture. Dedrick’s main Goal is to construct an animal farm on the Island of Andros with a state of the Art Slaughter House. He believes that The Bahamas should never import Pork and Chicken. After Success with DSB, Dedrick’s Plans to make his animal farm his main focus while finally becoming an investor to grant someone the Opportunity that he will soon have.


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