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$50,000 Seller Financing Available
Turn-Key Startup Business Patent Pending mosquito control device

For all the people who prefer not to use poisons around their home, a large enough fan with a net is the most effective way to catch and kill mosquitoes and other bothersome flying insects. Our patent pending Bug Ring is made in sizes to fit all common sized fans, allowing our custom made Bug Nets to easily attach to the fan. We sell both the rings and the nets cheaper than the competition, and in much larger sizes- up to 24", to really get the job done. Bug Zappers that don't last will soon be a thing of the past, as people find out how a Bug Fan will outperform a Zapper, at much less cost. Mosquitoes are not going to be eliminated, so each Spring there will be a surge in sales, as well as previous customers buying replacement nets. Think of it like selling a razor, and then selling blades to the same customer forever. We have an excellent supplier for the nets, which allows us to make over 100% profit, and still be reasonably priced. While the buyer could just continue to sell the products from their home, as we have done, someone with connections to large retail stores will turn this into a multi-million dollar business. While we have set this up as a turn key business, health issues and a lack of marketing skills have restricted our growth over the year we have been selling these products. This is a business that anyone could run. All that is required is to pack the box with a ring, nets, zip ties, and the instruction sheet. The shipping label is printed and put on the box. While we have cut the pipe ourselves into the various lengths, it could be purchased already cut to size, further reducing the low labor costs. Why consider buying this business? 1. A large profit margin, while still selling at a fair price. There is nothing on the market for the same money that can come close to the bugs killed by a Bug Fan at least 12" in size. 2. Repeat business. A Bug Net will last a couple of months depending upon how it is treated. Our replacement nets are reasonably priced, starting at $5 each. Most will buy two nets a year. 3. An easy, non-complicated business with no real competition, and little labor costs. Anyone can pack a box, and put a shipping label on it. 4. A new design, that REALLY WORKS. We live in Florida, and have been able to extensively test the design, as well as compare it to Zappers. Contact us for a free kit to test for yourself. All of our feedback on Amazon has been 5 stars. The best sales person is one that believes in their product. 5. A business that has only been started 11 months ago, and is already experiencing triple digit growth. Further marketing will only increase the exposure and sales. 6. A seasonal business, which would allow for time off. While we did make some sales last December, 2013, we have sold as many in this month of June as we had in the previous 10 months. We attribute this sales increase to the 24 product ads we now have on Amazon, our fine tuning of these ads, and the fact that people are starting to see it finally. Our website went from no hits in a day a year ago, to over 25 now. 7. Enough inventory to make over $150,000 worth of sales.

SMS Marketing and Messaging Platform Low cost to excellent margins. is a an SMS Marketing and Messaging Platform. Today email just does not work. People get so many emails they just ignore them or they go to Spam where they are never seen. But people always read their text messages. If you want to contact someone and do it now then text messaging is the way to do that. FlippyLoo allows you to do just that. We can help you manage your text messaging and needs. To get an idea of just how it can be used check out our page. Features Include: Unlimited Text Code Per Account Single Use Text Codes Multi Use Text Codes Messaging Scheduling Message Analytics Subscribe and UnSubscribe Functionality Custom Phone number for each user Send messages from phone or website This platform is fully functional and ready to use. It is already integrated with a 3rd Party Payment/Subscription Platform. Purchasing platform entitles you to the software for exclusive use. The software will never be resold to anyone else. I will help with the transition to your development team but after that it will be up to you to take the software and run with it. has many of the features our competitors have taken years to build but you can have them from day one.

$16,900 Seller Financing Available Capital Required: $20,000
PUR Beverages Distributorship Entrepreneur Owned PUR Beverage Distributorship

PUR BEVERAGES COMPANY Rob Hubbard, is the founder and CEO of Pur Beverages and Northwest Beverage Distributors. His vast experience in marketing and distribution, combined with an "eye" for identifying powerful and growing market trends, has resulted in the Pur Beverages company and brand. Pur Beverages has successfully formulated three different beverages where the taste, effect, and natural ingredients are sure to please an entire spectrum of the beverage consumers. The market is saturated with unhealthy, marginal tasting, flavored water type drinks. Most drinks have no health benefit whatsoever, adding unneeded and unwanted calories and chemicals to unsuspecting customers, as they are masked in savvy and attention grabbing packaging. We have combined all of the elements of a successful beverage, in the most successful segment in the market today. We offer Great Tasting beverages, that are healthy, low in calorie, low in sugars, and filled with only the finest All Natural ingredients that will satisfy even the most health conscious consumers. ALL NATURAL BEVERAGE MARKET Energy drinks are the fastest growing segment in the beverage market, while traditional beverages such as soda and juice, have watched their sales decline year after year. Over the last 12 years, there has been a strong trend towards organic and all natural items. With the intense scrutiny that has been placed on the food and beverage industry for adding harmful additives, All Natural and organic products have become the trend for consumers across the entire spectrum. WHY AN ENTREPRENEUR, RATHER THAN AN ESTABLISHED DISTRIBUTOR? The answer is quite simple actually. Distributors are just that, distributors. Our success and longevity in the market is based on our methodical approach to expansion. Distributors are not in the business of "building a brand", they are in the business of taking an order for a product and delivering that product. What is left out of that business model, is how to effectively get the product into the hands of the end user consumer. Understanding that building a brand takes time and dedicated effort to each and every retail account, Pur Beverages needs distributors partners that are dedicated to the Pur Beverages brand only, whether it be from merchandising the product at store level, to ensuring the proper pricing is on the store tags, to the most important of all, which is top notch customer service to our wholesale and retail customers. PROTECTED TERRITORY We will only grant one exclusive contract per market area. Typically the market area is between 60 and 100 miles, depending on the population. This is done to ensure focus on the brand building of our product, and it is our way of ensuring our distribution partners continued success and longevity. We feel very strongly about the notion that "if you build it, you own it". We will be contractually obligated to each other to help build a solid, long lasting, and profitable business together, making Pur Beverages a mainstay in every market demographic. You, and you alone, will be the sole supplier to not only retail accounts, but to other wholesalers in your market demographic. WHY IS THIS OFFER SO INEXPENSIVE Rob Hubbard started this business a little over five years ago. He started it with a vision, an idea, and the drive to be successful at all costs. He believes wholeheartedly that entrepreneurs are the future of his company. The only cost we are charging, is that of an initial order of product. The product has an established wholesale value of over $34,000.00, making this opportunity almost risk free for the entrepreneur. NATIONAL CHAIN STORE PLACEMENT You will find Pur Beverages in all of the Albertsons stores in WA, OR, ID, NV, AZ, UT, NM, TX. You will also find Pur Beverages in an additional 16 states and counting, through one of our grocery distributors, SuperValu. Already gaining national placement will help

$99 Capital Required: $500
Townwaiter-Online Food Ordering Platform For Your Town Own a Townwaiter For Your Town

Be a part of the hottest new business opportunity available. Meet Townwaiter—a free-to-use online food-ordering service. We’re taking our platform town at a time! Your Own Townwaiter Business Is Thought-Out, Affordable & Flexible. We’ll help you execute a complete online food ordering business by providing a licensee system, including training, support, software & technology. The opportunity is huge & the potential to succeed is real. A Business That Grows With You One of the best things about getting started with Townwaiter is that you do so with our help, with a low overhead. We advise that you keep things simple & take on only necessary expenses. Although you may find it better to take on most of the operating responsibilities yourself, at least when starting out, you may want to hire other people to work with you as your business grows. In this sense, your business will not only be an excellent career move for you, but you could actually help create jobs for others. It is a ripple effect that benefits all involved. There are tons of people out there who order takeout and delivery every day. And the reality is, ordering online is fast becoming the method most people prefer. Think about the other industries that have moved online in the past 10 years. From airline tickets to sporting events to restaurant reservations, online sales have gone from 0% to almost 100%. Most likely, there isn't an online service available that's tailored to your niche market. As a licensee, you're powering Townwaiter in your hometown. By building relationships with your community restaurants, you can be a leader in this fast-growing industry. WHAT WE DO: Provide the platform for you to run your business Add & manage menus 24/7 technical support Provide you with marketing & sales training best practices Constantly update & manage technology Provide you with business analytics WHAT YOU DO: You establish relationships with restaurants in your area You sign them up You make money whenever a customer orders

$4,500,000 Capital Required: $1,200,000
virtualcoinbox unique bitcoin crypto marketplace goes up for sale One and only crypto marketplace platform never seen before

Virtual CoinBox is a unique online marketplace that allows for buyers to purchase from vendors with Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin while the seller receives payment in cash via Paypal. This effectively eliminates the risk vendors face, due to a coins price volatility, when accepting cryptocurrency as payment. In the face of uncertainty and volatility that is cryptocurrency, people are always looking for ways to reduce their risk when adopting coins. In the last thirty days, Litecoin has fallen from $11 to the mid to upper $7. Dogecoin has faced fears due to the leaked video of Moolah CEO and Ultra Pros plans to trademark the word “Doge.” It can be a scary time for a vendor offering products for cryptocurrency. The volatility of coins puts these vendors at high risk for losing money by the time they’ve cashed out for fiat currency. It’s hard to ensure profits or even breaking-even when the value of the currency fluctuates by several percent a day. That’s why Sam Paniagua, the head developer and CEO, created Virtual CoinBox. There are many cryptocurrency marketplaces out there, but Virtual CoinBox is the first of its kind. Virtual CoinBox allows sellers to get paid cash while buyers pay with their coins. Without any prior knowledge of bitcoins or how they work, vendors can set up shop and offer their goods accepting, but not limited to, bitcoin, litecoin and dogecoin. When a buyer makes a purchase their coins will automatically be exchanged for cash and sent to the sellers account via Paypal, protecting sellers from the fluctuation in a coins market value. Virtual CoinBox provides stability and confidence to those who want to accept and use cryptocurrency. Practically anyone with a Paypal account can sign up, regardless of how little they know about cryptocurrency, giving sellers the opportunity to enter the cryptocurrency market safely and buyers a place to use their coins. To ensure customers get what they paid for, Virtual CoinBox implements quality control. According to their website, “Virtual CoinBox is committed to providing an exceptional online shopping experience. With strict quality control standards, measures and operating procedures in place, we ensure that the quality of service delivered always exceeds your expectations.” Going a step beyond, Virtual CoinBox offers 24-hour support to answer any questions users might have or resolve any issues that arise day or night. Virtual CoinBox boasts a simple and comprehensive categorization and product classification system to enable customers to locate and purchase products quickly and easily. Furthermore, the cash out system offered to vendors will be available to buyers who no longer want to hold onto their coins. -------------------------------------------------- Business is being sold because the investor who originally agreed to fund my business when i completed the site went close to bankruptcy and had some sort of legal issue. Therefore without the funding it is very difficult to get the site where i want it to be.

Child Safety Publications / Ad Sales Ad Sales Onto Various Historic Child Safety Materials

Earn in excess of $1 Million dollars a year selling ad space on Child Safety Materials, fully copyrighted and trademarked under American Student Books, Inc. (Since 1988). Since 1988, the Principals of Student Lifeline, now operating American Student Books, Inc., have been providing potentially life-saving materiel in both direct sales, as well as its primary method of income, advertising sales on child safety items. Much of our services have been conducted in the Greater New York area, and have been quite successful, operating approximately 8 salespeople that routinely sell ad space onto both the Child ID Kit, and the Police Officer Safety Book being offered in this business opportunity. This is not a franchise, and has been designed in such a manner as to avoid the Federal Trade Commission’s criteria concerning franchised operations.For the individual, this is a perfect means of earning very substantial monies on an annual basis, with repeat business in terms of both direct and advertising sales. The remuneration process is based on royalty payments on each item printed, which may include the National Child ID Kit, Student Safety Book, School Notebooks and the Emergency Ride Student Lifeline® Card. Any interested potential Licensee may visit our web site at, as well as reading the Better Business Bureau report, where we have maintained an A+ Rating since our inception in 1988. We are only seeking to provide our copyrighted materials to be extended throughout the United States and Canada among reliable and well intended individuals and other such entities. Child Safety has become paramount in the hearts and minds of many, and our products, in a very meaningful way, address many of these concerns. Prospective Licensee will be given specific regions to conduct business on an exclusive basis, pursuant with the attached Subject Agreement. Two Methods of Sale: 1) Direct Sales to Schools, Police, Vendors, Stores, etc. 2) Ad Sales This method allows Licensee to sell ad space onto Child ID Kit Folders as a means of funding production for no-cost distribution to schools and/or other entities (Police, Elected Officials, etc.). This method has proven to be most successful during the past twenty years by the Licensor. The remuneration for Licensor is exclusive to royalty payments only; no other fees exist, escaping “Franchise Laws”. Initial royalty payments at $0.50 per printed item, is paid in advance on a projected printing of the first 100,000 printings, $50,000.00. In the event Licensee fails to print 100,000 Child ID Kits within one full year from contract date, then, Licensor shall have the exclusive right to terminate said Agreement and refund the Licensee a fifty (50%) percent refund of total remaining royalties unused. The projected earnings for a Licensor is unlimited, with the ability to hire representatives in its territory. 1) Print 1,000 Child ID Kit Folders for distribution to a school or other distributor (no cost to them). 2) Sell ad space, totaling (average) $5,000.00 per 1,000 ID Kit Folders x any number of individual distributions. 28 pages of safety illustrations and messages with the “I Promise” pledges and child, parent & teacher signature areas. Dedicated to teaching youngsters about the primary causes of injury in that age group. These booklets may be printed and sold on a direct basis and/or marketed like the Child ID Kit Folders, via ads, and given to schools at no cost. The royalty payment on these books are $0.50 as well and may be sold wholesale at $0.99 and retailed at $1.99 each. The average estimated cost is based on quantities ordered. Approximate Costs / Printing 50,000 Books @ $0.26 each Average 1,000 Books @ $0.70 each Average A separate Agreement is not necessary to add this item to contr

$40,000 Capital Required: $400,000
Proven Fast Casual Restaurant Franchise. Growing Nationwide! Customer Driven/Franchisee Focused - Simple Menu with Unique Offerings

Award winning franchise in the fast-casual restaurant category serving premium Soups, Salads & Fresh Sandwiches. Actively seeking qualified individuals to expand into new markets and to grow within existing market areas. (Territorial protection provided for all locations.) Previous restaurant operations experience NOT required. Franchisor has created the infrastructure, systems and support programs that give franchisees the tools they need to build their own successful businesses. Comprehensive initial training and ongoing support including: Real Estate (Site Selection, Lease Negotiation & Construction), Marketing, Operations, Systems and Technology. Ideal owners have prior management experience, well developed people skills, customer service orientation and high standards of excellence and integrity. Financial Performance Representation included in the franchisor's disclosure document. Single and multi-unit opportunities available for financially qualified individuals.

New York Tax Exchange Be in a $60,000 a year business, for $395

New York Tax Exchange is seeking people to put on seminars marketing our tax plan. The entire cost is tax-deductible under IRC 162(c)1. We personalize the 54-slide seminar with your information, at no cost whatsoever, and e-mail it to you. Your job is to display it on a screen, read the slide and be done in 43 minutes. You then thank everyone for coming and give them your coded link When a person purchases the NYTEX Plan ($795) with your coded link, you get paid $400. The Tax Plan benefits will sell itself. As a matter of fact, since the seminar is in a .pdf format, you may even mail it to someone. This is actually a method that the people who elect to build their own marketing force, across the country, utilize. But that matter will not be discussed here, as it is not of interest to many who will elect to be an army of one. If developing a marketing force is of interest to you, e-mail me personally at and request that playbook. Below is what the NYTEX plan will do for tax payers: • Create tax-deductible college funds for your children. • Take your employees on a cruise and deduct everything. • Deduct the lease payments for your new Mercedes. • Deduct up to $500 per day for business travel. • Have an IRA for children over the age of 6 that will be worth millions when they are retirement age. • Deduct 90% of a home repair, by having a home office. • Hire your spouse without paying payroll taxes. • Deduct up to $80,000+ for the cost of your car. • Deduct your commuting costs to and from work. • Hire your children in your business to save massive taxes. • 7 ways to reduce your chances of an IRS audit. • Groceries can be a business expense. • Deduct 90% of the cost of your car. • Avoid double taxation on business income. • Deduct 100% of your health insurance premiums and out-of- pocket medical costs. • Put away up to $50,000+ this year for retirement with IRS approval. • Reduce social security and Medicare taxes. • Prevent the IRS from forcing you to give back deductions. • Have your family business meeting at the Magic Kingdom and deduct it all. And much, much more in the many strategies contained in this tax plan. There are 188,000,000 taxpayers in the U.S. and everyone would like to pay less in taxes. To be in this business, you must first purchase the NYTEX Plan to become a seminar instructor. By becoming an instructor, the cost of your tax plan is ONLY $395, as we will minus out from the $795 cost, what would have been your first $400 commission. The link below under ATTACHED DOCUMENTS will allow you to purchase the NYTEX Plan for $395. This is the ONLY cost ever to have your own income producing seminar, anywhere is the nation, as the entire plan is drawn from the U.S. Tax Code. Respectfully, Dr. Francis John Maguire, PhD Director New York Tax Exchange

Manufacturer Patented Invention to be on nationwide television New Patent Pending Product that is exploding worldwide

We are the manufacturer only. We appoint manufacturers representatives worldwide to represent a revolutionary product that everyone wants. With over 250 manufacturer representatives already, we are adding only a few more before we start our nationwide, primetime television ad campaign. If you qualify to become a manufacturers representative, you will join those who will receive the instant consumer purchases, as well as leads from retail stores that want to carry our product. We do no retail sales. We only manufacture, bottle, label and ship product. The business is 100% yours. Visit to see the short video and your search will stop.

$20,000 Seller Financing Available Capital Required: $5,000
Internet names business 100's of .com URL plus Opus site

Retired dot com executive collected 100's of .coms with anticipation of building a internet url sales operation. He'd rather fish. Has not promoted or advertised in ten years. Sold a few url's but great base for web hustler. Sale of one name could pay for business.

$20,000 Seller Financing Available Capital Required: $5,000
Digital Ancestory WebSite 100 Million customers is a site that can be developed to capture the digital lives of over 80 million current seniors (USA only) and millions more in all countries. Photos of children, grandchildren, family and friends are stored in a vault (Cloud or Smugmug or other), memorial wishes are stored and released upon death. A combination of Facebook & Fabulous opportunity. + Ulagee registered Trademark

Seller Financing Available
Accept Gratuities Online - Turnkey Solution Xpresstips provides the services industry a way to increase revenue

Have you ever wanted to leave someone a tip, but realized you did not have any cash? Finding an ATM machine or bank would be inconvenient; yet, you still want to reward great service. Xpresstips is an electronic tipping service; where by logging onto you can leave a gratuity for a service worker who has an Xpresstips ID number. All Xpresstips ID numbers come with a QR barcode, for ease of use with smart devices. Xpresstips is very convenient and can be used from any smartphone or computer. This service is ideal for service and hospitality industries. It is easy and affordable to implement into any business large or small. By implementing Xpresstips businesses can 'give their service employees a raise' through an increase in tips. That increase is from tips they did not collect because customers did not have cash. Transactions are processed by PayPal. The use of PayPal gives Xpresstips the ability to be used internationally. Other payment processors can be added later. The website content can be easily updated without the help of a web designer. Xpresstips provides reporting to help business travelers with expense reports, and business owners with analytics. Xpresstips can be used by individuals, small businesses, and large corporations. Xpresstips would make an excellent acquisition for a Management Company specializing in hospitality or other service related businesses.

Medical Billing Company Medical Billine Services & More

You will own and get 100% of your earnings. Our training will qualify you to be a Medical Revenue Specialist (Licensee) anywhere in the USA. You do not have to have any Medical background at all to run this business from your home. Our complete medical billing company comes with training and support package that includes web-based billing and electronic medical records systems, professional marketing materials, live workshops, video training, lifetime technical and marketing support, ongoing live webinars and conference calls. Electronic Medical Claim Filing With iClaim, you will be able help the doctor get paid faster from the insurance companies, and also reduce their number of rejected claims. 100% HIPAA-compliant, the data is secured and stored on redundant servers with daily off-site backups. Includes all medical codes (ICD and CPT), an unlimited number of users and you can store unlimited providers, insurance companies, patients and claims. Electronic Medical Records Our new web-based Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system has the flexibility to work hand-in-hand with any practice's current work flow and is fully integrated with iClaim. This state-of-the-art system gives medical providers the tools they need to effectively document and manage each step of the patient encounter, and unlike most EMR systems, EMRx is designed with the flexibility to each unique personal preference - not force them to adopt a rigid, unfamiliar, template-driven workflow model. Medicare Audit Protection This service helps doctors prepare for audits by Recovery Audit Contractors (RAC) with whom the U.S. Government has contracted to go into healthcare facilities and audit their claims. Their purpose is to determine if Medicare overpaid for procedures, and to see if they agree with medical determination of diagnoses and treatments. As a Licensee you will have the opportunity to earn large fees for each baseline audit, and our Certified Medical Coders do everything for you. This includes preparing the audit report and a personal review of the report with the physician by a Certified Medical Coder. Past Due Collections This service automatically collects past-due accounts for doctors and is similar to a collection agency, with some key differences. Medical Coding Service As a Licensee you will be able to furnish health industry providers with an extremely cost-effective, uncomplicated on-site or remote coding and auditing service. CodeRite is a powerful web-based application that increases productivity in the medical coding process, delivers a configurable framework to easily manage workflow, affords multiple levels of access, and monitors coder productivity. Medical charts are scanned, indexed, and securely uploaded to our servers and routed to a coder's work queue for processing and submission to a dedicated hospital abstracting system. That's right, our Certified Medical Coders do everything for you. This opens up a huge market for you as a Licensee to offer coding support services to medical providers. Web-Based Document Management System How much time have you wasted searching for paper files and folders? Get on the path to a paperless office with iDocsNOW electronic document management. Our web-based document management tool lets you convert paper documents into electronic images. Simply log into your secure electronic file cabinet and scan paper files or print electronic documents. Then organize files by assigning a few index values to create a fully-searchable electronic filing cabinet – for one or 100 users or more. Scan and retrieve documents, quickly index files with optical character recognition, add annotations, print and email files, create virtual file cabinets, maintain the highest level of security, and keep a squeaky clean audit trail for compliance. All with iDocsNOW. Just having 2 Doctors as a client you can make $62,400 a year.

Customized External USB Chargers Customized USB External Chargers for Smart Phones, MP3 Players, iPads.

We are seeking independent local sales partners to sell our products. We will protect your customer base as you build it. In addition, we will have new monthly items for you to sell. Plus One Charge, LLC is dedicated at providing you the newest technologies for charging your mobile USB charged devices such as Smart Phones, iPads, Cameras, MP3 players, and any other USB charged This is NOT an offer to sell Plus1Charge, LLC. We are seeking individuals or companies to sell our products. Sell to local a local business, online, or any way you can. Sale opportunities are endless. Please email us at

$15,000 Seller Financing Available
$10,000 Month Income Potential as an Import Broker No inventory,Leads provided,flexible hrs, no employees,residual income

Almost everything these days is Made in China. Why not capitilize on this with Snoopit Imports. Creating a residual income in a recession-proof business is critical in today's world. We'll show you how you can achieve this by becoming an import broker with Snoopit, without the experience and contacts that would normally be required to be an importer. This is because Snoopit handles the sourcing, sampling and procurement process, right down to delivery of the order to your customer's doorstep. We'll train you how to present cost savings opportunities to businesses in your market. As a Snoopit Broker, you will show businesses in your territory how to save between 30% to sometimes over 50% on products they currently manufacture, distribute or sell. We achieve these savings through our years of contacts overseas and by eliminating one or more levels of middlemen. What business is not interested in reducing their cost of goods? As a Broker, you receive 50% of the profits on every order. We'll show you how to target customers who will order on a regular basis so once you've secured a customer you create a very lucrative residual income for you and your family (see our free lead generation below for new brokers). This is a very low overhead business with unlimited income potential, not requiring an office or employees and providing very flexible hours. There are NO inventory costs because the Customer pays for the product upon order and shipping. Customers are ok without terms when they are saving 30%-40% or more. Please email for further information, including our IRON CLAD GUARANTEE and surf our site,, to get a better understanding of the service we offer. Email us at when you're ready to take advantage of this opportunity and secure your future. LEAD GENERATION OFFER: Snoopit will provide you direct leads through online lead generation and weekly blogging specifically targeting your territory, on your behalf exclusively for the 1st six months as a broker. These direct territory leads, generated by Snoopit Imports on your behalf are an introductory offer to brokers that take advantage of the opportunity within the next 45 days. Use this to “KICKSTART” your business!

$100,000 Seller Financing Available Capital Required: $100,000
GoTelecare GoTelecare™ Business Franchise Opportunity

GoTelecare virtualizes doctor visits with video consultations through the most comprehensive practice management technology platform combined with a low cost medical billing service. As a GoTelecare franchise owner, you will improve patient access to medical care and reduce costs for medical practice, healthcare facility and healthcare services organization clients. The growing shortage of doctors has made physician access more and more difficult for patients. At the same time healthcare providers face increasing costs and declining revenues. GoTelecare has solved this dilemma by creating a way to virtualize doctor visits while reducing billing costs and now you can become a franchisee in this exciting healthcare solution for medical service providers and their patients. We do all the “heavy lifting” for franchisees through our integrated web platform for telehealth consultation services as well as for the medical billing services that support both telehealth as well as office-based medical activities of your clients. Clients include a massively broad range of healthcare facilities and medical services organizations’ current operations. *Why Franchisees Love GoTelecare: 1. Get in on the ground floor of a NEW healthcare franchise market opportunity 2. Low initial franchise price compared to other franchise types -No stringent requirements for liquid capital and cash flow -No significant up-front capital equipment and real estate costs like traditional franchises 3. Your home office can be your HQ -Little-to-no ongoing overhead costs -Mon – Fri, 9-5 with a great flexible executive lifestyle 4. Enjoy ongoing, recurring income from patient consultations and medical billing services 5. We do all the “heavy lifting” as we provide the entire technology & back-office platform 6. We provide you with unmatched training, marketing materials & sales support 7. Sales prospect lead identification & virtual assistant support to help book sales meetings 8. We can assist in facilitating financing if needed

SOLAR GEM GREENHOUSES SEEKS STOCKING DEALERS across U.S. and Canada The backyard greenhouse business is "growing" very rapidly

Self-sufficiency, healthy eating, and skyrocketing grocery prices are just three of many reasons that backyard gardening has exploded in popularity across North America. But year-round family food growing requires a very unique greenhouse if you live in places where any snow falls or temps drop below freezing (yes, that even includes many states in the deep south!). Solar Gem Greenhouses has opened up the world of year-round gardening, to those who thought it was not possible, since 1991. And now, an incredible business opportunity has emerged. Solar Gem Greenhouses is the premier manufacturer and distributor of backyard greenhouses in North America that require zero assembly, zero ongoing maintenance, no special foundation, and are guaranteed to keep growing strong for the lifetime of the original owner. For nearly 25 years, Solar Gem has been building, innovating, and distributing their unique one-piece, fiberglass greenhouses throughout the Pacific Northwest. But now, with an aggressive new company owner, very strong consumer interest across North America, smart advertising, and a rock-solid distribution plan has combined to create a rare business opportunity for the discerning and hungry entrepreneur. Master Dealerships are now being offered in select states and most Canadian Provinces, which include large, protected territories (many States/Provinces will have just ONE Master Dealer in them), but with amazingly low costs of entry. Hurry, the best territories are still open, but won't be for long. And you do not need a horticulture or gardening background to do this! Your simple challenge: as a Solar Gem Greenhouses Master Dealer, display and sell them at local and regional Home & Garden Shows, Fairs, Flower Shows and the like; supply a sample Solar Gem Greenhouse to sub-dealers/retailers (like locally owned, independent retail nurseries and landscape companies, for instance) within your territory WHO SELL THEM FOR YOU and receive a commission for each sale; and/or display them at other prominent locations with our point of sale marketing collateral, and watch the sales roll in. And who buys Solar Gem Greenhouses? Backyard gardeners of all skill levels (including waves of all-new, first time gardeners), in urban and rural settings who want to garden year-round; families who want to greatly reduce their food costs, eat healthier, go organic, and/or eliminate pesticides from their edibles; people who live "Off the Grid" and want to control their own food source or live so remotely that grocery shopping is an ordeal; Doomsday Prepper's and survivalists; schools; communities who want to set-up community gardens; orchid and flower fanciers; and those who just want an escape - a peaceful oasis in their own backyard - with which to unplug from the pressures and frenetic pace of life, just to name a few. This new Solar Gem business is ideally stand alone; but can supplement an existing business with synergy. And here's the clincher....there are NO PERSONAL GUARANTEES, no franchise fees, no royalties, no brick and mortar, and no long term commitment; just a year to year renewal. If this business opportunity is not everything that we say it is, then you can walk away unencumbered after just one year. That's how confident we are that you'll succeed. Your monetary investment is low (and almost entirely in inventory), your obligation is defined, but the opportunity to rapidly "grow" a thriving greenhouse business is truly great. Solar Gem is ready to help the serious entrepreneur become an enduring success in the backyard greenhouse business through very unique, top-quality products - in a niche industry, devoid of copy cats - that helps families eat healthier, be self-sufficient, save money, and cultivate food and other plants YEAR-ROUND, in these very uncertain times. You can do this.....and we'll show you how (yes, complete training at your locale is included). The Solar Gem motto is "Let's Grow!" Ready?

Coffee - Flexibility & Lifestyle A unique opportunity in a worldwide growth industry

Exclusive Area Representative & Franchise Opportunity Available Would you like to know how to achieve amazing flexibility while working 1, 2 or 3 days a week? The American coffee market is growing faster than ever. Pot coffee is no longer an acceptable beverage for the millions of people who go out of their way every day to achieve the perfect coffee experience. Eighty-three percent of adults drink coffee in the U.S, the world's biggest consumer of the beverage, according to the National Coffee Association's 2013 survey. Quality coffee available directly in the workplace It's not just cafés that are reaping the rewards; people want their coffee at home and in the workplace. Each day, thousands of people spend up to $5 for their take-out coffee on the way to work. They often repeat that spend during the day. This is a vast market and Xpresso Delight is responding by taking quality gourmet coffee into the workplace at a fraction of the price that people pay in cafés. A stunningly simple concept Xpresso Delight is a simple business concept that virtually anyone can be successful at. Specifically we transplant the café experience into the workplace. You own a number of fully automated gourmet espresso coffee systems that provide a coffee experience equal to any café. These machines don't just make coffee but fresh bean, fresh milk Lattes, Cappuccinos, Macchiatos, Espressos and even Hot Chocolate. Here are some of the many benefits of the Xpresso Delight business model: Stunningly Simple Concept Low Investment with high margins Work from home Professional Training & Support Flexible - Work your own hours Opportunities available across the entire country.

$30,000 Seller Financing Available Capital Required: $50,000
Big Cheese Pizza Master Franchises Master Franchise Territories for Sale

Our owners have over 100 combined years of experience in the Pizza Business Our business model allows you to add self serve frozen yogurt, a variety of salads, and customized items that sell well in your area We do high volume, at a low price point, with a speedy drive thru window, where applicable The potential for long term substantial residual income.

$2,895 Seller Financing Available Capital Required: $2,895
Casino & Sportsbook - Turnkey Online Casino Business Unlimited income, Work from home, Recession proof, Earns 24/7/365!

FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER Turnkey Casino Business available in the U.S. We build your entire turnkey business! We offer FREE marketing and training! -Recession Proof! -Unlimited Income Potential! Work From Home! -NO Overhead, NO Employees, NO Bosses, NO Quotas! -Online Casinos Generate Income 24/7 Worldwide! -Completely Runs Itself! -100% Anonymity! Tap into this exciting business-in-a-box thriving multi-billion dollar industry and start earning income this week! This opportunity provides the following additional benefits: -No computer or technical experience needed or required! -NO design or marketing experience needed! -A complete turnkey business

$5,000 Capital Required: $65,000
Fire Vapes Vapor (e-cigarette) Store

Over the past few years the vapor (e-cigarette) industry has been experiencing tremendous growth with new vapor shops opening up throughout the country. In a matter of a few short years the e-cigarette industry has gone from virtually nothing to a $2 billion industry and growing rapidly. Fire Vapes is offering licensing opportunities for entrepreneurs wanting to get into this market with low start up costs.

$6,500 Seller Financing Available Capital Required: $10,000
Distributors Needed Worldwide Catch the "Green Wave " Across America

Have you ever dreamed of actually owning your own Business? DO YOU WANT TO BE A PART OF The GREEN WAVE AS IT Spreads through each state ? How about a Business that's affordable, and comes stocked with inventory in your local territory? And best of all NO ONE ELSE Is SELLING IT ………. This is a right place, right time opportunity that doesn't come around often! Great Margins ! you can easily make over a 100k + a year We are accepting applications from those interested in capitalizing on the MULTI- BILLION DOLLAR…. “Green” GOLD RUSH ……That’s spreading ACROSS AMERICA . NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. Training and support provided. Minimum $6,500.00 + required For Inventory no extra fee’s , and no van needed . Financing option available. ALL RESPONSES Should INCLUDE A DAY or EVENING TELEPHONE NUMBER and THE BEST TIME FOR US TO RETURN YOUR CALL Please include a short profile about yourself . or feel free to call us anytime # 813-285-3669 THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST.

$15,000 Seller Financing Available Capital Required: $20,000
Earn up to $260K/yr+ profit Intinsiti Restaurant Solutions now The Most Advanced Line of Commercial Cleaning Products Ever Invented

Authorized Distributors for the Restaurant & Foodservice Industry Intinsiti recently made a huge decision to begin to market its Metabolic Chemicals™ exclusively through Authorized Distributors, not through the main distribution channels that it historically had done (through companies such as Sysco, US Foods, PFG, etc). Intinsiti opened up the opportunity for companies to become the source of its Metabolic Chemicals™ in their respective markets. The Cleaning Technology that Will Change Cleaners in the Restaurant Industry Metabolic Chemistry™ is a breakthrough new cleaning technology invented by Intinsiti that enables cleaning chemicals, called Metabolic Chemicals™, to completely eliminate the compounds they are designed to clean down to the molecular level; compounds such as food grease, cooking oils, and any other food or drink substances to be cleaned in a restaurant. To understand how big of an opportunity this is to become an Authorized Distributor, you have to grasp how exclusive this technology is and what it brings to the table for restaurant and foodservice customers. Metabolic Chemicals™ can do things that no other chemical can do. It does things that were never possible before, things that are not expected of cleaning chemicals. For example, Intinsiti makes a floor cleaner that makes mops never smell or look dingy, no matter how long you use it. Mops last 3 or 4 months, not just one week. Used mop water now has the ability to clear drain lines out completely free of grease, just by the water traveling down it. None of this has ever been possible before. You are addressing several large issues for customers that could never be addressed. Intinsiti makes the only vent hood cleaner in the world. Restauranteurs can clean the inside of their vent hood systems in 20 seconds a night without touching the vent hood. Cleaning INSIDE the vent hood system in between professional cleanings has never been possible before. Never. We make an all-purpose cleaner that can eliminate food grease just by spraying it onto it. Dumpsters can now be cleaned just by spraying the chemical onto the areas that have grease. This has never been possible before. We make all-purpose cleaners that have the ability to render fresh urine odorless, 24 hours after the cleaning. Not just when the cleaner is applied, but up to 24 hours after it was applied - when fresh urine hits the floor in a restroom, which would normally cause a urine odor for the rest of the day, Metabolic™ all-purpose cleaners render urine odorless up to 24 hours after the cleaning. There are no other cleaners that can do this. We make the only dishwashing liquid in the world that clears drain lines out just from washing the dishes. This is an enormous game changer, and again, its never been possible before. We invented an odor control technology called Molecular Cloaking™ (learn more about it here) that works so efficiently that even pests aren't able to detect food odors. If the pests can't smell the food, they are much less likely to be around. And again, this has never been possible before. There are many applications and benefits for the restaurant and foodservice industry that our Metabolic Chemicals™ provide that are not listed here, that you can find more information about throughout this site. When presented to a new customer, the decision of the Metabolic Chemical versus the conventional cleaner is a 'no brainer'. Why would anyone not select a floor cleaner, for example, that can bring a dozen benefits that no conventional floor cleaner can. 90% Closure Ratio in the Restaurant Industry As an Authorized Distributor, you will enjoy a closure ratio that is rare in any industry, a closure ratio of 90%.

Seller Financing Available
Buy a Mobile Video Game Truck Business No Franchise Fees. No Restrictions.

Extreme Game Truck ® is designed to be an affordable, easy to start, easy to maintain business, that provides an immediate profitable return on your investment. With tons of support, complete training program, NO FRANCHISE FEES, and NO OPERATING RESTRICTIONS, we know you’ll find this to be a sound investment decision. There is no company right now producing and selling the Mobile Gaming Units with nearly the level of quality that you will find with Extreme Game Truck®. Our designs have evolved with the industry, as we stay on the cutting edge of innovation and sophistication. Our product and services speak for themselves. And our 4 years of experience is invaluable for anyone deciding to enter into this amazing industry. Extreme Game Truck is changing the landscape of Mobile Game Parties. Here is what you will receive with your EGT purchase: Extreme Game Truck $55,000 Complete Limo Style Interior - Customized and built to order 32’ trailer - 4 1080/120Hz LCD 55” HDTV’s - 4 Microsoft Xbox 360’s - 4 Nintendo Wii’s - 1 Sony PS3’s - 16 Microsoft Xbox Wireless controllers - 16 Nintendo Wii Remotes - 4 Nunchuks - 4 Steering Wheels - 4 Sony PS3 Remotes - 6500 Watt Honda Inverter Generator - 2 – 13,500 BTU High Output / Low Energy Air Conditioning Unit with Heat strips - Exterior power supply allowing you to simply plug into an electrical outlet to power your EGT - Neon Lit Ceiling with Mood lighting control - Interior lighting lining the perimeter of the ceiling lights and underneath the leather bound bench seating (so people can see where they are walking) - High powered Laser Lighting system that beams Lasers throughout the game theater - Two-tone plush leather bound bench seating, leather bound walls, and ceiling - Built in leather bound ‘Game Coach’ chair - Marine grade carpet on the floor - Built in Stereo with iPod connectivity with 4 flush mounted speakers on opposite sides of the TV's for total Limo Style Party Bus impact - Customized welded and permanent step for ease of entering into the EGT - Plenty of storage for game equipment, cleaning supplies, controllers, discs and more - Complete 3M ® vinyl wrap on all sides of the trailer - Pre-wired extra HDMI Cables for each TV in case you want to add additional items such as DirecTv. - 30 of the most popular video games - Your very own website...we build this for you, its a part of your purchase. - Google Places for Business listing Total Cost $55,000 Additional options are available, including but not limited to 6 screen and 7 screen options. Our most popular option is 6 screen game truck that has 4 55” screen HDTV’s inside, 2 55” screen HDTV’s outside, and 2 more Wii units. That total cost is $67,000. We provide IN HOUSE (On Approved Credit) FINANCING OPTION of up to 30% toward your purchase of either EGT unit, should that be something you desire. Our website is also your website. We receive hundreds of requests per month from people around the nation looking for the Extreme Game Truck to be a part of their event. Chances are, wherever you are located, we are already receiving requests for parties. Those leads will automatically be sent to you. The next step would be to come to our facility and see the EGT units, and have an orientation, where we can walk you through what it’s like to be an owner of an Extreme Game Truck ®. Or if you are too far away, or too busy, you can order your EGT now, and we can conduct our Orientation Day once your unit is set for you to drive it home (or we can deliver it to you at an additional transportation cost, and send our Game Truck Trainer to come out to train you personally). All you would need is our contract signed by you, and a deposit to get started. We look forward to meeting you and being a part of your success in an exciting and innovative industry! Call or text anytime at 760-705-7474 or call toll free 877-573-9873. You can

Capital Required: $50,000
Today's Successful Businesses Don't Require Offices or Employees Organize Your Day Around Your Life and Family

Hello, my name is Lee Clements. I’m the founder and CEO of On Demand Communication, LLC. is a peer-to-peer platform where homeowners and businesses can post handyman projects for free and we match qualified, verified, rated and reviewed handymen from our database. is the social employment network for the construction industry. Through this website contractor’s post job openings for skilled tradesmen. We use it for recruiting handymen. Imagine a mash-up between,, and We're launching nationwide, but there are 48 Regional Metropolitan Areas we need to market aggressively. We are looking for entrepreneurs to joint venture with our firm in each region for the purpose of driving membership growth in our online community. We could raise funds through the investment banking community to fund our growth, but this process takes a long time. This is not a franchise. There are no fees. It's a joint venture between you and us where you are the regional managing member and we share online revenue generated through both websites in your region. Please click above to request more information or give me a call. We can have a quick conversation and if it seems like a good fit for both of us then we can schedule an online demonstration. Lee A. Clements Founder & CEO On Demand Communication, LLC

$59,900 Seller Financing Available
GPS Tracking Distributorship Turn Key GPS Business

Our goal is for you to become financially secure in today's current economic situation. Our proven belief is that the best way to accomplish this is to get involved in a business that will pay you a long term residual income. Residual income is the amount of revenue you will receive each month after your expenses are paid.

$29,500 Seller Financing Available Capital Required: $29,500
Website Targeting All Professionals who take CEUs Millions of Professionals could use this service. Reduced Price.

A Free CEU Tracking Service for All Professional Members. A developed internet website designed for all professionals to keep track of their continuing education (CEU's) for state certifications and licenses. Targeted at professionals like nurses, teachers, paralegals, firemen, police, plumbers, electricians, and hundreds of professionals required by states to obtain and submit transcripts of all their CEU's each one or two year cycle to renew their professional license. Our site creates PDF transcript of CEU's for users. Site income includes advertising via a buyer's guide for companies to target professionals in their industry. Also includes Google Adsense. Plus an event calendar for local and nationwide conventions, conferences, or entertainment events. Site is programmed in PHP MySQL. Minimal or no daily duties; most of your time can be marketing and traveling. The story behind There are 60 to 80 million professionals in the United States alone. The one common factor between all of these individuals is that each one of them is required to complete what is called continuing education to renew state licenses of their profession. These CEUs are the result from attending workshops and conferences and now recently, online training classes. All of these classes have one thing in common. At the conclusion of the class or workshop they award the attendee a certificate saying they have successfully completed a number of hours of continuing education. These professionals take the treasured certificate home and promptly place them in their sock drawer. And once every six months or so they take them out and add them up, to see if they have the required hours to be re-certified by the state or agency. WHEN they have sufficient hours, they make a list of their CEU’s and add their renewal fee of 50 to 500 dollars and mail them to the state or agency. They do not have to actually send in the certificates of CEU’s. The state or agency tells them to always be ready to be audited to prove they actually have the certificates. It is all very professional. doesn’t really replace the sock drawer but it does give the professional a place to keep score and track their CEU’s. And they can always check where they stand anytime, anyplace. Plus the owner of the website is positioned to deliver targeted advertising as part of the registration to the user's job title.

$19,000 Seller Financing Available
International Green Travel Startup & Website International green travel startup & website: Will consider all offers

THE COMPANY: Kutoa (which means “to give” in Swahili) is the web’s first and only place focusing solely on international travel destinations that give directly to social causes in their local community. The travel experience is more unique, more individualized, and more in touch with local culture than big-box travel bookings. Kutoa provides full-page, custom profiles with beautiful high-resolution pictures for approximately 100 (and growing) bed and breakfasts, hotels, ecolodges, and tour companies on every continent. To qualify, each destination must donate directly to social causes in their local community – like education, conservation, or healthcare. Kutoa destinations include places like 5-star safari lodges in South Africa that donate proceeds to a local orphanage, as well as adventure companies in Costa Rica that teach local kids skills about rainforest conservation. The carefully curated site features something for every budget and every taste. Kutoa travelers don’t have to rough it; elegance and socially responsible luxury relaxation can go hand in hand. Every destination on Kutoa is an adventure where travelers can slow down and connect with the vibe and culture of the local community, knowing that their travel dollars contribute directly to important social causes nearby. DETAILS OF THE SALE: The sale includes everything the new owner will need to transition the business into a full-scale travel agency that books tours for luxury adventure-seekers, honeymooners, and community service groups. The website, all destination databases and contact lists, the Facebook page, Twitter handle, and sister site are included in the sale. The website ( was created by a professional website developer through months of collaboration with Kutoa’s founder to make it user-friendly, clean, and beautiful. The website is built on a WordPress platform, which makes it incredibly easy to maintain and update by someone even with no web experience. Website visitors can search using an interactive map or text-based search functions for interests like safari, scuba diving, ecolodge, or trekking. Each member destination has its own individual page, which displays a slider display for high-resolution photos, video (when available), and a detailed description of the destination and the local social causes supported. Each listing contains custom copy written and edited by the founder based on the online application submitted by invited destination companies. The website also features a fully search-engine-indexed blog focusing on socially green travel. See, for example, a few of our blog articles here: - Underappreciated Place of the Week - Nicaragua: (81 Facebook shares) - Where to go, When to go, and What to do in Belize: (195 Facebook shares) Kutoa also recently established a sister site, Kutoa Marketplace, for selling unique gifts from Kutoa destinations. is included in the sale. There is unlimited potential to grow Kutoa Marketplace into a large internet-based gift company that helps small business owners and craft cooperatives globally. The website is primed and ready to launch immediately into a full-scale travel agency selling customized itineraries in unique destinations like Belize, Ecuador, Mozambique, and Morocco. These destinations are popular ecotourism destinations, and travelers who want to go there need assistance understanding what their options are, how to get around, and where to go to maximize their time seeing the country. Kutoa already features full 10-21 day itinerary ideas that incorporate multiple Kutoa destinations in certain countries ( These itineraries can and should be added to and transformed into paid bookings by the new Kutoa owner. LEGAL INFO: Kutoa LLC is registered in Delawa


ONLY 120,000$$$ JUST BUILT!! International 4300 with an International DT466 Diesel Engine Modified 2013 20' Transatlantic Shipping Container Copper Wrapped Earthstone Gas/Wood fired oven,Model 160 5.5' cooking floor 7' dia. x 7' tall 4' cooler Prep table Dough Press Hand sink Single Door Beverage Air cooler for dough boxes/extra ingredients Hobart 30 Qt mixer Impact glass (like windshield glass, cracks but doesn't fall apart) 2 sets in case of damage Beverage cooler in lower prep area Wired LV for Kitchen printer 1250 CFM exhaust fan thermostatically controlled 36x82" serving window with air curtain for Health Department 12.5 kilowatt Quite Diesel Generator (Cummins Onan) with 16 hrs, runs off vehicle fuel tank Hydraulic Automatic Load Leveling system 44 gallon fresh water tank 60 gallon grey water tank (2) 100# Propane Tanks LP Tankless H2O heater (2) Additional 20 amp circuits are wired for slice warmers that can be mounted under the oven.

MYPTJOBS.COM For Sale Comprehensive Rehabilitation Therapy Job Board For Sale

Rehabilitation Therapy Professionals are in great demand especially due to the increase in Seniors, due to the retiring baby boomers. A lot of thought, time and effort was put into building this full featured job board, spending close to 500 thousand dollars. The investor could not finance the marketing, hence we have to sale. A full featured job board which has elaborate useful features for Rehabilitation Job Seekers, Students and Employers. Some of the features for Job Seekers Resume Blast - Ability to blast their resumes to hundreds of employers at one time. Licensing - Find out Licensing requirements for each state - Recently Compiled Data Continuing Competency - Recently Compiled Data Foreign Trained Professional Requirements - Recently Compiled Data Therapy Associations - Recently Compiled Data Relocation Information - Data from wolfram alpha Salary Information - Data from wolfram alpha Post Resume Find Jobs Save Job Searches Therapy Tweets Employers Post Jobs A highly detailed index of 10000+ Resumes of Rehabilitation Therapy Professsionals Contact Candidates Create Saved Searches General Features Therapy Tweets - A very unique feature which shows the tweets in the therapy space A lot of Administration Features A database of hundreds of Therapy Recruiters and Employers Have the ability to pull in jobs through automated processes from Careerbuilder, Indeed and Simplyhired. Also have the ability to post jobs to Indeed and SimplyHired. Ability to Submit Sitemaps to Search Engines Build a SEO friendly site which supports the attributes for indexed pages.

Proven Results Since 2008 - Be in the Middle of the Money!!! Your Own Check Processing Gateway

Green Payment Processing was the first Internet Check Gateway. We offer you the ability to make great money with little effort. Just copy what we do. We have proven results on our licensed system. One of them has only been in operation since January 2014 and already has nearly $40,000 in gross monthly revenue, of which about $30,000 is NET. Our system offers merchants (Businesses) the ability to process checks directly to their bank account Same Day. We are the ONLY same day check processor on the planet. Our processing ranges from Checks Taken By Phone to Checks By Fax, Checks By Website, Email Invoicing, and so much more you would get bored reading all the details. Our gateway allows you to give merchants the ability to get paid faster than waiting on a check to arrive in the mail. With our proven results in the industry you can guarantee a great living while using our system. You DO NOT need experience in this industry. We have a proven track record of making others a LOT of money, in the easiest business on the planet... payment processing. Think about sitting back earning daily money while others do all of the work for you. Impossible? Not really. You set the bait (advertising) and the fish begin biting. Why? Because every business needs money, and to get their money they need check and credit card processing. Cash-Flow is the food a business consumes to survive. PUT YOURSELF IN THE MIDDLE OF THE MONEY. You will never want to operate a different company after you begin processing. Visit our flagship As I write this advertisement to capture your attention I am sitting in one of my offices in the Carribean, making thousands every single day. And I have the numbers to prove it, going back to 2008!!! System designed in-house by the former chief programmer at UPS. We do it all for you, from training you, to helping you advertise, to underwriting all of your new merchants, to setting them up with their bank. All you handle is the customer service of your own customers and Your Money! Just sit back and watch your merchants' daily transactions bring you a percentage! Average processing percentage (fee) across all merchants is normally about 3%. You set your own pricing. We will assist with industry standards if you need help. Just think about getting your numbers up over time to $2,000,000 - $3,000,000 or more in processing. That's $60,000 - $90,000 or more in income per month with very little overhead. Then come and visit me in the Caribbean so we can talk business on the beach. Give me a call today to discuss. There is no charge to discuss whether this opportunity is right for you.

Unique Travel Business Going VIRAL Across World Amazing Network Marketing Opportunity

In 2005, WorldVentures Marketing, a first-of-its-kind company with the goal of helping people achieve a life of fun, freedom and fulfillment, whether as a Representative, DreamTrips Member or even as an employee. Since then, WorldVentures Marketing and its parent company, WorldVentures Holdings, have experienced incredible growth, purchasing a travel agency, Rovia, in 2008; expanding its reach internationally in 2009; founding the WorldVentures Foundation in 2010; and now offering hundreds of DreamTrips annually.

Own a Piece of the $2Billion Singles Industry | Any City Everything You Need To Own Your Own Dating Company - Work From Home

Wildly popular National Singles & Events company offering business/licensing opportunities to own your own matchmaking & speed dating company. If you have ever thought of owning your own speed dating, singles events or matchmaking company - we are offering everything you would need to start your own company. Nearly all start-up dating/matchmaking and events companies fail - this is due to not having an established presence, history or connection to a company that a customer can trust. Company is entering it's 7th year across the US & Canada with extraordinary popularity, a large social media presence and considerable press and national media exposure. If you have seen speed dating featured on television shows or commercials - it is most likely us. Package includes your own custom designed website, programming and administrative dashboard, event kits, city-specific website domain, use of the company's logo, affiliation and reputation as well business coaching and on-going advice. This is not a franchise opportunity - you would completely own and operate your own business. Unlike franchises, you aren't managing the vision of another but rather implementing your own. Using our brand and package as a launch pad or using a name and logo you design while benefiting from our affiliation. According to the blog Executionists - Web Development, the cost of starting your own website can range from $12 - 50k conservatively. For a site that may or may not draw the audience you need. A typical market/city will have weekly events with anywhere from 20 to 50 singles at each event. You can have as many or few as you wish. Average ticket prices range from $25 to $50 per ticket. Price of tickets, volume of events held per month and advertising options are all dictated by you. Buyer also has the option of offering Matchmaking services with rates set by you - which tend to be in the 1k range per client. Company is currently in 20+ cities/markets. Each site is city-specific to the city it is in. Buyers have the option of licensing a specific site/city market that the company currently is in or creating a new site for your own city. Buyers also have the option of creating an entirely new name, logo and design and using the affiliation to maximize exposure. Purchasing Opportunities: Start at 10k. Where you can create your own brand using our website and starter package for your own fully owned company. Licensing Opportunities: Start at 15k for 2 Yrs. Licensing our brand to maximize exposure while using our website and starter package for your own fully owned company.

$300,000 Capital Required: $100,000 & Accounting Services...Evolved The next step in the evolution of tax & accounting services

Prosado has created a new & innovative way of connecting customers with tax & accounting professionals, at a price that makes everyone happy. Tax and accounting professionals all over the country are now seeing growth in new business from clients finding them online, whether through search results, banner advertising or review based websites. The internet has changed the way people do things in life and it is ever accelerating. Whether it’s for price, geography, service or something else, the simple fact is that people every day are changing their tax and accounting professional and they are more and more finding that new person online. With this thought…Prosado was born, offering a highly focused, search and review based method of finding exactly what the consumer is looking for. With Prosado, the customer enters their details once and with a single click of a mouse can reach several tax and accounting professionals. They no longer need to explain their situation over and over again to each professional they contact. Prosado’s industry specific data entry allows the customer to simply explain their exact needs once. In today’s environment of a computer savvy, cost conscious population, we, at Prosado have come up with an entirely new concept to make finding the best professional, at the best price, a lot easier. Now, more than ever, the tax laws are changing at such a rapid rate, that more and more people need the help of an accounting professional. Whether a person has always done their own taxes, they are not happy with their current professional because of cost or quality, or they feel no allegiance to any particular person, Prosado is the answer. After entering their zip code, the customer is shown a directory of professionals in their area. This directory is organized with Prosado members first, followed by a generic listing of tax preparers from the IRS’ PTIN database. Each Prosado member entry shows the professionals’ star ratings from past clients (both ratings through Prosado and non-Prosado users), as well as city, state, distance and a “view Profile” link with a full tax preparer bio to help facilitate their decision. All tax preparers that are not Prosado members have an “Is this you?” link to claim their listing & become a Prosado member. At this point, the customer has three options: 1) Invite up to 4 tax preparers to bid on the preparation of their tax return, 2) Contact up to 4 tax and accounting professionals with any questions about their tax preparation and/or discuss any accounting services other than tax preparation and 3) Contact any professionals directly. If the customer chooses to invite tax preparers to bid, an RFB or Request For Bid is created. The RFB will remain “live” for 7 days. The customer is welcome to accept a bid at any time during the 7 days. For the customers’ security, the fee of the tax return will be collected by Prosado, and then paid to the tax preparer, minus a 10% commission (minimum $15), to help the client feel comfortable with their experience, making sure all obligations are fulfilled. There are over 140 million tax returns filed each year. Of those, over 30 million are prepared by big-named tax preparation firms where clients have no particular allegiance to a firm… that is our primary target audience, however approximately 80% of taxpayers use either a paid preparer or tax software totaling 112 million. Today’s society relies heavily on internet research for all of their needs. They also rely on other peoples’ opinions to guide their choices. Prosado provides a completely new service which helps customers look for a tax and accounting professional with confidence while also helping those professionals by bringing very much wanted business within their reach. The sky is the limit and there is no reason why Prosado cannot expand to other markets and services around the globe.

$1,000 Capital Required: $1,000
Internet Business - High Returns - Suit Investor Internet Business For Sale - High Returns 24/7 365

My name is Neil Waterhouse and I am an ebay multi million dollar seller and the author of best seller "Million Dollar eBay Business From Home - A Step By Step Guide". I am looking for a partner / investor based in the USA who would like share ownership of a website I have been testing. We have had a very large interest in this site and I am now ready to roll it out. The potential for this site is 100+ million t/o Funds required to complete the site is $25,000 Contact me for more details. No time wasters please. For me details about me, please see the following sites;

$4,800 Seller Financing Available Capital Required: $4,800
Popular Senior Magazine Business Opportunity Bring This Popular Senior Magazine To Your Area

Founded in 2004, Today's Senior Magazine is a dynamic company that offers a new, exciting niche within the magazine publishing industry. We make it affordable to become your own boss. No publishing experience required. No advertising experience required. No ad design experience required. Become a part of the $108 billion printing and publishing industry. Today's Senior Magazine is the most read Senior Resource Guide magazine in our areas of distribution. Our unique format and magazine content have made seniors want this magazine in their areas. We provide you with a monthly magazine, which includes; graphic ad design for your advertisers, magazine content, print preparation, magazine layout, printing of the magazine, delivery of the magazine to you, a #1 ranked web site that is updated monthly, and an online version of the print magazine. You only need to generate advertising revenues, which you keep, and to ensure the magazine is distributed in your area each month. We do not charge a Licensing or Franchise Fee, but only ask that you prepay the production fee for your first monthly edition, for which you have three months to do so. You receive an exclusive area of your choice, extensive online training on selling advertising in the magazine and conducting a successful business, ongoing support, ongoing sales material as needed, a web site for your Area Edition that is updated each month by us, and a digital online version of your monthly print magazine. Unlike other publications, that are downsizing or closing their doors, we have been increasing our market share every month since first going to print. We have become the place to advertise for businesses that want to reach the senior marketplace. Niche marketing, affordable rates, magazine popularity and bull's eye distribution are why we provide successful advertising for our clients. Many of our advertisers have been actively advertising with us for years, and even some since we first went to print. Your first monthly edition will be produced for you within ninety days of receiving your exclusive area. It will be a twenty-eight page magazine, with a glossy cover and the other pages on newsprint, and 10,000 copies. The magazine provides you with enough advertising space to generate at least $21,000 in advertising revenues. Imagine the prestige of owning your own business, while helping the seniors and businesses in your area. Today's Senior Magazine provides people who are 50 and over with important and interesting information. It is our goal to get this information to as many senior citizens as possible, and to do this, we are expanding throughout the United States. We are seeking independent thinking people to become a part of our expansion. We provide you with everything to make you successful and profitable. Seniors are the gateway to success, and we are the gateway to seniors. Take advantage of the Senior Marketplace. Seniors today control 70% of all wealth in the United States, bring in $2 trillion in annual income, have more disposable income than any other age group, are lost without their computers, spend 74% more on vacations than any other age group, purchase 41% of all new cars, and spend more on groceries, health products and leisure than any other age group. Businesses today need to advertise to seniors, and the most successful way to give them effective exposure is to advertise in Today's Senior Magazine.

$25,000 Capital Required: $25,000
Driven Digital Ads A Hyper-Localized Digital Advertising Franchise

Do you have what it takes to create a hyper-localized network of small business advertisers in your local market that allows you to place digital advertisements with strong promotional offers for your clients in premium public locations? If so, you are ready for Driven Digital Ads! Driven Digital Ads is a hyper-localized, place based digital advertising company with premium mall and lifestyle center locations for our franchisees to install our STORiDriven commercial grade digital advertising units. Our advertisments and content are digital and dynamic, allowing our ad buyers to cost-effectively capture new customers and create a very strong return on their advertising investment. Local advertising is shown inter-mixed with customer Social Media interactions, blending their brand into the social scene. Local ads, starting at $149 per month deliver the right message, at the right time, to the right target group. And, best of all, Driven Digital Ads pays YOU a monthly royalty! That's right; Driven Digital Ads offers you an industry first. Instead of you paying a franchisor 6% to 12% of our monthly Gross Revenue, Driven Digital Ads will pay you 15% of all national and regional ads placed on your digital displays. Driven Digital Ads offers you an exclusive territory that allows you to install commercial grade premium quality digital displays in a prime high-foot traffic location. Driven Digital Ads has numerous mall and lifestyle center locations waiting for displays and local franchisees to bring this product to them. For as little as $149 per month, you are able to offer a dynamic digital ad, showing on multiple displays, to a local business. As a Sales Consultant you may recomment adding animation or alternative ad formats to your client's advertisment. Doing so only drives the cost up to no more than $300 per month. This is the most cost-effective advertising available to local business, and if you can sell just 22 local advertisements a month, your Gross Revenue will be a minimum of $70,000 per Year. Plus, any up-sales and PLUS the 15% of all national ads running on your displays. Just Think: NO retail hours - work part-time once your ads are sold NO purchasing land and buildings NO huge loans to recapture NO inventory to have spoil NO large group of employees required NO office to purchase and staff; this business can be worked from home Driven Digital ads works with a third-party to offer financing up to 100% of the franchise cost with zero loan capitalization and zero collateral required. If you have good credit and meet their qualifications, our finance company can extent to you a full line-of-credit you can use to purchase every part of this franchise; including the franchise fee. Please note: franchisees are not required to use any financing or may use any finance company they desire, we just have this as a option for our valued franchisees. Your two major costs are the Initial Franchise Fee (IFF) and the purchase of the STORiDriven display units. The total of all costs will range from $56,500 to $87,500 depending on the number of STORiDriven units purchased and the size of the public space network being developed. Your investment includes everything needed to launch your digital advertising business in as little as 45-60 days from the date of signing. This TOTAL Investment Range includes the Following: - Your Initial Franchise Fee of $25,000 - Your first month's rent at your premium location - Three months of working capital - Insurance for 1-year - STORiDriven displays with installation assistance - Technical training on the hardware - Advertising and Sales training - Merchant Account set-up

Capital Required: $50,000
Passive Income Monthly Revenue Hands Off Business Ownership

We are an Inc 500/5000 company as of 2013 and over 5 years of business growth. What if the store carried income items that produced $500 / month to $20,000 / month? Although sounding a bit “Too Good To Be True”, that store exists. You can find it at We are looking for capital investments of $50,000 to $700,000 to put a partnership together with you. We buy it with you and run the business for you. We maintain and grow your online business as you do other things. Watch our videos on and web sites for more information. Similar to a real estate agent, Income Store finds “Revenue Generating” websites for individuals, groups and funds. They refer to the individuals, groups and funds as “Site Partners”. Income Store takes the real estate agent model to another level. Not only does Income Store find revenue generating websites, they buy, manage, market and further monetize the website for their Site Partners. Income Store uses the term Site Partner because they have skin in the game. Instead of getting paid an upfront fee, like a real estate agent, Income Store receives a revenue share on each site purchased. Income Store is unique on many levels. There is no competition to Income Store as there is no other company that acts as the “Buyer - Host - Manager - Marketing Agency - Monetization Agency ” for a website purchase, let alone, perform any of the aforementioned services on a “pay per performance” basis. It is only because Income Store is a division of Todays Growth Consultant, Inc. (TGC) that makes this possible. TGC has a four-year growth rate that placed them on the Inc.5000 list this year as the 1083rd fastest growing U.S. company. TGC partners with executives, athletes, authors and industry thought leaders on Authority Websites. TGC co-owns, manages, markets and monetizes over 200 Authority Websites that will be viewed over 100 Million times in 2013. Ken Courtright, Founder: Since 1992, from small businesses to NASDAQ, Ken has consulted for 3100 companies. Forming TGC in 2009, Ken bridged “Growth Consulting” with the “Internet”, recently authoring “Online Income: Navigating the Internet Minefield “ and co-Authoring “Against the Grain” with Brian Tracy. A Best-Selling author in 5 different categories, Ken has recently been featured on WLS, WGN, Website Magazine, FOX, CBS, ABC, NBC, A&E and BIO. Mike Engstrom, Managing Partner: Mike brings 26 years of M&A, Business Sales and Business Coaching to Income Store and TGC. Having shared his knowledge with stadiums of 12,000 people and coached and trained just over 4000 business owners and sales reps, Mike uses his leadership skills to find, train and guide all growth divisions of Income Store and TGC. Dave Conklin, CMO Dave, a “Vistage” Speaker on the topic of Internet Marketing, is one of the sharpest minds in the field of growing website properties. Having built multiple website properties that generated millions per year, Dave sold both of his successful Internet Marketing companies to come aboard, take an equity position and oversee all marketing. Speaking to thousands on the topic of Internet Marketing, Dave has shared the stage with David Blaine, Tom Brokaw and Zappo’s Tony Hsieh. Todd Krause, CIO: As Chief Information Officer, Todd uses his decade long career to strengthen and secure all website properties built and acquired. Over the years, Todd has consulted on and worked on many websites generating millions of dollars in revenue each year. Allen Wilterdink, COO: A prior programmer for Facebook, Allen coordinates all divisions. With pit stops at Design, Development and Programming, it’s Allen’s vision that guides a website from our website “Cut-Over” division all the way through to Monetization.

This Cash Flow Website Averages $15,000 per month Turnkey Affiliate Business With Support - Work From Anywhere

This is a highly scalable Authority Built Affiliate business focused on the Real Estate Investing space. This business is producing on Average $15,000 per month with a 68% Profit margin. The business requires very little work beyond some content updates, email ad management, which can be outsourced or produced in-house at a minimal cost. This niche has proven itself to be extremely consistent over the years, providing an ideal base for an investor looking for a high ROI with minimal upkeep. This is an ideal opportunity for either a first time buyer, looking to take over a simple, yet highly profitable business, or a seasoned investor, looking to add growing cash flows to an existing portfolio. It has targeted email subscriber and buyer base that has been developed since the site started. Important: The way I built this website out doesn't require you to be a real estate investor. You simply need to just want to own an Internet Business.

Franchise Opportunities You can join the growing pawn industry & we can help!

The pawn shop and gold industry is growing and you can be a part of it all. If you are looking for a franchise and opportunity to own your own business Gold Diggers Pawn Shop Franchise is for you. Owning a pawn shop can be fun and very rewarding. By becoming a Gold Diggers Pawn Shop Franchise owner you will be part of a well-established and successful company. Our system will help you get into the lucrative pawn shop industry without having to figure out all of the ins-and-outs on your own. We even have financing opportunities to help you get started.

$40,000 Seller Financing Available Capital Required: $10,000
Beverage Manufacturing Super Opportunity for a Big Payback!

Can you bring a product to market? If you have the skill and desire, this product that can generate $3M/year or more with existing equipment! Two months ago I had an energy drink company completely setup. We were about to start our marketing when our building was sold. I have the Florida Corporation, the product formulation, the website, the trademarks, the ingredients, the packaging equipment, and packaging materials. I have product that is ready to ship. All that “stuff” in now in storage, and I don’t want to go it alone, set it all up and start over. It would be easy and inexpensive to relocate the business and set up production anywhere. I will help with setup and training. The product is highly profitable; packaging is Eco-friendly, it’s cheap to ship, and requires a very small staff to produce. Licensing, liability insurance, and Federal and State inspections have not been a problem. I think there are many marketing opportunities with enormous profit potential. I was given tentative approval to market the Energy packets with a Big 10 logo. If it works there, it would work at another sixty or so colleges. We have the ability to easily custom print on the packets. This allows for flexibility in making sales to individual companies with logos, select groups of peoples or as party/wedding favors. Sellers to the Military have expressed initial interest, but I have not followed up. I can make several flavors, but the Energy flavor is almost an exact copy of Red Bull, but with a cleaner taste. Most all agree that it tastes better than Red Bull or Monster. The packaging is user friendly and the liquid contents require no shaking to mix. This makes it a great flavoring product for alcohol beverages or colas. I think the asking price is fair for the equipment and intellectual property. If the right person came along with the marketing experience and cash for “skin in the game”; I might consider a partnership. Take a look at If this is what you are looking for, I can send you samples of the product. The price is $80K including help with setup and training. I will consider offers from those with qualifying marketing experience and a substantial down payment. (727) 709-3446

$18,632 Capital Required: $30,000
Modular Building System Dealership Earn over $1mm / yr Selling to Real Estate Investors & Developers

GreenBox manufactures modular multifamily building systems for real estate investors and developers worldwide. Our patented modules bolt together on site like a great big lego set to create architectural buildings from 1 to 20 stories high. From portable hotel rooms to high rise condominiums, our modular systems are built up to 3 times faster and 35% lower in cost than conventional construction. Our primary line of products include The GreenBox MultiFamily System, The GreenBox MicroLoft System, The GreenBox DuoHouse, and the GreenBox MicroHouse. Through an innovative bolt-together assembly process, GreenBox is taking multifamily construction to a whole new level of speed, quality, sustainability and price point. GreenBox buildings are assembly-line manufactured in typical 12' wide x 36' long modules that are built out 100% complete out at our plant. The finished modules are then shipped to the project site to be easily crane-set and bolted in place by our building team or yours. With our unique, bolt-together design, there is no exterior finish work required and just minor interior touch ups after setting. There's not a more advanced building system in the world. GreenBox's true innovation is in it's simplicity. Our dealers can easily earn over $1 million per year selling and servicing the GreenBox modular product line. We provide lead generation through a dynamic marketing strategy that will bring a great many new project opportunities your way from real estate investors and developers. Your primary duties are to sell our modular building systems, work with a local certified builder during the install, and oversee the project until it is completed. We have divided and segmented 65 major metro territories within the United States. The Dealer will receive a 10% commission fee on all sales produced within it their designated territory. To provide an idea of territory volume potential, an average 60 unit apartment project roughly bills out $5 million. From duplex to high rise sales, you should be able to contract $10 to $50 million worth of GreenBox product per year. That's $1 mm to $5 mm per year in gross income for the GreenBox Dealer. The numbers are real and viable. Its simply a high-ticket product that solves a major need in the multi-billion dollar per year multifamily construction market. To secure their exclusive territory, each Dealer is required to purchase a MicroHouse “showroom” demo unit at 30% discount off of list price. This demo unit will represent our patented connection apparatus and the exterior and interior features that are included with our MultiFamily, MicroLoft, and DuoHouse systems – just in a smaller scale. This demo unit will enhance your sales dramatically as most clients will want to “touch and feel” before purchasing. It can also serve as your office. It can be placed in your backyard or a vacant commercial lot – whereever you feel most comfortable in giving presentations to potential clients. The list price for our 12' x 24' MicroHouse demo unit is $26,618. Your dealer demo price will be $18,632 (30% discount). You can purchase it outright, but many dealers choose to lease it over a 5 year term at $436 per month. Other than the demo unit, your only start up costs will be general business expenses until your first sale – which is usually within 30 days.

Mobile Marketing Business Opportunity Become a Mobile Marketing Expert with our Technology

Right Hook Marketing is a Digital Marketing Agency specializing in mobile content delivery through Mobile Websites, Landing Pages, Mobile Coupons, QR codes, SMS campaigns, Text Reminders & Digital Loyalty Programs. We have experienced phenomenal growth over the last couple of years and have become one of the nation's leading experts in mobile marketing; one of the tools we have deployed is a mobile marketing technology platform we call Right Hook Cloud that enables us to market effectively & efficiently in the new paradigm of mobile. This thing can do stuff we didn't even dream of five years ago! The product has been so incredibly received that other marketers and agencies have been begging us to offer the suite of mobile marketing products and services offered in the platform. Well, here's your chance! The Right Hook Marketing Board has decided that the best strategy to monetize the platform is to open it up to marketers, agencies, or entrepreneurs who recognize the opportunity that's at hand. Mobile marketing is still in its infancy so now is the time to get involved. The mobile channel is more effective than the other marketing channels by orders of magnitude, and can drive both new and repeat sales and convert already happy customers into very loyal and dedicated customers; in short, into those coveted brand ambassadors. Please contact us immediately so we can show you how to start your own successful mobile marketing business and be part of the mobile marketing revolution. "Step in the Ring" and "Knock out the Competition" with Right Hook Marketing! Text RightHook to short code 55678 on your mobile phone (watch out for auto correct wanting to put a space between Right and Hook). Msg & Data Rates May Apply; approx. 1 msg/mo. Type STOP to stop and HELP for help

Insurance Agents We Make It Easy To Sell Term Life Insurance is a specialized life insurance brokerage created to make it easy for insurance agents to sell life insurance. Life agents, property casualty agencies, health agents, worksite enrollers, we provide the tools and back office support to help you make more sales. Our mobile app and quote system with drop ticket allows you to complete basic information and we do the rest. Best of all, you still receive 100% of your commission!

IT Services & Remote Staffing Business Great Opportunity with Fantastic Domain Name and Web Site

OutStaff: Your Local Source for the Global Workforce | Outsourcing isn’t just for the big guys anymore. Today, offshore staff are helping thousands of small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) to get more done at a lower cost. But finding the right providers takes time, managing overseas contractors can be a headache, differences in language and culture can lead to costly mix-ups, and quality assurance (QA) issues can quickly cancel out any anticipated cost savings. OutStaff was established to fix the issues which invariably make outsourcing a frustrating and disappointing experience for many SMBs. Instead of wasting hours trying to find good contractors on sites like oDesk or Elance, business owners can call OutStaff, tell us about their project or the ongoing job role that they'd like to outstaff, and we do the rest. There are over 28 million SMBs in the US, and you will be able to provide a comprehensive range of services to these businesses. Typical projects which can be outstaffed include: - Web services such as web design, web development, hosting, SEO services - Software and app development - Design services such as brochure design, identity (logos, business cards, letterhead) - Copywriting for websites, blogs, and newsletters - General admin support services This is NOT a franchise opportunity. We are selling the business, including the valuable and memorable domain name. As part of a reasonable training/handover period, we'll show show you how to generate leads, how to find and hire appropriately skilled staff, how to price projects, and how to supervise projects and contractors. Some of the key benefits of the business are: - memorable domain name - great website ( - huge range of potential services which can be sold to clients - high margins (for example, circa 75% margins on web maintenance) - proprietary software that enables you to find leads

Full Service Mobile Media Agency with Celebrity Social Media Mobile Websites, Text Marketing, Apps and Celebrity Social Media Mgmt

Full scale business has taken 3-years to build and is ready for huge income opportunities. Combining the huge market for Mobile Services (Websites, SMS Text and Apps) with Celebrity Social Media creates a built in sales funnel. Every large to small business needs mobile and social media to continue to exist and grow, which this agency has been built, grown, tested and is ready for the entrepreneur or investor to take over for huge income streams. I spent well over $500K and over 1000 personal hours building the business and platform and is now ready to generate repeat revenue of $1M+ with basic marketing, advertising and/or with affiliates. This business will make you money from day 1! I urge you to request more information and I will be happy to answer inquiries. Inquiries must be from true buyers as I will not respond to solicitors or boilerplate requests.

$5,000 Seller Financing Available
Flexible, profitable fitness training business for women Owner/Manager Fitness Instructor

Be your own boss with gals get going; fitness adventures for women. Provide group training plans to help women achieve a fitness goal. Initial business model was run in Spokane, WA but can be applied to any location. Very profitable, flexible proven business model. Professional website displays current and upcoming teams. Online training program allows member to track their workouts. This is a very rewarding job! New owner will receive website (, logo design, all templates for training and tracking, jersey design and 10 hours of mentoring.

eCommerce, Online Retail. Hunting, Camping, Fishing, Equipment. eCommerce, Online Retail. Hunting, Camping, Fishing, Equipment.

Gross profit margins range from 35% to 150% depending on the item. The website currently shows all of the hottest selling items for hunting, fishing, camping. Which carry very high gross profit margins. There are currently approximately 10,000+ items for sale. Also provided to you with other distributor contacts so you can expand the business. One of the distributors we recently located has a great assortment of fishing gear that can be added to the store. Will turn over everything... domain name, website, supplier contacts, administration area where you manage the business. It is very robust yet simple (point-and-click). Loaded with every conceivable feature. Asset sale includes: - domain name (a premium domain name) - fully developed robust feature packed shopping cart type website which auto detects and formats for computers, ipads and smartphones (including the shopping cart's source code); - integrated Wordpress Blog. - wholesale supply contacts and arrangements where they ship under store name directly to our customers; - paypal, card services international, payment gateway interfaces; - full password protected administration area where you mange the orders, customers, catalog - connection wholesale supplier contacts; - full control of back end office where you manage the business. When an order comes in you can email it to the supplier and they fill it; This is a 100% independent website. You are not tied to any supplier or any hosting company. You can do what ever you want to the website. It is all yours. No inventory stocking necessary. Drop ship items to your customers. Please call or email Tom with any and all questions, willing to discuss particulars at length. Pricing negotiable. 917-574-9141

SOLAR GEM GREENHOUSES SEEKS STOCKING DEALERS across U.S. and Canada The backyard greenhouse business is "growing" very rapidly

Self-sufficiency, healthy eating, and skyrocketing grocery prices are just three of many reasons that backyard gardening has exploded in popularity across North America. But year-round food growing requires a unique greenhouse if you live in places where any snow falls or temps drop well below freezing (yes, that even includes many states in the deep south!). Solar Gem Greenhouses opens up the world of year-round gardening to those who thought it was not possible due to a cold winter temps. Out of this reality, an opportunity has grown. Solar Gem Greenhouses is the premier manufacturer and distributor of backyard greenhouses in North America that require zero assembly, zero ongoing maintenance, no special foundation, and are guaranteed to keep growing strong for the lifetime of the original owner. Since 1991, Solar Gem has been building, innovating, and distributing their unique one-piece, fiberglass greenhouses throughout the Pacific Northwest. But now, with an aggressive new company owner, very strong consumer interest across North America, a smart advertising campaign, and a rock-solid distribution plan has combined to create a rare business opportunity for the discerning and hungry entrepreneur. Master Dealerships are now being offered in select states and all Canadian Provinces, which include large, protected territories (many States/Provinces will have just ONE Master Dealer in them), but with amazingly low costs of entry. Hurry, the best territories are still open, but won't be for long. Your challenge: as a Solar Gem Greenhouses Master Dealer, display and sell them at local and regional Home & Garden Shows, Fairs, Flower Shows and the like; supply a sample Solar Gem Greenhouse to sub-dealers/retailers (like locally owned, independent retail nurseries and landscape companies, for instance) within your territory WHO SELL THEM FOR YOU and receive a commission for each sale; and/or display them at other prominent locations with our point of sale marketing collateral, and watch the sales roll in. And who buys Solar Gem Greenhouses? Backyard gardeners of all skill levels, in urban and rural settings who want to garden year-round; families who want to greatly reduce their food costs, eat healthier, go organic, and/or eliminate pesticides from their edibles; people who live "Off the Grid" or so remotely that grocery shopping is an ordeal; Doomsday Preppers and survivalists; schools; communities who want to set-up community gardens; orchid and flower fanciers; and those who just want an escape - a peaceful oasis in their own backyard - with which to unplug from the pressures and frenetic pace of life, just to name a few. This new opportunity can be stand alone, or supplemental to an existing business. And here's the clincher....there are NO PERSONAL GUARANTEES, no franchise fees, no royalties, and no long term commitment; just a year to year renewal. If this business opportunity is not everything that we say it is, then you can walk away unencumbered after just one year. That is how confident we are that you will be very successful. Your monetary investment is low (and almost entirely in inventory), your obligation is defined and short in length, but the opportunity to rapidly "grow" a thriving greenhouse business is truly great. Solar Gem is ready to help the serious entrepreneur become an enduring success in the backyard greenhouse business through very unique, top-quality products - in a niche industry, devoid of copy cats - that helps families eat healthier, be self-sufficient, save money, and cultivate food and other plants YEAR-ROUND, in these very uncertain times. You can do this......and we'll show you how (yes, complete training at your locale is included). The Solar Gem motto is "Let's Grow!" Are you ready??

$2,000 Seller Financing Available
Start Your Own Expo Part or Full Time. We Have 26 Years Of Expo Exper. The First Circuit of Shows Produced $7,000.000.00 IN REVENUE!

I'm going to teach you personally how to produce an expo in your city. For 26 years, I've produced hundreds of Public Shows with millions of people in attendance & over half million booths sold into various expos. I've been showcased in Success magazine, on TV & other news features. My expos have been featured on major TV networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX), on major radio stations, in major newspapers, in magazines & on the internet. I currently produce expos & for a limited amount of people annually I offer several courses which teach unique & proprietary systems of producing expos. You in turn can take this information and produce expos in your city or other cities. The expos I produce have very low expenses coupled with high profits. It's the unique understanding of how venues and media think that creates an opportunistic business approach for producing expos. Many of my current expos have free rent or reduced rent as well as free or reduced media advertising. In addition, there are many other cost saving methods and profit centers that you'll learn about. This is a Home based part or full time business that is relocatable. You can produce expos in your city or other cities. Here's an idea of some shows you may want to produce: Bridal Shows, Home Shows, Pet Shows, Boat Shows, Food Shows, Health Expos, Survival Shows, Sports Shows, Luxury Shows, Travel Shows, Senior Shows, Chocolate Expo, Guy Shows, Women Shows, Sportsmen Shows, RV Shows, Golf Shows, Sewing Shows, Holiday Shows, Craft Shows, Franchise Shows, Business Shows & More. Some of the revenue streams include:: Booth & Sponsor income, Admissions, Inside & Outside Show bag revenue, Website income, Program guide revenue, List revenue & more. AN EXAMPLE OF A PAST SHOW. I had close to $300,000.00 of advertising (700 TV spots, 160 radio spots, newspaper ads & magazine ads). The advertising cost me close to $1500. The advertising brought paid admissions! Booth spaces retailed for $999. There were over 100 booths. Admission was $9 & attendance was in the thousands. It was a very profitable event. I Offer 3 Types Of Courses. To view a course agenda, testimonials, samples of free advertising go to: For my fee I accept Bank Wire, Cashier’s Check, Money Order, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Amex. Industry references are available upon request. (1) CLASSROOM COURSE WITH UP TO SIX OTHER PEOPLE. $6999/PER PERSON. Course takes place in Denver (Time TBD). Course includes: 2 days of training, Handouts, You’ll hear & see samples of advertising, Comes with 4 hours of consulting time after the course. (2) ONE ON ONE CLASSROOM COURSE $9999. Same as above course but with more one on one time - we can spend time focusing on specific concepts that you are more interested in. (3) DELUXE COURSE. $19,999. Same as "ONE ON ONE CLASSROOM COURSE" plus it includes one additional day dedicated to site selection training where we will visit actual possible sites for your show. Also in depth training on how to develop good radio spots, newspaper display ads, magazine ads, email campaigns, TV spots, social media & more. Lastly, I will come back out to your market to spend an entire day to go out on your appointments with media and or clients. We will use that day to help you accomplish your goals and it will provide you with a live training environment. Comes with a total of 8 hours of consulting time after the course. Estimated start-up costs for starting an expo is about $2k to $5k depending on the show & city. HOW THIS WORKS: (1) We talk about the best shows for you to produce & I answer questions you may have. (2) We confirm a date for the course. (3) We sign an agreement outlining the course. (4) Payment. Half now, half due 1 week before the course.

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