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Brian Schultz

Amazon Eco-Ventures
Business Owner

About Me

Executive summary for: Amazon Eco-Ventures Angela M. Howard- CEO Brian A. Schultz- COO 465 Hill St. Yakutat AK. 99689 (907) 784-3872 Thank you for your interest in the exciting potential that is Amazon Eco-Ventures. We are seeking a motivated investor interested in both- Exponential Returns in Investment and involvement in what is truly the Eco- business model of the future. We are looking for a Venture Capital Investment of a minimum of $1.4 Million (US) and believe that we have a mutually beneficial exit strategy in place. Funding will be used to complete construction of our initial facilities and provide basic operating capital to get our business flowing smoothly. Amazon Eco- Ventures is a Brazil based company that includes all of the elements that make up a modern successful company in today’s Global Marketplace. We are involved in Reforestation, Environmental and Sustainable Conservation Programs, Agribusiness (including Aquaculture, Agriculture, and Horticultural projects), Alternative Energy, Commodity Acquisition and Trading, Scientific Research, Tourism and Hospitality, and Real Estate Acquisition and Investment. Beside the Financial rewards, we are also providing employment opportunities as well as community enhancement programs/ projects to our local indigenous population. Currently, Our holdings are Valued at $2.25 Million with US Liabilities of $208,000.00, Brazilian Liabilities of $34,000.00 and a cash flow of ($6000.00) annually. With your Investment, we will be able to be in full operation within six months of funding date. Our projections show that by year 3 we expect to have assets valued at $80-100 million, Long term liabilities of $0 and a positive cash flow of at least $1.3 million annually. Why Brazil, Why now and How? Brazil is experiencing a constant and steady state of economic growth. While the rest of the world has been negatively affected by the economic disaster of the last few years, Brazil has shown a steadily improving economy. Inflation is at an all time low of 5.5%. Property values are on the increase, improving 22-30% annually. Economists are projecting at least 25 years of prosperity at the current rate of growth, ensuring Brazil’s position as a global economic power. Since 2007, the country has changed its laws to make foreign investment more inviting. Property ownership, which previously required at least one of the principals to be a Brazilian National, has been changed allowing for foreign ownership/ investment. As of December 1, 2011 the Brazilian government decided to attract and foster the return of foreign investors to the Brazilian market by reducing to zero the applicable rate of the Tax on Financial Transactions (IOF) levied on foreign investments in shares and private securities. With the current state of growth, we feel it is important to act now and “get in on the ground floor”. Should Amazon Eco-ventures get the needed funding this spring, we will be in position to take full advantage of the upcoming FIFA World Cup as well as the Olympics- thereby dramatically increasing revenue potential. It is also important to act now, as the value of the US dollar will weaken in comparison to the Brazil Real over time as the countries economy strengthens. The Foundation of Amazon Eco-Ventures is our Eco- Farm located in the heart of Brazil’s Amazon Basin. Our farm is stocked with ‘high value’ products. We have populations of Brazil Nut and Cashew trees (2 of the 3 most valuable nuts in the world), ACAI Palm and Guarana trees ( High value, High potency, cash crops), various Citrus trees, four types of Banana, Coconut palms, and many varieties of Native Fruits. The value of 1 Brazil nut tree (National Tree of Brazil, protected by the Brazilian Government), for instance, is a minimum of $30K. This is just the Permit fee to get permission to cut and use the tree- this does not include the value of ‘legal’ dimensional lumber (averaging $48-65K for a mature tree) or the value of the nut harvests. This is the Base of operations and development for the different ‘divisions’ that make up Amazon Eco-ventures. Our Reforestation and Real Estate Divisions will provide structure and stability by the value of our Assets. Value will increase as we expand our property holdings and get them ‘Certified’. Where once the value of the jungle was seen in dimensional lumber production and deforestation, Times and attitudes have changed, and it has been determined that greater value is seen by keeping undeveloped jungle pristine. The true value of Rainforest property is determined after a forest inventory is taken and is certified by IPAAM or IBAMA in Brazil. Amazon Eco-ventures will grow through its commitment to purchase 1000 Hectares of deforested land for rehabilitation for every 3000 Hectares of Pristine Rainforest property. This deforested land will be utilized for Reforestation with High value timber as well as fruit and nut trees using Sustainable Forestry Management Practices. Carbon Offsets (or Carbon Credits) are being taken more seriously and being traded on the commodity market. Our revenue stream will be enhanced by taking advantage of this new and growing market. As we bring rainforest properties on line and get them certified, we will actively trade the ‘Credits’ on the exchange and place all Carbon Offset Revenues into a Trust Account for the purpose of future investment and growth. Our Real Estate division will also be responsible for acquisition of Tourism-friendly properties in other locations throughout the country to improve the circumstance of taking full economic advantage of the upcoming world class Sporting events scheduled in the next three years. Our Tourism and Hospitality Division will provide the Cash flow necessary to maintain steady levels of continuity and growth. This will be accomplished through the development of our Eco-lodge collocated with the farm, and with remote lodging locations placed on our jungle properties. Statistics show that the Amazon gets 250 million visitors per year, of which, we only need a small percentage to prosper and profit. With our initial target market of sport fisherman we project gross revenues of $1.3 Million the first year of operations. Our committed goal is to reinvest 60% of the revenues back into the business to guarantee growth in all sectors annually. All of our properties will be open to, and we will welcome with open arms, the scientific community for the purpose of research. Amazon Eco-Ventures is committed to operating and maintaining facilities for all fields of scientific discovery and plan on being a major proponent of the emerging Reforestation studies and research. Amazon Eco-Ventures’ Agricultural division will be responsible for all of our Agricultural, Aquaculture, and Horticultural projects. These include; Exotic plant and tree nurseries for our reforestation projects, Aquaculture projects for consumption and restocking programs, Organic Fruit, vegetable, and nut production, and Biodiversity Rehabilitation projects. We at Amazon Eco-Ventures will be working cooperatively with the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture and Fish on these projects. All projects will be REDD+ certified. Our Financial Model and Exit strategy for the investor is as follows. Ideally, our hope is that the investor sees the value and potential of this well- rounded plan. We are offering 20% equity in Amazon Eco- ventures for the minimum investment of $1.4 million. The reason for the 20% is that, as stated above we plan on returning 60% of revenue back into the business for growth with the remaining 40% divided between the principals and the investor. At the end of a three or five- year term the Investor may opt out and be bought out by the principals at fair market value of equity percentage (High ROI for Investor). Option #2 is a simple financing package of a 3-5 year loan at 6.5-9.5 % interest. Interest-only payments paid trough term of loan. Principal and remaining interest due at end of term, with, negotiable renewal of loan at end of term, (Lower ROI but safer for Investor). For the Motivated Investor, with a larger investment, we would be willing to offer controlling interest in the commodity division to the Investor at a rate of 70/30%. The investor would take control of the revenue generated by Carbon Offsets and Invest them at will… proceeds will be divided 70% to investor, 30% to the principals. This, in addition to the 20% equity in the business as a whole, brings the (Highest potential ROI). Angela M. Howard is the CEO of Amazon Eco-ventures. She is a Brazilian National with 30 years of residency in Alaska. She brings 20 years of remote tourism experience including restaurant/ hospitality management experience and has worked for the Local School district for 17 years. Brian A. Schultz is COO of Amazon Eco-Ventures. He brings with him a strong Agribusiness/ horticultural Background. He has 15 years management experience in the tourism/ hospitality industry as well as 10 years in the food and beverage industry doing Quality Assurance and Government Compliance. Currently, he spends the winters working with special needs children and his summer seasons as a member of a Trail / Facilities Maintenance crew with the US Forest Service in the Tongass National Forest, on Alaska’s Gulf Coast. Robert Noyes is our US based Director of Marketing for our Tourism Division. He has 18 years experience as the General Manager of a world- class sport-fishing lodge on Alaska’s Gulf coast. He will take care of all of our Tourism Marketing and has a ‘black book’ containing hundreds of interested clients. Brian Woobank is a consultant for us. He is a professional angler and photographer who is a specialist in wildlife and sport-fishing photos. He has many contacts in the filmmaking and magazine print industries.


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