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Housing Agent : >250 domains with 5 TM's USA, CA, EU, AU + +250 ccTLD's worldwide combined with 250+ domains to start business in 90 countries. Registered TMin the USA, Canada, Europe, BeNeLux and Australia. This portfolio can be useful in real estate mediation, relocation and rebranding your current companies name. Definition: housing agent(n.) broker’s office, housing agency, real estate office, estate agency (British), real-estate agency (American) HOUSING B.V. is owner of a set of 250+ domain names that will enable the buyer to establish an off the shelf (global)property/relocation business brand when the domains and brand are combined with an established office network from the potential buyer. The uniqueness of the domain names is rare and not available elsewhere. We believe that the buyer will have an extensive advantage to any other players in the property / relocation market by unlocking the value of this purchase. All domains are clean and have not been used for any business purposes previously. Except for and Details: -The Company is registered and founded in The Netherlands. All assets can be transferred to any country. Optional is to buy the Dutch LLC with all assets in it. -The Company owns a set of 250+ clean domain names of which 90 are country-code Top Level Domain names (ccTLDs), all closely related to HOUSING AGENT. -145 domains are strictly related to HOUSING AGENT, and also include new geoTLD’s such as .melbourne, .paris, .tokyo, .services, .careers, etc. -The rest of domain names are closely related, e.g. HOUSING AGENCY, HOUSING AGENTS, HOUSING AGENCIES, and have been purchased solely to protect the business model from name damage or potential copying. -All domains have been offline for years (in Passive Holding) to keep a clean history (except for .com and .nl), therefore no traffic results. -Registered trademarked logo in the USA, Canada, Europe, BeNeLux and Australia -Free global marketing tool included, 151 twitter user names. Free of charge -More information at The benefits: -Unique set of domains that is not available elsewhere -Easy-to-remember and easy-to-recognize brand that has the great advantage to be rolled out worldwide. Marketing costs with making a ‘brandable’ name recognized worldwide can be significantly reduced. -Opportunity to tap into the non-English speaking countries that have English as a common language (E.g. The Asian relocation market). Our research has shown that the terms “housing agent” are suggestive of its core business to English speakers around the world. The Commonwealth countries do use this term. -Opportunity to tap into the relocating expatriate market and benefit of cross-country client base. -Clean history for the list of domains, which gives the buyer the option to create a new vision for the business. For example: short stay rental apartments, holiday rentals, luxury housing, brokerage services. -Turnkey solution: the buyer will save the time to build a similar brand and infrastructure of domains. It took the founder 7 years to purchase all domain names and obtain these 5 trademarks. More information only on request, and please, use a business e-mail account for credibility. Kind regards, Martijn Schneider B.V.

Biometric Fingerprint Authorized Credit / Debit Card System $5M US - Startup Opportunity - Exclusive Licensee - Strategic Partner

LaserCard LLC is a privately held company headquartered in Boca Raton, FL. LaserCard LLC was established back in 2000 for the purpose of developing and patenting a means to secure credit and debit card transactions utilizing card based biometrics. Billions of dollars of fraud per year continue to be lost worldwide. Mail theft, skimming & cloning, security breach or dishonest employee at the retailer, bank, or card company, spyware, malware, phishing emails, fraudulent websites, key loggers on computers, PIN hacks, and fraudulent card readers on ATM’s. To prevent these attacks we need to eliminate “static” credit card numbers and personally tie the card to the user with biometrics. LaserCard’s dynamic PIN (Personal Identification Number) is automatically rotated and added to the card number each time the card is authorized with your fingerprint. Software on the bank’s backend servers or third party authenticators process the encrypted PIN and authorize the transaction. What you end up with is a card number that is never the same. Dynamic card numbers coupled with a rock solid fingerprint authentication system is how we feel the LaserCard technology can eliminate card fraud. The technology is diverse and would not only function with traditional magnetic stripe cards. Our patented LaserCard technology could apply to Chip & PIN, RFID, laser, and barcode plastic cards. Quite simply we use fingerprint recognition to authenticate the card user in whichever format the card may be. Everything for LaserCard to function is contained in the card. No changes to the existing infrastructure, no changes to card readers, no change for the retailers, and no external databases required. Authorization of our secure transactions occur seamlessly over the existing networks. Beta testing can essentially be deployed anywhere. LaserCard is a viable solution to the ongoing plastic card fraud epidemic. Back when we started in early 2000 we found it challenging to educate people about plastic card fraud and identity theft, yet today it is on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Europe migrated to Chip & PIN many years ago to stop these financial losses but it is still rampant with fraud. The US is slated to ditch our dominant 1970’s magnetic stripe infrastructure and adopt Chip & PIN by October 2015 (ATM's/Gas Stations by 2017). Something most experts agree will be very difficult to achieve and is estimated to cost in excess of $50 billion dollars to implement. Smartphone payment technologies are coming into the picture, albeit without much uniformity, and yet they still only represent a tiny fraction of payments; although we agree that Smartphone payments may be a dominant technology in the future. So for right now, and at least the next decade and more, the existing payment infrastructure with billions of plastic credit cards in use will likely remain in effect worldwide. LaserCard has in place a commercialization roadmap of three phases. We have surpassed phase one and are midway into phase two which allows us commercial activity within 18 months of obtaining an exclusive licensee or strategic partner. Phase three takes us into large scale production of the LaserCard for 1 million plus units. The technology is fully functional at near its commercially intended size which will be just fractionally larger than a standard credit card so it fits in the wallet. LaserCard is also ready to be integrated into Smartphones, again all within phase two commercial activity. All components of LaserCard are developed and sourced and there is no new invention required. What we are ideally looking for is an outright sale of the company and its intellectual property. We would also entertain an exclusive licensee or strategic partner willing to fund the commercialization of the technology and facilitate its entry into the market. We have no debt and no past, present, or pending litigation. To date there are no revenues.

Insurance Restoration Franchise Build your Future. Diversify your Present.

You've heard the saying, "Don't put all your eggs in one basket." But are you doing just that with your construction business? We are looking for good solid, contractors and tradespeople that are currently in business and want or need to diversity and build for the future. A Delta Disaster Services franchise allows you to add a new revenue source to an already solid business. Plus you will be entering a $200 Billion, recession-resistant industry. You can keep your current business = We have a proven system to succeed in insurance restoration = a Proprietary software program that manages your entire operation = Only one franchise per market, and only about 220 markets total = We have been ranked three of the last four years to Inc. Magazine's list of 500/5000 fastest growing companies = Our business model has resulted in placement, five years straight, on Qualified Remodelers list of Top 500 Companies = We provide a proven sales and marketing program to help you get, and keep, business from a wide-range of referral sources. We are the only franchise built for contractors by contactors! You will have access to a team of "consultants" with a combined 100+ years in this business. You will have training on estimating and using the same software all insurance companies use and how to speak the same language the adjuster speaks. Anyone who has tried to do "insurance work" knows this can be a cumbersome and difficult process without the proper back-end knowledge. We give you that knowledge and help you build your business. The advantages of owning a Delta Disaster Services insurance restoration franchise: Recession-resistant $200 Billion industry. Outstanding, continuous support at every level. A proven system to succeed. You are building a national brand while diversifying your assets. Excellent profit margins in both emergency services and reconstruction.

$19,995 Seller Financing
Dr Smart Phones Certified Repair Center You only need 5-7 customers a day.... We teach you how! (low overhead)

Dr. Smart Phones is a simple, niche concept with limited direct competition! Our specialty is providing fast guaranteed service while you wait. Our most direct competition includes companies that offer similar device repair services. We compete by offering the ability to repair a wide array of electronic devices at an affordable price in a timely manner.! Do you know someone that owns a computer, tablet, TV, game system, or cellular phone? They are all your customers. Most people own more than one of these devices. Join the newest billion dollar industry in the device repair business.

For Your Birthday - Expansion Cities Available Distributorship For Sale - Major US Cities

Successful marketing company in St. Louis is looking to expand to other major metropolitan cities across the U.S. We are looking for a top-tier sales oriented person who can reach the vast market of opportunities within most any midsize or larger U.S. city. The majority of Birthdays Direct customers are restaurants using the service to reach new customers in the area by offering a substantial gift-certificate to be used around the persons birthday. The ability to reach all potential targets in a demographic is key. The service is not dependent on those who have already visited the business and filled out a post-card. This is a family developed, owned and operated business. The success in St. Louis is representative of the potential in just about any given metro area in the U.S. Birthdays Direct has been in business over 20 years, and has a large portfolio of long-term committed customers in the St. Louis region and other areas in Missouri. Currently, St. Louis and other areas are producing over 100k offers through 9,000+ mailings per WEEK. The results our clients have seen from the service has been dramatic. The program has been shown to produce large amounts of new customers for our clients. Many of our current clients report that this program is by far the best dollar for dollar spent on advertising. This is a proven business model with 23 years of growth in St. Louis and other regions in Missouri. This distributorship is being offered well below the potential business value based on average cash flow expectations. We are looking for the right person to take over the region, grow the business, and partner with on a long-term basis. This is a real opportunity, NOT a make $100k working from home scheme. This business has been family owned and operated for over 20 years, and has potential growth well beyond its current levels. Expansion to other cities is the key to our growth. Due to the residual nature of the sale and the successful results for our customers, income streams from each client continue well beyond the initial sale. The buyer of the distributorship will maintain customer contact, and the Seller will provide the ongoing production weekly of all mailings.

Earn a Phenomenal Living, Transform Lives Be Personally Mentored by Self-Made, Multi-Millionaire WOMAN

IMAGINE: Be your own boss, unlimited earnings potential, help people look and feel better, set your own hours, work from anywhere in the world, be personally mentored by a self-made multi-millionaire woman. This can be your REALITY! Top owners earning over $1Million annually. SUCCESS PROFILE: Exceptional, motivated, positive, dynamic, coachable self-starters. Many owners are mom-preneurs, fitness instructors, top sales producers, Gen Y & Xers who seek a different path from the daily grind. Corporation expects to do $1.1 Billion in sales in 2015. Headquartered in Arizona and expanding nationally and internationally with a Clinically Tested and Proven All-Natural "FAT-Burning" System. - All natural organic, NO gluten, pesticides, growth hormones, GMO - 100% money back guarantee - Clinical studies completed - published in 3 different "Peer-Reviewed" medical journals. - System just won the American Society for Nutrition (ASN) obesity research interest section abstract competition - very prestigious! Generous unlimited commissions. $125K+ - First year potential $250K+ - Year 2 potential $450K+ - Year 3 potential

License to Succeed! Grass, Mulch and Pinestraw Painting Service Go into business for yourself, not by yourself.

This opportunity is for someone who is entrepreneurial, driven and likes working outdoors to provide a proven service to enhance residential, commercial and municipal/government properties. If you already have a landscaping business, this is a great add-on to your existing customer base, and a beautiful way to get new customers. Our products are all natural, safe, and non-toxic; making them the number one sellers in the retail space with 4.5 out of 5 star satisfaction! Customers love our product and it's ability to instantly transform their landscape with very little cost, resources and effort. But, not everyone is a DIY customer; that's why we created a license for our services. Just like a franchise without all the upfront costs, ongoing reporting, strict rules or royalties. We have been in business providing this service since 2008 in Atlanta with 2 full size spray rigs that generate astounding profits. The cost of goods sold is about 1-2 pennies per square foot, and customers are regularly paying 10-25 cents per square foot. Your profit margins are huge!, exceeding 80%! Your prospects are endless: Residential homes and HOA neighborhoods in your area, Realtors looking to stage homes for sale, Apartment/condo buildings, Government offices and properties, Shopping malls, Resorts, Golf and Country Clubs, and any property that needs to make a great first impression every time! We have built the license with your success as key. You receive a protected territory, 50 gallons of pigments (enough to generate over $40,000 in revenue!), complete on-site training on use and sale of service, ready-to-use brochures, yard signs, marketing materials and uniforms, rights to use the EnviroColor name and trademark, and discounts on all pigment purchases.

Easy Air Now Business Opportunity

Be your own boss. Run your own wholesale and distribution business in your city and/or state from home. New innovative product, patent pending, which is usefull for everyone that owns a car. Profit while these franchise startup costs are so low.

$13,500 Seller Financing
Home Estate/Moving Liquidation Business BOOMING!!! Fastest Growing Industry - Unlimited Potential!

The estate sale and liquidation industry is estimated to generate over 5 billion a year and continues to grow! It’s continuing to grow because over 10,000 people are turning 65 years old every day in America and will be for the next 19 years! This means that there will be a huge bow wave of naturally occurring downsizing as the population ages and moves to smaller homes or retirement communities. However, It’s Not Just About "Estate Sales" The term “estate sale” has broadened over the last decade to include all manners of sales involving the disposition of assets in both the private and commercial world. There are many opportunities for you to pursue. Your business may include these options and more: •Private Liquidations •Brokering Individual Items •Senior Transitions •Community Fund Raisers •Auctions •Yard Sales •Commercial Liquidations •Downsizing of Homes •Moving Management Services •Foreclosures •Garage Sales •Tag Sales With an Estate Sale business, you’re only limited by your imagination or how much you want to work. How You Will Make Money In Estate Sales: In the estate sale business you make your money as a broker and receive a commission on the entire sale. Commissions typically range from 35 – 50% of the sale. So if you have a $5,000 weekend sale, you’ll make between $1,750 and $2,500 for the weekend. One or two sales a month can make a substantial difference in you income. Importantly you set your schedule according to how much you feel like working. The estate sale business It also allows you to broker individual items like boats, cars, ATVs, etc., where you also receive your broker commission. You’ll meet an amazing cross section of the community. Everyone loves estate sales and many of the people you meet will become long term friends and future clients and customers. This is a fun business and it won’t feel like work. The time flies by while you meet new people and find amazing items to sell. Every week can become a treasure hunt and more importantly, you’re helping others at the same time. Importantly, you can make more in a weekend than many will make in a month. Inexpensive To Operate! An estate sale and liquidation business is inexpensive to operate compared to other businesses. No Inventory Costs – Many businesses (even small businesses) have high inventory costs. They need to keep product in stock to sell to their customers. With the estate sale business, your inventory is the items that you’ve been paid to sell. No Rent or Leases – You’re providing a professional service and you can operate out of your home while enjoying the tax benefits of being a business owner. No Fixed Staff Costs – Those assisting with your sales are either “on call” or vendors who are paid out of the proceeds of the sale. Freedom! In the estate sale and liquidation industry, you can work as much or as little as you want. As we discussed above, you have a business with virtually no fixed costs. One or two sales a month can provide a great side line to your income. You may also choose to do it full time and be your own boss and work when and where you want. You can become a top estate sales and liquidation professional in your area by simply following our step by step Estate Sales program. It’s simple to get started and contact us to find out how you can be part of this growing industry. It’s A Great Fit! The estate sale and liquidation business is a great fit for many small businesses and here are just some of the benefits of owning and operating your own estate sale business: •Be your own boss •Work when you want •Make more money •Tax benefits •No inventory costs •No fixed staff costs •A great family business •Connect with and help your community •Work from home •More free time •Cash business •Fun and easy to manage •No rents or leases •Save for retirement •Meeting great people

Investors Needed for Cloud Software Company Revenue Based Crowdfunding Over 800 customers: Fortune 500 companies, governments and healthcare

This publicly traded Cloud software company has been in business for over 15 years; with over 800 customers: Fortune 500 companies, governments and healthcare providers. This company is ready to expand worldwide. Already the company has over 20 international clients. The software provides mission critical software to some of the top companies in the world. The company has 10 software programs, with one being launched next year. The company has acquired 11 companies. Revenues over $1.5 million in 2014 Revenues over $1.5 million for the first 6 months of 2015 Forecast to have revenues of over $3 million for 2015. The company is looking for investors to invest between $5,000 to $25,000 per investor to grow the company to the next level. Investors will get monthly payment through the Revenue Based Crowdfunding Offering. The company has shown a profit for the second quarter. This is a solid software company with very few competitors. If you are interested, we will email you a password to access additional information about the company. The management team will be available to answer any questions. We are on track to complete this funding round by December 31, 2015. Please click on the link to fill out the contact form.

$41,397 Seller Financing
Own Premium Web Design, SEO & Marketing Business For Less Than $50k No Experience Required, Work From Anywhere, Or Work From Home

REQUIREMENTS: Must have good energy, self-motivated and able to dedicate 15 hrs a week to this process. For less than $50k you can be your own boss. Normal Price: $75,480 The number #1 reason to buy in to this business is because we have a great track record (you can verify on Google) for success, 1st page organic Google rankings and real client referrals that are on 1st page Google results currently that you can use to leverage your closing capabilities. Make your own hours or hire your own employees. You really only need 1 assistant to answer your calls and emails in case you are vacationing... Be part of the fastest growing reputation management service, WordPress web design. SEO, & marketing company in 2015. Ownership Fee Special $41,397 Normal Price $75,480. You Get: 1. Your own custom high-end WordPress website. Then when you get new clients we do all the work required to get client to 1st page results. 2. You get office In upscale area in your city (we pay your rent for the first 4 months) OR You can run the business from the comfort of your home. 3. Lowest Royalty or Advertising Fees of any licensing/franchising program (3% royalty). 4. 10 New Client Leads From Corporate Every Month for 1st 3 months (then each hot lead will cost you $50 ea). 5. Full Training, Full Support, hiring and sales support. The training is the most valuable asset of our program. We offer ownership training on the level of Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy and Les Brown. 6. 10,00 Printed business cards with your name and number. 5,000 Brochures. 1,000 Flyers. 7. Financing Available for Qualified Applicants. $5,500 down W.A.C. 8. Most importantly you have unlimited income potential and you have equity in your business that you could never enjoy at a j.o.b. 9. 180 day Money Back Guarantee if you apply all the training and leadership policies. That's right you can work for yourself from anywhere in the world and make money when you buy into the fastest growing business today. GOOGLE SEARCH... Own your own web development, web design and Google SEO marketing company with our team of experts that work FOR you. Our experts have a 98.7% track record for success according to Google. With ownership you also get the opportunity to help other businesses grow and help people in your own community grow their businesses. According to a Google search for: SEO expert USA GoogleMax SEO (which is also one of our companies) is the best team of SEO Experts in USA. Just Google it. Search: SEO Expert USA (you should see ranked #1 or #2) Join the fastest growing web design/SEO team in the USA. We are a full service marketing company that has mastered the art of getting websites to the 1st page of Google. When you join our team, not only are you given the resources and business management tools needed, but also the training and support to put you on the path to success. Your business will not only provide many services, but also a "money back guarantee" you can offer to your customers. The parent company ( was founded by Alexander Hudson. Your business will take over the area you choose and you can work while you are sitting on the beach or vacationing in the mountains. We also provide financing for ALL qualified buyers because we have a written success guarantee for all clients if you follow the guidelines and policies in the "New Owner Manual" on "How To Own a Successful Web Design, SEO, & Marketing Company" that we provide to you at no extra cost.. Essentially, "your success, is our success...", so we will provide all the support to make sure you succeed. www.expertsonweb Call 1 (800) 497-1020 Ask for Alexander. Quote of the day: Abraham Lincoln "good things come to those who wait, BUT only those things left behind by tho

Dog Lovers Wanted - Mobile Dog Wash The Mobile Dog Wash That Comes To YOU!

The Pooch Mobile is an international mobile dog wash and care franchise which drives to the customers home to wash and care for the family dog. If you love dogs and looking for a new career, speak with us today. Military Families - receive 10% (up to $5,900) discount. Single - Multi Unit - Absentee - Area Developer business opportunities available.

AvPro LLC - Aviation Software Company Aviation software company that specializes in pilot training/aid apps

Company is named AvPro LLC, I started it approximately a year ago and have gotten too busy with other life events to be able to give it the time it deserves. Company currently has two released software apps on the iTunes store that sell for 4.99 a download, they are ground school lessons for pilots teaching maps. I developed and released them as a trail to gauge market interest in pilot products. These apps combine earn about $500 a year which covers all the overhead to keep the business running and them some. The company also has two flagship products that are around 75% complete at this time. These apps have a large market potential and at a low end will produce on the low end 20-40k per year. The first is a digital logbook app which are in extremely high demand among pilots and can command a download price of $30. The competition for this app has been either unable to produce a quality product or charge too much for most pilots to consider. The second app is private pilot exam guide which has roughly 400 questions and answers that help a pilot get ready for their FAA checkrides. These apps are very popular and sell for around $9.99-19.99. The company also owns the domain name but it has not yet been developed and was in the concept phase when I last was able to give time to it. Cost to acquire name was $600. I am currently the manager of a large flight school and have years of experience in aviation community and would be willing to remain as a consultant for purchasers if they so desire.

Business Coaching / Corporate Training Consultancy YB 12 is all about helping people have the Best Year of Their Lives.

* Start your own YB 12 Coaching Consultancy * This is a lifestyle business opportunity, to start your own Business Coaching / Corporate Training Consultancy with YB 12 Coaching. * Be your own boss - this is a self employment opportunity * We are looking for pioneering leaders, who are passionate about making a difference in the lives of others, to be a part of our growing team of self-employed professionals in the United States. Imagine working from your home office, choosing your own hours and earning up to $60,000 per year part time as a YB 12 Coach ... ... or even earning as much as $200,000 per year as a Corporate Coach presenting productivity based training programs that deliver businesses the Best Year of Their Business Lives. At the same time you will be empowering employees to negotiate life better than they could ever have imagined. We have several SELF-EMPLOYMENT opportunities: - One for people who love personal development and like the idea of working with people on a one to one basis or in small groups to empower them to win in life by teaching them our prescribed, psychology based life skills program. - The others are dynamic, business focused opportunities, that will place you in front of employee groups in training rooms and board rooms as a dynamic trainer and public speaker. * Limited opportunity to join us at the ground level * We are currently deep into our launch-phase in the US and we are looking for potential coaches with the right pioneering spirit to help us grow the YB 12 brand. By joining us at this time you may qualify for further opportunities, to substantially enhance your potential income. These opportunities will only exist while we are in this early stage, and present a ground-floor entry into the business. In the US, we are replicating the success already achieved in elsewhere. Those with the vision and commitment to join us now will stand to reap the rewards. * Build your own YB 12 Consultancy * As a YB 12 Coach, we will train you in our comprehensive business and marketing system. It's a proven formula, which you can use to develop a successful business coaching, training and public speaking consultancy. And you can tap into a massive market - everyone is a potential client! There is a major need for YB 12's programmes: - Most people do not set goals, and many lack direction in life. When asked "would you like to have your best year ever?" the immediate response is an emotive and affirmative YES! - Most businesses fail in their first year, especially small enterprises. We've worked with all sorts of businesses, from coffee shops to major banks, and we still have not scratched the surface of the potential market. And you can have the confidence of knowing that we have been in this business for more than 20 years. We've delivered dynamic results for tens of thousands of people and companies. YB 12 coaches around the world have worked with the likes of Rolls Royce, Nestle, Yellow Pages, Honda-Nissan, Ferrari, Westpac, and Deutsche Telekom. We are tried, proven and tested ... and we will teach you the formula for success as a Corporate Coach and Corporate Trainer. If you are looking for comprehensive deliverables in the form of workshops, business coaching, and one on one executive coaching, where you as a YB 12 Coach are supported and developed in being self-employed, then: 1. Go to our site at, and see what we mean by WIN WIN, then 2. Contact us to arrange a time to talk (please provide your full name, contact phone number and email, and location). • Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster. • Do NOT contact us with unsolicited services or offers

Startup Turn-Key Online Marketing Company Online Lead Company

This Business is an online "home-based" lead company. We provide a custom: Brand Site Lead Networks Detailed execution plan phone number email platform 3 months of marketing assistance payment process support payroll support EIN LLC Documents filed This is a "turn-key" business opportunity. We have successfully helped one business owner so far achieve $25,000 per month in income from this opportunity and we can do the same for you.

$15,000 Seller Financing
Fully Automated Business Automated Trading System

Easy to learn business. Offering a easy to learn business that generates profits with no decision making. It's an automated system. You don't need any experience in the stock market. I will train you on everything. No actual stock market knowledge is needed for this business as we will provide full initial and ongoing training. We will be there for you and guide you through the entire process. You will get our personal cell phone as well as email address. These algorithms are very scalable. As your account grows so will the algorithms. All trades and reviews of the algorithms are listed on Please check out the site or call us for a live dmo Keywords: Ecommerce, Stock Trading, Service Business, Work From Home, etf, stock, hedge fund, absentee, internet business, relocatable

Shark Tank Business Opportunity for Under $5,000 Get Started Today For Less Than $5,000

Case Escape, LLC is a company founded on starting entrepreneurial and small business opportunities within the local, nationwide, and global communities. We do so through providing all of the equipment and training necessary to start one's own custom phone case business in what we call our Start-up Kits. Once the kit is provided in a turn-key style fashion, we continue to help our clients explore new selling channels and supply additional resources. Our overall goal is to continuously support and grow their businesses as they go from online (Etsy, Amazon) to retail (mall kiosks) and beyond.

$25,000 Print & sell backlit Hubble Images in LED frames. Price includes $40,000 worth of retail inventory, website, printer...

This is a great business for the right person. I will list some of the positives, along with some of the challenges regarding this business to help you determine whether or not this is right for you. This is a startup with all of the mechanics and inventory ready to start selling. The positives are: 1) The product is amazing. The backlit images really pop inside the LED frame. When you put a backlit image along side a regular framed painting or print, the LED lit image is far superior! Nobody looks at these images without remarking with a very positive response. Every light box comes with a dimmer switch so that people can adjust the brightness. 2) The markup is healthy. I am able to mark everything up a minimum of 400% after product, shipping and import duty costs. My prices are not the lowest because the internet is rife with people who are obsessed with being the cheapest while neglecting sound business practices. However, my prices are lower than my major competitors. Actually, my prices are generally lower including the print than companies selling the same product without the print. 3) This business can be purchased with or without the printer. I have it priced at $25,000 with the printer and $20,000 without the printer. If you do not live near me (Washington/Oregon) then it is better that you buy the business without the printer and purchase one near you. Actually, you don't need a printer for this business but a printer allows you to maximize your profits. A print shop will usually charge you about $8 to $10 a square foot to print on backlit film whereas if you print your own, it will cost you less than $2 per square foot calculating both film and ink. Also, you can print in minutes without having to wait to get it back from the printshop, not to mention shipping or driving time to get your print. 4) I have a library of Hubble images, Pinups (maybe too R-Rated for some), and movie posters. Another area that is prime for business is artists. If you can contract artists to let you print their work on backlit film, it could be a very lucrative win/win area for both you and the artist, whether or not they have a gallery to display in. 5) Another option is for you to simply become a wholesaler/retailer of the lightboxes without including the prints at all. Might not be as much fun but it would simplify the business and allow you to focus strictly on the lightboxes. 6) After thinning down my choices for manufacturers online, I traveled to China to meet with my last two choices and chose the better of those two. I have been in the import business for many years so I know the best things to look for. Price is an obvious criteria but manufacturing facilities and English proficiency are other important factors. The buyer of this business will not need to travel unless they want to (tax deductible). 7) It doesn't matter where you live in the USA. These lightboxes are packed up safely and I can put them on a pallet or two and ship them to you. 8) The website has a shopping cart and is set up to take orders! The challenges in this business: 1) Marketing could use social media (Pinterest and Facebook). I and it would be good to take better product shots. In person, these backlit images are outstanding in the LED frames. I'm sure a professional could take better pictures. If you are ambitious, you could place these in restaurants, retail businesses, galleries and so forth. Trade shows, fairs and art shows (as long as there is an electrical outlet) are also great venues. People would stop and stare all day long and you could definitely make a lot of sales this way. 2) Educating your visitors would be another plus. Not everyone knows what an LED backlit frame is. So it would be advantageous to shoot a short video showing people how easy it is to change the image in a frame and how great it looks on your wall next to a dull painting. And every painting is dull compared to these! Call or em

Get a Piece of a $3Billion Industry; Learn Equipment Finance Brokerage Equipment leasing and financing brokers are HEROS

The NAELB School has everything you’d get by signing with a major national franchise… In-depth Education Resources & Suppliers Ongoing support Networking with Peers Proven Structure Prestigious Affiliation Well, not everything… NO large franchise fee NO Royalties on income NO Rigid Corporate rules NO Weekly reporting NO Territory restrictions NO Lack of freedom NO Geographical limitations =========================== You’re ready. You’ve heard about the exciting, lucrative business of being an independent equipment leasing broker. But you want to do it right. You want to be armed with the product knowledge and the sales skills that will get you started on the right foot. In short, you want the odds to be in your favor. Our 40-hour school, combined with complimentary attendance at one of our national or large regional conferences, will deliver that. You also like the idea of having a prestigious national not-for-profit association behind you, with fellow-members who are eager to help. The National Association of Equipment Lease Brokers has been doing just that for 25 years. Membership includes both your peers, and the investors and banks that are there to fund the transactions that your connections and efforts bring to the table. All the freedom and challenges of owning your own business with the support of a major national non-profit association. No boss. No franchise fees. No Royalties As an equipment leasing broker, you’ll set your own pace. You’ll work hard, and have the opportunity for unlimited growth. But you’ll be just a phone call away from an experienced active member whose goal is to see you succeed. Start with an intensive week of classroom training, followed by complimentary attendance at a conference of your peers and the lenders who will supply your inventory of dollars. Now you’ll have the running start to earn an exceptional income, limited only by your drive and initiative. We create Win-Win-Win solutions for businesses, including growing end-users, equipment dealers and banks/investors (plus their various insurance agents, CPAs and bankers). Our clients THANK US with sincere expressions of gratitude. The doors swing wide open when we come back to see them (or call them) again. Because your next career should be the one you’ll never want to leave.

Premier Online Startup Packages: Domain, Website and Identity. High potential sites - VINOTREE.COM | SWEATFX.COM | SHOPSTOCKPICS.COM

Our company, builds foundations for startup entrepreneurs. It would be difficult to find nicer looking sites on the internet today in respect to each of these industries. All they lack are your finishing touches and customization. Considering the quality of all included, we estimate it would require $12K to $15K and 6 months lead time to replicate these assets. Here's what you will get: 1) DOMAIN NAME: is considered highly targeted for the related industry and will rank well in the search engines. 2) CUSTOM LOGO/IDENTITY: has been professionally designed, and all hi-res file versions are included. 3) PREMIUM DESIGNED AND DEVELOPED WEBSITE: 100% Responsive Technology. Fully functional and ready for your final touches. SHOPSTOCKPICS.COM - POTENTIAL USES FOR SITE: 1) Sell your own photos online 2) Create a community for other photographers to sell their photos while you earn a commission 3) Become an affiliate where you earn a percentage revenue as a reseller. SWEATFX.COM - POTENTIAL USES FOR SITE: 1) Promote personal training services 2) A professional presence for a gym or workout facility 3) An online resource for fitness related questions, answers, tips VINOTREE.COM - POTENTIAL USES FOR SITE: 1) See your private label wine online 2) A professional presence for a wine retailer 3) An online wine brokerage/resell company OTHER: The text and images used on the site currently are for placeholder purposes only. You will need a developer to add your content and specifics to the site. If you don't have an inside contact who can take care of this for you, we can certainly provide a discounted quote from our end.

We are Growing!! Looking for entrepreneurs to join our winning team. Limited Number of Metro Areas Available-low investment / high margins

Join a winning team in providing over 10,000 OSHA mandated first aid and safety products to businesses. We are currently expanding into new markets and are looking for the right owner/operators to do so. We are looking to sell half our stake in certain metro areas to help absorb our overwhelming growth. The products and services we sell are required, so it isn't if customers are going to buy, but from whom they will buy. Customers are signed to a monthly service agreements, in other words - one sale with recurring revenue. We provide extremely competitive pricing on over 10,000 items, and provide better service than the competition due to local ownership. This is B2B sales and service that operates M-F 8:00 - 5:00. Our customers include small local companies to fortune 100 companies. High margins / low overhead with a six figure income potential.

$2,895 Seller Financing
Casino & Sportsbook - Turnkey Online Casino Business Unlimited income, Work from home, Recession proof, Earns 24/7/365!

FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER Turnkey Casino Business available in the U.S. We build your entire turnkey business! We offer FREE marketing and training! -Recession Proof! -Unlimited Income Potential! Work From Home! -NO Overhead, NO Employees, NO Bosses, NO Quotas! -Online Casinos Generate Income 24/7 Worldwide! -Completely Runs Itself! -100% Anonymity! Tap into this exciting business-in-a-box thriving multi-billion dollar industry and start earning income this week! This opportunity provides the following additional benefits: -No computer or technical experience needed or required! -NO design or marketing experience needed! -A complete turnkey business

eCommerce, Online Retail. Hunting, Camping, Fishing, Equipment. eCommerce, Online Retail. Hunting, Camping, Fishing, Equipment.

Gross profit margins range from 35% to 150% depending on the item. The website currently shows all of the hottest selling items for hunting, fishing, camping. Which carry very high gross profit margins. There are currently approximately 10,000+ items for sale. Also provided to you with other distributor contacts so you can expand the business. One of the distributors we recently located has a great assortment of fishing gear that can be added to the store. Will turn over everything... domain name, website, supplier contacts, administration area where you manage the business. It is very robust yet simple (point-and-click). Loaded with every conceivable feature. Asset sale includes: - domain name (a premium domain name) - fully developed robust feature packed shopping cart type website which auto detects and formats for computers, ipads and smartphones (including the shopping cart's source code); - integrated Wordpress Blog. - wholesale supply contacts and arrangements where they ship under store name directly to our customers; - paypal, card services international, payment gateway interfaces; - full password protected administration area where you mange the orders, customers, catalog - connection wholesale supplier contacts; - full control of back end office where you manage the business. When an order comes in you can email it to the supplier and they fill it; This is a 100% independent website. You are not tied to any supplier or any hosting company. You can do what ever you want to the website. It is all yours. No inventory stocking necessary. Drop ship items to your customers. Please call or email Tom with any and all questions, willing to discuss particulars at length. Pricing negotiable. 917-574-9141

Passive Income Monthly Revenue Hands Off Business Ownership

We are an Inc 500/5000 company as of 2013 and over 5 years of business growth. What if the store carried income items that produced $500 / month to $20,000 / month? Although sounding a bit “Too Good To Be True”, that store exists. You can find it at We are looking for capital investments of $70,000 to $700,000 to put a partnership together with you. We buy it with you and run the business for you. We maintain and grow your online business as you do other things. Watch our videos on and web sites for more information. Similar to a real estate agent, Income Store finds “Revenue Generating” websites for individuals, groups and funds. They refer to the individuals, groups and funds as “Site Partners”. Income Store takes the real estate agent model to another level. Not only does Income Store find revenue generating websites, they buy, manage, market and further monetize the website for their Site Partners. Income Store uses the term Site Partner because they have skin in the game. Instead of getting paid an upfront fee, like a real estate agent, Income Store receives a revenue share on each site purchased. Income Store is unique on many levels. There is no competition to Income Store as there is no other company that acts as the “Buyer - Host - Manager - Marketing Agency - Monetization Agency ” for a website purchase, let alone, perform any of the aforementioned services on a “pay per performance” basis. It is only because Income Store is a division of Todays Growth Consultant, Inc. (TGC) that makes this possible. TGC has a four-year growth rate that placed them on the Inc.5000 list this year as the 1083rd fastest growing U.S. company. TGC partners with executives, athletes, authors and industry thought leaders on Authority Websites. TGC co-owns, manages, markets and monetizes over 200 Authority Websites that will be viewed over 100 Million times in 2013. Ken Courtright, Founder: Since 1992, from small businesses to NASDAQ, Ken has consulted for 3100 companies. Forming TGC in 2009, Ken bridged “Growth Consulting” with the “Internet”, recently authoring “Online Income: Navigating the Internet Minefield “ and co-Authoring “Against the Grain” with Brian Tracy. A Best-Selling author in 5 different categories, Ken has recently been featured on WLS, WGN, Website Magazine, FOX, CBS, ABC, NBC, A&E and BIO. Mike Engstrom, Managing Partner: Mike brings 26 years of M&A, Business Sales and Business Coaching to Income Store and TGC. Having shared his knowledge with stadiums of 12,000 people and coached and trained just over 4000 business owners and sales reps, Mike uses his leadership skills to find, train and guide all growth divisions of Income Store and TGC. Dave Conklin, CMO Dave, a “Vistage” Speaker on the topic of Internet Marketing, is one of the sharpest minds in the field of growing website properties. Having built multiple website properties that generated millions per year, Dave sold both of his successful Internet Marketing companies to come aboard, take an equity position and oversee all marketing. Speaking to thousands on the topic of Internet Marketing, Dave has shared the stage with David Blaine, Tom Brokaw and Zappo’s Tony Hsieh. Todd Krause, CIO: As Chief Information Officer, Todd uses his decade long career to strengthen and secure all website properties built and acquired. Over the years, Todd has consulted on and worked on many websites generating millions of dollars in revenue each year. Allen Wilterdink, COO: A prior programmer for Facebook, Allen coordinates all divisions. With pit stops at Design, Development and Programming, it’s Allen’s vision that guides a website from our website “Cut-Over” division all the way through to Monetization.

$497 Seller Financing
In-Home Care & Assisted Living Placement - Starting at $497/month! Start a Home Care Business Using One of Our Start-Up Packages!

Launch Homecare has combined two businesses into one. Explode your earning potential by using this innovative business model and providing both home care and assisted living placement services to your clients. Home Care - Home care is one of the fastest growing industries in America. One of the services we provide is hiring certified caregivers, training them to provide high quality care and then staffing these caregivers with our clients in their homes. Staying home is one of the top priorities of our elderly population and this service keeps them healthy, safe and independent. Assisted Living Placement - With literally thousands of assisted living options available, families face a huge challenge sorting through all the available choices. We provide the solution. Just as a realtor assists someone in purchasing a home, we assist families in finding an assisted living home. And the best part is: this is a FREE service to families. We are paid by the facility receiving the resident. Here's a bit more about our packages: 1. Launch Homecare Digital Academy The perfect online program designed to make you successful from start to finish! A complete online learning system with over 20 hours of video training, resources, manuals and tools, all designed to empower you to start your care business from scratch and build it into a successful company. Many successful entrepreneurs got their start with the digital academy. This is the only online learning system in the home care, assisted living placement and medical staffing industry. Everything you need to learn to get started and be successful is included in this package. 2. LIVE Mastermind Training This is a perfect opportunity to come meet and spend 2 full days with the team that has built our company into a multi-million dollar leader in the industry! This is an exclusive opportunity for you and your team to come and visit our company headquarters and spend 2 full days with our CEO and our team, learning directly from us about the best operational strategies and sales & marketing tactics. We will even spend a day in the field with you showing you how to meet with healthcare organizations and build relationships with them to drive leads and referrals into your business. 3. Branding Package - The perfect way to develop the design and brand for your business! We've worked with many healthcare entrepreneurs from around the country and have combined this experience and knowledge to develop the best branding and advertising strategies. With this package, we will design your logo, website, brochures and business cards to give your company a consistent design across the board that will provide you with a professional and state-of-the-art presence in the community. 4. Licensing Package Let us do the heavy lifting and put everything together for you to obtain your state home care license! Customizing your policies & procedures, employee handbook and state licensing application can be daunting if you've never done that before. Our team will do all of the work for you so that the license process is completed smoothly and easily for you and your team. Now you can learn everything you need to know to successfully launch your own home care and assisted living placement company in your community at a price you can afford - as little as $497 per month!

Seller Financing
DentalSense Location Dental Practice Locations For Sale

DentalSense LLC 2015 We give dentist ownership though tenure, creating the perfect partnership for entrepreneurs. Our past success was made possible by the consolidation and centralization of insurance processing, material and supply chain, accounting, OSHA & HIPAA compliance, lab services and so much more. Through this centralized support network, we are able to take the headaches out of your day and put a dental care centric process in place so our clients can perform the best dentistry possible.

$2,500 Seller Financing
Very Profitable Cloud Computing and ICT Internet Franchise Opportunity From $2,500.00 CenterServ franchise opportunity. Only one of its kind!

From as low as $2,500.00/yr, own our 2 company websites, get clients from them and serve them with CenterServ cloud computing franchise standards and know-how… This will ensure your comfortable financial freedom backed by a strong business venture! The information that follows is how we make dreams happen! CenterServ franchise opportunity… The only one of its kind! BE YOUR OWN BOSS AND FREE YOURSELF WITH A CLOUD COMPUTING FRANCHISE We support every Internet franchise opportunity with more 15 years of innovation, achievements, and a proven business model backed by excellent market differentiators in a niche market where CenterServ and Group Emedia are pioneer… You will learn how to use the virtual world, excel at it and be free! While, franchisees might want to focus exclusively on one or the other, CenterServ’s family Internet and cloud franchise opportunity is composed of 2 companies: an IT company “CenterServ” and a Communication Agency “Group Emediacom”. Both are combined in ICT (information and communication technologies). Since our first aim is to ensure the success of our franchisees, what would be a better idea than offering what has been the whole source of our own success since our beginning? With various Cloud franchise opportunities available, we can ensure we will help you to make the right decisions so you can hit the ground running and grow your business, quickly and easily. And your options are limitless. As we continue to grow the CenterServ® brand, we remain competitive by offering franchising opportunities through multi-zone acquisitions and new market development. We have the recipe for success and we are determined to empower you with first-class knowledge resources and the support needed to become a member of the CenterServ® family.

B2B Services Outsourcing Platform : Risefy Marketing and Creative Help on Demand

Risefy is an marketing & creative services outsourcing platform. It helps business leaders connect and work with marketing, creative, and advertising experts. Small business founders typically have a great product or service, but they lack the connections, time, or expertise required to build the ideal brand that would facilitate proper growth. Risefy solves this by making an easy and inviting solution for outsourcing their professional tasks. The SMB market is a hot topic, and staggeringly large. As founders are becoming more tech savvy, they’re realizing that they need to spend more on marketing to succeed. The platform functions as a service marketplace (post, select, collaborate, pay) and features tools for communication, reviews, negotiation, portfolio & profile, secure invoicing, time tracking, service promotion, and more. There is also an administration portal, making platform management easy so that there is a highly reduced requirement for interacting with the server manually. The site is fully responsive, making it mobile-ready and SEO friendly. We’re considering the possibility of an early acquisition prior to VC stages, as the team has multiple opportunities in progress. This is the only market-ready platform. As such, it’s the only one we can offload. Risefy has been live since January 2015, building SEO and social channels, acquiring service-side members, and testing creative messaging. The software and business was in a development phase for 18 months, with thousands of hours from a very skilled development agency. All legal aspects have been handled by highly renowned industry-relevant attorneys. Create an account and evaluate the platform for yourself: All assets, server access, records, and transferable IP are potentially for sale.

Print/Mfg Bus-Unique Diecut Sheets for Promotion/Event Wearable Tags Nametags, Badges & Personal ID Tokens That Are High Volume, Low Cost

Premium TAGSnMORE manufacturers, prints and sells new types of eco-friendly wearable badges & tags for business events & meetings, promotion, schools and children's Badge Art. With these patented product lines, we perfected and are successfully selling this new category of products under the BADGETEC brand name. Traditional Name Tags/Badges have remained unchanged for the past 75 years, requiring a plastic holders or pin-back buttons. The Badgetec Tags & Badges represent a new category and are protected by twelve patents. They are based on 1) printing the Tags & Badges directly as diecut slotted sheets with standard office laser/inkjet/offset printers and 2) wearing the Tags & Badges directly with a clip or lanyard without plastic holders. Because these diecut sheets are made of heavy cardstock (or white printable polyester), they can be diecut in any shape. Premium TAGSnMORE inventories blank/stock printed designs of traditional sizes of rectangular badges and round tags. Another major source of income for the business is from custom laser printing sheets of badges for our customers. The primary distribution channels for these name badges & tags are: office products retailers, school catelogs, Internet website sales and direct sales to event-registration and association tradeshows (larger users). Over the past three years, we have sold hundreds of thousands of badges, tags and clips. Customers reorder on a regular basis. Whereas adhesive stickers/badges and plastic holder badges have remained unchanged, customers recognize the benefits of Badgetec wearables. They are purchased by associations, businesses, meeting /event planners, government groups/agencies. This new category of “wearable displays” offers lower cost, reduced-work and simplicity, yet avoids clothing issues/damage by eliminating pins & plastic holders. Our products include Name Badges, Name Tags, Button Tags, Visitor & Security ID’s, School Tags, Promotion Tags, Cards, School Kits and more. Badgetec Tags & Badges are worn by individual for many different applications in addition to standard Name Badges: Promotion, Commercial & Political Tags; Holiday, Celebration & Novelty Tags; Religious, Social & Personal Expression Tags; School Nametags & Projects, Award, Achievement & Motivation Tags. After several years of introduction, Premium TAGSnMORE currently sells direct to hundreds of customers who reorder on a regular basis. With eleven design patents and one utility patent, there are no equivalent products on the market and without plastic holders, our retail prices are substantially lower than all other name badges except for paper adhesive stickers.

$5,000 Seller Financing
Alternative Purchasing Solutions Broker Become a Broker: Enter the Digital Currency Industry of Barter/Trades

Build a residual based income that is based on HELPING Small Business Owners SUCCEED! Very limited and sometimes ZERO competition in local markets. Be part of the movement of currency to the digital format by joining with us at BLUCurrency. Let us help you build your local member base while connecting you to our international network. Finally an opportunity that lets you be a smart buyer and networker rather than a seller!

Seller Financing for sale The next Wealthfront, Betterment, Vanguard and FutureAdvisor is here

The asset management and ETF markets are white hot at the moment, with companies like Wealthfront, Betterment, Vanguard and FutureAdvisor grabbing the headlines. Have a great idea in the finance industry? Start by grabbing this domain. I am motivated to sell. Get your 2015 tax write-off before the year ends, and make this domain yours!

Start Your Own Street Team Advertising Business As promotional marketing company you can start for less than $350.00

Backpack billboards make for a great home based business start up for entrepreneurs with good marketing skills, but limited investment capital. Backpack billboards advertise everything from new home developments, restaurants, tourist attractions, night clubs, retail stores, car dealerships, branding and flyer distribution. Human billboards are starting to catch on as a highly effective cost-efficient method of advertising and promoting their products and services. Human billboards are simply people that wear the backpacks emblazoned with promotional and advertising messages in high-traffic areas of the community; usually outside, in front, or in close proximity to the business they are promoting. The objective of a backpack billboard is twofold. First, get the attention of passing motorists and pedestrians, and once you have their attention, get them to take action. This simply means you want these people to go to the business that is being promoted. There are really two aspects to operating this type of business: marketing and the people who will be the actual human billboards. In terms of the people who will work as the human billboards, seek to hire homemakers, students, actors, musicians and retirees, basically anyone that is available to work on a part-time, as-needed basis. Additionally, you will want to develop a short training program. Vital to the success of the business will be the ability of the human billboards to get the desired response, which of course is to be noticed. Marketing the service can be as easy as setting appointments with local business to explain and promote the benefits of your service. Joining community business associations and networking clubs are also good ways to promote the service. Rates for Backpack billboards vary based on factors such as the number of people (billboards), the length of the promotion, and other items like additional signage and if the people (billboards) require special costumes. Ideally, you will want to develop a few packages. As an example, a basic package could include one person for four hours or a whole street team. The cost of this basic program could be in the range $100.00 to $1500.00 depending on the number of brand ambassadors hired. You could have optional upgrade packages where the brand ambassadors could also pass out flyers or product samples. The great feature of our Backpack Billboards is the fact that the LED lighting makes them a great advertising medium day or night. You can start this business with just one Backpack Billboard and build out to a complete street team service in no time at all. Be sure to visit our website at

Own A Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) or Kayak Rental Business Start Up a Successful Paddle Sports Business for as little as $7,500!

Do you love the outdoors? Do you want to be part of the fastest growing sport in the world? This is a low investment opportunity for anyone that wants to get into the exploding paddle board SUP market or the fun recreational kayak market. Location opportunities for this business include: oceans, rivers, lakes, ponds, sailing clubs, yacht clubs, water side restaurants or bars, public beaches, private beaches, resorts, hotels, campgrounds, boat launches, golf courses with large water lakes, marinas, fairgrounds with water, summer camps and more! Start your own paddle board or kayak rental business and start making money right away with our turnkey package. Expand your rental business hours by adding our LED light package and offer night tours. Do you own a yoga or fitness studio? Add a paddle board fleet to your business and have your yoga or fitness classes on a board as an exciting new option to your customers. Do you want to start a yoga/fitness business? Here's a great, mobile, low investment way to get started. No need to have a studio...yours is portable! Have an existing bait/hunting shop? Add a fishing paddle board or kayak fleet to your store and take clients out for a great fishing adventure! These are just some of the ideas for starting a stand up paddleboard or kayak business. This business is not a franchise. For as little as $9,500 you will have a complete turnkey business package which includes 6 paddle boards (the most durable, 100% American made quality board in the industry), 6 paddles, 6 flotation devices, a business plan, and a full website that can be customized for your business. In addition, the paddle boards will be customized with your company name and logo. For as little as $7,500 you can start a kayak rental business that offers paddling for recreational users or the fishing enthusiast. A fishing fleet is a great addition to any bait shop that has a body of water nearby. Our kayak package includes 6 durable, 100% American made kayaks, 10 paddles, 6 flotation devices, a website customized for your business, a complete business start up guide. In addition, the kayaks will be customized with your company name and logo. Let Equipment Guy & Girl, LLC help you get started on your dream! Contact us today for this exciting and fun opportunity.....see you on the water! Check out our website:

Own a Car Dealer License within 24 hours Car Dealer Auction Access

We provide a cost-effective way to acquire a dealer license throughout a national platform by utilizing industry resources, complying with each states regulations and building long-term relations with current and upcoming clients. We also strive to exceed all of our clients expectations by giving them world class customer support, providing them with top tier auto industry methodologies and minimizing their overhead expenses.

Business Opportunity: 1 sale a day equals $120,000 a year net $20 Billion Dollar Industry and growing

Are you an entrepreneur looking to get into the weight loss business? A health professional? Take a look at this. Our concept is simple – We offer an amazing weight loss program at a competitive price point to clients; combined with a flexible and profitable business model that is easy to implement and manage. This strategy creates a superior business allowing higher success and growth rates, while providing the real time support you deserve in your endeavor. At any given time, 1:2 women and 1:4 men are participating in or looking to go on a diet of some type. Participate in their solution by offering our high revenue business model. We provide the systems, structure and training for you to begin your successful weight loss business. Discover which customized business model or distribution concept fits your needs. Through our proven systems and established integration process, any practice or establishment can bring the innovation and quality of the WLC product suite home to their patients or clients. Approved, natural and safe ingredients formulated for the most effective weight loss system available today. Bring your patients and clients the program they deserve.

MedFX Medical Cannabis Distributorship Opportunity Products legal in all 50 states - No licensing or medical approval req

Thank you for your interest in MedFX. We look forward to speaking with you about being the first in your area to provide our novel, patent pending, 100% U.S. Made products available to you for sale to both consumers and practitioners alike. LEGAL IN ALL 50 STATES and do not require special licenses or doctor recommendations! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get into the GROUND FLOOR of the MEDICAL MARIJUANA INDUSTRY with an established leader in the industry! MEDFX is part of the rapidly growing medical cannabis industry. We are the premier medical cannabis industry innovators, our team of scientists have developed the most affordable and functional medical cannabis and synergistic products available to the general public. We are looking for distributors! The MedFX distributorship program is a simple, effective, and affordable program for practitioners, therapists, medical professionals, and entrepreneurs to enter the medical marijuana arena. This program is not a franchise (which means no franchise fees). It is a simple, wholesale product purchase program that, in return for quarterly inventory purchases, provides you with a protected geographic resale territory for your market area. This initial product purchase will establish you as a MedFX distributor with a protected market area. MedFX will not ship to any other distributor within that specific geographical area. With the MedFX product line and protected geographic territory, you can build your own successful MedFX business. We are only taking 1 position per zip code and it is on a first come, first serve basis. Visit our website – to view information on our proprietary products and how they work. If this is the opportunity you have been looking for and wish to discuss the opportunity further, please contact MedFX. We look forward to welcoming you to the MedFX distributor family!

Paddleboard Distributor /Retailer For Sale Patented All New Design in Production

The CruiserBoard is a hybrid; there is nothing else on the water similar to it. We invented (and patented) the board to fill the large void between standup paddleboards (SUP) and kayaks. For some, SUP’s are challenging and can get tiring. Whereas the kayaks, for many people with bad backs, become uncomfortable after 30 mins. The CruiserBoard is incredibly comfortable, stable, dry and paddles very well. The board appeals to two major markets: 1) Fishermen- all ages and 2) Recreational- while families love the CruiserBoard, generally above age 45. There are several smaller market groups: rentals, schools, physically disabled and the large yacht market as a yacht toy. The two primary markets are huge and growing year over year. Built in California by a high quality manufacture using their patented manufacturing process. The CruiserBoard is a success and is being sold nationwide. But we, the company owners, realize that we lack the time, marketing expertise and money to take the business to the next level. This has a bigger market potential than we can realistically handle. This is a Golden Opportunity for someone wanting to get in the outdoor industry and bring to an international market an entirely new product. Will sale entire company or a portion to an active manager.

Lucrative & Rewarding Biz, Growing Industry! Low startup costs, huge ROI potential!

Start a business with 6-figure profit potential in the first year AND have fun doing home and on your own schedule! Why would you want anything less? If you are a positive-minded, driven individual with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for making a difference in the world, this business may be a fit for you. Our market sector is Personal Empowerment & Leadership Development, a $65 Billion industry and growing at a rate of about 11% per year worldwide! Our mission is to provide people with tools to achieve success in various areas of life, and we’re seeking professional individuals to assist us in distributing our award-winning Success Education products. ABOUT THE BUSINESS • Turn-key, systemized business model in place • Simple business set-up – up and running same day • Work from home – computer, internet and phone are the tools required • Ongoing training & mentorship provided • Training for online marketing methods available • No product to stock • No monthly minimum orders products to purchase • No cold calling required • No marketing to “friends & family” • Part time or full time, the choice is yours • Set the schedule that works for your lifestyle • Lucrative compensation plan - $500 to $8000 profit per sale • Uncapped profits & earning potential If you can follow a simple, step-by step business model and are not looking to re-invent the wheel, then this is the business for you. If you are seeking flexibility, portability and the ability to create better work-life balance, then this is the business for you. Your time will be spent placing simple ads online, conducting brief scripted interviews via telephone, investing time in training and mentoring others, and, of course, investing time in your own personal development. ABOUT SUCCESS EDUCATION Success Education stems from the foundations of Personal Development and has empowered people’s lives for decades. Books such as Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich and Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People were written almost a century ago. In more recent years, experts such as Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Brian Tracy, Deepak Chopra and countless others offer books, seminars, and courses to assist people in getting the most out of life. Let’s face it, life does not come with an instruction manual. People continue to seek resources to learn skills that will put them on the path to improvement, growth, and ultimately, success & happiness. LEARN MORE ABOUT CREATING A REWARDING AND LUCRATIVE FUTURE IN SUCCESS EDUCATION

6 Complete On-Line T-Shirt & Fridge Magnet Business Turnkey Complete Online Novelty T-Shirt & Refrigerator Magnet Business

The Story: I created this business & recently accepted a job requiring considerable travel. Consequently, I cannot run the business as I would want. In short, I created it, did all the ground work, and it's ready for someone else to launch. Assets: 1. Intellectual property - Over 75 ALL original t-shirt designs! And 35 more already designed and not posted yet. You can download the catalog below under "Attached Documents." 2. A GREAT business name, tagline and logo: Flying Hamsters: from Inspirational to Blasphemous. Everyone loves, and far more importantly, remembers the name and tagline. 3. A full eCommerce site hosted by Volusion. They have AWESOME 24/7 US based tech support. Check out their knowledge data base and How To Guides. Seriously, their tech support is outstanding! Go to or watch YouTube videos 4. Multiple sales avenues: 1. World wide retail sales via eCommerce site. T-shirts and Refrigerator magnets don't break and can be shipped all over the world. 2. Wholesale to retail stores, including the potential to get into big box stores. 3. Street Fairs. 4. eBay & Amazon. 5. Several specialty lines: Inspirational, Blasphemous, Marijuana, Gay, General Fun, Political, Geek. This opens up tremendous targeted marketing potential. Examples: Vampire Bait - Goth, Vampire, Twilight related sites & facebook. Medical Marijuana - medical marijuana dispensaries, head/smoke shops, organizations promoting medical marijuana and facebook pages. Bong Hits for Jesus, He'd Take One for You - This one has always been a huge hit! 6. 10k in inventory. 7. Very Low monthly overhead $60/month eCommerce site hosting $15/month shipping software, one car garage/spare bedroom for a warehouse. 8. Google Analytics is already integrated. 9. Flying Hamsters' facebook page with over 1000 likes. 10. This is can be a great part time business! 11. This business can be run anywhere. It's currently in Los Angeles, but that doesn't mean anything. Everything can be shipped! 12. All shirts are very inexpensive to produce: average cost of $4.50 to produce and retail for $16. 13. Access to the graphic artist I used at $15/hr. 14. is pointed to What does this business need? Current Revenues are only 1 or 2 sales a month via the website averaging $15/sale and via Google Analytics I know the site is currently getting about 10 visitors a day. So in a word this business needs is - marketing. The good news is in the internet world there is an enormous potential for free publicity via facebook, reddit, flicker, buzznet, instagram...Thanks pay-per-click advertising via Google Ad Words and facebook it's never been easier to target very specific demographics with specific products for very little money. All printing was done by a local silkscreen printer. The costs for sub-contracted printing: 1. Wholesale T-shirt Blank ~$2.50/shirt I used Hanes Tagless or Gildan 100% Cotton shirts. This is pretty fixed and doesn't drop unless you are buying by the gross. I personally only like 100% cotton shirts and want to use a name brand to create a level of shirt quality. 2. Printing - I did limited runs 36-72 pieces (cost for printing drops dramatically when you print more than 100 pcs) ~$2.30/shirt. There are other ways to print limited runs. New specially designed color inkjet printers can now create high quality long lasting heat transfers. Print On Demand companies will do the retail orders for single shirts at a time and do the shipping. ***Rather than Close the website, I've made it so the site can be viewed, but no products can be ordered. A very simple edit will globally change "Sorry this is not available for sale right now. Please check back." to "Click to Add to Cart."*** This is an incredible opportunity! Please email any questions.

Invest in the Uber of Social Media! Cash in on Social Time and Value, enliven local communities!

Giggso is a free and unique social collaboration platform that helps businesses and networkers through a mutually rewarding interface. Users can now use giggso to their benefit by getting value for their time spent online looking for people or opportunities or giving opinions. They can just network and see their personal brand build and watch their communities grow as they start earning in credibility, cash, gifts and endorsements! For businesses, its even better. Just set the business value proposition, be it jobs, product deals or services that you need or provide and get to network. Giggso does the perfect matching and incentivizing of leads. What more, there are all sorts of API's to other CRM and HR software to use! Giggso tracks, directly engages and monetizes user time and networks and brings out the Star in them! Giggso is a fresh perspective at social networking by reversing the revenue flow to the networkers. It is aimed to crash the current social marketplace which is based on Ad revenues by using the cash to directly engage the networker. The platform is a brilliant mashup of crowd sourcing, loyalty and network management using state of art solution deployment backed by solid data analytics using big data. Built for scalability and performance.

15k investment turned 500k w/ Daycare Center. Daycare centers are profitable, evergreen businesses w/low start costs

I took less than 15,000 and started a daycare center in 2011. With the low investment I was able to be profitable the first year! I was able to net over 46,000 the first year and over 76,000 the second year!! People have not stopped having children and never will so the need for childcare will always be there. If you have kids you know how expensive it is to pay for it makes sense to be the one collecting that money every month rather than being the one paying it. In most parts of the country childcare is the second biggest family expense only second to mortgages. I sold my center for 311,000 after only 3 years. So my 15,000 investment turned into over $500,000 in 3 years. I ran my center as a passive owner for the last 2 years. And decided to start showing others how to do this too! email or call me with any questions. Also have a way to have additional revenue stream on top of the m-f revenue for very little investment. Only working with individuals in the US.

Home-Based Personalized Children's Pillowcase Startup Business Perfect personalized kids' gift business for upcoming holiday season!

Home-Based Personalized Children's Pillowcase Startup Business For Sale. NOTE: I have already received $391.60 in sales after setting up the Etsy store last month. Perfect part-time job with full-time potential! Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, budding entrepreneur or retiree, this business is easy to learn, home-based and provides the opportunity to grow the business by adding more designs and additional items to compliment the existing product line. After creating and operating three successful children's gift businesses in the last 15 years, (two of were sold successfully through BizBuySell) I am ready to create a customized business especially for you! I will provide training on how to create, personalize and edit each of the 40+ exclusive pillowcase design files and submit them for production. Each pillowcase is made-to-order and drop-shipped directly to the customer. No inventory and no shipping. The new owner can choose to learn to create additional designs themselves or purchase extra designs from me as they grow their business. If the children's gift business is not for you, I will be happy to work with you to help you create your own personalized product line with designs exclusive to your business. Your business can include personalized products such as: apparel, phone cases, laptop sleeves, bags & totes, license plates & car mats, pet bowls, cutting boards & drinkware and more! Please contact me to discuss the endless possibilities of owning your own business.

Auto-Trading Robot Trading robot average 8.71% per month since 2003.

We currently sell 5 algorithms that trade the emini S%P's (ES) and 10yr Notes (TY) on full auto-pilot. The algorithms require minimal monitoring. The algorithms themselves list for $15,000 for all 5. We have statements posted, BBB registered, full reports from tradestation, referrals available upon request.

Vending Routes - Xlnt Income - Low Startup Cost Locations included. Flexible hours. Excellent income. Easy to operate!

Here's how it works: Filled with candy, these eye-catching vending boxes are placed in restaurants, beauty salons, stores and many other types of high traffic locations. A top rated Charity logo is prominently displayed on each box. Customers place 25 cents or more into the coin slot for each piece of candy that they purchase. You can easily start part time. Methodically scale up by adding more vending displays, if you desire. How much you earn is up to you. Potential earning estimates: Part time from $400 to $1000+ per month. Full time from $2,000 to $6,000+ per month or more. More information at:

Seller Financing
Estate Sale and Liquidation Services Estate ands liquidation business for sale

Estate Sales By You will provide you everything you need to go into the Estate Sale and liquidation business. Its fun, easy, and perfect to run from your home or your current business. A great full or part-time plan business with ocational weekends. Your services can include; estate sales, auctions, group fundraisers, individual items(boats, cars, planes), commercial liquidation, moving or downsizing services.

$2,500 Seller Financing
Mobile Loyalty & Incentive App Business License Your Own Advertising, Marketing, Loyalty & Incentive App Business

Hyper-Local Advertising, Marketing & Loyalty opportunity in a booming economy. Retailers & Restaurants of all sizes are seeking customers and reach to millennial’s to drive Loyalty and reach new customers. Our Marketing App Infrastructure is LICENSED for your use in building your own brand with little to no fixed cost. Our App (iPhone & Android native app) is customized to YOUR Branding based on the features and functions you want included allowing you to focus on Growing your Retailer Footprint and making the App more relevant and “App-worthy” to your users. You’re a Saleperson Not a programmer? Great, we build, Host and publish your app and provide back-end support. Once Published, you sign up your customers and bill them direct. Build your own business, much like the traditional coupon magazines in the mail, etc… but instead offer Dynamic Offers for your stores and restaurants. App Types? • Taste of “My Town” – Sign up all your local restaurants and make your App the Dining Decision helper for your home town • Mainstreet / Chamber – Sign up the local Chamber of Commerce or Merchant Association to provide as a Value-Add to their membership – You bill one customer (the chamber) and reach 100’s of merchants • Shopping Mall App – Sell to merchants direct or to the Mall and put all stores on the App – Their Specials, Menu’s, Offers and Punch-Card/Point Programs all included in the App • School District Fundraisers – Sell to the Booster Club and as Students sign up merchants for a fee, share the profits to the Booster Club • Marketers & Distributors – Sell to Distributors to provide as a Value-Add for their merchant locations and get immediate footprint of locations… store signage drives user adoption – product offers make the app and offers compelling – “Save”, “Earn”, “Bonus”… • City Saver – Brand to your City and sell to your small town’s economic development office – All merchants on the App and “Dots on the Map” • Shopping Centers – Get the Big Box and Sell to the Little Guys… Share Customers and make it compelling for the small box to market to the Big Box customers! Easy to Start? Yes, always wanted to start your own business but didn’t want to buy a Val-Pak franchise or other Coupon marketing company? We Customize, Build and Publish your app and maintain it as standards, versions and devices change – allowing you to focus on your customers and growing your recurring revenue business. Can I do this Part-Time or Home-Based? You can work this part-time at first and as your recurring revenue and profit allows, move to full-time or hire staff to work your accounts. Priced low for your merchants/customers and they will stay with you for the long-term. Be self-sufficient within 12 months and expand from there. Retire in Style and live off an on-going passive revenue stream. Got an “out of the box” idea? Give us a Call and we can work with you. What Features will my App have? • Location Finder, Mapping & Info • Offers – Coupon & Flyer Offers (Location or Program Wide) • Punch Cards – Buy 5 Get 1 Free (or whatever #’s your customer wants) • Points – Allow users to accumulate points to save and earn reward • Bonus – Signup, Threshold, etc… • Feedback – Dialog with your Customers in controlled feedback vs. YELP • Secret Shopper – Watch Trends across Rating Categories • Social Media Feeds – Drive LIKES & Followers to Facebook & Twitter • Beacons – Proximity Based Target Offers & Notices • Push Notifications – Program-wide or Geo-Proximity based •Texting / SMS Club • Built-in Loyalty • Mobile Payment / Wallet • Much, Much, More… OK, I’m interested… Now What? 1. Respond to this Ad and we will be in touch with more info 2. License Agreement gives you exclusive App 3. We work with you to Configure and Setup your App… 4. We Publish to the App Stores (Google & Apple) 5. We Host your app and ensure ongoing compliance to OS version changes, device changes

Wing It On! Franchise Opportunity Ain't A Thing But A Chicken Wing!

So, you want to own your own Chicken Wing Joint? Owning and operating a Wing It On! restaurant is your ticket to building a successful business in one of the hottest food segments in New England and beyond OUR STORY Wing It On! started with a simple argument over who was going to drive to pick up some decent buffalo wings on football Sunday. It was then that Matt Ensero, owner of Wing It On! decided enough was enough and it was time to bring a great wing joint to the Waterbury, CT area. Specializing in marketing and making the most of his limited budget, the phone rang off the hook each day during the build-out of the original Waterbury store, with customers feverishly awaiting the grand opening. As soon as the OPEN sign lit up on August 31, 2011, customers piled in and it was an absolute food frenzy until close. We closed the following Monday to regroup and spent all day and all night getting things perfect. Within a few short months, the original location became a tremendous success and has been cranking out wings by the caseload ever since. Of course, our original goal was simply to make great food and keep our local “wing fanatics” satisfied. To this day, things haven’t changed. Since we’ve opened we still focus on satisfying our customers with the tasty food they expect at even more locations throughout New England Wing It On! is on it’s way to being recognized as a top tier fast casual restaurant where the whole family can find something to satisfy their hunger. Why Wing It On!? - While growth in most of the restaurant industry has reversed or been sluggish, chicken wings sales continue to grow. Sales of chicken wings grew by 10.7% in 2012 to 13.5 billion wings and another 4% in 2013. - One of the industry’s highest sales per square foot. Sales at our original store exceeded $785/sq ft compared to an industry average of around $400/sq ft. - Very low initial cost. With nearly 75% of orders being take out, this results in the need for a smaller restaurant footprint, allowing for locations anywhere from 800 – 1500 sq ft - Our diverse menu keeps the sales coming year round. Worried that chicken wings are a seasonal product? Our comprehensive menu spans from our core wing and boneless wing product line to the always popular gourmet WIO burgers, wraps and salads, along with some unique side items to keep your customers taste buds happy year round.

Leading Senior Care Franchise Expanding Throughout the US & Canada Prime Territories Available with Expanding Homecare Franchise System

Top-tier Senior Care franchise seeks success driven franchise owners with great communication skills and prior business management and/or people development experience. Highly scalable business model with unlimited earning potential providing non-medical and skilled care; primarily to seniors over the age 65, including both companion care and hands-on personal care services. Features of this franchise system include: large exclusive territories, multiple revenue streams, declining royalty schedule, national alliances, proprietary web based software, turnkey marketing programs and "best in class" training & support. Franchisees receive comprehensive ongoing support from subject matter experts with substantial industry experience in all aspects of home care business operations. Prior healthcare experience NOT required. If you're looking for a proven business model in an industry that's experiencing explosive growth, please make an inquiry for additional information. Please include your geographic area(s) of interest with your inquiry.

Fast growing Industry-Own A Premier Home Health Care Franchise Choose a Franchise in the Fast Growing Health Services Category

Do you desire to help others and make a difference in your community? Become a part of this fast growing franchise that provides home care, rehabilitation, and personal assistance to allow those who are aging, disabled, and with chronic illnesses to stay in their homes. This franchise works with all ages and offers multiple services. Own a franchise in the fastest growing franchise category of senior services. This franchise ranks in the Top 50 for franchisee satisfaction and is a Top 10 senior care franchise! Features: Excellent training and on-going support. Extensive marketing program. Large territories. This may be the franchise for you - if you are: Compassionate and goal-oriented Have strong management and leadership skills Want to make a difference and help others Possess strong people skills This is one of the premier home health care franchises, call today to find out more.

Global Online Distribution Opportunity Earn an Executive Income Part Time

Earn The Income You Want For Sale WORK FROM HOME. EXCITING BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY. BUILD A LONG TERM CAREER WITHOUT INCOME LIMITS. Do you want to be your own boss? Do you want to be paid what you are really worth? Do you find it tiresome travelling for work and working long hours? Do you want to say goodbye to office politics and unrealistic deadlines? Do you want to enjoy a fantastic work/life balance? Do you want to achieve financial freedom? If the answer is YES to any or all of these questions then you should seriously consider a change. We are an innovative Media and Personal Leadership company expanding approximately 50 countries across the world, working with World Class, Award Winning products. If you have the desire and ambition we have the opportunity. How many times do you see? The house you really want to buy, The car you really want to drive, The clothes you really want to wear, The holidays you really want to go on? This is not a job its a LIFESTYLE CHOICE! This is a self-employment business opportunity. Start Part time or Full time: Your choice. Work from anywhere you want: You just need a phone and a lap top. Flexible Working Hours. Proven turn-key business system: Create income quickly. Prospects come to you. Lucrative Income Opportunity: Upfront profits, Leveraged profits and Residual Income. Training and Support by Experienced Professionals: One on One mentoring and daily live webinars. There is NO MLM, cold calling, chasing family or stock handling. IF you: Have a desire to achieve your financial freedom. Have a desire to achieve your personal goals. Have a desire to reach your dreams. Have a desire to achieve time freedom. Have a desire to achieve a better lifestyle. You would make a successful candidate. Previous experience isn't necessary! We have successful associates from a wide range of industries including general management, sales and marketing, ex bartenders and waiters, fitness trainers, teachers and coaches just to name a few. Our business model suits just about everybody. If you are serious, work from home today in your own Home Based Business.

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