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3 Mobile Body Fat Testing Extemely low overhead, huge potential
Mobile Body Fat Testing Extemely low overhead, huge potential

This is a mobile hydrostatic body fat testing clinic. Hydrostatic body fat testing has long been considered the gold standard in body fat analysis. Most hydrostatic weighing systems belong to universities or medical clinics and can be very costly for clients. This mobile unit allows you to bring this service to gyms and fitness events instead of individual clients coming to you. Similar operations exist in several states around the country. They typically charge $50 per test and each test takes 10-15 minutes. Our best testing event was at a Crossfit gym where we tested 44 people in one day. The potential is huge. The other mobile hydrostatic businesses are part of a franchise and they charge $150,000 for their mobile clinic, plus on-going royalties. Our mobile clinic uses the same top-of-the-line technology for a fraction of the cost. Once you have established connections with gyms and events around your area, you can plan to return for follow-up testing every 3-6 months. This can be a great little side business generating $1000-2000/month with very little effort or it can become your full-time career with almost unlimited potential. Another great advantage to this business is the extremely low overhead. The only additional piece of equipment you will need is a truck capable of towing the trailer around to all of the testing events. You do not need previous experience in the fitness industry. The testing equipment is very easy to setup and operate. Exertech will provide any needed customer support related to the tank and software and we will provide initial training on the set up and operation of the entire system. I am selling this nearly new business because my business partner had some life events that have taken him in a different direction and I do not have the time to build up clientele as I work a full-time job.

Drone Business - US Locations - Aerial Image & Video Services First of its Kind Opportunity
$35,000 Seller Financing
Drone Business - US Locations - Aerial Image & Video Services First of its Kind Opportunity

BirdsiVideo is a specialty service provider focusing specifically on the aerial photo and video needs of its clientele. This is a very unique opportunity in that it is the first business of it's kind to be offered to the public. The proven drone-based business model offers owners the following: 1. Home based business 2. Low overhead, high profit margins 3. Entry into a new and exciting industry with multiple applications 4. Training and marketing support 5. Flexible schedule allowing for full or part-time participation FRANCHISE - as a BirdsiVideo franchisee you will receive extensive start up training in all aspects, including aviation ground school, flight training, video editing, advanced business applications (photogrammetry, 3D modeling, mapping, etc.) and more. Ongoing marketing, research & development and business applications support will be provided. You will be able to operate under the established BirdsiVideo name, plus utilize our website and extensive library of videos and past deliverables for marketing purposes. Leads are provided, as well as participation in any national service contracts that may be in place (may not be available in all territories). A new DJI Phantom drone and camera is included in the initial franchise fee. The BirdsiVideo business model, and growing drone services industry, offer significant opportunities in the following applications: 1. Marketing videos 2. TV/Commercial production 3. 3D modeling of buildings, structures and land 4. Mapping/Surveying 5. Infrastructure inspections (buildings, roofs, bridges, cell towers, power lines, etc) 6. Infrared scanning 7. Agriculture The business is a one-stop aerial data collection and video production company specializing in the use of small drones with HD video and photo capabilities. The company provides commercial drone services in the following areas, and new applications are being developed for additional revenue streams: Aerial Video Production and Photography: Building Condition Assessments, Infrastructure Inspections, Construction Monitoring, Advertising, Travel & Tourism, TV & Documentaries, Commercial & Residential Real Estate, Architecture, Action & Adventure Sports, Special Events, and Promotional Videos Aerial Mapping, 3D Modeling & Surveying Services: Land Development Projects, Engineering, Mining Operations, Excavation & Volumetric Calculations, Oil & Gas Infrastructure, Transmission Corridors, Land Management, Environmental Inventories, Resources Management. As well as offering full post-production services for both photography and promotional videos, the company enjoys an outstanding client list and extensive library of footage. Please contact us with questions and for additional information.

Alkaline water vending joint venture "green Water Vending Joint Venture"
Alkaline water vending joint venture "green Water Vending Joint Venture"

Manufacturer seeks financial partner to invest 750,000 as a joint venture partner in 100 purified water vending machines with income from both water and advertising. High traffic locations have been secured and are ready to have the machines installed. The value of the machines are a total of 1,500,000. This is a totally absentee business for the financial partner as location, installation, and service will be performed by the manufacturer. Income is conservatively estimated at 832,000 a year.The joint venture is 50-50 so that your share is 416,000 per year. You will be able to monitor the income in each machine through the computer on your desk.The manufacturer has recently developed a purified water and packaged ice machine with four sources of revenue. It is being offered as a 10 unit Joint venture on a 75-25 basis with investors income estimated at 14,000. per month. Features are: Totally absentee Seven Joint Ventures operating this year no royalties No territory restrictions No labor/high profit Remote diagnostics and monitoring Environmentally Hot Product in the news and needed Credit card reader equipped Multiple revenue streams Section 179 tax credit

Next-Generation Franchise Fitness Concept! Terrific Opportunity to Join a Growing, Supportive Fitness Concept
Next-Generation Franchise Fitness Concept! Terrific Opportunity to Join a Growing, Supportive Fitness Concept

This one-of-a-kind franchise fitness concept is changing lives. Leveraging cutting edge technology to creates gyms that lead to a truly personalized approach to fitness that yields amazing results and very happy, repeat clients. Simple business to run -- no managing inventory, ordering, or cash -- so you can focus on building and scaling the business. Membership model leads to extremely predictable cashflows. Terrific management team that truly cares about its franchisees. Fitness experience -- from you or a member of your team -- is helpful but not at all required. Training and technology significantly "level the playing field" to allow for anyone -- with or without a fitness background -- to build, operate, and succeed in building these gyms.

Accounts Receivable Consulting Service Recession-proof opportunity needed by 99% of all businesses
Accounts Receivable Consulting Service Recession-proof opportunity needed by 99% of all businesses

About Us RecoverMax Inc. provides an accounts receivable management system that businesses use to remain profitable and stay in business. We help you provide accounts receivable consulting services to organizations that are having trouble collecting moneys that are owed to them. When companies have collection issues, the most common solution would be for them to use a collection agency that charges 30 to 50% of the collected amount. With RecoverMax, you would be offering a service to collect on delinquent accounts at a cost of $13.00 or less per account with no other charges. Our business model is NOT a franchise and does NOT REQUIRE PAYMENT OF ROYALTIES. RecoverMax offers a unique business opportunity to start in this recession proof model for a one-time fee of $50,000, which includes training, support, hardware and our proprietary software with free upgrades for life. We will train you on the same system our founder, Bob Stein, has developed and used with his company, Saturn Systems, since 1993. Saturn Systems' clients include small to mid-sized businesses and established larger companies such as Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Scantron, The Girl Scouts of America, Comcast, Allied Waste, Anheuser Busch, Children's World, KinderCare, Re/Max, TruGreen, Tuff Shed, Waste Management, Walgreens, and divisions of GE and Microsoft. Investing in a RecoverMax business opportunity means there is no need for retail or commercial space. You can choose to work as a home based business or in a small office. There are none of the traditional staffing headaches and no required inventory outside of what we include in our $50,000 start-up package. You choose how you grow your business at your own pace. There is truly no limit to the amount of income you could earn. It all depends on the amount of time and energy you put in and how large you want your company to be. With a proven system and excellent in-depth training, you will have all the tools you need to build your business just like Bob Stein has done in Colorado. Ideal Candidate The ideal RecoverMax candidate wants to excel in a business to business environment helping companies easily control their accounts receivables, cash flow, and profitability. Prior sales experience is extremely helpful but not required. We will train you how to sell the system. Since this a true business to business opportunity, owners must be committed to call on business prospects. If you are interested in learning about this exciting opportunity, go to We look forward to speaking with you! Interested parties should have at least $60,000 capital to invest plus working capital and living expenses.

5 Mobile Hair Salon Start your own MOBILE SALON business with this amazing 40 FOOT BUS!
Mobile Hair Salon Start your own MOBILE SALON business with this amazing 40 FOOT BUS!

Advantages: • No rent to pay someone else. • You choose where to provide your services. • You can be flexible and focus your business on the most profitable locations. • No franchise fees or any other on-going expenses. • No fixed fee overhead like utilities, which means maximum profits for you, the owner! • And if you decide to take a month off, there’s no overhead to keep you tied down. This beautifully designed bus comes fully equipped with: • 300 gallons of fresh water aluminum tanks. • Huge diesel generator that can handle 3 air conditioners plus 3 blow dryers/curling irons, all at once. • 2 wash stations. • 3 styling stations. • 1 makeup station. • Restroom. • Fridge, plumbed Keurig coffee maker, TV, and stereo system. • Direct and indirect lighting designed to make your guests look their very best. • Beautiful modern flooring, quartz countertops and high end décor. • Detroit Diesel engine that is widely known as one of the most reliable engines ever built and likely to give you years of trouble-free service. Everything you need for a successful salon has been considered. It is literally “turn the key” and drive away, starting your new business (or expanding your existing business) by taking it mobile. Take your business to your clients and they will LOVE the convenience so much that they will gladly pay a premium for it! You could have set times at certain locations each week or month. You could also focus on weddings, bachelorette parties, and birthday parties. It’s so fun seeing the looks on peoples’ faces when you pull up in this beautiful bus! It truly makes a statement and creates an experience they’ll never forget. We’ve had a lot of local media coverage because it’s the first of its kind! Also, it’s been just like a billboard driving down the street which generates its own marketing. Plus, everyone that steps inside loves it so much they end up telling everyone about it because of how amazing and unique it is! You will have new clients coming to you without spending a dime on marketing or advertising. We have LOVED having this a part of our Blow Dry Bar but we’ve decided to focus on growing our local brick and mortar salons. Unfortunately, we don’t have time to do both. We have learned a lot in the last couple of years about what works and what doesn’t and we would be happy to pass that knowledge on to you to help you get your business up and running. We would love nothing more than seeing someone taking this concept to the next level and being incredibly successful with it. Let us know if you have any questions. We can’t wait to find the right fit for this exciting concept! You can visit our website for photos and videos of the bus. We would be willing to consider SELLER FINANCING in the right situation.

6 Going GREEN has never looked so GOOD! Going GREEN means making GREEN! Recycled Granite products are HOT!
Going GREEN has never looked so GOOD! Going GREEN means making GREEN! Recycled Granite products are HOT!

Everyday across American millions of pounds of granite remnants are thrown away by granite fabricators. We've established an award winning granite recycling program that shows you how to take those remnants (in your local market) and turn them into landscaping pavers, stone tile veneers, fire pits and much, much more. Our products have been featured on numerous HGTV and DIY Network TV shows. This creates demand for our items all across the country. Recycled Granite comes in the door as 100% post-consumer waste and leaves as 100% fully manufactured recycled materials right down to the very last grain of sand. Our manufacturing processes enable our franchisees to operate zero waste facilities. Our pavers, tile veneer and aggregates qualify for LEED points, so they are a big hit with local architects! The award winning Recycled Granite Network is a group of individuals who work together to share their ideas and strengths. Our network is the heart and soul of the granite recycling industry. We collaborate on marketing, advertising and strategic trade secrets, so everybody wins. Our annual meetings and daily discussions keep us on top of the industry. As the creators of the granite recycling industry, we specialize in cutting edge recycled granite products and technologies. We are constantly creating new innovations that benefit our franchisees and help us all grow. This is a proven business model as recognized in the U.S. Congressional Record It is profitable, sustainable and really fun! In Canada, we received “Greenest of Green” at GreenBuild 2011. Already, three states have recognized Recycled Granite as the BEST and most INNOVATIVE business recycling companies. Numerous network members have won local awards and are regularly featured on local programming. Be as big or small as you want. You can start out of your garage or pole barn and upscale as you grow. Or, you can be the commercial leader in your market and work with builders, architects, on state projects, etc. If you currently have a business this is a perfect add-on to generate additional revenue. Wondering how much you can make with Recycled Granite? As with any business it depends on your efforts. Since several franchisees employ people with disabilities...we have Dept. of Labor time studies on all of the products we manufacture. Our margins are between 50% - 100%. It doesn't get much better than that! If you'd like to hear more about Recycled Granite please contact me for a copy of our 10 page Business Profile. See a variety of videos on our youtube channel here: At Recycled Granite our goal is to create jobs, reduce waste and make the world a better place. Please join us to learn how you can create a difference in your local community!

2 Retail Apparel with Multiple Streams of Income and Unlimited Potential Veteran Ran Sports Marketing and Apparel Company
$15,000 Seller Financing
Retail Apparel with Multiple Streams of Income and Unlimited Potential Veteran Ran Sports Marketing and Apparel Company

Want to get in the game with an established company with multiple streams of income or are you looking for an investment opportunity? Rivalry Sports Marketing can be sold and divided into two segments: Apparel and/or Sports Marketing. Unlimited growth potential for the right person. Rivalry Sports Marketing was founded on the principle of simplicity and we are driven by determination. Our goal is to provide a superior customer experience while providing meaningful opportunities to Veterans. We support Athletes, Teams, Events, and Leagues of all ages and skill level with their marketing needs whether that is finding a sponsor, crowdfunding, ticket/registration sales, or marketing events.

Thriving Biz Seeking SEO Affiliates - No Experience Needed to Succeed! Thriving SEO Biz Seeks Affiliates - GREAT Opportunity - We Need You!!
$75,000 Seller Financing
Thriving Biz Seeking SEO Affiliates - No Experience Needed to Succeed! Thriving SEO Biz Seeks Affiliates - GREAT Opportunity - We Need You!!

Incredible ROI, Typical Affiliate sees 100% Return in 6-9 months!! Are you ready to change careers, or leave the corporate world all together? If so, this opportunity is for you. You can literally work from anywhere, on your iPad, and succeed with this business. The Founder and CEO has been optimizing websites since before Google existed. His tech team has been together since 1998, and represent the best of the best in the industry. They use proprietary in-house software to manage every aspect of the optimization process, as well as customer management, workflow process, billing, etc.. As an Affiliate, you will have your own access to this for YOUR business. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the single best approach to growing any business. If you are not on the first page of the search engines, you are invisible. Studies show that 84% of all products or services are first researched online. When you are looking for a plumber, dentist, or most anything, we all go straight to the Internet. Google had $42B in revenue in 2014, and in Q3 of 2015 they did $18.7B, or an annual rate of $74.8B...and their AdWords revenue continues to grow exponentially year after year. So what's the point? The importance of search engine results grows more critical every day, and if a business does not appear on the first page of the results, their competitor is getting their customers. What sets us apart? > 100% guarantee for multiple first page listings in all major search engines (Google, Yahoo & Bing) > Over 11,000 clients in 16 years, *ALL* receiving first page placement > No long term contracts > Our pricing is published In fact, this is the only SEO company that offers a 90-day money-back guarantee for first page placement!! As an affiliate, you too can claim each of these on YOUR website that we will build for you. You can also offer each of our other services including Reputation Management... See website for all listed services. SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY PLEASE!!! THIS BUSINESS IS PERFECT FOR THE SALES OR MARKETING EXECUTIVE TO RUN ALONE; OR, IF YOU'RE SOMEONE THAT CAN MANAGE A SALES STAFF, THIS BUSINESS IS FOR YOU! IT IS A SIMPLE BUSINESS TO RUN WITH INCREDIBLE INCOME POTENTIAL AND IT ALLOWS THE OWNER TO FOCUS ON THEIR QUALITY OF LIFE! ************ NO TECH EXPERIENCE NECESSARY AS CURRENT BUSINESS OWNER WILL BE 100% BACK END SUPPORT TEAM, AT YOUR CHOOSING!!! ************ This should not be considered a "Start-up" as no additional capital is required, and we provide all the sales training, leads specifically tailored for you, and assistance with your sales. No franchise fees, or royalties!!

4 WEBSITE 4 SALE - Work from home- Online Livestock Auction Start your own business from home- all of the work is done!
$200,000 Seller Financing
WEBSITE 4 SALE - Work from home- Online Livestock Auction Start your own business from home- all of the work is done!

This is an opportunity for someone who wants an at home business or has the ambition to tun it into a multi-million dollar eBay business. The unique agricultural niche is something that this industry needs- and is ripe for the taking! The site is ready, just needs someone to take it and run! We have spent lots of money on this startup and have other projects that have taken priority, so would love to see someone take this and make something out of it.

Fair/Swap Meet Resellers Needed!!! Make $4,500 to $7,200 per weekend! Do You Want to be a Part of the TV Industry's Next BIG Innovation?
Fair/Swap Meet Resellers Needed!!! Make $4,500 to $7,200 per weekend! Do You Want to be a Part of the TV Industry's Next BIG Innovation?

Sell A Product That Sells Itself... If you would like to enter the world of selling and making big profits at your local swap meet & trade shows, you need to pick the right product! -Work 1 or 2 days per week -Easy to set up -We provide you will all the tools and training How do I start making money at the Market Place? It's easy, as one, two, three! 1) Become a vendor at your local swap meet. 2) Set up your booth 3) Get yourself a HD TV with a working remote, a small foldable table and a canopy...that's it! Easy to set up and easy to take down at the end of the day. All you do is set up your booth, pitch the product, play a video that explains the product and collect $45 per sale! Sell 10 to 20 Zerohdtv devices in one day and make a great income. $45 X 10 sales = $450 $45 X 20 sales = $900 per day x 4 locations = $3600 per day when having 4 swap meet running simultaneously. $3600 x 2 days =$7200 in one weekend! How much will it cost you to continue running your business? There's no brick and mortar, no franchise fees and no licensing fees. All you do is reorder your inventory at the cost of $14.95 for each device and pay for swap-meet space. That's it! There are no other expenses unless you hire a helper for that day. Why Zerohdtv? Zerohdtv is a proven product and a turn key proven business that will make you money on your very first day. It works! Access ALL of Your TV Shows FREE... ZeroHDTV is a unique digital antenna that gives you FREE HDTV. We are DEFYING critics with our rapid growth and REINVENTING what is possible with our zealous TV loving fan base. How would you like to access all of your favorite shows? You see, ZeroHDTV allows people to tune into channels like ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS and FOX at the flick of a button. We believe that TV should be for everyone and TV lovers from all over the world are watching THOUSANDS of shows using our unique antenna. Now that's not all, here's the great bit. One of our key features is that the ZeroHDTV is super easy to install. Simply attach the ZeroHDTV antenna to your TV, place it near a window, run the program. . . And enjoy! When is it Perfect to Use ZeroHDTV? ZeroHDTV is perfect for pretty much anybody who loves TV. Why pay for the same old cable channels EVERY MONTH when you can watch them all for free? Not only this. . . It's 100% legal. Work when you want and make great money doing it. The product literally sells itself. ZeroHDTV is currently open to an extremely limited number of swap meet locations, so spots are limited. Have a question? No problem, send us an e-mail. We would love to have you on board!

6 $400G's Mo!--Own Online & On App Townpaper-We have Many References! Sell Pay 4 Results Advertising!
$400G's Mo!--Own Online & On App Townpaper-We have Many References! Sell Pay 4 Results Advertising!

Freely use our 400 million opt in residential email database and 200 million employee business database to sell local businesses "PAY US ONLY WHEN YOU GET RESULTS" Ad program to local businesses. SELLERS BENEFITS VIDEO BIDDERS BENEFITS VIDEO Since the business only pays when it gets results, anyone can sell this! The pay for results fee is much lower than Groupon & Living Social. We developed a patent pending Reverse Automated Blind Auction system to promote businesses discounted cash certificates to residents. Own zips on an exclusive basis! In a 50,000 home area a business can run an auction and easily sell 500 discounted non expiring cash refundable certificates. An auction will have 1 winner and hundreds of consolation winners. You make about $8 per certificate, so 500 x $8 =$4,000 per business auction. So only 100 businesses running an auction means you make ( 100 X 4,000) = $400,000 per month. $4.8 million per year. We auction off businesses deeply discounted cash certificates to residents using our municipal/school promoted auction service. The business gets its money upfront for its cash certificate--less your fee--so you don't chase them down for your money! Bidders can automate their bidding intervals and the price. We provide the Municipality, Schools and all local Orgs free use of our email data and servers to constantly update residents and promote local businesses and each non profit within each municipalities hi-tech online and on phone app "Town Newspaper/Savings Directory," w/ Real Time Updates & Blog. In addition to the pay for results advertising businesses get a free 24/7/365 changeable ad with Bulk Emailing/Texting and uploading of unlimited Photos/Videos, all included within their local Municipal School and Local Org's endorsed Savings Sites Online and Phone App Directory where the auction system is heavily promoted! Our local exclusive territory publishers are provided a complete turn key platform. Local publishers freely use our residential and business data and software and server to own an exclusive area to run the program. We own the entire USA business database ( ) and simultaneously register all businesses. Existing Publishers share marketing materials. To contact businesses use our email software and software to freely post a message into their website contact page. Or robo dial them at .007 per call. $7 per 1000 calls. PeekaBooBusiness Card.pdf Auction Brouchure Window Decal Savings Sites Grocery store take one 2 sided 1 page editable FLYER Store Decal Business Card Go to Google and Search "Municipal Emailing" our business Email has been page 1 position 1 on Google for 12 years. We own several other businesses: Savings Sites Recorded webinar : Takes a few minutes to load: We have many references that have vetted us! EMAIL: Look forward to speaking with you and we are proud to be able to supply satisfied references!

2 Retail Coaching Practice Coach product entrepreneurs to become “retail-ready"
Retail Coaching Practice Coach product entrepreneurs to become “retail-ready"

Are you interested in helping other entrepreneurs be successful? Do you want to have flexible hours and unlimited earning potential? Do you want to work with a brand that stands for something? If you answered “Yes I am” to these questions, then you might be the perfect candidate to run your own Retailbound Retail Coaching practice. As a licensed Retailbound Retail Coach, you will learn the systems and processes from the inside on how to effectively help your clients get their products into retail stores while growing your income earning potential to a whole new level. Through our training program, you’ll understand our retail coaching and selling perspective, and get feedback on your progress, so you can coach any product entrepreneur from any industry. Retailbound has the experience, knowledge, resources, education, and ongoing support to help you build a very successful and profitable retail coaching practice. As a member of the network of licensed retail coaches, you’ll gain access to the complete Retailbound Retail Coaching methodology and system including tools, forms, and templates.

6 Stratus Building Solutions Janitorial Franchise Business Ranked #7 Fastest Growing Franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine in 2016
$1,000 Seller Financing
Stratus Building Solutions Janitorial Franchise Business Ranked #7 Fastest Growing Franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine in 2016

Stratus Building Solutions® is operating in 25 major cities, with more than 2,500 Unit Franchisees nationwide. With Stratus®, you not only receive prominent, brand familiarity and existing credibility with customers as a part of nation-wide, household name in Janitorial Services industry; you will also be offered: - The lowest franchise buy-ins in the industry, with as little as $1,000 down. - Guaranteed customer accounts. - Sixteen franchise options to fit your needs, from home-based business to a large franchise. - Growth opportunity and business support. - Includes all memberships, training, sales and marketing support, billing and collections,insurance, and branded Stratus® Green Clean products to build your own business. - No experience necessary, all training provided! - State-of-the-Art equipment and materials. - Large Customer Base. - Leading edge in Green Clean Services.

6 Cash Business! Our Vision... Your Future! Pedal and Electric Car Dealership
Cash Business! Our Vision... Your Future! Pedal and Electric Car Dealership

This business opportunity can net you $100,000.00 a year profit. Small investment required. Recreational Business Is Recession Proof. Even in a recession, families will seek inexpensive entertainment for the whole family. We will be your partner in all phases of the operation. Upon placing your initial payment we will send you a complete marketing kit, that will help you establish your new exclusive business in your area. To learn more follow us on facebook.

4 Work from Home - Turn-Key- Virtual- Make 30K + Monthly Run a Virtual Call Center From Home Earn 30k+ monthly-No Experience
$29,999 Seller Financing
Work from Home - Turn-Key- Virtual- Make 30K + Monthly Run a Virtual Call Center From Home Earn 30k+ monthly-No Experience

We have been in business for 6+ years, this is not a startup for us. We are looking for a partner to help expand the business. We have Contracts with Major Real Estate & Medical Companies in the US and currently expanding into Canada. We will provide our new partner with a turn-key business which will include everything you will need to start making money from day 1 and be very successful. Your primary responsibilities will be, manage projects, agents, payroll, & collect money! It's a very simple business to run and operate, we have unlimited contracts and cant handle all of them,So we are looking to expand our business with the right partner. The following is some of what will be provided to our new partner. Unlimited Projects/Contracts Gateway to unlimited call agents. Hot leads for preferred vendors Inbound calls Software licenses A full 24-7 Technical support team. Website Videos Training Programs Control Managers Software Engineers Call center Managers Existing clientele Predictive Dialer if needed Virtual Training You will receive everything you need to be successful with unlimited earnings potential. With this business you can earn $30,000. + monthly

Add One Million Dollars or More to Your Bank Account This Month Trade Exchange Licensing Business
Add One Million Dollars or More to Your Bank Account This Month Trade Exchange Licensing Business

Would You Like to Add One Million Dollars or More to Your Bank Account This Month? If you answered YES to the above question, then, send your name and address to to receive our FREE PDF presentations to discover... "How to Add One Million Dollars or More to Your Bank Account This Month." Take action to contact us today before we stop sending out our free presentations.

3 Achieve Success Today Work From Home - Flexible hours
Achieve Success Today Work From Home - Flexible hours

Turn Key, Home Based, On-Line Business Opportunity. Join our award-winning global company based in the Success Education and Personal Development industry, servicing customers in more than 50 countries around the world. If you want to make significant changes in your life and income stream - this is for you! The Business: Work from the comfort of your home, using your phone and Internet. We have a proven formula for success, partnered with great business systems and a very successful lucrative income opportunity. Benefits of this business: • Ultimate Freedom - You chose where and when you work. • Turnkey business – quick and easy set-up - you have the ability to start producing an additional stream of income within days. • Valuable ongoing training and mentoring • Part-time or full-time - the choice is yours. If you can follow a simple and easy business model, then this is the business for you. Your daily activities will include placing simple ads online, conducting brief scripted interviews via telephone, investing time in training and mentoring others, and of course concentrating on your own personal development. The sooner you start, the sooner you can start earning. We seek talented professionals who have the desire to make a difference in their direct community & around the world. Learn from successful entrepreneurs in a supportive & fun environment. Potential to earn an executive level income from home. REQUEST MORE INFO:

Floor Safety - Turn Key - Quick Start 1-6 days Breaking Opportunity to earn Great 6 Figure Income.
Floor Safety - Turn Key - Quick Start 1-6 days Breaking Opportunity to earn Great 6 Figure Income.

Innovative Floor Safety Products, LLC provides a rare opportunity for you to work from home or office and be in business from the very 1st day of entering into an agreement with the company. Our unique product line provides safety for customers and employees in every business application and are 100% made in the USA. We help minimize damage for employers in what is statistically 85% of all workers compensation cases. In addition our products bring the employer inline with OSHA and ADA Standards potentially saving the employer from fines and penalties for not being compliant. In Addition your customers receive substantial tax credits for having our products applied to their floors. These opportunities will not last as there will only be a select number of distributorships available in the United States. When you respond to this listing you will be contacted within 24 hours with a brief phone call that will be followed by a detailed information package. This is a very simple plan with extreme opportunity offered by the company for the 1st time in the United States. For faster response please feel free to call or text, if you don't get me right away leave a message and I will call you back. 765-425-9852 Ask for Marc or you can click here: http://

5 Manufacturing of top of the line archery target New innovative concept of archery butt
Manufacturing of top of the line archery target New innovative concept of archery butt

Never seen before long lasting and extremely easy to remove arrows from the butt. The archery clubs and association who have purchase and used the archery butt for the last 3 years have only one thing to say: We will not return back to tentest pressed butt. ` Lowest cost of fabrication and easy to sell with no other type of target that even come close. A family run business, Me and my father, who is retired, spend 2 full years testing and getting this product and the different models up to archer`s standard and expectation. Out of the family unused barn turned into a nice little workshop. With this purchase, you are free to buy the patent and the right to sell in north america (except Quebec). The revenue for the first 3 years in Quebec, 8 M population, averaged $25 K/year with only 8% of the market attained so far... Considering the north american market being just over 350 M in population, the estimation of revenue for the over a span of 3 to 5 years can attain, as per a simple ratio calculation, over 1 Million $ per year for getting only 8% of the market!!!. the price asked and the projected revenue is based on 2 to 3 % of the market attain and the cost of selling the product to the market. Upon purchasing, the cost may or may not include the cost of patent in USA. I'm asking $25 000 USD for it. that will include all the plan and patron plus some training on the montage and assembling of the targets thank you for understanding

6 Easy Rider Bourbon Whiskey Now Offering Exclusive Distributorships $31,500 for first delivery of Easy Rider. High ROI in Liquor Business!
Easy Rider Bourbon Whiskey Now Offering Exclusive Distributorships $31,500 for first delivery of Easy Rider. High ROI in Liquor Business!

Easy Rider Spirits, LLC. is now offering ground floor opportunities in a premium bourbon distribution licensing program. Until now, the riding community hasn't had a brand of whiskey that it could call its own. Jack Daniels might be the closest to claim that association but JD is not a premium brand and its name doesn't automatically make that connection. The Easy Rider brand makes that instant connection and we are very proud to have acquired it! We are offering this opportunity in non-controlled liquor states. If you are in one of the controlled liquor states (Alabama, Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia and Wyoming), where the state acts as distributor, your opportunity for profit is greatly diminished. Oregon is also a controlled state. However, as the manufacturers, we are able to make this state profitable for us. The remaining 32 states are open for a highly profitable arrangement. Our marketing plan in Oregon can be duplicated in any other state. We will be available for consultations and can be used as a sounding board for what does and does not work. We intend to use social media extensively, as well as motorcycle and classic car events. The two founders of Easy Rider are Bob Burrows and Eric Folkestad. Bob is an entrepreneur with several businesses under his belt. Eric is the owner of CK Defense, offering ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) training. He is also the founder of Pendleton Bike Week motorcycle rally in Oregon. Easy Rider was this year's PBW sponsor and had its grand launch during that week's event, July 20th to 24th. Three Dog Night was among the entertainment venue. It was a big success and a lot of fun! Just to give you an example of the exponential growth of premium bourbon and whiskey, the Distilled Spirits Council's Economic & Strategic Analysis Department put out a report (attached below) that shows that the equivalent of nearly a quarter of a BILLION 750ML bottles premium whiskey and bourbon were sold across the USA in 2015. And we are just talking about PREMIUM bourbon and whiskey, the category in which Easy Rider is classified. You will also find an attached PDF showing state by state spirits consumption so that you can see how your state compares with the rest of the country. There is no cost for a distributor's license from us. You will be required to purchase, by yourself or through a partnership with a distributor in your state, enough cases of Easy Rider bourbon to get started in your new venture. The wholesale cost of Easy Rider Bourbon Whiskey is $190 per 12-pack case in 750ML bottles, FOB Salem, Oregon. State licenses may be required depending on the way you structure your marketing plan. We can advise you on which direction might be best for you. An initial order is 165 cases. This comes to $31,350, plus shipping. Your location will determine shipping costs. To retain an exclusive arrangement with us, a scheduled minimum order will need to be maintained. This can be agreed upon among you and us after meeting to determine a realistic sales figure. We want everyone to succeed and we aren't trying to be the next Jim Beam (although our whiskey is much better!). Our eye-catching embossed foil labels look great and our extra smooth bourbon is certain to insure repeat sales. We hope that you are as excited about this project as we are. If you see yourself fitting in with our organization, please don't hesitate to contact us to start a dialog.

6 Landscape Curbing by Lil Bubba Machine Booming and lucrative outdoor business you can run from home
Landscape Curbing by Lil Bubba Machine Booming and lucrative outdoor business you can run from home

Own your own money machine with a Lil Bubba Curb Machine. This established business system will work anywhere. Everything required to operate your own Decorative Concrete Borders business fits in the Lil Bubba custom curbing trailer. Proven successful for 25 years with operators in all states. Make up to $2,000 per day or more installing continuous concrete landscape borders for all home owners, cities, business owners and more. Low startup costs and amazing profits. Training and ongoing support provided.

3 iPhone Repair Technician "We Fix iPhones" At home iPhone, iPod and iPad Repair Technician (Guaranteed Success)
iPhone Repair Technician "We Fix iPhones" At home iPhone, iPod and iPad Repair Technician (Guaranteed Success)

We have been in business for over 4 years. We currently are up to four locations and growing. This is a great way to supplement your current income. Or you can replace your current job completely and become a full time iPhone repair technician. This business is ran completely from home. It has an option to conduct mobile repairs for customers. Get involved in the future of computer repair now. Our marketing strategy is guaranteed to bring you in a solid customer flow. You will be operating as your own boss in your own location. You will handle all of your financial transactions. You keep all capitol in your hands. You will only be responsible for purchasing all of your inventory from our company. No monthly/annual fees. No hidden payments. This is a VERY straight forward deal. Your only up front financial obligations will be to buy a starting inventory. You buy parts from us. We train you how to conduct the repairs. We instruct you on how to bring in the customers. You make money.. Simple! This process is only limited by your own level of motivation. We are so sure of our process, we will guarantee your initial investment. If you are not conducting any repairs we will purchase back your initial inventory investment! Give us a call or shoot us an email to inquire about our process.

Make a difference in the world… become a Certified Catalyft™ Coach Grow Entrepreneurs through Peer Advisory Boards, Courses, and Coaching
Make a difference in the world… become a Certified Catalyft™ Coach Grow Entrepreneurs through Peer Advisory Boards, Courses, and Coaching

WHAT WE OFFER: Proprietary Intellectual Property & Certification – Catalyft Success System™ is a platform for Entrepreneurs to offer Courses, Coaching, and Peer Advisory Boards through our Proprietary Certification Program. Facilitate monthly Peer Advisory Board & Next Level Boards - Peer Advisory Boards offer entrepreneurs a mastermind group with the powerful, proprietary, Pinnacle Success System™ as its foundation. Each board is comprised of a carefully selected group of entrepreneurs offering their wisdom and counsel in a facilitated conversation. Education, new concepts, and tools are introduced each month. The board meeting’s primary focus is for each entrepreneur to present current challenges that are holding them back and/or new opportunities and possibilities for growth. Advisory boards offer counsel and accountability with the goal of assisting each board member to expand and accelerate their growth and success. Lead Courses & Seminars - The Pinnacle Success System™ provides a proven, sustainable, and upwardly iterative model that entrepreneurs can reliably implement to earn more, work less, and to enjoy the journey. The courses provide entrepreneurs with Growth for Life and a Process to Sustain it™. Create transformation with Coaching & Strategy - Catalyft Success Coaching offers participants a powerful business coaching process with the powerful, proprietary, Pinnacle Success System™ serving as the foundation. We believe that the coaching relationship is an inside?out process that accomplishes two primary objectives. 1. Coaching increases business and personal performance and provides a significant return on investment. 2. It continuously and iteratively expands future capacity. Thrive coaching addresses the current situation to make an immediate impact and, at the same time, prepares coachees for continuously increasing success by growing their capabilities. Catalyft Coaching is offered in 3 formats: 1. Catalyft Coaching for Success™ 2. Catalyft Strategy Intensives™ 3. Catalyft Success Accelerator™. WHAT ARE THE CHARACTERISTICS OF A GREAT CATALYFT SUCCESS PARTNER: Coaches – who love what they do, but haven’t yet been fully successful monetizing it; they are looking for a proven platform for growth. Successful Entrepreneurs – who have done it, and have a passion for helping others through coaching, mentoring, and team building. Top Executives – who are transitioning or starting over and want to find something that they are truly passionate about. OUR MISSION: Catalyft’s Mission is to serve as a powerful catalyst for entrepreneurs to experience extraordinary success in business and life. OUR VISION: To engage 1,000 Certified Catalyft™ Coaches across the U.S. – Teaching the Pinnacle Success System™ to hundreds of thousands of Entrepreneurs in a vibrant community of like-minded Catalyft Success Partners. OUR COMMITMENT: Our commitment to each and every person in the Catalyft Community is to provide a supportive, powerful, and transformative environment in which to achieve extraordinary outcomes that would not have been predictable or possible prior to working together. DISCLOSURE: Where applicable, we offer business opportunities solely by means of our disclosure document. Certain states have laws governing the offer and sale of business opportunities. THIS OFFER IS NOT BEING DIRECTED TO A RESIDENT OF ANY OF THE FOLLOWING STATES: Alaska, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin. If you are a resident of one of the states, we will not offer you a business opportunity unless and until we have complied with applicable legal requirements.

6 1000 Degrees Neapolitan Pizza Franchise Available 1000 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria Franchise
1000 Degrees Neapolitan Pizza Franchise Available 1000 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria Franchise

1000 Degrees is a Fast-Casual authentic, hand-tossed Neapolitan Pizza franchise. Territories are still available in most states across the US. Average unit cost is 250,000.00. 1000 Degrees serves the best pizza in the country, with a "create your own" option, fired to perfection in just 2 minutes. Our proprietary rotating gas fired Neapolitan Pizza oven is capable of firing over 200 pizzas per hour. For more information please visit the franchise section of our website at

Want to Monopolize New Transforming Industry? - No Brick & Mortar 130 Million Books To Monopolize - No Brick & Mortar
Want to Monopolize New Transforming Industry? - No Brick & Mortar 130 Million Books To Monopolize - No Brick & Mortar

Video enclosed explains the power of this Game-Changer biz and is a demonstration of its ability to sell 130 Million Published books. Its name makes it Easy to Brand-build, Easy for Search Engines because the name says exactly what it is, except NO building is required. . “Visitors who view product videos are 85% more likely to buy than visitors who do not", Internet Retailer. replaces the old, obsolete, expensive ways of marketing/selling books and brings all authors, their books and their videos to 1 central location. Readers (buyers) want a relationship with authors (sellers). Now ALL authors have a great way to promote & sell their books inexpensively. Monopoly power and competition reduced because 15 similar website names are included. Flip it for 9-figures or Run it! Watch the video and more info at Other website names for your monopoly include: videobooktrailerscom

3 Astronomy image printing business Backlit LED Frames
Astronomy image printing business Backlit LED Frames

Stardust Gallery is a web based business that focuses on fantastic images that have been taken by the Hubble telescope of the universe. These images which are extremely high resolution are printed on high quality backlit film and displayed in state of the art LED Backlit frames. This lighting technology takes theses fantastic images and brings them to life. This business model is also great for taking images taken by amateur astronomers and photographers and printing them so they can display their work. Here are some comments from some customers of Stardust Gallery: - Casey R. - They are amazing I love them thanks. the frames are very good construction. - Thomas D. - Got them and immediately mounted them in a bedroom where they look magnificent on either side of a large window - Doug O. - This is a very nice package, nice frame and accurate rendition of the original image. Current marketing includes the following: - Twitter account - Facebook Page - Pinterest Page - Yahoo Group page - Astronomy websites to display classified ads - Yahoo groups related to astronomy

4 Debt Consultant Training Group Business Opportunity Become a Debt Consultant - The Biggest Opportunity Of Our Lifetime
$24,000 Seller Financing
Debt Consultant Training Group Business Opportunity Become a Debt Consultant - The Biggest Opportunity Of Our Lifetime

Work full or part time & you are welcome to bring a partner to our training program at no additional charge. All that attend our training will receive 3 months of Emyth coaching. $4500 value This opportunity is available in the U.S. & Canada. TO FOLLOW THE LINKS BELOW, RIGHT CLICK AND FOLLOW THE LINK 1 in 4 Americans have debts in collections & 73% of Canadians are unable to pay minimum balances on their credit cards every month. Americans have a debt-to-income ratio of 370% according to Fortune magazine ( means for every dollar they earn, they owe $3.70! Canadians are at 174% surviving on a housing bubble.This means that 79 million Americans with debts so far gone that they are in the hands of a collection company. The statistics don't lie and this is likely the biggest opportunity we will see in our lifetime. The opportunity to own a business with unlimited potential for growth & income - all while helping your neighbors get their lives back. We have been helping consumers and business owners get debt free for over 15 years and the statistics tell the story: -1 in 4 Americans are in collections. * CBS news ( - Canadian debt record at alarming record levels. Debt to income ratio at 174%. CBC TV. This means for every dollar earned, a $174 is owed. ( -U.S. credit card debt skyrockets to over $1 trillion. ( -47% of Americans could not afford a $400 expense due to high debts & low savings. The Atlantic magazine ( WHY CHOOSE A DEBT CONSULTANT INSTEAD OF A BANKRUPTCY LAWYER OR TRUSTEE DIRECTLY? Simply put - trustees represent the creditors! Trustees get paid a percentage of what they get paid back to the creditors and in our opinion this creates a significant conflict of interest.Your clients will believe this as well once they know how the system works. The dehumanizing feeling of entering a Bankruptcy Lawyer's office as well as the significant malfeasance that goes on every day in lawyers offices equals opportunity. Of course we are not saying every bankruptcy lawyer mistreats their clients. However, the reputation of Bankruptcy Lawyers deter consumers from getting help and those that attempt the process on their own have a dismal success rate. ( ( Do your own research and you will determine that consumers and business owners need a trusted adviser to wade through this process - and fees you charge will come from the money your clients will save on debt repayments. (you determine how and what fees you charge - however we will show you what has worked for years with 1000's of clients) TRAINING PROGRAM - START GENERATING LEADS IMMEDIATELY AFTER TRAINING AN INTENSIVE TRAINING PROGRAM THAT WILL GET YOU STARTED IMMEDIATELY! We are taking our 15 years of experience which includes a successful parent company that is in the Business Consulting field as well as our success of building a coast to coast debt franchise organization for one of our clients - and putting it all into an intensive and detailed training program. Our training goes from lead generation to lead conversion and includes client fulfillment. We provide all the presentations for your 1st and 2nd meetings as well as templates for your referral sources such as BNI groups or U.S. Referrals. We show you how to get qualified leads right out of the gate by joining a referral group in your area or home town. This is has been a very successful strategy for other consultants and no doubt would be for you. (http://www.bni.

Unique Fully Stocked Retail Store Opportunity Low Cost Start Up Opportunity In The Jeans Domain
$59,000 Seller Financing
Unique Fully Stocked Retail Store Opportunity Low Cost Start Up Opportunity In The Jeans Domain

This business will be fully stocked with 3000-5000 pairs of brand name jeans in the most popular styles and sizes. The store will be fully decorated and operational. Everything included including POS, inventory, decor, etc. 21 days of training is included in sales, operations and purchasing inventory. Also includes a professionally developed web site. The first 10 stores will be reduced by $15,000 to $45,000 and royalties will be waived for the first couple of years. A deposit of $12,500 with three draws of $10,900 due in each week of training. This will be a direct competitor to other national brand used clothing franchises. This is a proven model has produced at least $75,000 cash flow in the first year. One owner can own multiple stores in larger markets. -------------------------------------- Reply to this post or Call Jim at 513 633-4471 ----------------------------------------

Add $750,000 or More to Your Bank Account Every Month! Trade Exchange Licensing Business
Add $750,000 or More to Your Bank Account Every Month! Trade Exchange Licensing Business

Add $750,000 to your bank account every month If you truly want a part-time business for adding $750,000 or more to your bank account every month, then, you need to invest in the Trade Exchange Licensing Business today. No previous knowledge, experience or technical skill is required for you to get started. 100% of the technical work involved in this business is done for you. With this opportunity, you can work once and retire with a 6 to 7 figure income per month • without picking up the phone, • without talking to or meeting face to face with anybody, • without even leaving your house or office - guaranteed! To learn more about this business opportunity send your name and address to to receive our FREE PDF presentations to discover "The Trade Exchange Licensing Business for Adding $750,000 or More to Your Bank Account Every Month."

4 1-800-Mr-Junker Junk Removal Made Easy!!! Business Opportunity- Licensing opportunity
1-800-Mr-Junker Junk Removal Made Easy!!! Business Opportunity- Licensing opportunity

We are offering a business opportunity for the right qualified individuals - most be self motivated and hard working. You can start your own 1-800-Mr-Junker business in your local market. Plug into a proven system with 10 years of experience. Complete turn key opportunity and starting making 6 figures part-time in this billion dollar waste management industry. Hurry areas are limited and must qualify for this exclusive opportunity.

3 They laughed when I said I wanted to import products out of China... Look who is laughing now!
They laughed when I said I wanted to import products out of China... Look who is laughing now!

BUT Look who is laughing now! My name is Cameron Mitchell. That's me standing on the Great Wall of China. 10 years ago my company sent me, from Australia, to China as a consultant to a Chinese company. I saw for myself just how cheap products in China were being manufactured. Something that you buy on the shelf in the USA for $50 was being made for $1-$2 in China. I realised I was missing a massive opportunity by working for someone else on a salary and not getting involved with importing and exporting. So I started my own sourcing company. Friends, family and acquaintances said it was impossible to work in China because of the language and cultural difficulties. They laughed at me for giving up a secure high paying job to follow my dream of working for myself and owning my own business. They did not count on my determination and resilience….I was going to succeed no-matter-what! My first order was for scrapbooking products and we made $7,000 profit from one order and we got many repeat orders as well. Since then we have expanded into many diverse areas and even have our own manufacturing facility that builds kayaks, Pizza Ovens and all kinds of Steel Fabricating which we export them around the world. I now have two offices in China and 20 staff. I also have office in Australia and the USA. My clients make great money from their Ebay sites, Amazon and On-line shops. I am now so busy dealing with my own clients I am looking for partners/distributors/agents to join me and learn the business. We will teach you everything you need to know to find hot products and how to sell them. When you join with us you can use our office and staff to help you source products from the factory in China to your door step. Not only that, we will also teach you how to sell your products on Amazon which is now the number one retailer in the USA surpassing Walmart in value. The cost of our live online training is usually $2500 but if you attend our next scheduled training online its only $1980. You dont have to travel anywhere for the training. You just need a computer or iPad with internet connection and a head set so we can talk. What do you get for the training? 1. Training on how to import products from China that will sell. 2. Training on how to specifically sell products on Amazon. 3. Training on how to export products from the USA into China. 4. Access to Aliance staff and office in Shanghai who will help you find the products you want. 5. Help every step of the way from indentifying product to selling it. 6. You get the opportunity to upgrade to one on one training in China. 7. Opportunity to go with us to the Canton Fair in China to see thousands of products. 8. Access to hot products that we get from factories that we work with. 9. Unlimited 1 on 1 mentoring So what are you waiting for? Millions of products are being imported every day and millions more are being sold on Amazon. Why cant that be you? I live in China but my brother Lachlan lives in Utah. You can call him for more information on 801-900-1717 or email

3 Last Month I made $33,897 selling products on Amazon and online Here is the perfect online business
Last Month I made $33,897 selling products on Amazon and online Here is the perfect online business

Hello, My name is Rachel Trujillo. I have 4 daughters under the age of 13 so I wanted something I could do from home. Sure I could have joined a MLM company or bought a home based franchise but that means paying monthly fees or selling products to friends that they really don't need. That just wasnt for me. More and more I have noticed how much I buy things online. Whether its through Amazon or other websites I found myself liking the easiness of online shopping. Dragging 4 kids to the store is not my idea of fun. I decided that the business I wanted to do was to also sell online as I know thats the way business is going. I didn't want to buy a franchise and have to pay a royalty and I didn't want to have to staff a store and having employees at all was not attractive. Who needs that headache? I decided I wanted a product that I could be passionate about. I have always been interested in nutrition and having four girls I am always wanting to make sure that they are healthy. I finally decided on this one: Click on the link if you would like to check out my website. While my sales were initially steady selling through my website things really took off once Aliance showed me how to sell on Amazon. Here is a link to my product on Amazon: What I loved about Amazon is that I did not have to send out the product to the customers. Amazon did all that for me. In fact once I got my product selling all I have to do now is spend a few of hours a week working on my business. I started with one product but now I have five. I hope to have 10 products on by the end of the year. I am on track to hit the 500k mark this year. Last summer, my family went to New York for a month all paid for by my product. For that whole time I was away, my new business just kept running. Customers would buy products on my website and on Amazon, and Amazon would send out the products. Every 2 weeks Amazon would put money into my account. I have no office or store rent to pay, no employees to manage and pay, no royalty and best of all NO BOSS. This is truly the best business to be in. Its fun too. I have set up my phone now so everytime I get a sale it gives be a beep. Nothing is better than taking my kids for bike ride and my phone beeps letting me know I have made more money. Now when I started I knew nothing about importing or websites or even how to sell on Amazon. That didn't matter. Aliance can help you with all of that. There are 1000s of products out there to sell. Mine is just one. What will yours be? What do you have to lose? Give them a try. I would suggest you contact to get you started. See more at

3 Start your independent shipping and packaging store today! Minimize startup cost
Start your independent shipping and packaging store today! Minimize startup cost

ARE YOU….. Driven? Confident? Ambitious? DO YOU WANT TO START YOUR OWN SHIPPING AND PACKAGING STORE? We can help you realize your dream without the cost of a franchise. DO YOU LIKE FREEDOM AND SUCCESS? I LIKE: FREEDOM Building a business as an independent shipping store gives you the autonomy and flexibility. I LIKE: SUCCESS Allowing us to guide you along the way, will help you experience success early on. Our Vision To simplify our customer’s business needs Mission To support and train our customers based on their business needs while allowing flexibility and autonomy to run their business independently. Our Goals: 1. To offer top of the line training and support for business owners 2. To minimize startup cost 3. To help owners find ways to be profitable 4. To support business with their day to day business needs What we can do for you. We offer several packages depending on your needs. Many business owners fail because they don’t seek help from the experts, but not you. You will succeed because with the proper guidance you can establish yourself as a successful shipping and packaging owner. Below are some ways we can assist you. We are here to assist you in the areas you may need help. Our training will help you build a strong foundation for your business success. 1. Start-up cost break down 2. Cost and Profit Analysis 3. Business Layout 4. Suggested vendors 5. Suggested furniture, equipment, and supplies 6. Suggested mark-up rates 7. Customer Service 101 8. Packaging 101 9. Shipping 101 10. Mailbox 101 11. Basic day to day business operation 12. Strategies to increase profit 13. Training at our location interacting with customers (5 Days) 14. Training at your location (5 Days) 15. Phone consultation Professional consultation ranges depending on your needs. You may seek phone consultation and/or face to face training. We have packages to offer or you may select only what you need.

5 Website Builder in 5 Languages with Enormous Potential Huge market potential with no geographical limitations
Seller Financing
Website Builder in 5 Languages with Enormous Potential Huge market potential with no geographical limitations

Successful online DIY website builder business with 150,000 active websites, and over 1 million websites created. Over 1000 templates, a drag and drop intuitive touch-screen compatible interface allows anyone to create a professional website quickly and easily, also optimised for mobile devices. As a purely online business, there are absolutely no geographical limitations as to where it is based - the software can be relocated/installed to any servers worldwide. Presently available in 5 languages (English, German, French, Portuguese and Romanian), any language (including Arabic, Chinese, Japanese etc.) can easily be added. The system is highly scalable and overheads very low. The system is fully automated, and as you generate new clients they are located on your existing servers, and you simply add servers or storage as you reach full capacity. New features can be added easily. The growth potential of the business is limited only to the buyer’s investment in sales and marketing. There are multiple distribution channels available: 1. Direct website sales online. 2. Web design studios as resellers. 3. ISP’s, Telecoms and web hosting providers as resellers. 4. Highly customized CMS solutions for retail networks.

High Margin Business Opportunity - Custom Spray Tanning! Add Sunless Services to Your Salon/Spa
High Margin Business Opportunity - Custom Spray Tanning! Add Sunless Services to Your Salon/Spa

Our Mission: Educate. Inspire. Transform. Through precise methodology, enthusiasm for continuous education, outstanding customer service, and extraordinary products & solutions, BodiBronze® is dedicated to the art and precision of custom spray tanning excellence and providing unparalleled flawless, bronzed results. Join the Sunless Revolution and add BodiBronze® Spray Tanning to your salon/spa! Partner with BodiBronze® Sunless Spa and let us help you add an additional, high-margin revenue source to your salon! As a BodiBronze® Certified Salon Owner, you will have the opportunity to provide outstanding sunless services that take advantage of BodiBronze® Sunless Spa's Superior Products and Solutions Collection, Top-of-the-Line Custom Equipment and Exceptional Training Techniques. You will be able to add this service into your existing salon, knowing that you have what it takes to provide extraordinary sunless results; keeping your clients returning time and time again! You will enjoy access to our outstanding team of BodiBronze® Certified Technicians to help answer all of your on-the-go question! Adding a HIGH-MARGIN revenue source to your salon has never been easier or more affordable! Let us help you do sunless RIGHT! The BodiBronze® Difference: Emerging Industry - Differentiation - Proprietary Equipment and Products - Proven Concept - Low Investment - Continued Support Our Goal: To become the national leader in custom spray tanning excellence by leveraging the BodiBronze® brand and partnering with qualified salon/spas to expand across the U.S. Our Strength: Combining unparalleled service with cosmopolitan experience using highly trained and personable technicians, premium products, and state-of-the-art equipment. The Result: Exponential growth in the sunless market creating the opportunity to become the premier sunless brand in the beauty industry. Differentiation: BodiBronze® Sunless Spa manufactures our own brand of sunless solutions, retail products, and have created a training program and sunless equipment for a detailed, comprehensive operation. As the sunless industry continues to grow, BodiBronze® exclusive proprietary line of solutions, premium retail products and equipment for our Certified Salons will differentiate us from competing brands. The BodiBronze® Sunless Collection Line is exclusive to our Certified Salons and cannot be purchased elsewhere. In a Nutshell: BodiBronze® Sunless Spa has formulated our own proprietary blend of sunless solutions and retail products that are unmatched in our industry. You will never have to worry about other salons in your territory* using our exclusive line of products. Our premier training program is extensive and comprehensive, allowing certified technicians to handle all body and skin types with perfection. Differentiation and precision in the art of spray tanning is what we are all about! BodiBronze® holds an outstanding track record for growth; with our passion and support, we will help you to navigate this exciting new venture as a BodiBronze® Certified Salon Owner. We hope that you review our website at your convenience, as it can answer many preliminary questions you may have. Please contact us today for more information or to set up an informal meeting. *Territories are not guaranteed

6 Tinder + Video = The New Growing Social app Glimps. (Needs Investment) Tinder + Video = The New Growing Social app Glimps. (Needs Investor)
Tinder + Video = The New Growing Social app Glimps. (Needs Investment) Tinder + Video = The New Growing Social app Glimps. (Needs Investor)

Investing Accomplished! We created the new follow-up of Tinder. It almost works the same but it have 1 big difference. This app works only by “video”. A few weeks ago we release the new version in the app store. And starting to communicate about it. We defiantly find out there is an organic grow in the user base. We finalized the app bugs. And we are ready to make big steps by using online marketing campagne's. The app called Glimps and have been released in The Netherlands. It works with distance so you are probably not able to see people around your area. For now we aiming only in The Netherlands. When we reach our target we are looking for investment needed for the Android version, International grow and profit module. Are you the connection who can boost us to a higher level? We are looking for an investor who have expierence & knowlegde in online marketing. If you are the perfect match we are defiantly open for a co-op. About Glimps: SAY Hello! Get a true Glimps and meet someone new. At Glimps, your profile is nothing more than a 15 second video. This is your opportunity to say Hello: an online conversation starter. Keep the ball rolling by replying to somebody’s video message. By doing this, you’ll get a true Glimps behind the profile – and the person. here’s your chance to show people wo you really are. Share a short story or quick fact about yourself – maybe even your opinion on a topical issue, or you want to keep it more light-hearted: simply share a joke or ask a funny question instead. Whatever you choose, you decide how to reveal a Glimps of yourself to others in your 15 seconds. Investment: Let us know what type of investor you are and which amount you want to invest. Share us your mind about your position and general thoughts about Glimps. We are open for all type of investing methods. But we are aiming for an equity based investment with 1 leading investor. If we want to explode and rush fast we need a total amount of €550,000,-. First Goal: Organic grow in daily activity. (accomplished) Second Goal: Find an investor who can bring us to a higher level. Future Targets (timelapse of 6 months) 1. User experience fine tuning. 2. User stories fine tuning 3. Backend fine tuning. 4. Expending team of freelancers 5. Andriod version 6. International grow (Europe or America) 7. Profit module. All future targets are docmuented and ready to launch.

6 Webstore, Inventory and Contracts Axis Cups & Coolers
Webstore, Inventory and Contracts Axis Cups & Coolers

This is a web ecommerce store with: All Inventory - your buying the Axis name Approx. 4700 cups with open lids extra 4800 closable lids 500 stainless straws All packaged individually with UPC code $16000 in cooler molds already paid that will be your moulds 90 coolers of 25 qt hard cooler 90 coolers of 45 qt hard cooler 90 coolers of 30 qt bag cooler *$120,000 in inventory in everything (approx.$106,000 to sell wholesale ) and (186,000 to sell retail ) * $16,000 molds paid for on the ice coolers * $5,000 in cup and lid moulds * 40ft storage container * Axis tent with logos and 12 ft axis flag * 65 Display shelves and i have 55 in stores that you will take over the sales in them * powder coating gun and powders * Axis cups website * Axis cups face book with over 17,000 likes, ebay,etsy and amazon * Square cash register system * 150 store contracts *We sell to 110 stores, just signed with 13 and picked up 7 more. *We wholesale to several smaller stores. All products have UPC codes and ready for retailers

We Train You to Sell Blinds for a Flat Fee- No Franchise Fees Ever! Low Cost Start up/ Very Profitable / We Personally Train You!
We Train You to Sell Blinds for a Flat Fee- No Franchise Fees Ever! Low Cost Start up/ Very Profitable / We Personally Train You!

Window Fashion Careers specializes in the training, coaching, and supporting of independent retailers in the window covering business, and offers a highly effective alternative to expensive blinds franchises. Most of our clients have researched franchising and have come to the conclusion that the initial investment, ongoing monthly royalties, advertising funds, corporate commissions, and restricted territories may not provide an appropriate return on their investment. Learn the trade of selling blinds, shades and plantation shutters from successful business owners for a fraction of what franchises cost. Stan and Janice Everly, the instructors and training coaches, were initially trained by a franchise and know all of their secrets. They will share their education and experience of six years in a franchise and nine years as an independent retailer. After only six days of training, you will be ready to launch your own window fashion business. Below are some benefits of being an independent retailer in the window fashion industry: -No franchise fees or royalties -No Vendor restrictions -No Inventory to -No experience necessary -Work from home -Set your own hours -Low investment -Low overhead -Proven marketing system -Established demand -Easy start up For a one-time fee of $20,000 WFC provides a comprehensive training program, introducing you to national brand suppliers, and offering one full year of on-going training and support for all clients. While operating a franchise, the Everlys' spent over $150,000 in franchise fees. When looking back, they concluded that all they really needed was the initial training and support. They didn't need the franchise name, because it was them that the clients trusted, not the franchise. It was their hard work that built the business, it had nothing to do with the franchise name. That is when they asked themselves, "What are we paying them for?" The Everlys have proven marketing systems in place that have been fine tuned to produce results. They will share this program with you and offer their advice that can save you from wasting thousands of dollars on advertising. Our goal is to help others achieve independence and financial success in the window covering business without breaking the bank. You don't have to spend your life savings and commit to a lengthy contract with a franchise to learn this business. Stan and Janice will host the six day training course in Fort Worth, Texas. You don't have to be a pushy salesperson to sell window coverings. Anyone can learn this business and be successful if they are willing to work hard at achieving their goals. There isn't any cold calling in our program. Customers who need help with their window coverings will call you. Your job will be to guide them through the process of choosing the best product that fits their needs and budget. If you are not sure if you want to install the products, there are plenty of installers out there for hire.

6 Virtual Surfing Simulator Party System - Fun Income Portable Virtual Surfing System- FREE COMPUTER and shipping!
Virtual Surfing Simulator Party System - Fun Income Portable Virtual Surfing System- FREE COMPUTER and shipping!

Our Electronic Virtual Surfing Party system is the world's first interactive computerized party system. This is the portable version of our "VIRTUAL SURFING SIMULATORS " was developed and highly popular over the last 10 years - used by by Microsoft, Motorola, Disney, Hawaii 5-0, Sony Entertainment, Dairy Queen, Cisco Systems, Baxter Medical, Discovery Channel, Man Caves and more for their executive parties and special events. Inquire about our latest ENTREPRENEUR KIT PRICE of $799 where we give you all the licensed proprietary software and then provide all the links to the accessories you will require (like the DELUXE PACKAGE) along with all the online video training you need to get started. The portable event system is combines the ability to virtual surf and also take a unique photo opp - all in one. Great for home business opportunity operators too! The system can net a possible profit of more than $6000 per month / per system all while having fun and providing unique entertainment to any event you can imagine.You can potentially contract more than 8 special events per month: parties, weddings, fund raisers, etc. per month. We received our first patent in 1990 for our specialized surf-sensor balance platform and have been manufacturing, selling and renting our highly successful Indoor Virtual Video Surf Simulators for more than 15 years for use at trade shows, corporate parties, fund raisers, museums, weddings, grand opening and still remain the world's first and only system of its kind. If you like to plan events or enjoy party planning this is a great system. The entire portable computerized interactive system system takes only minutes to set up and is perfect for that memorable event for all ages!

Seeking Business Partner in Education, easy to operate! Great Business, low investment risk, easy to operate, lucrative income
$7,500 Seller Financing
Seeking Business Partner in Education, easy to operate! Great Business, low investment risk, easy to operate, lucrative income

Does working for yourself, building your OWN business with an easy operation appeal to you? Do you love to teach and do you find happiness in empowering children? If you have these 2 critical qualifications, we are excited to welcome you to become our Partner-in-Education, an opportunity for a lucrative income that requires only part-time working hours. You can keep your full time job while transitioning to this business venture. We would like to expand our excellent service to benefit children in your area and if you are inspired to make a huge difference in children by helping them reach their highest potential during the crucial brain development years (4-12 years old students, all elementary students - huge target market). Benefits: Proven Business Model - Recession Resistant - Low-Cost Home-Based Investment - Children’s Education Industry Growth - Part Time - On-Going Training and Support Programs. This is not a franchise, you don't have to pay a huge franchise fee and restricted with all kind of franchise requirements such as a huge monthly expense for landlord. You are not obligated to teach only this program and have to work full time for the franchise system. You have your own freedom to define your own financial goal and the amount of time you want to put in this business. Our system is so efficient, for an example, you can teach 100 students without hiring any assistant and you only need to work 2 days instead of a whole week. Potential income is unlimited if you want to expand your business to a larger area. We have been in business for 14 years, this is not a startup for us. We are looking for a partner to help expand the business. We will provide our new partner with a turn-key business which will include everything you will need to start making money from the very first month and be successful. Your primary responsibilities will be recruiting students in your area and teach (you can hire teachers if you would like to. It's a very simple business to run and operate. In house financing available with $5,500 down payment for the partnership fee. There is not much other financial requirement except the initial partnership fee for us to train you. You can choose a home-based facility or sublease a community classroom and you don't need to buy any classroom equipment. If you have your own children to teach, your partnership fee is cheaper than to send your children to our whole program. Plus, you will have children with a very powerful brain that will ease the rest of their learning journey! You got the whole program for your own children and your own financial power at the same time. This business is also ideal for home-school parents! Please contact us to see if you are the right partner we are looking for. Serious Partner only!

3 Advertising Business, Home-Based and Lucrative Visually Appealing Restaurant Locator with Guaranteed Coupon Savings
Advertising Business, Home-Based and Lucrative Visually Appealing Restaurant Locator with Guaranteed Coupon Savings

EAT Directories are the Smarter Way to Find Restaurants, and SAVE Money with Coupons. This is an easy path to business ownership if you enjoy selling advertising or meeting people. Eat Leasing directories demonstrate that "We Eat with Our Eyes" by showing beautiful photos of "appetizing" foods, making this directory more useful than any other form of promotion. No typing is needed by the user, making it easy with point & click simplicity. All Coupons are also printable and guaranteed to save at least 15% at local restaurants. Eat Leasing is designed for you to be independent and self-employed, instead of committing to an overpriced investment, like a typical franchise, but still allowing the huge earning potential. You can be operational in just 3 short weeks, and you’ll keep 100% of all of your sales; leaving the rest to us! We do all the background work, setting the ads and publishing to your website. You owe it to yourself to take a good look through the website at and watch the videos to see why being a "Rentrepreneur" is the better way to having your own business! You will be provided with a fully Customized "Eat Directory" website which allows you to be in business for yourself without the major expense of starting your own business or buying one. Imagine... Franchise income potential without the fees, royalties or major investment. Here’s what makes this offering so appealing… Each territory has an Annual Gross Income Potential of $150,000. REMEMBER... Only ONE per geographic area will be awarded in each territory. Want to make more? You can multiply your income by having as many Directories as you care to manage, anywhere in the country. All the profit from the sale and goodwill of a territory is yours to keep. You will be leasing your local Eat Directory for a flat $575 per month, with No Hidden Charges. Only 2 ads can cover your rent for the entire month, the rest is profit! You control your territory for as long as you wish, and keep the rights to resell or manage your territory as you please. You can expand into other territories anywhere in the Country, or sub-lease your original territory. You can enlist friends, co-workers, partners, and associates to prosper and grow your own advertising enterprise. Operating multiple area directories can obviously increase your income dramatically. will continually support your background services, allowing you to focus on selling. Your future is now, don't waste another minute. Go For It, You'll be Glad You Did !!!

Award Winning Ready-To-Drink Iced Tea - All Natural Beverage Great addition to existing beverage line! Expand your SKU's.
Award Winning Ready-To-Drink Iced Tea - All Natural Beverage Great addition to existing beverage line! Expand your SKU's.

Have you been wanting to start your own beverage brand or add a line of iced tea to your existing beverage line? It can be overwhelming and expensive. This is a rare chance to get in on the ground floor of the healthy beverage trend and purchase a fully established, nationally acclaimed, award winning all-natural ready-to-drink iced tea brand. This iced tea is artisan brewed with proven natural ingredients in adherence with FDA requirements for beverages. The brand encompasses four product lines, two which have won top awards at the North American Tea Championships. The sale includes everything for these products, including current inventory, marketing material (POP, POS), logos, lots of professional photos and graphic art work, e-commerce website, intellectual property including 4 formulas, FDA compliant formulations, FDA compliant labeling, UPC codes, manufacturing resources and US registered trademark. I even have two more excellent formulations that I have not yet scaled to production, which I can include. Everything you need, turnkey, to begin or extend beverage manufacturing and distribution. So why am I selling? Some people are great at product development while others excel in sales and marketing. I am the creative force behind the brand, but I am not a salesperson. This brand needs someone expert at sales and marketing, with access to capital, to expand the brand from it’s successful local roots. I have acquired an enormous amount of knowledge with this product and am willing to extend this to you. Many area specialty markets, including the nations top natural food market, carry this iced tea. If you are a marketing whiz and have access to adequate capital to grow the brand, this is a successful opportunity for you to take this young brand to the next level.

6 Insurance Restoration Franchise Build your Future. Diversify your Present.
Insurance Restoration Franchise Build your Future. Diversify your Present.

You've heard the saying, "Don't put all your eggs in one basket." But are you doing just that with your construction business? We are looking for good solid, contractors and tradespeople that are currently in business and want or need to diversity and build for the future. A Delta Disaster Services franchise allows you to add a new revenue source to an already solid business. Plus you will be entering a $200 Billion, recession-resistant industry. You can keep your current business = We have a proven system to succeed in insurance restoration = a Proprietary software program that manages your entire operation = Only one franchise per market, and only about 220 markets total = We have been ranked three of the last four years to Inc. Magazine's list of 500/5000 fastest growing companies = Our business model has resulted in placement, five years straight, on Qualified Remodelers list of Top 500 Companies = We provide a proven sales and marketing program to help you get, and keep, business from a wide-range of referral sources. We are the only franchise built for contractors by contactors! You will have access to a team of "consultants" with a combined 100+ years in this business. You will have training on estimating and using the same software all insurance companies use and how to speak the same language the adjuster speaks. Anyone who has tried to do "insurance work" knows this can be a cumbersome and difficult process without the proper back-end knowledge. We give you that knowledge and help you build your business. The advantages of owning a Delta Disaster Services insurance restoration franchise: Recession-resistant $200 Billion industry. Outstanding, continuous support at every level. A proven system to succeed. You are building a national brand while diversifying your assets. Excellent profit margins in both emergency services and reconstruction.

6 Seeking Distributors for the Hottest Office Coffee Service in the U.S. Most ESPRESSO-ETC! Distributors Average Over $90 Profit an Hour
Seeking Distributors for the Hottest Office Coffee Service in the U.S. Most ESPRESSO-ETC! Distributors Average Over $90 Profit an Hour

Starbucks started the whole coffee revolution, and now corporate offices, and upscale retail settings have very high expectations for their daily coffee. We at ESPRESSO-ETC! have developed not only the best coffee products and coffee machines on the market, but we have become a stalwart competitor against Starbucks and other large retail chains. And we have also developed an unbelievable marketing plan that produces top sales. How is this so? First ESPRESSO-ETC! has the best coffee available. Also, the Aroma Gourmet Coffee Machines are at the uppermost echelon of coffee makers. There are 10 selections of contemporary coffee styles and the coffee beans are ground at the time the coffee is dispensed. Understandably they are not the least expensive machine on the market, but they are the best value for the money. And lastly, ESPRESSO-ETC! has developed a plan that is highly effective for marketing the Aroma Gourmet Coffee Program including free machines and complimentary on-site demos. ESPRESSO-ETC! is expanding quickly, and needs Independent Distributors nationwide. The advantages for the customer are that the Aroma Coffee machines deliver a fresh ground, made-to-order cup of extremely high quality espresso coffee, and specialty drinks to include mocha, chai tea and hot cocoa, at extremely competitive prices. ESPRESSO-ETC! has strong “sales leverages” against any office coffee service in the marketplace. And the kicker to making the sale is loaning the prospective customer an Aroma Gourmet Coffee Machine for a few days to try out the coffee and service! We at ESPRESSO-ETC! know our stuff and will train you and coach you non-stop, as long as you need our help. We will guide you to use easy methods for selling your service. We share our expertise to help you avoid common mistakes, and will make sure you don’t chase after non-profitable office accounts. No matter what the customer currently has for coffee service, ESPRESSO-ETC! can almost always beat them with quality, price or service. To help you procure new locations, ESPRESSO-ETC! will provide you the methods we use such as internet optimization, email campaigns, telemarketing and networking to gather new customer leads. On occasion, Espresso Etc! will give you a qualified new location. We advertise nationally through optimized placement on internet search engines. So long as you can effectively handle new accounts, Espresso-Etc’s! intention is to pass any new leads in your area directly onto you. Typical locations would include Auto Dealerships, Luxury Apartments, Hotels, Exclusive Hair Salons, Large Offices…. and the list goes on and on. In the event that your customer wants to sell the coffee instead of providing it free of charge, there are settings which will allow your customer to use money acceptors. Currently ESPRESSO-ETC! mails through UPS the coffee products to the customer at the customer’s expense. We suggest you have more contact with the customer because you would sell more products. However, it is your option to use UPS if you choose, perhaps with some personal contact visits. Our representative in the sale of these businesses is Silverbridge Inc, an established business brokerage in Southern California. Silverbridge has already sold a number of our Distributorships in the past. This business opportunity is a win-win situation for you and Espresso Etc! We both have the same motivation… making the most money we can with the Aroma Gourmet Coffee Program. ESPRESSO-ETC! wants you to succeed as part of our team. So, we invite you call our representative, Silverbridge Inc., and ask for Jim Gallaher. As an independent California licensed broker, Jim has been selling coffee and vending routes and businesses for over 30 years and knows how to appropriately protect both parties. Representing ESPRESSO-ETC! Jim Gallaher, President Silverbridge Inc. 714-776-5400 200 N. Harbor Blvd. Suite 214 Anaheim, CA 92805

3 80% Financing! Proprietary Stock Market Sentiment Analysis Web App No experience required! Custom web app, proprietary technology.
$10,000 Seller Financing
80% Financing! Proprietary Stock Market Sentiment Analysis Web App No experience required! Custom web app, proprietary technology.

OVERVIEW Custom web application for sale (SaaS), totally automated, proprietary technology and charting. Incredibly easy to operate. Generate passive income! Using proprietary algorithms and artificial intelligence, SiftStock scours and analyzes social media outlets for stock market chatter, quantifying investors’ emotions and providing traders with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions based on market opinion. SiftStock’s technology maps sentiment data and share price side by side, allowing users to identify trends, test theories, and spot opportunities. The software gives users the ability to trade based on public opinion, a valuable data point in today’s increasingly volatile environment. DETAILS The site was built by our private equity firm, and despite investing quite a bit of money into the site, algorithms, etc. we are focused on several offline businesses and currently do not have the capacity to operate this and take advantage of its potential. This is a great opportunity for anyone who has experience driving web traffic or affiliate marketing, day traders, or anyone who has a complimentary product or app. It's fully functional and has PayPal, stripe, etc. integration to allow the new owner to immediately generate revenue. The proprietary algorithms are included and were written by our own analyst. They utilize machine learning and sentiment analysis to filter our meaningless chatter and properly weigh data. QUANTIFYING MARKET SENTIMENT Savvy investors use SiftStock to quantify the unquantifiable. SiftStock’s proprietary algorithm, powered by artificial intelligence, collects, analyzes, and charts stock sentiment data, all in real-time. ALGORITHMIC ANALYSIS Unlike other pieces of sentiment analysis software, SiftStock’s technology, powered by machine learning, filters out white noise and weighs data points based on historical impact. USER-FRIENDLY INTERFACE SiftStock’s interface is incredibly easy to use and allows investors to search for real-time sentiment data, customize views, and compare sentiment and share price trends side by side. LOGIN - TRIAL brendanbrandt1 pw: 123456 To manipulate the graphs, place your cursor over the chart and use the scroll functionality on your mouse's "scroll wheel" or on your laptop's trackpad. To move in either direction, hold down the left mouse button / trackpad and swipe in the direction you would like to move.

6 Link U (Medical Alarm Dealership) Recurring Monthly Revenue with 65% Profit Margin
Link U (Medical Alarm Dealership) Recurring Monthly Revenue with 65% Profit Margin

There is no technical or medical background required to be successful in this business. If quick ROI, recurring monthly revenue and a 65% profit margin sounds good to you then read on. The senior market is expanding faster than any other. There are currently 43 million seniors in the U.S and, according to AARP, there will be an additional 10,000 every day who reach retirement age over the next 15 years. LINK U provides Dealers with access to state of the art traditional and mobile Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS as it is referred to in our industry) along with top-tier U.S. based 24/7 monitoring. We provide proven marketing techniques and ongoing support to Dealers who wish to tap into this growing market. PERS and mobile PERS are used to call for help with the simple touch of a button and for many seniors our devices are the difference between being able to live independently in their own homes and losing that independence forever. The numbers speak for themselves. 1,200,000 seniors experience a fall every month with up to 20% of them suffering a moderate to severe injury as a result, all of whom could benefit from our service. LINK U Dealers enjoy a business platform that provides them with a product which is in demand, saves lives, and increases independence for their clients - all while producing recurring monthly revenue. If you are looking for an opportunity to help people while you earn a legitimate income, then look no further. Our Quick Start Kit includes everything you need to get started in this growth industry including Marketing Manual with proven techniques, customized marketing materials and forms for your business, and your initial equipment package. You will also have training and ongoing support for the life of your business. LINK U Dealers offer Traditional LINK, Cellular LINK, and Mobile LINK PERS devices using proven marketing techniques which focus on low cost referral-based customer acquisition and local personalized service. Dealers spend the majority of their time developing relationships with referral partners and providing the local service that sets us apart. We provide our dealers with equipment, U.S. based monitoring using English as a first language operators, and the expertise to help them grow their business quickly. Contact us today for a personalized market analysis and overview of this opportunity. Be pro-active, prepare for success in the new year by becoming a LINK U dealer today!

Turn Key Business / Free Advertising / Earn $50k Per Month FAT LOSS / SKIN TIGHTENING AESTHETIC BEAUTY TECHNOLOGY: 37% Net Profit
Turn Key Business / Free Advertising / Earn $50k Per Month FAT LOSS / SKIN TIGHTENING AESTHETIC BEAUTY TECHNOLOGY: 37% Net Profit

CALL TODAY: 310-770-3458... and ask for ANDRE see if your territory is still available BIG NEWS!!!: “A TECHNOLOGY THAT OFFERS PAINLESS, IMMEDIATE AND EFFECTIVE FAT LOSS AND SKIN TIGHTENING PROCEDURES IS FINALLY HERE… ...AND THE RESULTS ARE PERMANENT OUR PROPOSITION IS SIMPLE – Let us introduce state-of-the-art, high demand - income generating procedures into your new or existing business or medical practice's existing line-up of product / services and show you how the demand of targeted fat loss and skin tightening procedures has the power to transform your location's income earning potential. * FREE ADVERTISING to drive customers to your location * FREE WEBSITE * FREE MERCHANDISING Materials and more... (requires no medical staff supervision) WHAT DOES THE TECHNOLOGY DO? ULTRASONICS: Permanently and instantly removes fat cell deposits through a painless ultrasound cavitation procedure using a proven sound wave technology. LIPO SCULPT LITE: Harnesses the energy of laser light to shrink targeted fat cell deposits in all areas of the body, including areas too sensitive for ultrasound (such as the face). THERMA-LIFT: Offers a natural looking skin tightening and collagen building solution for face and body through the power of radio frequency. HOW WILL IT GROW MY BUSINESS? 1) By Adding Immediate Revenue through a New Line-Up of Product / Services 2) By Driving Additional High Traffic to Your Business / Practice through Free Advertising 3) By Cross Selling New and Existing Customers Into Both Your New and Existing Product / Service Lines

Electronic Publishing Social Media Platform Electronic Publishing Portal - Publishers Do-It-Yourself!
Electronic Publishing Social Media Platform Electronic Publishing Portal - Publishers Do-It-Yourself!

All encompassing turn-key solution to your electronic publishing needs. No need to spend years and millions developing an in-house platform. Everything you need to quickly transition to electronic publishing, viewing and management of editions is included. Whether a single weekly shopper publication, large scale magazine or national newspaper, ePubLive can handle any task. You, the publisher, are in full control! Multi-tiered Publishing Portal technology allows publishers to upload content for digital publishing. Subscriber pay-wall and Free Pub options supported. Social Media piece allows subscribers to build profiles and interact with each other to build cross-pub promotion. Unique one-of-a-kind technology parsing method quickly converts the publishing piece (PDF) to an electronic document in ready-to-view format on the ePubLive portal. Hotspot editor allows publisher to quickly and easily "tag" specific content (words, images, etc) with a direct hot link to a video, picture gallery, email, article, and more.

6 Existing Internet Trading Business For Sale Day Tarding Internet Trading Business For Sale
Existing Internet Trading Business For Sale Day Tarding Internet Trading Business For Sale

Existing internet trading business for sale. Company has been in business over 3 years now. Takings around 900.00 to 12k per day we have all proof of income for the last 3 years. No experience is needed we can train you you can work from your home or office. Deposits made daily in your account. Software tells you exactly what to do and when. See and hear for yourself it’s free to test drive this first!!!! No obligations on your part, try it for a few days first. We train you thru the computer and one on one and support Please complete the contact seller form below for more info about this business for sale. Thank you.

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