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Arthur Gottlieb

Arthur Gottlieb

Arthur Gottlieb
Business Consultant
Broward County, FL

About Me

Since 2008 I have been specializing in the sale of targeted direct mail advertising businesses. I have associated media outlets world-wide. My website will enable you to TEST DRIVE THE BUSINESS of interest in your own home in your own community before buying to make sure it is a good fit for you. ( I have assisted 100's of entrepreneurs to successfully enter the hi profit business of newspaper and magazine publishing. Average publisher earnings today are over 200K per year and many of my buyers have joined these ranks over the last many years. Operators are enabled to CRUSH THEIR COMPETITORS by providing them with superior media advertising products as compared to the many popular franchises in the market while avoiding the hefty franchise fees, royalties, restrictions and start up costs involved with them. The operators learn to DO-IT-THEMSELVES without the expenses of graphic artists, sales people or staff of any kind enabling them to cut the costs down to the bare minimum while raising the profit percentages. All while selling advertising for a fraction of their competition's price while providing a superior product. My buyers face no competition as the competition is used as the lead source. You derive your clients base from competing advertising offerings in your particular area. You are provided all the training tools whereas you can be in the field selling advertising and collecting deposits in just days after purchasing the business. Initially when you are selling advertising, I will fix/improve/enhance your ads so they are readily accepted by the advertisers until you are proficient at ad design. If you visit the website ( you will find a playlist of 11 tutorial videos detailing the targeted direct mail business model. It gets into the particulars and nuts and bolts involved in operating this type of business to business enterprise. It will touch on various aspects of business operation such as designing ads and content, selling the advertising, your printing costs, your mailing costs, etc.. These tutorials are over 2 hours of information that CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE if you are serious about having your own business without risking your life savings. This business is GREAT! Great because you can get started for free, even before buying the actual business. And if you decide to buy in you enjoy no start up costs as all you expenses (printing & mailing) are paid for from the customers deposit money (50%) collected in advance. THIS BUSINESS IS A ONE PERSON ALL CASH BUSINESS DEALING WITH OTHER BUSINESS OWNERS, There is no better kind! Your software. printing contacts, and customers are all in place in your community of choice. Included as an offset of this business is you will become a skilled graphic artist while learning to operate the business.. My name and references are all on the website and the phone rings in my home where I operate my business. After teaching people my business (100's of them), for almost 10 years now, not one of them wakes me up at night as I provide exactly what I promise. Visit my website or and watch the 11 tutorial videos on the playlist which will greet you on the website. Then call if you would like additional information. Looking forward to hearing from you and perhaps providing you a successful business without the usual risks. . Arthur Gottlieb (954-534-9368)


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