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Auto-Trading Robot Trading robot average 15.12% per month since 2003.

We currently sell 4 algorithms that trade the emini S%P's (ES) and 10yr Notes (TY) on full auto-pilot. The algorithms require minimal monitoring. The algorithms themselves list for $15,000 for all 4. We have statements posted, BBB registered, full reports from tradestation, referrals available upon request. If you are a trader and want to start winning, now is your chance. The algo's remove emotions from trading.

The Founding Kit Motivated Seller - Great For First-Time Buyer!

The Founding Kit is what every entrepreneur needs to launch a business. Love doing what you do, and let us do the rest. We've gathered the best service providers in the world to help you get up and running, and growing and growing, in no time! Are you ready to get down to business? We have created different kits -- or packages of service providers -- whose services are available to small business owners. Once the client purchases a kit, we hand-hold the client through the process of getting set up with their different chosen services. We also check in with them on a regular basis to make sure things are going smoothly.

Niche Pro Athlete and Sports Agent Opportunity Sports Agent Networking, Education, Marketplace, and Media Resources

US Patent Foldable Skate Ramps business opportunity A leading design and good market growth for US market is a unique, fully functional business structure in start up stage for the US market. Our product is a skateboard Half-Pipe that is easily folded down to a third of total length with help of the handrails. When folded the ramp ends up on its wheels to be moved with ease utilize space or to protect it against the harsh winter days. The product is being sold in Australia families to be used at home in driveways and backyards since 2010, and has proven to deliver the endless ride all over the country. We showcased the Foldable Skate Ramp at Surf Expo 2014 in Orlando Florida and established a great client base with phenomenal feedback. We secured the US Patent of the design in 2008. All drawings designed for parts manufacturing in-house with an inexpensive machine shop setup. There is opportunity to expand the Business with the sale of accessories such as protective gear, skateboards, wheels and much more. About the Product The design of the foldable Skateboard Half-Pipe is made with families in mind so it can be setup in minutes on driveways, backyards and sports grounds. When Ramp is folded the measurements are 2.2meters wide X 2.0 meters long and X 1.9meters in height designed to fit under standard garage doors. To unfold the ramp, simply use the handrail on each quarter ramp, pull towards you and walk back. It’s like a wheelbarrow; no weight on your body, just a nice easy mechanical unfolding, one side at a time. The Ramp now measures 6.0 meters long X 2.1 meters wide X 0.7 meters in height. Simply lock the handrails in place, grab your safety gear and enjoy the skate. Lock and skate, it’s that simple with a ramp from Ramp skating made easy with all the gear from

$2,800,000 Seller Financing Available
Make $3.366 Billion per Year from a $2.8 million Investment THE $6.732 BILLION BUSINESS MODEL REQUIRES $2.8 MILLION INVESTMENT

I am offering you a 50% equity stake in a $6.732 billion per year Credit and debt exchange business in exchange for a $2.8 million investment in our GLOBAL INVESTOR LICENSE. This means that in exchange for your $2.8 million investment, you’ll get a 50% ownership of a CREDIT AND DEBT EXCHANGE BUSINESS, with the potential sales revenue of $6.732 billion a year. With your 50% equity stake, you’d be getting up to $3.285 billion from any $6.732 billion revenue generated, all things being equal. WHY THIS CREDIT AND DEBT EXCHANGE BUSINESS IS A MULTI BILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY The $200+ Trillion Global Debt Market Individuals owe debt. Businesses owe debt. Governments owe debt. Globally, DEBT currently stands at $223 trillion, an ever-increasing PROBLEM and the BIGGEST TRILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY in the world according to ING BANK ECONOMISTS. According to a February 2014 study by the McKinsey Global Institute, “Total global debt is up 40% since 2007 to about $200 trillion. This is where your opportunity as a CREDIT AND DEBT EXCHANGE business owner who can solve the problem of debts for creditors and debtors comes in. WHAT IS A CREDIT AND DEBT EXCHANGE? A credit and debt exchange is an automated platform designed to electronically clear debt by converting bad loans, distressed assets and troubled receivables into 100% cash and profitable liquid assets for CREDITORS, while helping DEBTORS to offset all the debt they owe without spending cash. It also works to provide interest-free financing from $100,000 to $100 billion or more to its members whether they be individuals, companies, or governments seeking economic stability. THE $6.732 BILLION BUSINESS MODEL: How $6.732 billion per year income could be earned in your CREDIT AND DEBT EXCHANGE business ================================== Here is the profit equation if you have 11,000 registered creditor and debtor members in your CREDIT AND DEBT EXCHANGE business (i.e. 1,000 creditors plus 10,000 debtors). If each creditor and debtor pays a monthly admin fees of $1,000, with each creditor member recouping a monthly average loan value of $1,000,000 (5% transaction fees on loans recouped), while each debtor member offsets or clears a monthly average debt of $1,000,000 (5% transaction fees on debts cleared). Your CREDIT AND DEBT EXCHANGE business would be generating an income of $561 million per month or $6.732 BILLION per year (from the admin and transaction fees on loans recouped and debt cleared). For more information go to EXTRA BONUSES FOR INVESTING IN THIS $6.732 BILLION CREDIT AND DEBT EXCHANGE BUSINESS BONUS #1: 28 MULTI BILLION DOLLAR BUSINESSES WILL BE YOURS FOR INVESTING IN THE $6.732 CREDIT AND DEBT EXCHANGE BUSINESS If you take action to invest in this CREDIT AND DEBT EXCHANGE business today as a GLOBAL INVESTOR, you’ll also get a 50% equity stake in 28 different multi-billion dollar businesses with a combined 'potential' income of $23.9 BILLION per year. More information at . BONUS #2: PRIVATE INTERNATIONAL OFFSHORE BANKING BUSINESS. Yes, you’ll have your own a private international offshore bank fully set up for you in seven different jurisdictions. You will own a multi-jurisdictional structure and financial institution WITH NO INCOME TAX, NO CAPITAL GAINS TAX, NO INHERITANCE TAX & MAXIMUM ASSETS PROTECTION. 100% of the work involved is DONE FOR YOU. For more information go to . BONUS #3: Additionally, we’ll give you S$10 million worth of shares in a Singapore-based company. This opportunity is strictly limited to only one investor. THE NEXT STEP TO GETTING STARTED If you're interested in becoming the next GLOBAL INVESTOR with a 50% equity stake in THIS $6.732 BILLION CREDIT AND DEBT EXCHANGE BUSINESS, CONTACT ME NOW

$50 Capital Required: $2,855
Global Online Distribution Opportunity Earn an Executive Income Part Time

Earn The Income You Want For Sale WORK FROM HOME. EXCITING BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY. BUILD A LONG TERM CAREER WITHOUT INCOME LIMITS. Do you want to be your own boss? Do you want to be paid what you are really worth? Do you find it tiresome travelling for work and working long hours? Do you want to say goodbye to office politics and unrealistic deadlines? Do you want to enjoy a fantastic work/life balance? Do you want to achieve financial freedom? If the answer is YES to any or all of these questions then you should seriously consider a change. We are an innovative Media and Personal Leadership company expanding approximately 50 countries across the world, working with World Class, Award Winning products. If you have the desire and ambition we have the opportunity. How many times do you see? The house you really want to buy, The car you really want to drive, The clothes you really want to wear, The holidays you really want to go on? This is not a job its a LIFESTYLE CHOICE! This is a self-employment business opportunity. Start Part time or Full time: Your choice. Work from anywhere you want: You just need a phone and a lap top. Flexible Working Hours. Proven turn-key business system: Create income quickly. Prospects come to you. Lucrative Income Opportunity: Upfront profits, Leveraged profits and Residual Income. Training and Support by Experienced Professionals: One on One mentoring and daily live webinars. There is NO MLM, cold calling, chasing family or stock handling. IF you: Have a desire to achieve your financial freedom. Have a desire to achieve your personal goals. Have a desire to reach your dreams. Have a desire to achieve time freedom. Have a desire to achieve a better lifestyle. You would make a successful candidate. Previous experience isn't necessary! We have successful associates from a wide range of industries including general management, sales and marketing, ex bartenders and waiters, fitness trainers, teachers and coaches just to name a few. Our business model suits just about everybody. If you are serious, work from home today in your own Home Based Business.

For Sale by Owner. Turn-Key Online Education Business for Sale! Continuing Nursing Education. State-Approved CE Provider.

This is a unique opportunity to run your own business from home. Business has already been approved by the Florida Board of Nursing to provide continuing education courses. We have a unique User-Interface and a clean professional looking website already built, and making sales. Buyer can take the business in any direction they want. Build your own brand. Apply for more State-Board approvals. Advertise online, radio, hospitals, doctor's offices, or flyers. There is huge potential for growth. Business comes with over 30 State-Approved CEU Courses. The business is turn-key, and is already generating an income.

$20,000 Seller Financing Available
RR Gear - Rolls-Royce Accessories Store - Huge Potential Rolls-Royce Accessory Store

This is rare opportunity to own a ready-to-launch e-commerce store for some of the wealthiest consumers in the world. As such, this e-commerce store comes complete with 100% ownership of a registered corporation, already built website, detailed business plan, business operation training, and enjoys profit margins exceeding 40%. Conservative business plan projections based upon initial market trials indicate this store will gross $250,000 just in the first year. This e-commerce store requires no capital investment in inventory, is capable of being operated as drop shipper, and is a great opportunity for those seeking a stable business that can be run with as little as a single person from any location. This store features over 150 authentic Rolls-Royce accessory products ranging from Spirit of Ecstasy plinths to leather goods such as wallets and iPhone cases. Many of these items are not widely available on-line and thus, this e-commerce store provides a unique niche within which to succeed. With unique customer demographics such as average net worth exceeding $30 million and strong brand affinity, this store represents a strong opportunity for the right entrepreneur. Built by a Rolls-Royce enthusiast and successful entrepreneur, this store comes with pre-built e-commerce website, valuable domain name, and Google SEO so that customers are able to find the store. The reason for the sale is that the owner of the store does not have the time necessary to operate it.

$12,000 Capital Required: $2,000
They laughed when I said I wanted to import out of China Look who is laughing now!

10 years ago my company sent me over to China from Australia to consult for a Chinese company. I saw for myself just how cheap products in China were being manufactured. Something that you buy on the shelf in the USA or Australia for $50 was being made for $1-$2 in China. I realised I was missing a massive opportunity by working for someone else on a salary and not getting involved importing and exporting. So I started my own sourcing company. I partnered with a local Chinese girl that spoke the language and understood the culture. She spent time finding the right factories, negotiating prices and logistics and paying them. I looked after my side: meeting and finding clients in my own country, getting payments from them, ensuring product quality and so on. I also set up my own EBay shop to sell some of the products that I found on my own. Friends, family and acquaintances said it was impossible to work in China because of the language and cultural difficulties. They laughed at me for giving up a secure high paying job to follow my dream of working for myself and owning my own business. They did not count on my determination and resilience….I was going to succeed no-matter-what! The more someone said it couldn’t be done, the more determined I became to prove them wrong. My first order was for scrapbooking products and we made $7,000 profit from one order and we got many repeat orders as well. Since then we have expanded into many diverse areas and even have our own manufacturing facility that builds kayaks, Pizza Ovens and all kinds of Steel Fabricating and we export them around the world. I now have two offices in China and 20 staff and turnover more than $25,000,000 every year. My clients also make great money from their Ebay sites and On-line shops. They sell direct to clients and in most instances ship direct to clients so even eliminate warehousing costs. I have clients all over the world and now would like to help more people manufacture their special product in China. I am now so busy dealing with my own clients I am looking for partners/distributors/agents to join me and learn the business. My first partner was a surfing buddy of mine named Tony. He saw all the money I was making and the jet-set life I was living and asked me how I did it. I told him there was plenty of money to be made in importing and I had only scratched the surface so if he was willing to fly over to China I would teach him everything I knew. Tony did exactly that and had never looked back. He went from being a pergola salesman earning a basic wage to earning more money than his wife or any of his friends dreamed of. Tony now uses my office in China with the workers who are there like his own. You can have your very own business either importing products for yourself to sell in the USA or have your own sourcing business finding products for clients. I actually recommend doing both. The cost of this opportunity is $12,000 plus you must spend a week in China for training. Let me arm you with the tools to do what I did! I have the formula to make it happen….Do you want in? Very low overheads Easy to operate from home Can work the business from any country in the world Great chance to travel Income is limited only by your determination Can be worked part or full time I don’t have a fancy website or spend thousands on advertising or glossy brochures. I don't need too. I offer hands-on training and offer you the same opportunity that I had 10 years ago. I won't be offering this business to anyone who applies. I want people I can trust and who I believe will succeed. To me, this is the best business in the world. Look around you, nearly everything your see is being made in China. Someone is importing those products from China to the USA. Why can't it be you? I live in China but my brother Lachlan lives in Utah in the USA. You can call him for a chat on 801-900-1717.

$3,500 Capital Required: $500
Routes For Sale Routes For sale, Exclusive Territories, No Overhead, Profitable.

Routes For Sale with exclusive territories in cities across the United States with a proven low-cost turnkey system that you can profit from your first month. We’re Wholesale Cell Phone Accessories Company and we have a unique system in place to put hard working individuals in business at a very low cost with excellent profit potential. 1. We will supply you with beautiful compact cell phone accessories display cases fully stocked. 2. Our locator specialist will come to your area and will place the displays for you in high traffic retail locations. 3. Your responsibility is to service each location once a month and to replace products sold. 4. Retailers will be paying you directly for goods sold minus their commission. 5. Less than 10 hours of work a month required to service all locations, so you can keep your regular job if desired. 6. You can add more locations as you grow your business. 7. This is a business opportunity and not a job. You can take it as far as you want and have as many locations as you like in your city. 8. We only sell to one distributor in each city, so you can grow as slow or as fast as you like without any pressure. 9. Proven system that is already successful in other cities. 10. Full company training and support to get you started fast and continued on going support without extra charges. 11. Turnkey system that includes all displays, merchandise, marketing material. No additional expenses or fees, profit from first month and return of investment is fast. 99% of people from age 14 to 80 have a cell phone. The average person buys 4 to 5 cell phone accessories every year (wall/car adapters, cables, earphones). Total investment for 10 locations $3,500 to $5,500, including all displays fully stocked and a specialist that will place the displays for you in high traffic retail locations. Our product sells at a low price point with excellent profit margins to the retailers and to you. Return on investment is fast. If you always wanted to own your own business this is your chance. Remember that we offer a low start up cost that requires no overhead. Our opportunity is easy to run and manage with no employees. In addition, no rent to pay and a ton of room to grow. No overhead. Add locations as you grow. We also offer ongoing support to make sure you are successful.

$8,000 Capital Required: $8,000
NAABB Business Brokerage - The Nation's Most Prestigous Network The Nation's Largest Business Brokerage Network

Become a NAABB Business Broker owner to join the nation's most respected business brokerage brand network. The North American Alliance of Business Brokers (NAABB) is currently covering 150 cities across 43 states and you could be next. The NAABB broker owners following our system easily exceed $200K per year! Our unique approach has changed the way businesses are sold No Experience Necessary * Exclusive Territory * NO COLD CALLING NAABB business broker owners not only receive the industry's most thorough training but that is followed by a world renowned marketing system that generates all of your leads for you without cold calling. Then as you move along the support systems are numerous and comprehensive. ********************************************************* Learn everything there is to know about this opportunity... Review The Summary & Prospectus at *********************************************************

$999 Capital Required: $1,499
Laundry and Dry Cleaning pick up & delivery route system If you own a laundromat or dry cleaner, you MUST pick up & deliver

Whether you are looking to start a laundry/dry cleaning route from scratch or currently own a laundromat or dry cleaner, this proven system will work for you. At only 22 years old I created a system which I currently use. It cuts labor, gas, vehicle emissions, and more importantly reaps immense profits. Now, at 25 I have coached a few friends and after watching them succeed, I decided to expand my talents publicly. By being owner operator (no driver necessary), in only 2 days, 6 hours per day, you can complete the route of a full 7 day pick up & delivery work week. The saved resources in turn make it possible to provide a higher quality service than the competition, at a lower cost to the consumer than the competition, which CUTS OUT competition and leaves a TON of money still in your pocket. I am currently expanding at the rate of about 41% annually- acquiring new clients on a weekly, if not daily basis. I no longer trade hours for dollars. I will coach you along the way from marketing to logistics to social media. I have found financial freedom and you should too. Follow us on instagram: NewBridgeLaundryJC visit our website: Check out our latest article:

Atlantis Water Purifying Cup & Systems NASA technology used to purify water in emergencies

? Preppers, Earthquakes, Floods, Camping, Foreign Travel, Missionaries, Hurricanes, Pandemic, Bio-terrorism, Impure water, protect your water from disease and disasters! ? The Atlantis Water Purifying Cup purifies 1,000 gallons (3,700 liters) of water, killing bacteria, viruses, cysts and protozoa, preventing Dysentery, Cholera, Hep B and other water borne diseases. That's enough water for a person for drinking and cooking for a year! ? System used by NASA on all Space Shuttles and the Space Station. ? On-Demand purification with 10 year shelf life. ? Atlantis Purifying Resin (APR™) is a demand-release Iodide resin water disinfectant with EPA Reg. # 35917-2 ? 10 year shelf life The Atlantis Water Purifying Cup is a unique low cost, hand held water purifier that purifies 1000 gallons of any non-saline water. The demand-release Iodide resin was originally developed for NASA and is used on all Space Shuttle flights and the Space Station. The resin is used to turn water generated by their fuel cells into pure drinking water. NASA had to be assured their water was safe to drink. APR™ discharges the disinfectant ONLY if there are virus (too small to filter), bacteria, cysts or protozoa present in the water. APR™ is 1000 times more potent than an iodine tablet, while actually releasing less iodine into the water than a daily multivitamin. We originally developed the Atlantis Water Purifying Cup for Armies and Embassies for world-wide use in dire circumstances. The Atlantis Cup has been used by the United States, Canadian and Mexican Armed Forces, the Peace Corp, Red Cross, numerous American Embassies and international corporations. The Atlantis Cup is now available to the public. Atlantis water purifiers are available in personal (Atlantis Cup), home use (single and double counter-top) and commercial (field hospitals, etc.) sizes.

Photo Booth Business Opportunity Go from Startup to Success with ShutterBooth!

With almost a decade of experience in the special events industry, ShutterBooth stands at the forefront of its competition. Our advanced suite of products and services boasts technologically advanced software and has led us to become the largest photo booth provider with over 45 offices nationwide. Our line of photo booths include traditional and open air options, innovative touch screen kiosks, and Hashtag print stations. Our booths are run by commercial photo booth software that features the latest technology and has been designed to meet the needs of any event type from small scale, intimate weddings to high profile corporate bashes. With 45+ offices across the country, ShutterBooth has captured over 16 million photos for over 35,000 events. ShutterBooth has a strong brand and reputation that is backed up by countless 5 star reviews and satisfied clients. Upon signing your agreement with us, your market will begin to generate leads right away and will be managed via our intuitive online client management system. You've always wanted to own your own business, why not start with an established company and brand that will work with you to achieve your business goals. Please complete the NDA below:

Pixologie - Low Investment Start-Up - Photo Services Profitable, unique business opportunity - high margin services

People are need help with their photos and will pay for services averaging from $55 to $100+ per hour depending upon the area of country. This hourly income is in addition to other revenue sources related to digitizing their photos and media. Consider the staggering number of photos being taken each year along with the billions of photos still in shoe boxes and closets, and we have one of the greatest business opportunities of this decade with a great mission of helping family stories, legacies and traditions being saved for future generations. Suite48 Analytics completed a white paper in 2014 entitled “The Photo Management Challenge” and reported in their introduction and in their paper: - Each month the average consumer takes 54 photos with their digital camera, 41 with their smartphone and 19 with their tablet. - For those respondents who don’t routinely sort through their photos, - 53% are bothered that they don’t do it – and often the reason they don’t is they just don’t have the discipline. Only 13% reported that it was due to a lack of easy software or apps. - 57% of our respondents believe their photo collections either “need a lot of work” (they’re “somewhat organized”) or are “largely disorganized” with no differences noted in gender, age and parenthood. Our services are very much needed and Pixologie is on the forefront of helping consumers realize there is help available for their photo dilemmas. With Pixologie, you can: - Focus on your clients with the marketing strength of a fully supported brand for your business. - Offer your desired range of photo services (from scanning to photo book design to film transfer and more) and outsource as needed - Assist people with a variety of media including photos, slides, negatives, film, VHS tapes, film and more - Be part of a ground breaking company committed to saving photos Pixologie has teamed up with E-Z Photo Scan to offer two "business in a box" packages. See the attachment. License agreement includes: - Branded marketing materials (business cards, brochures, flyers, etc.) - Marketing plans - customize to your preferences and locality - Client processes and forms, social media messaging, blog etc. - Website listing on our main page - Training and support provided along with a reference manual (travel to Milwaukee required for up to four day hands-on training) - Choose between Kodak Alaris PS50 or PS80 High Speed Scanner - Kodak Alaris Legal Size Flatbed Accessory - Annual subscription to PixologiePro ( - One Year Membership to the Association of Personal Photo Organizers - Five hours per month of business support and consultation ***** Not sure yet? Sign up for a Pixologie Pro ( membership and learn about the field before you look at starting a Pixologie business of your own. Licensees automatically are enrolled with a higher level of content than non-licensees. ********

Home Based – Online Business Opportunity – Global Exposure! Home Based – Online Business Opportunity – Global Exposure!

• No expensive Franchise Costs and ongoing Franchise Fees • No Industry experience required • No 5 year lease agreements, no expensive equipment to purchase • No stock holdings or staff necessary • Make 80% Up Front Profit per Sale • Genuine GLOBAL opportunity with NO restrictions and • You call the shots! Overview: Experience a refreshing alternative to Traditional and Franchise business models. Why spend Hundreds of Thousands of dollars, and work over 100 hours a week, only at the end, to simply buy yourself an average wage… About the Business: We are an established Global Market Leader in a $65 Billion dollar industry. With our recently fully accredited Leadership Development program spanning in over 50 countries and boasting 50,000 plus satisfied customers, we are still enjoying exponential growth and ongoing success. This is a Home Based, Online business opportunity positioned in the Personal Development and positive media Industry. It is for entrepreneurial minded people who wish to really take charge of their lives and career, by creating a financially rewarding lifestyle you always knew you deserved! What we offer: • Home Based and online opportunity. • A proven simple system to follow • A lucrative revenue plan which consists of Upfront, Leveraged and ongoing Residual Income streams. Profits of up to 80% per sale paid upfront (ranging from $1828 - $19,000USD). • Flexible hours, you choose, full time or part time. • Low set up costs – to kick start this business all you need is a phone, computer and internet not to mention a real desire and belief to finally earn what you are really worth. • International travel opportunities. • Life changing product lines. What we are NOT: • NOT MLM, we are in the Direct Sales Industry • NO Cold Calling • NO Hassling Friends and Family • NO Pressure Selling • NOT a Get Rich Quick Scheme This business is not for everyone, it requires commitment and dedication. Product Lines: • 12 month home study, accredited, personal development course • 5 Day Live Wealth Creation Seminar • 8 Day Live Personal and Leadership Development Seminar • Annual product updates. To be successful you must have: • A burning desire to achieve more and really get paid for your work. • Be self-motivated to succeed. • Be a self-starter. • Be a leader. • Willingness to learn, grow and help others. • Possess the highest levels of Honesty & Integrity, and • Be fluent in English. If you feel you tick all the boxes, simply visit our website: to register your interest today.

3D/4D Elective Ultrasound Business Relaxed, Exciting, Entertaining, Profitable - 4D Ultrasound Studio

Are you looking for a new business opportunity that is not only profitable but is also rewarding? Ultrasound Trainers is the premier non-franchise 4D elective ultrasound system out there. We are not only looking to grow our company image but rather helping our clients to establish their own name and territory in the ultrasound market. This is why we have come out with our revolutionary new 3D/4D Ultrasound training program that will allow for anyone to become trained in the 3D/4D Ultrasound Applications and be able to open their own studios. Ultrasound Trainers offers real results for your money, no more paying ridiculous upfront franchise fees, followed by high monthly franchise fees, for a little more than a name and possibly a little marketing support. Our business partnership is tailored to help you succeed in business; we are with you from the beginning to the end. We are in the business of helping our business partnerships do well. Turn-Key Business We provide a mix of all the trainings related to how to operate the machine and so much more. Our company basically does all of the main setup for you. Your main job is to find a location, have it built out (we will help with the design process) and furnished; then you can sit back while we complete the rest for you. We create a custom logo, website, print marketing and get your organization running in no time! The customers who opt for this package do not have to worry much because we include your ultrasound machine, we set-up your machine, all computers, televisions and initiate the original marketing campaign. Every turn-key that we open is customized based on the tastes and style of the owner. With this package your business will never have to pay royalties or any franchise fees. After we complete the job, you will have complete control over your new business. This package has been created for those people who are looking to start a new business or would like to enhance their current portfolio, but they do not have the time to fully setup their studio on their own.

$25,000 Capital Required: $200,000
1000 Degrees Neapolitan Pizza Franchise Available 1000 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria Franchise

1000 Degrees is a Fast-Casual authentic, hand-tossed Neapolitan Pizza franchise. Territories are still available in most states across the US. Average unit cost is 250,000.00. 1000 Degrees serves the best pizza in the country, with a "create your own" option, fired to perfection in just 2 minutes. Our proprietary rotating gas fired Neapolitan Pizza oven is capable of firing over 200 pizzas per hour. For more information please visit the franchise section of our website at

Consultant Based Business Your own consultant based business

Life settlements make big money for Life Services Consultants. Consultants use our money to earn big fees. We buy existing policies with our money not yours. We do not sell policies. No experience in the insurance industry is required. What is a life settlement? It is a situation in which seniors sell their life insurance policies that they own for more than the cash surrender value from the insurance company. Why would a senior sell their life policy? Some policies are no longer needed or are too costly for a senior to keep paying each month. The life insurance company will give the senior at most the minimum amount they can legally get away with, but a life settlement can pay a senior many times more, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars more. Most seniors aren't aware of this lifeline of money. Neither are their families. Their life insurance agent or financial planner probably is not familiar with life settlements. Many seniors are allowing their policies to lapse or are cashing them in for a small fraction of their actual worth. As an alternative the policies can be bought by our team of institutional investors, which include banks, hedge funds and pension funds. Hundreds of millions of dollars are available now to buy as many qualified policies as our representatives can process. Each accepted policy pays our consultant a substantial fee. Consultants have the opportunity to produce extraordinarily high earnings. In fact, the life services business likely has the highest potential income-to-investment ratio of any business startup. Five figure fees are common, but six figure fees are not uncommon. Most fees paid are over $10,000 per transaction. What are the advantages of becoming a consultant? Many retain their present job or business and start part-time. No retail store front, no long term lease obligations, no employees to manage, no fancy offices are required. Many consultants operate as a home based business. Almost no overhead is required as compared to most business start-ups. Consultants are folks who are looking to make a change to a six-figure income stream while providing a valuable service. Consultants receive access to email and a website, training materials, continual live support, and an untapped demographic market that is growing by the millions waiting for this service. In fact, the first transaction may recapture the investment and much more. You must have excellent communication skills and be able to relate very well to seniors and professionals. Additionally a strong business ethic is helpful. This is a much needed service business and we seek dedicated and compassionate individuals in our application process.

$50 Capital Required: $50
Only $999 Start up Online Business Start your on line business with as little as $999.00.

We are in the anti aging industry which sold over 160 billion in 2011. We are poised to grow to 1 trillion dollars by 2020. Our company Sold 100 million the first year in business and 219 million the second year. Our third which was last year 2014 we sold over 400 million. We are opening markets through out the world. We launched two countries in 2014. We are launching two more this year (2015). You can profit from a worldwide business from the comfort of your home. With our low start up cost it's never been easier to get started. You get a website with all of the tools including social media links, videos, 19 bottles of our patented product. Also all of products have a 30 day money back guarantee and we are based out of Texas so you know we will be here when you need us.

Earn $500 Million Per Year Earn Income from a Global Investor 3 business

You can become very wealthy by investing into a Global Investor 3 business, and earn $500 million per year. This is a special offer, and your income is guarantee, and for this special offer the website business would be set up ready to start earning income after website set up is complete. It only takes 1 month to set up website, and another 2 months to wait for website to start earning money. Monthly income from this new website would be $41.66 million per month. If you invest in the Global Investor 3 business for $2.8 million, you will be given $6 million worth of shares for free. If you do not know what is a share, you can do a search on internet to understand what a share is. It would be good if you can browse through this website ( link below this Ad ), click on opportunity menu and then click on Investment Option 3. Or you can take a look at Investment Option 2. The Affiliate license, Start Up License, and Global Business license. Each comes with different price, and with different benefits offered. The affiliate License, you have to recruit members to your own website business, however, the other licenses which includes the Start up License and Global Business License, all jobs would be done for you including recruiting people to join as members to the new website, as you can see in the table the percentage share of income from the yearly profit is also different for each license type. If you are interested to invest in the Global Investor 3 business for only $2,800,000 you can contact me and i will respond to you. Please Note : This website is only made for license sale, membership to this website is not available. it is only available when we set up your website business either as an Affiliate business, or Start Up business or Global Business, or Global Investor business. That means this website is only for selling licenses to enable investors to start a website business.

$85,000 Seller Financing Available
Entire Network of Luxury Homes Websites & Magazines (108+ live) This Business & it's network of sites are 'live' and ready to go

America’s Finest Homes is seeking a buyer for their entire network of 108+ individually branded websites and associated assets. The AFH network covers every state and major city in the U.S and each website carries the highly sought after ‘Finest Homes’ brand name for their location. There is also a dedicated Yearbook/Magazine that can be linked to each location and profiles the premier businesses, individuals and homes for that location. These businesses and individuals commit to an amount of media services, advertising and sponsorship income for the year. Each website is optimized around their location's luxury homes sector and will receive a high volume of targeted visitors. Our full network of websites can be viewed at A detailed Business Sale document is attached and can also can be viewed or downloaded at Some possible alternative or additional income options could be: 1. Break up the network and sell or lease the individual locations to a business or individual in that location. Typical buyers could be Real Estate Brokers/Agents, Interior Designers, Custom Home Builders, Home Business Start Ups, Magazine Publishers, Marketing Agency etc. 2. Setup each location in the network as an individual portal and secure ‘click thru’ advertising income from google ads, amazon etc. 3. It is also feasible that a national Real Estate organization or Homebuilder would be interested in acquiring the entire network for their own use. 4. The network of locations could make an ideal Franchise network. Running Costs The costs for operating America’s Finest Homes and the network of websites and yearbooks are low. The total website hosting costs for the entire network are $1200 a year. An individual can easily run a location single handed. The yearbook comes with a pre-defined template and can be managed by the individual or outsourced. The yearbook can be distributed digitally at no cost and printed at a cost of around $1.10 a copy. (based on 48 color pages and 5,000 copies). Investment To-Date Over $60,000 has already been invested in the operation which does not include the current owners time. Documentation is available that supports this statement. A significant amount of investment in both time, expertise and money has already been made in establishing America’s Finest Homes and bringing it to it’s current position. This is a ‘one-time’ opportunity to own and run a national network of online & offline inter-connected businesses with fantastic profit margins and recurring revenue streams. To discuss this sale, call the owner - Ian Bridges 941-312-7662 or email

North America's Number One Brand in Real Estate Advertising North America's Number One Brand in Real Estate Advertising

Own Your Own Advertising Business. THE REAL ESTATE BOOK - North America's largest and most successful Homes for Sale magazine is offering the chance to be an Independent Distributor. We have available territories across North America. Comprehensive training and on-going support help ensure success. Candidate should possess strong sales skills, customer support & follow-up skills. No franchise fees or royalties. Initial start-up and working capital required. To find out more, go to and contact, or call Patrick McGroder 855-556-7544.

$15,000 Seller Financing Available
Pur Beverages Brand Distributorship $15,000 (includes inventory) PUR Beverage Distributorship (Territorial Franchise Rights)

PUR BEVERAGES COMPANY Pur Beverages was founded in 2009. After 6 years of market penetration, we are now expanding into new markets. Our go to market strategy is one of methodical expansion in select areas of the country. We have successfully gained market penetration in 17 states across the country. Pur Beverages has successfully formulated an entire line of all natural beverages and water products, where the taste, effect, and all natural ingredients appeal to even the most health conscious consumers. The market is saturated with unhealthy, marginal tasting, flavored water type drinks. Most drinks have no health benefit whatsoever, adding unneeded and unwanted calories and chemicals to unsuspecting customers, as they are masked in savvy and attention grabbing packaging. We have combined all of the elements of a successful beverage line, in the most successful segment in the market today. Our highly recognizable and respected name, Pur Beverages, is officially trademarked through the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Owning the rights to such in your local market, is invaluable. ALL NATURAL BEVERAGE MARKET Energy drinks are the fastest growing segment in the beverage market, while traditional beverages such as soda and juice, have watched their sales decline year after year. Over the last 12 years, there has been a strong trend towards organic and all natural items. With the intense scrutiny that has been placed on the food and beverage industry for adding harmful additives, all natural and organic products have become the trend for consumers across the entire spectrum. WHY AN ENTREPRENEUR, RATHER THAN AN ESTABLISHED DISTRIBUTOR? The answer is quite simple actually. Distributors are just that, distributors. Distributors are not in the business of "building a brand", they are in the business of taking an order for a product and delivering that product. What is left out of that business model, is how to effectively get the product into the hands of the end user consumer. Our success and longevity in the market is based on our methodical approach to expansion. Understanding that building a brand takes time and dedicated effort to each and every retail account, Pur Beverages needs distributors partners that are dedicated to the Pur Beverages brand only, whether it be from merchandising the product at store level, to ensuring the proper pricing is on the store tags, to the most important of all, which is marketing the products to the end user consumer. PROTECTED TERRITORY We will only grant one exclusive contract per market area, typically between 30-100 miles, depending on the population. This is done to ensure focus on the brand building of our product, and it is our way of ensuring our distribution partners continued success and longevity. You will not be building a beverage distributorship, but rather, will be the sole supplier of the beverage line in your territory. You will be entrusted with building the brand, and gaining distributors to carry the Pur Beverages Brand products, where they will then take it to market. Why do we need you? Because you will be responsible for opening the market by selling direct to retailers, and eventually marketing the products along side the wholesale beverage and grocery distributors that you acquire to build the brand.

$22,500 Seller Financing Available
TruSide Business Solutions Exceptional Growth Opportunity – High Need Business

Business solutions to grow sales, increase cash flow, stimulate consumer interest, reduce operating expenses, and improve the financial health of businesses across the U.S. TruSide® represents an opportunity for individuals to grow a vibrant, successful business with limited capital and overhead. Our Mission is to provide business owners innovative financial solutions that allow them to excel in a challenging economy. We offer unique solutions tailored to their specific business needs. We believe our customers deserve honest and ethical business partners and we strive to deliver every single time. NuSide Financial is a forward thinking corporation located in Atlanta, GA and the registered owner of the TruSide® trademark. We have a proprietary product offering and sales approach that allows our business partners to gain access, develop interest, and sell our product line to business owners with relative ease. We call this process and product: TruSide®. We focus on training and continuous support for our partners and value the opportunity to help those partners succeed and obtain success in a competitive market place. Income opportunities are extremely attractive for those interested in building a Business to Business Sales Organization. $500K to $1M per year is a very realistic mid-term income goal. Long-term income potential has no limit as residual income and back-end commissions increase each year. Your ability and desire to grow a sales organization would also determine income potential and market assignment. We put no cap on how large you can grow. Compensation includes up-front and back-end income in addition to residual income that builds over time. Your sales reps and sales managers have the opportunity to achieve their income goals as well, you the ability to attract exceptional talent. Your time looking into this opportunity could be the most important time you spend for your financial health. We’re happy to take some time with you to discuss your financial and business aspirations and how we may be able to help. Inquire today to receive a simple income worksheet that shows the earning potential of an effective sales team in addition to a video that helps describe the opportunity and our service offering. NuSide Financial is the owner of TruSide® Business Solutions, TruSide® Consumer Credit, TruSide® PLUS, TruSide® Capital and the TruSide® Selling Strategy (TSS). Our services allow businesses to offer their customers additional credit and payment options to grow sales. Our products are very easy to sell for you, your sales reps and sales managers. They give your reps the ability to gain access to the decision maker of an organization with ease in order to speak to them about our entire suite of products and services. Investment Requirements: • One-Time Investment • Financing Available • Grants Available in Some Markets • Grants Available for Military Veterans Visit our websites for additional details about our services at: Email our National Sales Manager with additional questions at or through the Contact Us section of our websites.

Exciting Business Opportunity in the Personal Development Industry Design Your Life

Enjoy working from the comforts of your own home or wherever you choose. As long as you have your laptop, phone and an internet connection then you are set. Design Your Life will help you open doors that you never thought possible. Benefits of our business: Time Freedom - Work on your own time Ongoing training & mentoring - live and one on one from leaders in the company Uncapped commissions - Potential to earn executive level income part time or full time Quick and Easy set up - you could potentially start earning income within a few short days No monthly minimum products or purchases Work Part time of Full time - the choice is up to you Easy to follow business model No cold calling or approaching friends and family Not MLM Now you are wondering... What will I do? By following our simple 3 step system, you have the potential to earn an executive level income without the stress of corporate politics. We teach you how to market your business online. Most of your time will be spent placing ads, calling potential clients and conducting brief scripted interviews and collecting decisions. You never have to worry about hard selling or explaining your products... our unique system takes care of that for you. You will also spend some time training and mentoring others and also working on your own personal development. The joy of this program is that you have the global market at your finger tips. The earning potential is up to you! Now you can finally introduce the work/life balance that you have always wanted. Fill out the form on the right and contact me for more information today!

$5,000 Capital Required: $5,000
Air Conditioning Service (Home Based) Air Conditioning Service (Home Based Business)

“When it comes to Air Conditioning & Heating Services no one does it like All Pro Mechanical” All Pros service/business approach to the HVAC Service is unique to the trade and we are the first Air Conditioning Service Company to employ it! At its core is All Pros “Service Partner's” a network of Home Based business owners who service key suburban areas much like how a franchise business or retail chain would operate. Creating the perfect business model for the HVAC professional who's ready to break away from their employer and start a low cost home based HVAC service company of their own. It's also the perfect business approach for the HVAC sub contractor who needs help taking their business to the next level. All Pro's Home Based business approach eliminates the need for costly overhead investments (office/warehouse space, service fleets, etc...) typical of brick and mortar counterparts who saddle new owners with large amounts of overhead and debt. Instead, All Pro prefers to invest resources where it counts on marketing programs that build brand awareness and product/service sales for Service Partners. As a result All Pro offers a significantly more attractive business model to a greater segment of qualified technical professionals the HVAC industry has to offer. Summing it up All Pros business approach insures that "Service Partners" can reach income goals quicker while providing a stable service/business model than what our competitors can offer!

Seller Financing Available
Home Based Logistics Company Let us show you how to make a six figure income in a stable industry

We are currently looking for Independent Agents to work from home under our Agency Umbrella. We have developed a solid business model that we can show you how to make a six figure income in the transporation and logistics industry. We provide all the training, back office support, sales leads and operational backing you need to be successful. This is a perfect opportunity for an individual or husband/wife team who is looking for a solid business opportunity. In 2008 my wife quit work as a school teacher and joined my firm as the second team member. Together we have built a solid business that gives us the income and flexibility to live our lives as we see fit. We can show you how to do the same. This is a low cost start up opportunity with solid long term financial potential. No other start up costs involved.

Make $1 million per Month From 10 Multi million Dollar Businesses Get 10 different multi-million dollar businesses set up for you today

From these businesses you could be making as much as $1 million per month working only 4 hours a month as a business broker. INVEST ONCE, AND GET PAID $1 MILLION PER MONTH FOREVER. You'll only invest once and start getting paid every month, starting from next month,without making additional investments or expenses in the future. 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ON YOUR INVESTMENT. ----------------------------------------------- Your investment is guaranteed based on our "100% iron-clad double your money back guarantee." For more information about these ten multi million dollar businesses and the thousands of business resources we will develop for you go to and WHY YOU SHOULD TAKE ACTION TO INVEST IN THIS BUSINESS TODAY AND NOT TOMORROW. ---------------- This offer expires today and the investment required will increase after today. 100% GUARANTEED.

$50 Capital Required: $3,000
Work From Home - Online Business - Learn To Earn An Exec Level Income Are you looking for MORE time, MORE money and MORE freedom?

Have you ever thought what your life would be like if you turned your annual income into your monthly income? We have taught others just like you to start earning an executive level income working from home. At Create Your Own Life, this is what we are all about. Our Online/Home based business system gives you the ability to create the financial results you are after, as well as a balanced lifestyle and complete flexibility. We are expanding in the USA and Canada, allowing dynamic individuals the ground floor opportunity to take advantage of this untapped market. This business is NOT about selling to your family and friends. NO coffee shop meetings, NO home parties, NO one on one presentations, NO stocking of products and NOT MLM. Powerful advantages you will enjoy when you join us as a home-based business owner: · Generous upfront profits - make up to $8,000 per sale · Turn key business system – quick and easy set up. Be up and running within 2 hours. · Complete flexibility - choose your own hours – part time or full time · No inventory to stock, no staff to manage · NO cold calling · Expert mentoring and coaching – one on one at no cost to you · Live training calls - interact and mastermind with our most successful business associates · Ongoing training with social media on how to generate FREE leads for your business · Fun, exciting, rewarding and highly profitable · No franchise fees or area restrictions Your responsibilities will include placing simple ads, conducting brief scripted telephone interviews, investing time into training and mentoring others as well as your own personal development. Described by Industry experts as a "refreshing alternative to franchises and traditional businesses." We are the most awarded Success Education Company on the planet, achieving 100% growth in the past year alone. The personal development business is a booming $65 billion industry. The only requirements are: you must be ready and willing to change your life and ready to take action now to make it happen. Great! What is the next step? Fill out the contact us form and we will call you soon. Opportunities available across all of the USA and Canada.

$27,000 Capital Required: $50,000
Established Real Estate Marketing Franchise - Opportunities Available Homes & Land Franchise Opportunities Available - New or Existing

Homes & Land has been a proven marketing system for the real estate industry for over 40 years. A Franchise is a great way to start your own business with fewer risks relative to bare-bones Entrepreneurship. Homes & Land is also part of a very large, historically-stable segment of the U.S. and Canadian Economies. According to the NAHB, the U.S. Housing market typically contributes 17 to 18 percent to U.S. GDP. Another growing segment Homes & Land serves is the home improvement segment with consumer spending totaling $120.7B in 2012 according to Harvard's Leading Indicator of Remodeling Activity (LIRA) report. We offer great products and services for the real estate market including: Full Size, Full Color Magazine Ads, a national real estate website, Featured Listings online, unique marketing tools and services, and much, much more. Download the attached Request for Consideration application form and return it by fax to 850-575-9567 or email to Call 1-800-458-9520 for additional information.

Capital Required: $2,300
World Class Home Business Opportunity An online home business for the "Big Thinker"

The Opportunity • Potential to earn an executive level income part time from home. • Full training & support from experienced professionals • Work from home with your laptop & phone • Leadership Development / Personal Development Industry • Simple 3 Step System • Ability to earn immediate income • Unlimited income potential / highly profitable • Fun, rewarding & engaging You Would Be Someone Who • Has a professional manner & positive outlook • The ability to work autonomously / self motivated • An innate desire to make a difference in your direct community & around the world • You are highly motivated to create success for yourself & your family • You are a big thinker & see yourself capable of making an executive level income Enquire via:

$45,000 Capital Required: $55,000
Insurance Restoration Franchise Build your Future. Diversify your Present.

You've heard the saying, "Don't put all your eggs in one basket." But are you doing just that with your construction business? We are looking for good solid, contractors and tradespeople that are currently in business and want or need to diversity and build for the future. A Delta Disaster Services franchise allows you to add a new revenue source to an already solid business. Plus you will be entering a $200 Billion, recession-resistant industry. You can keep your current business = We have a proven system to succeed in insurance restoration = a Proprietary software program that manages your entire operation = Only one franchise per market, and only about 220 markets total = We have been ranked three of the last four years to Inc. Magazine's list of 500/5000 fastest growing companies = Our business model has resulted in placement, five years straight, on Qualified Remodelers list of Top 500 Companies = We provide a proven sales and marketing program to help you get, and keep, business from a wide-range of referral sources. We are the only franchise built for contractors by contactors! You will have access to a team of "consultants" with a combined 100+ years in this business. You will have training on estimating and using the same software all insurance companies use and how to speak the same language the adjuster speaks. Anyone who has tried to do "insurance work" knows this can be a cumbersome and difficult process without the proper back-end knowledge. We give you that knowledge and help you build your business. The advantages of owning a Delta Disaster Services insurance restoration franchise: Recession-resistant $200 Billion industry. Outstanding, continuous support at every level. A proven system to succeed. You are building a national brand while diversifying your assets. Excellent profit margins in both emergency services and reconstruction.

Online Organic Grocery Store Opportunity Huge residual income smarter not harder!

Today, more and more consumers are shifting towards organic, non-GMO foods. Consumers are increasingly becoming aware of the foods they are eating, from how they were grown and if they contain chemicals. Consumers are concerned about the food they eat, and its impact on their nutrition and their lives. In fact, over 40 million people purchase organic food each year. The organic foods market generated $42 billion U.S. dollars and accounted for over 4% of the total U.S. food sales in 2014 – and continues to grow year after year. This opportunity provides you an opportunity to benefit from the organic foods industry, by providing you your own online organic grocery store. Utilizing the resources provided, you would be able to sell healthy, organic foods that are non-GMO – and generate a substantial residual income. How it works: • The parent company carries thousands of organic brand-name products with new products added each day • You receive a customizable storefront, which mirrors the parent company, Including products, sale items, discounts, and special promotions • The parent company handles all backend responsibilities: inventory acquisition and management, warehousing, order processing, merchant services, order fulfillment and customer service – all in place to support your store • The parent company will assist with media and marketing support in order to draw new customers. Ongoing, brilliant short videos about various topics can be used in social media marketing, in conjunction with other materials, to make your store go viral • Products are shipped direct-to-consumer from the parent company Parent Company Mission Statement: “To help all people, young and old, learn about and understand true principles that foster healthy dietary lifestyles and eradicate disease; eliminate the distribution of foods made with harmful ingredients, including genetically modified organisms (GMO) by giving consumers better alternatives; providing them with access to “CLEAN” foods at the lowest possible prices, including free home delivery.” Contact us and we can help you open your own store and start bringing in customers! References

$19,995 Seller Financing Available Capital Required: $65,000
Dr Smart Phones Certified Repair Center You only need 5-7 customers a day.... We teach you how! (low overhead)

Dr. Smart Phones is a simple, niche concept with limited direct competition! Our specialty is providing fast guaranteed service while you wait. Our most direct competition includes companies that offer similar device repair services. We compete by offering the ability to repair a wide array of electronic devices at an affordable price in a timely manner.! Do you know someone that owns a computer, tablet, TV, game system, or cellular phone? They are all your customers. Most people own more than one of these devices. Join the newest billion dollar industry in the device repair business.

$650 Capital Required: $6,600
Earn a Phenomenal Living, Transform Lives Be Personally Mentored by Self-Made, Multi-Millionaire WOMAN

IMAGINE: Be your own boss, unlimited earnings potential, help people look and feel better, set your own hours, work from anywhere in the world, be personally mentored by a self-made multi-millionaire woman. This can be your REALITY! Top owners earning over $1Million annually. SUCCESS PROFILE: Exceptional, motivated, positive, dynamic, coachable self-starters. Many owners are mom-preneurs, fitness instructors, top sales producers, Gen Y & Xers who seek a different path from the daily grind. Corporation expects to do $1.1 Billion in sales in 2015. Headquartered in Arizona and expanding nationally and internationally with a Clinically Tested and Proven All-Natural "FAT-Burning" System. - All natural organic, NO gluten, pesticides, growth hormones, GMO - 100% money back guarantee - Clinical studies completed - published in 3 different "Peer-Reviewed" medical journals. - System just won the American Society for Nutrition (ASN) obesity research interest section abstract competition - very prestigious! Generous unlimited commissions. $125K+ - First year potential $250K+ - Year 2 potential $450K+ - Year 3 potential

#1 Brand in Multi Media Real Estate Advertising The Real Estate Book

Own Your Own Advertising Business. As the local independent distributor, you sell and create multi-media real estate advertising in print, on the web, mobile apps, direct mail programs. Complete training and support systems in place. To find out more, go to and contact, or call Patrick McGroder 855-556-7544.

$2,000 Capital Required: $7,000
Easy Air Now Business Opportunity

Be your own boss. Run your own wholesale and distribution business in your city and/or state from home. New innovative product, patent pending, which is usefull for everyone that owns a car. Profit while these franchise startup costs are so low.

$4,000 Capital Required: $1,000
Roof Cleaning Service Roof Cleaning (Wood Cedar Shakes Roofs)

Sullivan Roof Cleaning, Inc.,, is a leading roof cleaning service, though we service all types of roofs. We specialize in the cleaning and maintaining of Wood Cedar Shakes Roofs. see: Although you can clean any type of roof with the process I am offering, the focus is on cedar shakes roofs. At present I have over 30 network members throughout the U.S. and Canada that I have trained in this cleaning process. Wood Cedar Shakes Roof cleaning is a niche service, yet to the cedar shakes home owner there is a high demand for this service because cedar shakes roofs are the only roofing material that has to be maintained. It is well documented. What makes our cedar shakes roof cleaning process different from any other cleaning process? Bruce Sullivan, the owner of Sullivan Roof Cleaning has developed a cedar roof cleaning process where there is no walking on the roof or using any form of pressure, like a pressure washer, to clean them. He has also developed a cleaning solution for the cleaning process. Visit and watch the videos. This is not a franchise or licensed service I am offering. Once you buy the process you own it. This is a great opportunity to start your own part time or full time roof cleaning service. You will receive all the training & counseling needed from A to Z to build, develop, and sell your roof cleaning service. You also will have your own exclusive service location(s). I will not train any other provider within a radius of your locations which is expressed in our written agreement. I will teach/train you on how to build your own roof cleaning system, how to develop your own unique cleaning solution, how to properly and effectively clean a roof, how to find roofs that need your service, how to market your unique roof cleaning service, and how to quote your service. In short, everything I have learned over the years by the hundreds of hundreds of roofs I have cleaned personally. Roof cleaning is a growing service but the cleaning of cedar shakes roofs is a niche service which many will not or cannot offer. Though again, if you want to clean other types of roofs, decks, fences, house washing, etc., you can do so with this process. It's all done with a non pressure cleaning process which is included in the training also. This is your opportunity to set yourself out from the rest with this tried and proven roof cleaning process; to have your own niche service! Locations are first come first served. Contact me to see if your location(s) are still available. Remember there will be only one provider per service radius location(s) that will be trained and counseled in this process. This is exclusive to you! Given this service can be seasonal in some locations, like mine, we normally have a six month season but we gross well into the six figures during such. I will also share my last three years of returns to prove the potential opportunity there is with this process. Go to, watch the videos, review the photos, read the customer testimonials, see the service areas of other members I have trained. As a member you also will have your own lead generating page on my cedar roof cleaning site. So are you ready to own your own roof cleaning service and become the certified authority cedar shakes roof cleaning service in your area?

$10,000 Capital Required: $10,000
National Bubble Soccer Is Looking For New Local Partners National Association of Bubble Soccer

With thousands upon thousands of players and private event requests registered, the National Association of Bubble Soccer is the official association of bubble soccer in the United States. National Bubble Soccer is currently running in over 30 major cities across North America and is looking for new local operators to partner with and send our players/private events to. What is Bubble Soccer? Check It Out! Our Buffalo League: As an organization, our affiliates have appeared on their local news channels numerous times and have had event requests from Harvard University, Cirque De Soleil, Mattel, Texas Air Systems, Clemson, and Purdue University, just to name a few. For more information,!joinus/c21nl

$3,400 Capital Required: $3,400
SHARK TANK Business Opportunity for Under $5,000 Get Started Today For Less Than $5,000

Case Escape, LLC is a company founded on starting entrepreneurial and small business opportunities within the local, nationwide, and global communities. We do so through providing all of the equipment and training necessary to start one's own custom phone case business in what we call our Start-up Kits. Once the kit is provided in a turn-key style fashion, we continue to help our clients explore new selling channels and supply additional resources. Our overall goal is to continuously support and grow their businesses as they go from online (Etsy, Amazon) to retail (mall kiosks) and beyond.

$22,500 Capital Required: $5,000
ZOOmers The New Mall Activity!

ZOOmers is the new and exciting kid and family activity to hit malls across the country. Our ZOOmer animals are electric plush ride able scooters that we rent to cruise the mall. They are the convenience of a stroller with the fun of a ride that is fit for ages from 5 to 90. ZOOmers business model and experienced practices have been duplicated due to its low overhead and high return on investment. This is not a franchise, and there are NO royalty payments. This is a one time licensee fee to use our trademarked name, our products, and resources to operate in high traffic mall locations that we have available to us today. Right now we have over 100 malls across the country that are requesting ZOOmers to open a location in their malls, with more added everyday. Your location can be operational within 30 days. With this one time fee you receive 8 ZOOmer animals * ipad base point of sale system * signage * display materials * HD Television to run pictures * corral to contain the animals * digital waiver & system setup * facebook account * training prior to opening and support services for the life of the business * Insurance resources * business license resource * payroll and tax resources * advertising and marketing material * and marketing to secure a location. With our resources and expertise you will have everything you need to operate your business efficiently and turn a profit immediately. This is a very low overhead operating business with an impressive return on investment. With your low initial one time fee it is our experience that you return on investment is less than your first year. We will supply and assist you in everything needed to get started immediately. Unlike a franchise you have the ability to implement changes as you deem necessary. Additional incentives, bonuses, and retail merchandise available if you are interested in this outstanding opportunity. To obtain more information about this business please contact us via phone or email. Thank you for your interest! Please watch our attached video.

$8,500 Seller Financing Available Capital Required: $8,500
Very Profitable Cloud Computing and ICT Internet Franchise Opportunity From $2,500.00 CenterServ franchise opportunity. Only one of its kind!

From as low as $2,500.00/yr, own our 2 company websites, get clients from them and serve them with CenterServ cloud computing franchise standards and know-how… This will ensure your comfortable financial freedom backed by a strong business venture! The information that follows is how we make dreams happen! CenterServ franchise opportunity… The only one of its kind! BE YOUR OWN BOSS AND FREE YOURSELF WITH A CLOUD COMPUTING FRANCHISE We support every Internet franchise opportunity with more 15 years of innovation, achievements, and a proven business model backed by excellent market differentiators in a niche market where CenterServ and Group Emedia are pioneer… You will learn how to use the virtual world, excel at it and be free! While, franchisees might want to focus exclusively on one or the other, CenterServ’s family Internet and cloud franchise opportunity is composed of 2 companies: an IT company “CenterServ” and a Communication Agency “Group Emediacom”. Both are combined in ICT (information and communication technologies). Since our first aim is to ensure the success of our franchisees, what would be a better idea than offering what has been the whole source of our own success since our beginning? With various Cloud franchise opportunities available, we can ensure we will help you to make the right decisions so you can hit the ground running and grow your business, quickly and easily. And your options are limitless. As we continue to grow the CenterServ® brand, we remain competitive by offering franchising opportunities through multi-zone acquisitions and new market development. We have the recipe for success and we are determined to empower you with first-class knowledge resources and the support needed to become a member of the CenterServ® family.

$25,000 Seller Financing Available Capital Required: $400,000
Own A DentalSense Practice Location Dental Practice Locations For Sale

DentalSense LLC 2015 DentalSense has launched and the company is very excited about the initial responses. “We are empowering dentists to really compete in today’s marketplace with the buying power and support that corporate dentistry has enjoyed for some time.” –Founder, RJ Adolfi DentalSense dentists own 100% of their practice from day one. This system enables dentists to work for themselves with a corporate support team that navigates all or some nonprofessional services. With DentalSense on your team, you’ll be more profitable and have more time to dedicate to patient care. We work for you. We’re not your partners. We are your employees on call (7) days a week to support you by removing the burden of doing everything it doesn’t take a license to do. The benefit of working with DentalSense is having our expertise to navigate you through the business of dentistry. By utilizing DentalSense’s business management plan, patients and employees are being communicated with and managed on a daily basis to ensure your practice success. We support our dentists by providing the highest level of administrative care in a state of the art environment we create for you. We will save your patients time and money by offering the latest technology, impeccable service and affordable pricing. “We are going to empower dentists with our proven formula from our past success. We are ready to break back into the industry and change it again, by offering 100% ownership to the dentist.” -RJ DentalSense also provides private practitioners with a chance to expand their patient base in the growing industry of dental care today. At any stage in your career, DentalSense can empower you by eliminating stress caused by the day- to-day operations of running a dental practice. Our proven systems improve efficiency in every department. This results in consistently higher quality dental care that DentalSense dentists provide to their patients. Our services relieve our clients of the administrative business aspects of their practice as we can grow our clients patient base and improve profitability. We prefer a dentist, but you do not have to be a dentist to partner with DentalSense. We give dentist ownership though tenure, creating the perfect partnership for entrepreneurs. Our past success was made possible by the consolidation and centralization of insurance processing, material and supply chain, accounting, OSHA & HIPAA compliance, lab services and so much more. Through this centralized support network, we are able to take the headaches out of your day and put a dental care centric process in place so our clients can perform the best dentistry possible. "Nobody will tell you how to practice dentistry, its as good as you the dentist doing It.” –RJ

Premier Online Startup Packages: Domain, Website and Identity. High potential sites - VINOTREE.COM | SWEATFX.COM | SHOPSTOCKPICS.COM

Our company, builds foundations for startup entrepreneurs. It would be difficult to find nicer looking sites on the internet today in respect to each of these industries. All they lack are your finishing touches and customization. Considering the quality of all included, we estimate it would require $12K to $15K and 6 months lead time to replicate these assets. Here's what you will get: 1) DOMAIN NAME: is considered highly targeted for the related industry and will rank well in the search engines. 2) CUSTOM LOGO/IDENTITY: has been professionally designed, and all hi-res file versions are included. 3) PREMIUM DESIGNED AND DEVELOPED WEBSITE: 100% Responsive Technology. Fully functional and ready for your final touches. SHOPSTOCKPICS.COM - POTENTIAL USES FOR SITE: 1) Sell your own photos online 2) Create a community for other photographers to sell their photos while you earn a commission 3) Become an affiliate where you earn a percentage revenue as a reseller. SWEATFX.COM - POTENTIAL USES FOR SITE: 1) Promote personal training services 2) A professional presence for a gym or workout facility 3) An online resource for fitness related questions, answers, tips VINOTREE.COM - POTENTIAL USES FOR SITE: 1) See your private label wine online 2) A professional presence for a wine retailer 3) An online wine brokerage/resell company OTHER: The text and images used on the site currently are for placeholder purposes only. You will need a developer to add your content and specifics to the site. If you don't have an inside contact who can take care of this for you, we can certainly provide a discounted quote from our end.

$5,000 Seller Financing Available
Alternative Purchasing Solutions Broker Become a Broker: Enter the Digital Currency Industry of Barter/Trades

Build a residual based income that is based on HELPING Small Business Owners SUCCEED! Very limited and sometimes ZERO competition in local markets. Be part of the movement of currency to the digital format by joining with us at BLUCurrency. Let us help you build your local member base while connecting you to our international network. Finally an opportunity that lets you be a smart buyer and networker rather than a seller!

$9,500 Seller Financing Available
Authorized Dealers For Fountain Of Youth Bathrooms Authorized Dealers For Fountain Of Youth Bathrooms

WE HAVE SEVERAL PACKAGES AVAILABLE! (Can customize packages if applicable) Please call today for pricing and availability in your area. Our most successful dealers have purchased our Gold Package which gives you everything needed to be successful. The dealership package includes. AUTHORIZED TERRITORY: Up to 500K population Authorized Territory based on 500K population in your local county and surrounding areas. INVENTORY: One walk-in bathtub models, either The Luxor 30x54x38 or The Treasure 26x52x40 equipped with the following: (18) Hydrotherapy Air Jetted System 5 Piece Chrome Faucet Set Built-In Grab Bar Non-Slip Floor Surface Cable Pop-Up Drain 6”Extension Panel 6 Leveling Legs Stainless Steel Frame 17” Built -In Contoured Seat 18” easy access door Lifetime Warranty DEALER PRICING: As our authorized dealer you will be secured at purchasing our walk in bathtubs at the lowest price in the country. SALES DOCUMENTS: Apple iPad Mini Black or White completely preloaded with all sales and training documents for easy access while on potential sale appointments. WEBSITE: We can either build you a brand new website or navigate a domain to your current website. LITERATURE PACKAGE: (4x6) postcards, business cards, brochures, invoices INITIAL ADVERTISING PLACEMENT: (30 second Television Commercial runs in your area, SEO, Direct Mailers, and social media presence. After years of learning the business inside and out, Fountain of Youth Bathrooms has launched itself to the forefront of the walk-in bathtub industry. We strongly believe we have the absolute highest quality tub out there. Our outstanding customer service, mixed with our professionalism, has allowed us great success. But more importantly, it has allowed us to help thousands of people to get the bathing experience that they deserve. How you ask? We have we been able to do this? By setting up distributors all throughout the U.S and giving them a fair enough price that allows them to sell these at an affordable price to the public. That's why Fountain of Youth Bathrooms is a name you can trust, and also a name you can depend on. Fountain of Youth Bathrooms has been in the walk-in bathtub industry for multiple years. We will finance everything you need to get started! We will give you 100% training on all aspects of the business and teach you trade secrets. We also have a proven system that works! We put you in business with an exclusive territory! Yes, you will own your territory! CALL 877-271-0118

$3,000 Capital Required: $150
We Fix iStuff Cell Phone and Tablet At Home Repair Business Package Start-Up!

Get started in the #1 fastest growing industry of 2015; the smartphone repair industry. There were over 2 Billion smartphone made in 2014. How many people do you know with a broken phone? Purchase one of our straight forward, easy to start, business packages and be on your way to financial freedom! No experience necessary. We provide all the training needed and everything required to start up the day you receive your business package. This process is extremely simple and straight forward. If you follow our 3 point marketing strategy you are guaranteed a steady flow of customers. If you have any questions call please feel free to call, text or email any of our three locations and see for yourself. Contact information located on our website. Get started today and make some money for tomorrow! Call or email us for more information!

$100,000 Seller Financing Available Capital Required: $75,000
128% Average Growth Every Year - Even Through the Recession Custom Homebuilding Partnership Opportunity for sale

Absolute Customs has been successfully building homes in the Midwest since 2005. With the Home Building industry exploding in 2014 into 2015 and beyond, our corporate office is looking to expand with a partnership opportunity into your location. Construction experience is preferred, but is not a necessity. This isnt climbing ladders and swinging hammers. What this is, is a potential 7 figure annual opportunity helping us expand our network of partners across the U.S. and Internationally. Home building is exploding right now and we are perfectly poised to capture market share with certain proprietary systems and offerings that are unique to the custom home building space. With our Proprietary "fixed fee plus true cost” (wholesale) building model we have produced home building systems that are extremely profitable with minimal overhead and low risk. The model is designed to be recession resistant, and high revenue producing. We have turn-key branding and marketing roll out systems for each location. Imagine year 1 building just 5 custom homes (pre-sold; no risk or carrying costs); for a combined $712,500.00 fixed management fee profit. Your Partnership share; being $ 357,500.00 Net. Our one year "proof of concept" pilot generated $523,625.00 in gross contract sales. Thats one guy and his overhead was a pc, and his truck. Then imagine the possibilities of year 2, 3, 4 and beyond. Why partner with Absolute Customs in your location: 1. Low Partnership Share purchase. Compared to High Returns 2. Partnering with a low risk home building system that grew 128%, every year, during the Great Recession 3. Protected Distributorship rights within your company territory 4. Cross marketing and Branding effect between Distributorship & Corporate. 5. Building a business with quick scalability that can be resold for massive profits. 6. Hitting a market need, right now, when the market timing is perfect. 7. No hidden fee's like many other franchise style businesses. This is a true partnership; with a gross profit split. Currently we are looking for Regional Partners. The RP would be responsible for development of the entire region. As an Example, the state of Colorado; Colorado would be comprised of approximately 12 local Absolute Customs Partners. The Regional Partner would be responsible for the strategic development of the region; the state of Colorado in this example. Regional Partners would receive a percentage of the fixed profit from every house built within their region. This could be a significant, seven figure income potential. Approximately 70 regions still available nationwide. Local Partnership opportunities are private investment partnerships offered to accredited investors who must meet certain qualifications to be eligible for an investment. Regional Partners do not necessarily have to be accredited. For the right qualified candidate this could simply be huge. Lets talk. We are actively expanding nationally and Internationally. Certain markets are already sold out, so contact us for availability.

6 Complete On-Line T-Shirt & Fridge Magnet Business Turnkey Complete Online Novelty T-Shirt & Refrigerator Magnet Business

The Story: I created this business & recently accepted a job requiring considerable travel. Consequently, I cannot run the business as I would want. In short, I created it, did all the ground work, and it's ready for someone else to launch. Assets: 1. Intellectual property - Over 75 ALL original t-shirt designs! And 35 more already designed and not posted yet. You can download the catalog below under "Attached Documents." 2. A GREAT business name, tagline and logo: Flying Hamsters: from Inspirational to Blasphemous. Everyone loves, and far more importantly, remembers the name and tagline. 3. A full eCommerce site hosted by Volusion. They have AWESOME 24/7 US based tech support. Check out their knowledge data base and How To Guides. Seriously, their tech support is outstanding! Go to or watch YouTube videos 4. Multiple sales avenues: 1. World wide retail sales via eCommerce site. T-shirts and Refrigerator magnets don't break and can be shipped all over the world. 2. Wholesale to retail stores, including the potential to get into big box stores. 3. Street Fairs. 4. eBay & Amazon. 5. Several specialty lines: Inspirational, Blasphemous, Marijuana, Gay, General Fun, Political, Geek. This opens up tremendous targeted marketing potential. Examples: Vampire Bait - Goth, Vampire, Twilight related sites & facebook. Medical Marijuana - medical marijuana dispensaries, head/smoke shops, organizations promoting medical marijuana and facebook pages. Bong Hits for Jesus, He'd Take One for You - This one has always been a huge hit! 6. 10k in inventory. 7. Very Low monthly overhead $60/month eCommerce site hosting $15/month shipping software, one car garage/spare bedroom for a warehouse. 8. Google Analytics is already integrated. 9. Flying Hamsters' facebook page with over 1000 likes. 10. This is can be a great part time business! 11. This business can be run anywhere. It's currently in Los Angeles, but that doesn't mean anything. Everything can be shipped! 12. All shirts are very inexpensive to produce: average cost of $4.50 to produce and retail for $16. 13. Access to the graphic artist I used at $15/hr. 14. is pointed to What does this business need? Current Revenues are only 1 or 2 sales a month via the website averaging $15/sale and via Google Analytics I know the site is currently getting about 10 visitors a day. So in a word this business needs is - marketing. The good news is in the internet world there is an enormous potential for free publicity via facebook, reddit, flicker, buzznet, instagram...Thanks pay-per-click advertising via Google Ad Words and facebook it's never been easier to target very specific demographics with specific products for very little money. All printing was done by a local silkscreen printer. The costs for sub-contracted printing: 1. Wholesale T-shirt Blank ~$2.50/shirt I used Hanes Tagless or Gildan 100% Cotton shirts. This is pretty fixed and doesn't drop unless you are buying by the gross. I personally only like 100% cotton shirts and want to use a name brand to create a level of shirt quality. 2. Printing - I did limited runs 36-72 pieces (cost for printing drops dramatically when you print more than 100 pcs) ~$2.30/shirt. There are other ways to print limited runs. New specially designed color inkjet printers can now create high quality long lasting heat transfers. Print On Demand companies will do the retail orders for single shirts at a time and do the shipping. ***Rather than Close the website, I've made it so the site can be viewed, but no products can be ordered. A very simple edit will globally change "Sorry this is not available for sale right now. Please check back." to "Click to Add to Cart."*** This is an incredible opportunity! Please email any questions.

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