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$120,000 Cash Flow: $35,800
Green Products eCommerce Business - $2.9K net/mo Green Products eCommerce Business - $2.9K net/mo

Irvine, CA

For sale is an 8 year old ecommerce business specialising in eco-friendly and green products. Launched in 2007, this business has seen gross revenues grow year-on-year to nearly $700K in annual sales. The business runs both a drop ship and warehouse model, with nearly 60% of items drop shipped. The business has two employees and warehouse space (c.800 sq. ft.) to handle the stocked items. There is a great opportunity here for a new owner to move all the warehoused products to a fulfillment model and significantly increase the profits of the business. Boasting over 1500 products, this business sees high orders volumes, with over 2000 products sold each month. Over 70% of clients buying more than one product per purchase. Products are sourced from a variety of suppliers, giving a wide and diverse product mix for visiting customers. There are also several areas in which a new owner could refine and add to the product mix, creating new revenue streams and monetization methods. One such change could be on small value, repeat purchases, such as BioBags, which could be offered under a subscription/repeat purchase offering. This business would be ideal for a buyer with experience in running and improving ecommerce platforms. The owner has created a solid base from which to grow, with high gross revenues, however, there is a significant opportunity to reduce costs and increase ROI under new ownership.

$13,000 Cash Flow: $5,856
Digital Music Training Business - $488 net/mo (L3M) Digital Music Training Business - $488 net/mo (L3M)

London, GB

For sale is a 1 year old business specializing in the provision of DJ training resources through a paid academy / membership area. The recurring subscription model helps end users learn how to create electronic music, mix and operate DJ equipment with little/no experience. The owner took six months developing and promoting the site, it now requires very little work beyond some basic customer support and management of social media accounts. Clients are guided through the membership area on-site via high quality pre-existing materials. The business has grown steadily over time, benefiting from a blend of organic traffic (40%) and traffic from Facebook. The site now earns around $500 per/month and is well-positioned to be taken to the next level by a new owner. A new owner would be wise to sell the offering through ClickBank. This is a good opportunity for a first-time buyer who has an interest in the niche or an investor with a pre-existing business in the music space. *Revenue and profit forecasted based on L3M

$180,000 Cash Flow: $70,000
Amazon EBook Business - $6K net/mo Amazon EBook Business - $6K net/mo

Forest Hills, NY

For sale is a portfolio of bestselling Amazon eBooks, specializing in the food and beverage niche. Boasting over 300 titles, this portfolio covers a wide range of sub-niches within the food and beverage space, catering to numerous food groups, lifestyles and diets. Sales have been consistently growing, with a compound annual growth rate of 81%. The quality of the books is also extremely high, with 26 titles currently in the top 100 best sellers in the Gourmet category alone. There are a number of books to be handed to a new owner in order to keep this growth going in the first few months of ownership. This business could be ideal for a buyer with a complementary business or a buyer looking for a largely outsourced business in an established niche. If this is your first time buying a website, why not read our FAQ page? All numbers are prepared on a SDE basis (

$130,000 Cash Flow: $79,400
Technology Blog - Affiliate - $6.6K net/mo Technology Blog - Affiliate - $6.6K net/mo

Nice, CA

For sale is a business in the technology blogging niche. The site focuses mainly on Apple Macintosh (Mac) users, with useful reviews, tips and guides to improve their user experience. The blog also targets PC/Microsoft users and other popular devices/technologies (i.e. smartphones, wearables, etc.) Launched in 2013, this business has seen high growth driven from the reliable and highly informative content on site. The site has become a 'go to' in the niche for common Mac issues by fixes, sometimes even outranking the Apple community support pages for everyday support issues. The site itself is simple to maintain with a number of growth opportunities. The owner currently uses a freelancer to write when time does not allow him to write articles himself - a strategy which could be adopted and scaled by a new owner. The site sees high volumes of traffic from the US, UK, Canada, Australia and Germany. With a CDN in place for targeted affiliate promotions, this site is well placed to grow both in local regions across the world and the main market, the US. This business could be ideal for a buyer with a complementary business or a buyer looking for a sustainably build a dependable content site with affiliate revenues.

$169,000 Cash Flow: $63,000
SaaS Analytics Business - $5.3K net/mo SaaS Analytics Business - $5.3K net/mo

Scranton, PA

For sale is a SaaS analytics business in the online auction niche. The business provides advanced analytics to subscribers, which tracks auctions on popular platforms to improve the likelihood of winning these auctions. Unlike many similar products in the market, this data is delivered to users via one of the fully approved plugins (Chrome and Firefox), which means the software can run 24/7, 365 days a year. This business boasts a simple and effective front end, with a sophisticated custom back-end. The software was built and is maintained by a developer, kept on retainer for 40 hours a month. The code is extremely well documented and many of the necessary updates were completed in 2014. The owners take care of customer support issues and general strategy, all of which could easily be outsourced, reducing the owner-time requirement down to a few hours per month. The business has a solid user base, with the average client tracked over the past 12 months having a LTV of over $100 (average retention is over 3 months). Cash flow for this business is also boosted by a combination of monthly, quarterly and annually paid subscription payments. This business could be ideal for a buyer with a complementary business or a buyer looking for a largely outsourced and recurring business in an established niche.

Int'l. Drinkware Accessory Brand - trademarked, profitable, home based Immense promo item potential for corp. logos or sports team licensing.

Clackamas County, OR

#1 ranked on &! Turn-key 3rd party manufacturing. Relocatable - Well-established, profitable and trademarked. Internationally recognized drinkware accessory brand and innovator of Designer Insulating Reusable Beverage Sleeves looking for new ownership as current owner is eager to pursue another business venture. Immense promotional products, corporate logo/gifts and/or sports team licensing potential. Turn-key business with strong branding, nationally selling product line, and minimal working capital required. Streamlined 3rd party manufacturing in place. Full transfer of inventory, retail buyer lists, training on, and current sales records to new owners. Online/retail/wholesale business model requires less than part-time management, with no brick and mortar location required. Primary distribution channel is on the world’s largest on-line retailer,, utilizing Amazon’s fulfillment services and currently the #1 ranked “reusable coffee sleeve” and “drink sleeve.” Currently #1 ranked “reusable coffee sleeve” on Sale Includes: • Trademarked brand name - United States Patent and Trademark Office. • Existing Inventory, allowing buyer to begin generating revenue immediately, creating a seamless transition. • Ownership of the brand domain, and nine additional domains that are both direct links and generic product identifiers to the product. Established internet SEO ranking. • UPC Barcodes • Social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. • Introduction to existing overseas manufacturer that creates a turnkey and mobile business. • Proprietary Pattern Design for product. • Premium Online Website linking directly to sales inventory for effortless selling & order fulfillment. • All Current Graphic Designs for custom fabric printing, and additional designs for future consideration. • Over 100 photos taken with over a dozen models used to market products. • Business is turn-key with everything in place needed to continue to operate successfully for the new owner.

$120,000 Cash Flow: $45,700
Aged Mommy Blog - $4.6K net/L3M Aged Mommy Blog - $4.6K net/L3M

San Diego, CA

For sale is a 3 year old blog in the highly popular Mommy niche. Covering a wide array of topics and boasting nearly 4,000 articles, this is a highly regarded authority in the niche. The user base is very sticky, which will benefit a new owner taking over, providing stability during a transitional phase and providing solid revenues which may give the financial freedom to pursue improvements to the business. This solid client base also means the revenues of the business are reasonably easy to predict and as such, a new owner will be able to forecast and plan marketing spend more accurately than in some other businesses. This business could be ideal for a buyer with a complementary business or a buyer looking for a lifestyle business to run in replace or addition to another income source. All numbers are prepared on a SDE basis (

$280,000 Seller Financing Available
Meds-Pro Products: Innovative Medical Accessories State-of-the-Art Pharmaceutical Pill Organizer & Full 5-Year Biz Plan

Bronxville, NY

Meds-Pro Products strives to develop and bring to market useful, innovative medical accessories that improve the quality of life for our customers. Featuring the 14-Day Double Sided Pill Organizer, our premier product has been heralded as the most intuitive, affordable, and methodized pill container system on the market and is sold at both the wholesale and retail level. Our corporate benchmarks include engineering designs, CAD renderings, and successful patentability. The final product has been brought to market. Also, a website has been built, internet domain names purchased, and full 5-year Business Plan including strategic, tactical, operational planning, and sales forecasting is included.

#1 Brand in Multi Media Real Estate Advertising The Real Estate Book

San Antonio, TX

Own Your Own Advertising Business. Sell and create multi-media real estate advertising in print, on the web, mobile apps, direct mail programs. As the local independent distributor, you sell, create and distribute the advertising to home buying and selling consumers. Complete training and support systems in place. To find out more, go to and contact, or call Patrick McGroder 855-556-7544.

#1 Brand in Multi Media Real Estate Advertising The Real Estate Book

Stockbridge, GA

Own Your Own Existing Advertising Business. Sell and create multi-media real estate advertising in print, on the web, mobile apps, direct mail programs. As the local independent distributor, you sell, create and distribute the advertising to home buying and selling consumers. Complete training and support systems in place. To find out more, go to and contact, or call Patrick McGroder 855-556-7544.

#1 Brand in Multi Media Real Estate Adverti The Real Estate Book

Covington, GA

Own Your Own Existing Advertising Business. Sell and create multi-media real estate advertising in print, on the web, mobile apps, direct mail programs. As the local independent distributor, you sell, create and distribute the advertising to home buying and selling consumers. Complete training and support systems in place. To find out more, go to and contact, or call Patrick McGroder 855-556-7544.

$95,000 Cash Flow: $5,000
On-Line Modest Apparel Retail Store Women's Clothing Retail

West Orange, NJ

This is a great opportunity for anyone ready to run and operate a business from the comfort your home. As well, this store is fully stocked and ready for any turn-key operation if you are a looking to open a physical location. We offer Modest Apparel from well known retail brands for girls, Juniors, Women and Plus Sizes. Modest Fashion will always be in style for Religious Groups, Professional Women and women needing a more conservative ensemble for a special occasion. We are well established on search engines and we are #1 in one category and ranked in others. We have Twitter, Instagram,Facebook and Pinterest already established with followers. The Owner must sell because of family obligations...We are open to also just selling our inventory and assets.

Internet Retailer Seeking Strategic Partner for Rapid Growth Seeking to Grow to $20 Million Revenue in 36 Months

Los Angeles, CA

Seeking Strategic 50% Partner with proven marketing experience to grow an ecommerce retailer 14 times to $20 Million in 36 months. Partner need not be local to the warehouse, can be in another city or state. This opportunity is for a successful, experienced ecommerce marketer to join forces with a successful 40+ year clothing retailer with a 10 year operating ecommerce website and 15,000 square feet warehouse / shipping infrastructure generating $1.4 Million annual revenues in 2014 with about break-even cash flow. The ecommerce business is impressive because it offers over 1,400 SKUs and 90+ pages of recognized brand, first quality, in-season clothing at an average discount of 70% from MSRP. Yet, consistently maintains a 50% Gross Profit Margin. Because of the strong value proposition, the website is popular, it boasts a 45% repeat customer rate, about 50% of the visitors Google the website name to access it. In 2004, the ecommerce business started as an offshoot of the owners, 10 retail store chain. Because of 1,400+ SKUs, it was easy to get high organic search ranking and internet sales shot up to $4 Million annually with no SEO, little paid advertising or paid search. More recently as internet competition became more sophisticated, with no SEO effort and very little paid search, traffic and sales declined as the search engine organic rankings fell. The seller believes the warehouse / shipping infrastructure capacity can support approximately $7 Million in annual revenues. At present the never Optimized for Conversion Rate website has a 50,000 Average Visitors per Month, 30,000 Average Unique Visitors per Month, 2.4% Conversion Rate, $60 Average Transaction Size, $120 - $200 Lifetime Customer Sales Value (estimate), 214,000 email list, no SEO, minimal Pay Per Click, no Mobile site. The business does not accept customer returns unless the business made a mistake such as wrong item sent, etc. Shipping Charge less Costs are a Net Breakeven or Small Profit. The seller is offering a 50% interest in an operating turnkey ecommerce business with a proven concept, strong Gross Profit margins and capable operations…everything except the ecommerce marketing expertise which the buyer will add. Showing how serious the seller is about rapid growth, about 80% of the $1,250,000 ask price will be deposited into the company account for improving the website, advertising and growth working capital. The business will be free and clear of debt, liens, claims and judgments at time of sale.

Patented Sportswear Product with Inventory and Website A business that can be ran from anywhere in the world.

Bristol, TN

There have been over 430,000,000 iPods sold since inception in 2001 and they are only getting more popular. The great thing is they are small and enable you to take your music anywhere you go however there's just one problem, the headphone WIRES! For activities such as running, walking, aerobics, biking, skating, roller blading, working out or any other physical activity the wires are constantly getting in the way and causing the ear phones to fall out thus interrupting your activity. We've got the solution to the problem, a "Wire Free" solution. W have a patented headgear system consisting of hats, visors, beanies, running caps, and bandanas that have a pocket and wiring system which contains your iPod, wires, and head phones to your head therefore eliminating those aggravating work outs, runs, and activities. Often when running or exercising with an iPod attached to your arm or waist your ear phones get pulled out your ears due to your hands and arms getting caught in the wires therefore pulling them out of your ears totally interrupting your activity. I have worked on this patent for the past solid 3 years and it finally issued in November of 2012, patent number 8,316,467. What other product of 430 million sold do you have a shot at selling them an accessory that they all can use? All this product needs is someone dedicated to take it to the next level. Believe it or not the NBC "Today Show" contacted me last year and wanted to feature our hats on their show.

Giclee Canvas Printing Company and Websites This Business Has Unlimited Growth Potential!

Wilmington, NC

Looking for an investor, partner. This company has huge growth potential. We are the premier Canvas Giclee Printing Company for the Professional Photographer and Artist. Client base is the entire US. We have a very large repeat loyal customer base. The business needs working capital for expansion and marketing. New building/location to expand and move to greater Wilmington NC. Looking to sell 10% of the corporation. We are looking for a strategic business partner, not a bank. This business is presently 80 percent web e-commerced based. We are very well structured and growing at a good pace. Many new opportunities for rapid growth. The photo/art to canvas business is here to stay and we are positioned to grow right now with the right business partner and capital. We have e-commerce online art gallery websites that also support the printing business. These are websites representing many established and emerging photographers and artists, we have a tremendous image bank. Genetic Ink is a new and exciting addition to our company this is a very strong branded division adding to our printing stream. We have an in house programmer coder who maintains all the websites. Website examples: Joshuaimages inc. Is the corporation, chapter S.

Online E-Cig Business Manufacturer of premium disposable electronic cigarettes

Andover, MA

Aviator-branded products provide the most consistent, cigarette-like experience possible. Unlike other e-cig brands and vaporizers, Aviator disposable e-cigs are simple to use - no cords, charging ports or fancy equipment. Three Aviator styles align with traditional cigarette flavors like tobacco and menthol. They are lightweight, fully assembled and feature all natural ingredients, a soft filter and an intense, cigarette-like drag. One disposable Aviator e-cig nearly equals two packs of traditional cigarettes. Our disposables come in single and five-packs. All branded material is created to promote an experience that is bold, progressive, supreme, convenient, smart and classic. The look and feel of the brand is retro-modern and hip. Aviator color palate, logos, packaging and product design are clean and cool looking. Our e-cig brand stands out against competition that is marketing very traditional in terms of branding and experience. Aviator, traditional in flavor only, is the future with a retro, confident feel. Think Don Draper walking into the boardroom. Initially, we rolled the business out in dozens of convenient stores, quickly realizing we needed a best-in-class website to capture online buyers. Our model? Unlike leading manufacturers, who rely on heavy supply chain and extensive distribution, we have a significant margin advantage. Subscription - we offer monthly home delivery allowing smokers to choose 3 different options, providing a cleaner, more convenient lifestyle at half the cost.

$1,500,000 Cash Flow: $550,000
Top Rated Fishing Themed APP game 600k 93% net last year Growing multi platforms seamless much upside cross market to users

Saint Cloud, FL

Described as "addictive" , Top rated Fishing themed APP game in the world "Fishing Paradise 3D" is Multi-platform capable allowing play on your Facebook,Android,/ iOS/Apple,Amazon devices simultaneously. A huge ongoing growth opportunity exits as the proprietary code should be used to spin off multi ( 3-10+) additional games with ideally Hunting and Racecar games being first, which are cross marketed to from our current players of which we should also collect player data then market to them from our own store high margin items - This proven APP/ and proprietary code/ game is just scratching the surface as the top 25 app games many with far less user play length per session earn 100k-3 mill. plus DAILY. FYI APP- "Clash of Clans" earns 1.5 million dollars daily- Google search "Fishing Paradise 3D" as you will see we are the #1 TOP RATED Fishing themed App game in the WORLD 250k plus 5 star reviews with a Loyal "Addicted"growing purely organic (unfortunately NO ADVERTISING SUPPORT) userbase players spend 11 minutes per play session which is an eternity in this app space. Game is a Cash Cow with mo. deposits received from partners Apple,Amazon,Google, Facebook and ad partners. Net profit 90%+ range however with some actual marketing/advertisement support, +multi language versions developed and a few addtl basic ongoing upgrades this game and family of games could easily be in top 25 APPS globally, which earn 300k-2mill EVERYDAY . Recent NCAA football,NBA,NFL games airing numerous APP Advertisements example (Clash of Clans, and Game of War) both earn 1 mill plus daily- this is an Ideal opptny for an AGGRESSIVE Forward thinking mobile space WINNER READY TO CAPITALIZE AND MOVE FORWARD w TV ADS,NEW game VERSIONS, multi language versions ,GLOBAL TOURNAMENTS,cross marketing strategies etc. as Numerous addtl marketing and income generating opp's exist within. Merge or acquire- REAL offers considered. Key element in this APP space --- is the game "engaging/captivating" ??- clearly this one is or would have been gone long ago ie it is a gold mine.-but could do so much more. e-mail me to discuss . Great opportunity with verifiable monthly bank deposits ongoing in a market (Mobile Gaming)that continues to GROW GLOBALLY, and is forecast to do so until 2020- also fishing is a Top 5 recreational activity of global participants. TURNKEY immed. Moving into season. Immediate monthly cash flow as again we receive mo. deposits From, Apple.Google,Facebook,Amazon,Chartboost, Supersonic Etc. each and every month all already in position- No brainer. Turnkey immed.

Bathroom Remodeling Bathroom Remodeling

Artesia, CA

Exceptional opportunity to own a growing bathroom remodeling business. Since 2010 this company has provided affordable bathroom remodeling for Los Angeles and Orange county homeowners. The business has experienced consistent revenue growth over the past three years. Being one of the first companies to specialize in offering tub liners as an alternative to a full bathroom remodel, has helped cement the company’s place in the market. Customer satisfaction is supported by the positive feedback and comments expressed on Angie’s List, Yelp and Better Business Bureau rating. This is the perfect turnkey opportunity for a first time business owner or a general contractor looking to grow through an acquisition. The new owner should have or be in the process of obtaining a B-General Contractors license. (Certain C class license may qualify).

$1,150,000 Seller Financing Available Cash Flow: $286,019
Portfolio of Niche Specific Job Search Market Websites Extensive Unique Content and Huge Email List!

San Diego County, CA

Fifteen years ago, searching for a job online became a new phenomenon where simple employment websites were designed to allow employers to post job requirements and job seekers to post their resumes. Job seekers caught on and the internet became a gold mine for finding and securing great job opportunities. With the expansion of the online job market industry, candidates began to get lost in the maze of job search boards, company databases and online recruiting. Understanding the real opportunity was in providing industry specific job search, this website was launched in 2002 as a subscription model that offers web-based career services catering to investment professionals. Its specialization has provided a solution in the job market industry by making it easier for candidates to search for jobs in specific industries. There are several contractors handling day to day operations and website maintenance with the owner spending only about 6 hours per week managing the team. Requiring minimal owner time commitment and a team in place handling day to day operations, the business is essentially turn-key. This business is also easily relocateable and can be operated from any location with internet access. This website listing includes a portfolio of established websites and domains in the niche specific job search industry. The sites provide engaging, unequalled, proprietary content, have amassed a huge customer base/list, generate sizable traffic and demonstrate ongoing profitability with lots of room for future growth. Acquiring this online job search business is an excellent opportunity to springboard off a well-established foundation and grow profits in the lucrative job market industry!

Office Supplies E-Commerce Business Largest Independent Office Supplies E=Commerce Business


One of the oldest and most recognized internet brands in the printer supply market; implementing a strong analytical approach to online retailing and focusing on the use of data insight to drive efficient customer acquisition and retention marketing efforts. The company attributes successful growth and profitability to a strong technology strategy and its core focus on delivering high quality products at market competitively pricing with outstanding customer service for over fourteen years.

$25,000 Seller Financing Available Cash Flow: $10,000
****Great Starter Site! Easy Cash-Flow! Impeccable Opportunity!!!**** - - PERFECT FIRST TIME BUYER SITE

Miami, FL

Up for sale is one of many smaller websites that is in need of a new dedicated owner. - - Currently the owner is not giving it the attention it needs. The Site is Currently getting Thousands of Unique Visits a day however are not being converted to paying users due to lack of operations. There are currently 17,000 active users on the site. So for a new owner, this is an instant tool for marketing. I have many ideas on how to bring this business up to the top. I will gladly share! Below is an explanation of the industry: "PTC Sites, Paid To Click" WHAT IS PAID TO CLICK (PTC) SITES? earn from ptc Paid-To-Click sites are the internet’s recent best money making program. It is the easiest way to earn money online without any investment. This business needs only less skill to work, just login and view AD's daily and Get paid. PTC(The website) acts as a Middle Men (agent) between advertisers and customers (Viewers). A simple Revenue sharing program, in which viewers will earn real money from the share which they (PTC SITES) will get through advertisers. Advertisers need traffic, customers need money [PTC sites offer money for viewing those advertiser websites]. PTC, (Paid To Click) Sites, often found to be the best way of making money online at home while sitting in front of your computer without any investment and more skills. The company or Web Owner who needs traffic or customers will use these PTC agents to advertise their product on basis of some money and a part of this money wil go for the viewers (PTC WEBSITE MEMBERS) for viewing those ads. HOW TO EARN MONEY FROM PTC SITES: It is very simple to earn money with PTC sites, PTC jobs requires just a BASIC COMPUTER KNOWLEDGE and SPEED INTERNET CONNECTION WITH NO PROXY is enough to work. Just register all those Paying PTC sites.. Once you completed the signup process, you are ready to earn money. These PTC sites usually pay between $0.0001 to $0.1 per advertisements you are viewing and usually available ads per day will be 4-10ads. Just click every AD and view for 30 seconds, validate AD and Get paid instantly. Once reached minimum payout, withdraw your earned money through Paypal, Payza and then to your Local Bank Account. This is not the end, you can also increase your income through referring others to this PTC sites byu using your referral links & earn almost 50% of their revenue. Most of the users are from foreign countries and this is how they make a living, the amount of money to people in the US in not much, however, in India for instance they are living "The Good Life"

Established Video Production and Editing Business For Sale Money Making Established Video Business!

San Luis Obispo, CA

Established Video Editing and Production Business for sale - $99,000 Here's a great income opportunity for a turn-key video editing business which includes all the equipment, software, setup and training, technical support and marketing know-how as well as a built-in client base and the owner will even allow you to operate out of his current location for a short time during the training period. You'll get everything you need to perform photo keepsake videos, video tape transfers, DVD authoring, DVD and CD duplication, DVD and CD printing, video editing, international conversions, video to Mac or PC file conversion, video encoding for websites, video prints, video tape repair, sports scholarship videos, corporate videos, commercials, video production and more. The offering also includes goodwill and the business name. The current owner has enjoyed great success for over a decade and has been recognized by his peers as number one in his field, nationally.

$215,000 Seller Financing Available Cash Flow: $83,509
Profitable and Growing Online Dropship Business Selling Mustang Parts Mustang Parts and Accessories eCommerce Business


Up for sale is an internet dropship retailer of Mustang performance parts and accessories. The business has experienced explosive growth over the past two years and is poised for continued growth. Started in 2006, this online retailer has grown 36% in last two years and is positioned to do > 700K in sales during 2015. Well regarded for an exceptional customer service, the business has increased its average order value every year for past nine years and have a loyal following of thousands of repeat customers. With over 65,000 Facebook fans, 50,000 Instagram followers, and 11,000 newsletter subscribers, the business boasts a very strong social media following. Built on one of the strongest fully hosted ecommerce platform has given the owner a leg up on the competition since the early stages of the company and positions the new owner for easily scalable growth. With 2015 Mustang engineered to be sold around the world in 140 countries for the first time and with already a strong market share in international sales, this business is uniquely positioned to perform well into future years. Fully setup with QuickBooks accounting, dropship model, zero employee, A+ Better Business Bureau ranking and nine years of successful history under the belt, this business presents a unique opportunity to enter the growing ecommerce sector for a first time home based entrepreneur or for an existing company to expand in a niche and profitable market. Owner is open to consider small financing for the right buyer. Inquire today before it is too late!

$1,500,000 Seller Financing Available
Nebraska Service Company Omaha " New Listing"

Omaha, NE

This service company has established a solid reputation for on time deliver and strong customer service. The company is part of an industry who's services will always be in demand both locally and nathionally.. Please call 901-351-4111 for complete information including an in depth presentation of the products and services offered as well as historical financial information.

$640,000 Cash Flow: $165,000
Home Furnishings/Gift Retailer with Ecommerce Operations for Sale Established e-Commerce Home Furnishings/Home Improvement/Gift Store

Boardman, OH

Well-known brand within the home goods industry, Company has established relationships and e-commerce resale agreements with over 60 leading home furnishings manufacturers. Company's sales consist primarily of e-commerce sales (1.85m YTD 2014 / 1.5m 2013). Company also has a fully renovated boutique store in upscale plaza in Youngstown, OH which houses office for online operations. Retail boutique with annual sales 45k/year. Over 60,000 unique skus carried. Fully operational website with customer database. Eighty percent of the business is done on a drop-ship basis, 20% fulfillment-based. Could be transitioned to 100% drop ship at any point in time. Website operates 24hour/365 days a year. Average order value $166 per order. Website received over 120,000 unique visits per month and 1.2% conversion rate AV. Traffic to site consists of 40% organic search, 20% direct , 14% paid, 12% social, 14% Affiliate Referral. Strong social media presence and Company receives monthly mention in national publications (both print + online). Purchase includes all physical fixtures if location-based operation is desired (could also be run from a new location) + newly re-designed website, additional URLS, customer database + Inventory sold separately. Turnkey operation. Owner to train new operator for set period of time and to provide graphic design services on contract basis as desired. Excellent and experienced Manager and key employees with extensive knowledge of site management, customer service and order processing would stay upon request. Financials available upon request. Please inquire for additional information and brand name / web address.

$895,800 Cash Flow: $187,000
Nationally Recognized Health Brand, Product, Website & Systems 1,000% Growth in Sales Since 2008

Phoenix, AZ

15 MINUTES OF FAME? If you ever wanted more than just your (or your company’s) 15 minutes of fame – this is an opportunity tailor made for you. AWARD WINNING: innovative health product, company, brand and process. Outstanding opportunity in the health/wellness/fitness industry. Perfect for either a VERY motivated health professional or health/fitness manufacturing/sales organization looking to enter an expanding field at the very top with a highly visible, established product. TRIED & TRUE: Spotlight appearances on FOX, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS and NPR as well as cameo appearances on numerous national hit sitcoms and multiple local news features have propelled this company to its current success. Company brand also featured in every major US newspaper and health magazine - as well as significant international exposure. Product category has been and continues to be very “press friendly”. Customers are also eager to share their success and represent an excellent marketing opportunity. Product category is increasing exponentially. Company can be run by single operator however further expansion and accelerating sales will most definitely demand more employees. Also included in the sale are design drawings for additional product expansion in this arena. GOODWILL. Brand recognition and reputation is excellent with outstanding current product reviews on (overwhelmingly 5 star reviews). Significantly more reviews than our competitors on Amazon. Product return ratio is one of the lowest in the industry. As one of the initial innovators in this product space we have developed a very loyal following that can be further leveraged for new product development and sales. EXPERT OR NOVICE: Professional dynamically generated website -ranks at top in Google Search (with no advertising costs) provides excellent short tail/long tail free customer acquisition. Website updates and additions are easy to do (even for novices). Rich health data- intensive website leads the competitive field by focusing on the health benefits of this expanding niche. Hundreds of scientific studies are presented in an engaging manner, along with links to prior major press coverage/video exposure and customer testimonials attesting to the life changing properties of this product line. STRONG SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE -dwarfs competitors. Our Facebook footprint is 5x that of our nearest competitor. STREAMLINED PRODUCT MANUFACTURING & FULFILLMENT: This company is currently a Tim Ferris dream operation. Everything is outsourced allowing for a sole practitioner operation (though we recommend hiring help if you want to continue to grow). Product parts are sourced in independent factories in China then assembled by and quality controlled there by a US engineering corporation. No worries of back door knockoffs or poor quality. We have established this logistics chain and process to perfection over the past six years and quality control has been excellent. UNIVERSITY & SCIENTIFIC AFFILIATIONS: On-going affiliations and opportunities with health & wellness scientists at major universities and organizations. Product currently engaged at universities/colleges across the country both in practical and scientific study capacity. Our brand is well known among numerous health/wellness organizations due to past affiliations and studies participation. TARGET MARKET: Male and Female ages 25-60 is our identified target market. We sell primarily (80%) to homes/home office and 20% to corporate accounts. The market is starting to change and while the demand is continuing to increase we believe the corporate market will start to outpace the individual market. STEALTH SALE: It is our wish to keep the sale of this company private and to that end we require interested parties to sign a very simple, specific, bilateral NDA before forwarding further details to insure secrecy between parties. SALES PRICE: Calculated on an equitable 1.2 revenue multiple.

$360,000 Cash Flow: $261,510
Hosting Platform In The Gaming Vertical Generating $261k In Net Profit Niche Web Hosting Business in a Growing Vertical

San Francisco, CA

For sale is a hosting platform that allows Minecraft (a highly popular multi-player video game) players to rent a dedicated server on a monthly basis to play with friends and other players. The platform has a well-built control, which makes it easier for users to create, manage and maintain Minecraft servers. The company has had direct communication with Mojang (the company that owns Minecraft) and operates within their guidelines. The site operates on a ‘freemium model’ where users can choose from a number of hosting packages ranging from $3 to $85 a month. The new owner can expect to spend between 5 and 10 hours per week operating the business, as support is managed by 18 subcontractors, who are paid on a ‘per-task basis’.

$948,500 Cash Flow: $649,176
10 Year Old File Hosting Service Generating $649k In Net Profit Over 6 Million Unique Visits per Year. Mailing list of 650k+

San Francisco, CA

For sale is a 10 year old business that has generated over 4.1 billion page views, 1.1 billion unique visitors and a subscriber list of 639k. It is a leading provider of unlimited free file hosting. All files can be downloaded or streamed an unlimited number of times and with no bandwidth or download limits. 1% of uploaded files receive DMCA notices, which are taken down within 12 hours by a third party agency. The business has a designated copyright agent since 2005 (which is required for Safe Harbor Protection) and has maintained the same legal counsel for the past 10 years. No previous, current or pending lawsuits have been filed. The business runs on a ‘freemium model’ where any user can sign up, upload and share files free of charge. For an additional fee, users can purchase a Premium account, which provides them advanced features, and faster download speeds. Users can upload files of any type up to 5GB and share download links with others, or keep files private in their account. The owner spends 20-40 hours a week performing basic administration tasks and overseeing the general operations of the business. The owner employs one full time programmer to manage all technical aspects, who is assumed to continue working under new ownership, should similar compensation be provided.

$925,000 Seller Financing Available Cash Flow: $315,108
Cigars and Accessories eCommerce Store Over $315,000 Profit in 2014!!!


This 5 year old niche ecommerce business offers a wide variety of cigars and smoking accessories to a diverse demographic profile. Business currently offering approximately 2,000 products using a Just-In-Time delivery method which drives a business model requiring very low working capital requirements. Products are marketed through one main online storefront with an excellent industry specific domain name. 99% of orders are shipped within 1 day with approximately 9,000 customers in database and an average order size of $92. Good standing relationship with vendors and suppliers. Business can be transferred anywhere within the U.S. A very small infrastructure is necessary to effectively operate this business. An owner working 30 hours per week as well as 2 full time and 3 part time employees operate this business. Sales are driven by customer loyalty, outstanding product selection, rapid shipping and 24/7 customer service. Substantial business development opportunities include: addition of additional products offered by wholesalers/drop shippers in the Cigar and Smoking Accessories marketplace, social marketing expansion beyond Facebook and Twitter, and expansion of existing affiliate marketing program. Owner will provide strong transitional support and is selling because of other business interests.

$159,000 Seller Financing Available Cash Flow: $141,500
Rubber Stamp/Engraving Business Very Profitable Internet & Mail Order Business.

Bolivar, WV

This business has to be one of the best deals available. It is profitable, efficient, well organized business. All customers are retail. All sales are done by direct mail or over the Internet through our online store. No walk in traffic. We manufacture and sell rubber stamps, embossing seals, engraved signs and name tags, notary record books, thumbprint pads and related items to notaries, engineers, architects, businesses and government. This is a great opportunity to buy a profitable business at a discounted price. All stamps, seals, signs and name tags are manufactured on site. Other products are purchased and resold from various vendors. This business has remained flexible and competitive in a constantly changing business environment for 30 years. With new energetic management, the best years lie ahead. I am selling the custom stamp and notary store business for $179,000. The financial figures include only that business. There is another part to the business, which has a separate set of books that is not included in the sale. Avoid commuting and the high cost of living by moving to beautiful, historic Harpers Ferry/Bolivar, West Virginia.

$7,500,000 Cash Flow: $4,504,453
Internet Real Estate Business-26411 Internet Real Estate Business-26411

Douglas County, NV

Virtual High-Profit Real Estate Investment Business. Incredible opportunity to step into well established private real estate investment business that can be managed from any location with an internet connection and phone service. Highly sophisticated privately developed software analyzes nationwide scope of data permitting the company to target any zip code to cherry pick deeply discounted properties and capitalize on real time market conditions. Net profits escalated from $600,000 in 2011 to $5M in 2014. Over last five years, non-leveraged rate of return averaged 60% and leveraged rate of return averaged an incredible 85%. Current owner looking to retire. Management team available to run business. Possible additional revenue streams through licensing opportunities. This is a turn-key asset with unlimited potential for growth. Please call 1-877-735-5224 or refer to the Confidentiality Agreement below for further information.

$690,000 Cash Flow: $360,000
Online Sports Collectible Business Completely automated and consistently growing

Portland, OR

This company sells all kinds of sports collectibles all over the world. The company does not have any inventory. All products are shipped via third-party suppliers. Company has a database of over 10,000 buyers. Profit margins are excellent and there is lots of opportunity for growth.

$69,000 Cash Flow: $22,000 Leading Online Sports Training DVD Website

Camden County, NJ

This website has been running profitably for over 12 years and is the largest independent retailer of sports training dvds on the internet. Customer service and fulfillment are all handled by the manufacturer. You will only need to handle daily order processing, email marketing, PPC management, adding new products and some other administrative tasks. Google Adwords and merchant accounts are complete and having been operating for years. With the purchase of this business you will get a customer list of over 37,000 emails plus an additional 20,000 emails from other sources. This has been a great business for many years!

Mobile Home Parts & Supplies Mobile Home Parts & Supplies

Ashville, AL

Ashville Mobile Homes has been in business since 1987 selling mobile home parts and supplies from its storefront/warehouse as well as online @ Mobile home parts and supplies are packaged and shipped from this location direct to customers in all states. Internet sales accounts for approximately 60% of sales. Inventory consists of tubs, shower stalls, window, window screens, plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling supplies plus much more. Selling option is (1) Internet Store and domain name only, which can be relocated or (2) the Retail Store customer base, building, land iand web store and customer base. Pricing in this add is for everything.

$595,000 Cash Flow: $20,000
Niche company with great prospects Earn 100,000 dollars with 20 % projected increase in sales

Babylon, NY

We provides memorial services for the funeral home and general public who wish to perform a scattering of cremated remains at sea. We offer both attended family service (with family on board) and unattended services. We have a strong Internet presence and are known nation wide in the funeral industry as well as the Navy mortuary affairs. We also offer Full Body Burials in accordance with military standards; this is gaining acceptance and popularity Today, the rate of cremation exceeds that of any other type of funeral options offered today and is increasing with each passing year. At first glance you will see many companies who now offer burial at sea, we were the first and we are the only company on the East Coast accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

eBay Online Shop Home Internet Business & Wholesale and Distribution eBay Online Shop Home Internet Business & Wholesale and Distribution

Cook County, IL

Million Dollar EBay Online Home Businesses For Sale Includes website and wholesale distribution business 95% automated 1.2Million dollar turn over 2013. Financials available 44% Gross profit Over 30,000 feedbacks Can be run from home anywhere as long as you have internet and access to the postal system Requires a storage room of a minimum of a double car garage. Highly Automated runs automatically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Experienced Management support by eBay invited Top Seller Speaker and author. No Skills required, full training provided Also includes separate website which uses the same inventory Cost $180,000 + Stock at cost Office not required, work from home.

High Quality Investment Opportunity Cutting Edge Online Technology Investment

Beaverton, OR

This is an opportunity to invest in several cutting edge online technologies. Information can be shared with a signed NDA. Min Investment 25k. Must be a verifiable accredited Investor. New cutting edge real estate platform has valuable trade mark and patent.

Online business with interesting monthly margin Project with proven income track record and minimum maintenance costs

Barcelona, ES

The business counts with 4 main sites plus a huge network with related sites which drives traffic to the main ones. The sites are available on 21 languages but our main markets are SPAIN, LATAM, UK, US and France. The marketing investment is almost 0 thanks to the strong SEO strategy that we have being developing over the last years which gives us top positions on Google and others for related search terms. We get around 800.000 visits / month from search engines with a stable evolution after the latest algorithm changes. The income comes from selling virtual chips (time to play), this is a product 100% virtual which do not generates additional costs per sale. As we do not need to invest on marketing or product the project has a really low cost structure which provides a monthly margin near 50%. The Company running the Project has over 8 years in the market and has created a solid project with a strong / stable income – cost structure. During 2013 our players has made 25.000 chips purchases generating a total income over 460.000€ (375.000 £). Every month we get 30.000 new registrations plus 60.000 active users playing on our games which made around 2.000 purchases / month. The business may be managed from any location with internet Access with a dedication of 30h / week (right now a team with 2 resources part time -15h / week each- is managing the Project) We will be happy to provide additional information to potential buyers seriously interested.

$443,650 Cash Flow: $177,460
Social Media Marketing / SEO Service Making $34,070 Per Month Turn-key. You Step in and Profit Immediately.

Lilburn, GA

This is a well established social media, SEO, and internet marketing company founded in 2009. The owners have created seamless and efficient internal client systems. External internet marketing / lead generation are on autopilot and could easily be increased. This business has a long track-record of delivering great results for clients and has a clean reputation online. Who This Website / Company Services Small business professionals (practically every type of brick and mortar small business) The company website is ranked well for certain, specific keywords and siphons traffic and customers from the 5 major local marketing giants (ReachLocal, Yodle, Netsertive, OrangeSoda, and Most clients that are acquired have found the company on the internet or are direct referrals from other affiliates. Videos, press releases, blog posts, and articles consistently feed traffic and sales to the website on autopilot. Sellers have only tapped into a small fraction of revenue that can be generated with this type of service and proven business model. The website receives around 24 visitors per day. With the right attention, the company revenue could easily exceed $250,000 / month (or more). At present, the company has 53 active clients and billing $30,000+ per month in sales. The average client stays aboard for around 5 months, which is higher than the industry average. The website offers 3 member subscription packages ($397, $797, and $1,197). Altogether, the average member subscription is just over $500. So, when the company grows to just 500 billable clients per month, buyer could expect gross revenue to be over $250,000 per month ($3,000,000 / year). Net profit for the owners right now is usually between 25-30% per month. This margin could be improved with upsells, congruent offers, potentially decreasing affiliate payout (affiliates currently get 25% recurring for the life of the referral), Adsense integration, allowing advertisers on the site, etc. All qualified prospective buyers will need to be interviewed and approved, as the owners are selective on who will lead the business in the future. If you have experience already building a million-dollar company like this and can generate 500 - 1000 targeted visitors per day (or more), this is a dream business for you. The hard work of creating a seamless customer systems that work are done. The owners have the systems in place to scale large and a vice president that closes around 30% of those leads that call in. For the right person with knowledge of website traffic generation and generating leads, growing this business to the 7 figure / year mark will be simple. Out-bound calling centers have not been utilized yet. This company's major competitors are using telemarketing to drive a large volume of sales. The owners agree that the asking price on this listing is an absolute bargain, based on the limitless growth potential. The hard work creating the fail-safe internal client management systems has already been done for the buyer. Gross Revenue by Year: 2009 - $44,550.00 2010 - $341,318.25 2011 - $389,267.25 2012 - $438,449.00 2013 - $571,358.12 2014 - $497,878.50 The 5 guarantees this company offers to clients: 1) Company guarantees a 1st Page Google ranking in 90 days (or works for free until we get you there) 2) Company guarantees client's content will stay live online for at least two years should they cancel 3) Company guarantees access to an Account Manager 9-5 EST every business day 4) Company guarantees to answer client questions from the 24/7 Help Desk within 24 hours or less 5) Company guarantees to show client 3rd party tracking (Google Analytics) of how company's efforts are impacting client's website every month

Evolution of Search & Search Engine Advertising A top reporter said this model will usurp search as we know it!

Glendale, CA

A top business reporter (formerly for Fox News) said this model will usurp search as we know it! The Sosbuzz (Strength of social buzz) search model (patent protected) makes it far more convenient for searchers to find merchants/advertisers. Here’s how it works – let's say you do a search for “web developers” you get a list of web developers along with a title, a brief description, a rating, and a little check box next to each listing. You can place a check next to whichever listing(s) that interest you, complete the brief form (when you’re signed in you can have your name, phone and/or email pre-filled) and advise the web developers of what you need. Those who are interested will call you back, those that are not, won’t. You don’t have to contact each web developer one-by-one, like you need to do in the current search landscape, plus you don’t have to waste time reading each of their websites, looking for phone numbers, hoping to get someone on the phone. As you can imagine, this model works wonders for mobile searches. Instead of trying to read merchant websites on a tiny screen (even though you can still do that in the Sosbuzz model) you can have merchants call you back. Why should you as a searcher go through all that “search” work? You are the one paying those merchants, they should cater to your convenience, not the other way around. Sosbuzz's Search Advertising Model Eliminates Accidental/Fraudulent Clicks In the Sosbuzz search model, search advertisers don’t pay anything to advertise until they get a solid lead. The patented Sosbuzz search model covers a variety of compensation models including billing per lead, or per sale. Search engine advertisers will feel a lot better knowing who wanted their products or services, instead of worrying about accidental/fraudulent clicks. You can see an example of Sosbuzz's search interface in the attachment above (note: to see the search live on the site, you need to be logged in). Sosbuzz also has an extensive social invitation and affiliate system built-in. Any message can go viral online n seconds. All invitations and affiliate commissions are tracked and reported. This offer is only for parties of financial means. You will need to show financial means.

Turn Key Private Lending Company! Consumer & Business loan acquisition Great Opportunity well established funding source!!!

Jackson Hole, WY

Start funding deals today! What you are purchasing is a nationally recognized financial company. We have aligned our self with a number of different funding sources that give us the ability to fund a variety of deals from consumer loans to commercial business loans. Types of financing that we offer... * Hard Money Loans * SBA Loan Programs * Commercial Bridge Loans * Medical Working Capital Loans * Equipment Leasing * Debt Restructuring * Account Receivable Financing * Business Acquisition Financing * Special Truck Financing What comes with this purchase: * THN Lending has a perfect credit rating (Debt Free) * 2 Amex Credit cards with limits of $20K each * Fully integrated website * Approved access to CBA Informations Service (Credit Pulling Service) * Approved broker agreements with over 10 different funding sources * The ability to fund many different transactions * Very little overhead to operate this business * This can be done in any of the 50 states

Leading Internet Nutraceutical Co. Insulite is designed to be a web plateform for multiple products


Insulite is a unique company that is looking for a buyer who wants to enter the web health world or is already in it and become prominent in it. In addition to our existing health product line, Insulite has been designed to become the web platform for a greatly extended group of products for other health issues if the buyer so chooses. The seller is highly motivated to sell the business so they can move on to other interests. The founder of the company has started over 20 innovative startups and traditionally moves on after a business he has started and gains revenue, as well as market acceptance. The company’s PCOS website has become the number #1 website in the world providing solutions for the female health condition called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. It is estimated that 30% of all women have this disorder which, include , weight gain, infertility, depression, skin problems, menstrual problems, excess facial/body hair, sleep apnea, hair loss, pain during intercourse, and hormone imbalances. We urge you to visit to grasp the excellence and depth of this site and product line. In addition the company has developed 4 other sites for the disorders of type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, excess weight gain/obesity, as well as the cluster of cardiovascular diseases called Metabolic Syndrome (Syndrome X). See these sites at The company envisions the acquiring organization or individual will be gaining a tremendous PR and branding advantage. Insulite has essentially conducted a “soft launch” of these websites and systems which have over 12,000 health web pages. Yet this low-key approach generates 45,000 web page views a month, over 1000 page one rankings for Insulite on Google, Yahoo, and Bing, has 50,000 people on our email list and $650,000 in annual revenue in 2012. Insulite Laboratories, is a unique, innovative company that has the potential to forever transform how health companies market to customers. Insulite can be favorably compared to companies that have developed extraordinary strategies and technologies, propelling them to positions as market leaders. What Apple did for computers, Google did for search, Southwest Airlines for travel, and Zappos for shoes, Insulite Laboratories is doing for the Nutraceutical industry: changing the paradigm. We believe the company has identified and developed the critical factors necessary to facilitate an acquiring organization in becoming a Market Leader in Nutraceutical sales. We look forward to discussing this opportunity with you. Best regards, Phil Streit 949 310 3001

$34,500 Seller Financing Available
Workboot business with inventory. Owner Retiring! On-going Ebay store and website with trademarks included.

San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Owner retiring and offering Men's new workboot inventory and business for basically the cost of inventory. The brand name is Tierra Rugged. Price includes all registered trademarks, website, Ebay store and inventory of approximately 2400 brand new pairs in new boxes in sizes 10 thru 13 -100% Leather. Price includes China manufactruing company direct with molds for sizes 5 thru 13 in eight different styles that never go out of fashion. uppers and quality soles in regular and steel toe. MSRP is $45.00 per pair with product easily wholesale and retailed. Offered for basic inventory cost. Excellent quality guaranteed.

$280,000 Seller Financing Available Cash Flow: $140,893
Dropship Website Paintball Niche Dropship Website Paintball Niche

Alva, FL

For sale is a penny auction website that focuses solely on one type of product. Unlike most penny auction websites, this firm is proud to be allowed to work with paypal. Since the beginning certain competitors tried to tap the same market but failed after about five months and as of right now, The firm has no competition. The site operates as a raffle, one person wins and the rest lose their money, which adds a gambling element to the auctions. As a result, in certain cases the profit from a sale can reach up to 500%. No SEO or paid advertising was done and great opportunities are available in this area of marketing. Most traffic is generated by YouTube videos that are made by users and the owner. The current owner is willing to keep on making up to seventy videos annually to drive traffic to the website, given he will receive the advertising commission from YouTube. Very little skill is needed to be able to operate the business. On a typical week, the owner works about 20-30 hours performing tasks that can easily be delegated. The business is 95% drop ship. Key Benefits • Financing available – seller will accept financed offers • No Technical Knowledge Necessary - Owner without knowledge in the field can run the business. • No competition – business has no direct competition in the area of its product. • Business is partially automated – auctions and software are automated. • Potentially a Lifestyle Business – total management time is around 20-30 hours per week most of which can be delegated. • No storage needed – 98% is drop ship. • All employees are freelancers – no contracts. • Word of mouth – The business attracts clientele by word of mouth. • Low Expenses – The main expense in the staff cost since the business works remotely.

$59,950 Cash Flow: $28,800
Super Popular Music Search Engine & Desktop App Over 20,000,000 app downloads!

New York, NY

This music search engine website and app is a great opportunity for someone looking to make a small investment with huge growth potential and an easy operation model. Launched in the summer of 2013, this business is a free desktop music search engine designed for music lovers who want to discover and download free music. Completely legal, the business does not host digital audio files, index websites that provide digital audio files, or allow the illegal sharing of files. The app has been downloaded over 20,000,000 times!! This is a stable and profitable business with strong and consistent traffic. In the trailing 12 months this business generated $30,000 in gross revenue, with a net profit of $28,800 (a 96% profit margin!). This next year is on track to be one of further growth. One person could run this business and can choose to be very hands off with it, as it practically runs itself. Acquiring this business would not mean having to relocate, as it can be operated virtually anywhere. A new owner could easily continue to grow this business by focusing on monetizing the site, adding more ad networks to in-app ads, putting more resources into generating traffic, and more. This is a perfect opportunity for investors looking for an easy and profitable new project or anyone wishing to add a complimentary business to their portfolio.

$4,000 Cash Flow: $3,097
Dropship Furniture Website Profit Generating run from Home 2.5x Profit Great 2nd Income, takes very minimal time, Profit is in large chunks

Santa Monica, CA

***Just Lowered the price for quick sale*** Our business specialize in retail furniture and home decor items. All orders are drop shipped, never touching my hands. Sent directly from suppliers warehouse to our customers. If a customer buys a dining table and 4 chairs lets say the order comes to $1300, our margins are 2.5, so this piece costs me $520 plus probably $60-$80 for shipping. So MY PROFIT would be around $700, for simply sending an email to my rep with the order. Being said you should be able to make your investment back within 2 months or so give or take. Never have to stock anything, this also means it can be ran from home or a small office. This business is perfect for someone looking for a low priced business opportunity which is immediately profitable. 70% of the Internet is dropship now a days. When you goto and order, its most likely coming from a 3rd party warehouse. Thats what were doing just with furniture. For the sale of this site I want to use so both parties are protected, that is a must. Our sales have experienced steady growth in prior months, with remarkable profits due to negligible overhead costs. Growing this business to earn $10k-20k a month is manageable with a solid SEO and marketing team, which we can recommend. And if you know your own SEO and how to rank websites, then you know this is a goldmine. I would like to call this opportunity a turnkey business, as this opportunity is currently small with enormous growth potential and very low overhead. This opportunity offers quick results with promising potential. I'm asking a very low & affordable price to cover my prior start-up costs, as well as a fraction of the current value of our website. We are able to offer this exciting opportunity as our current business ventures are increasingly time intensive and we no longer can manage all areas effectively. Contact me if this sounds like something your interested in.

$700,000 Seller Financing Available Cash Flow: $210,608
Costume & Party Supplies eCommerce Business Over $2,800,000 in Sales Last Year!!


Twelve year old premier online retailer of costumes, party supplies, lingerie & shoes and wedding supplies. Strong, easy to remember and keyword rich domain names. Over 40,000 product SKU’s with the average order value of $54.00, 72% of orders drop shipped and 28% FBA. Good standing relationship with 27 suppliers and manufactures. One owner manage supplier relationships with all other operational activities handled by 9 full-time employees and 4 part time employees. All employees other than 1 are offshore. Business can be run from a home office. 10% business from search engines, 20% from pay per click, 5% direct traffic, 5% referrals & social media, and 60% from shopping engines. Approximately 343,000 customers in database, 10,300+ Facebook fans, 1,700 Twitter Followers and 700+ Pinterest Followers. High growth opportunities include: additional PPC Marketing, creation of an aggressive email marketing program, easy expansion to eBay and International Marketplaces on Amazon UK, Amazon Canada and Rakuten Japan. Owner is selling to retire. The business provides new owner(s) with a complete turn-key business. The seller will provide strong transitional support with side by side, hands on daily management with new owner(s) to insure that the new owners feel totally comfortable with operation of the business.

$750,000 Cash Flow: $210,040
Large online store sells party and corporate gifts Profitable and fast growing ecommerce site

Alameda, CA

Leading online ecommerce store is one of the top providers for party gifts and corporate gifts. We carry a vast selection of personalized gifts for all special occasions, from wedding, business events, to holiday parties. Our total product SKUs are 20,000. We have a large customer base of 100,000. All products are shipped via our vendors/partners based in US. We are Google trusted store and the BBB rating is A+. The Alexa ranking is 300,000/83,000(US), our facebook likes are 32,000. The 2014 sales is $1.38 Million. We have great organic growth and brand recognition. Over 50% of our traffic / sales from organic search, and 12% from direct access, and 25% from PPC. Our operation team includes a customer service team based in US and a web team based overseas. The overseas team is operated with low cost and owns the following technical and marketing expertise: site development, search engine optimization, running online ads, social media manager and web content development.

$215,000 Cash Flow: $64,000
E-Commerce Product and Info Sales Solar Green Industry Building a foundation.

Saint George, UT

Solar Cooking at Cantinawest is the market leader in solar cooking information and supplies. Our 5 year website grows daily with dedicated bloggers and original content uploads. The site is built as an information site and needs to be converted to a product site for monetization. We have only begun to monetize and already are seeing consecutive six figures revenues. Our traffic averages15-20,000 unique visitors a month. We carry a variety of products from everyone in the industry and have our own product line. Average margins are good and vendor relationships are growing. The company is ready for the right buyer to monetize and reap the benefits.

$1,750,000 Seller Financing Available Cash Flow: $453,000
CO Trailer Dealer/Rental Co. 4.8M Rev, 453K Adj EBITDA Denver's Largest Trailer Co, 4.8M Rev, 453K Inc, Price Reduction

Denver, CO

Lowered price to $1.75M. Revenues were up 7% in 2014 and they increased the bottom line also. The owner had previously lowered the sales price from $2.4MM to $2.1MM and has agreed to lower it again to $1.75MM for the business or $5MM for both the business and the land. January 2015 was much better than January 2014 so the trailing 12 months is already above both the year end $4.83M in revenues and the $453K in adjusted EBITDA. The owner is absentee and he believes that a new owner would make a big difference. Here is the link for the Non-Disclosure Agreement, “NDA”: If it is blue you should be able to click on it, if not please cut and paste that to a URL line and it will give you the NDA which will allow me to automatically send you the Full Sales Package containing a detailed data room with financials and a Comprehensive Video on the entire operation and a full interview with the owner by clicking on the secure web link to the NDA. If you have any questions or comments on the NDA please email me at or call me at 303-382-1926. Thank you. For Sale: Denver’s Largest Trailer Sales and Rental Store 2014's adjusted EBITDA was 453,286 on 4,827,716 in revenues which was 7% revenue growth over 2013. The owner is mostly absentee working less than five hours a week. He says there are many ways for a new owner to grow this business. The buyer gets $1.84M in current value assets. This is made up of $1.15M of new and used trailer inventory, $191K in parts and merchandise, along with another $495K in equipment including trucks, ATV's, tools, machinery, forklifts, office equipment, software, containers which serve as yard storage, and additional equipment/inventory that was recently purchased that they have not had time to add to their software system. Please click on the NDA link below to see the video walk through of the assets of this business. Please click on the NDA link above to get sent the sales package with the video walk through of the assets of this business. They are internet and reputation driven with a long-standing, diversified, and partially recurring customer base. They add hundreds of new customers every year! Seller's Quote: "I have always been a builder and started this business to keep busy when the housing market went out of favor and now that the housing market is active again, I am needed more than ever at my construction company. I have never been full time at the trailer business and have spent zero to ten hours a week there over the last two years as housing was recovering. I can't pay the attention to the trailer business that it deserves and have fallen behind on advertising, categorizing the parts and equipment, being present for loyal customers, managing the employees, and by taking advantage of growth opportunities. My real interest has always been racing cars and building things." This is a "Fun" business to own that is growing nicely and the owner has identified several ways to add significant growth including adding a location, better organizing the yard and equipment, and by being more hands on in general which would help the business in many ways. Denver, CO _________________________________________________________ The seller is asking for 1.75M for the business or $5M for the business and the land combined. He would prefer a stock sale for tax reasons and will be keeping his cash, AR, and AP which are not large balances and transferring the business debt free except for the $600K in floor planed inventory that the new buyer will have to pay off or take over. _________________________________________________________ Brief Overview and Deal Points: The buyer will step into a solid pipeline of recurring revenue which is a direct result of our great locations and operating model. "2015 should be a great year with all of the hard work of positioning the company both on the internet and in their region is now done at great expense", the owner states. In short, the seller is optimistic on the short and long-term prospects of the business. They have a great reputation and the seller will agree to full Reps and Warranties to a solid legal and business standing. They have a great record for safety (OSHA) and no legal battles and have a low MOD rate to prove this. This business has grown from virtually nothing to 4.8MM in revenue over the last five years. The owner is happy to sign a non-compete. He is willing to transition the business and wants the buyer to know that there are many qualified people that can help the new owner long after the transition also whom are loyal to the business. In fact, the business will not change on bit the day after the closing. He will be available for longer in an advisory position if the new owner wants him to. They are the largest trailer dealer with the largest service and parts department on the front range of Colorado. They also rental trailers which allows them to purchase inventory and equipment at the best prices. This helps them to buy the equipment at the lowest prices available anywhere. He has been through four managers in the last two years and finally found one who knows the business, can manage the employees, and is honest. He promoted him in June 2014 and is confident in his ability to manage the business. The new manager has already made changes including letting a couple of employees go and bringing in an another experienced mechanic. The owner is so excited about this that he almost took this off the market. They have great mechanics whom are capable of all of the maintenance and customization needs of their trailers. Custom work helps them to generate additional high margin revenue but the main benefit is the loyalty and gratitude of the customers who keep coming back and sending other new customers. He has just finished reworking the sales department also per the new managers suggestions. The business will transfer debt free with the exception of the $600K in floor plan financing that a buyer will have to qualify for and assume at the closing. They are, for the most part, a cash/credit card business. They do have some charge accounts, but they have less than a 1% default rate. Theft of their equipment has been non-existent since they installed a sophisticated security system with multiple cameras. The business has 19 trustworthy, competent, and reliable employees who love their jobs and will all stay after the transition. The manager is capable of running the business on his own but not growing it significantly. The business really could use a passionate owner to help with the sales or the management of the sales team. The location was purchased by him in 2009. The land is located on one of Colorado's busiest roads which is 6 lanes across with high visibility. It is in the middle of one of the fastest growing areas in the country. The facility is 7,000 Square feet with 2500 sq. feet of showroom on 3 acres of property. The property is fenced, well lit, and they still have room for growth. He prefers to sell the property to whoever buys the business at the same time. He will sell it for the appraised value which is 3.3MM. He just had a full appraisal done in November 2014 which took a month. The appraisal is in the other section of the data room in the sales package and clearly states on page 28 that they are in a "redevelopment zone" which offers tax breaks, etc for further development of the property. The appraised current value can’t take that into consideration because it is not how the property is being used. In other words, there is tremendous upside value to this property either right now for a developer if the buyer wants to move the business or over time based on its location. King Soopers is developing an area just to their north and all of the land that was available around them has been bought over the last two years. This is a dual opportunity based on the upside potential of the land also. There is substantial room for improvement in how the land and building is being utilized. Growth and Expansion: "The company could grow faster by adding an additional location or by adding an outside salesperson and/or a sales manager/salesperson. The model that I have created can be immediately replicated profitably. Most growth plans have inherent risk but my model works. I know how to penetrate any market using my model which could be expanded nationwide. Trailers have always been popular in Colorado and I came in and took this business from almost nothing to dominating the market in less than 4 years. In addition, we are seeing rental rates increasing and the demand for customization increasing as the economy is gaining momentum. This will allow a new owner to increase rates which I have not done." Plus, Colorado is the best State in the country to own a business. Colorado is THE "#1" fastest growing and strongest economies in the United States, per and Business Insider. The article ranks all 50 states by eight economic measures including GDP growth, housing prices, job creation and exports. _________________________________________________________ Please Call of Email for Information: The broker is available at any time to discuss your interest in this offering and can set up a meeting either in person or by phone with the owner(s). Thank you for your interest. If you are NOT interested in this business for sale, but you refer someone to us who buys it and we collect the full commission, we will immediately pay you a referral fee of $5,000. Please send us anyone (or email this to anyone) who you think would be interested in this offering. Thank you. Sincerely, Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle Company Broker Group, LLC. 999 18th St Ste 3000 Denver, CO 80216 303-905-7607 Direct 303-284-7025 Main 720-524-6482 Fax This is prepared by Company Broker Group with information provided by the Seller. It was not created by the seller and neither the Broker or the Seller are responsible for its accuracy. Buyers are responsible for their own due diligence. Neither the Broker or the Seller will indemnify or guarantee any forward looking statements or projections. Different Brokerage relationships are available which include Seller agency, buyer agency, or transaction – brokerage. Brokerage disclosure to Buyer or Tenant of Property. Definition of working relationships. Seller's Agent: a seller's agent works solely on behalf of the seller to promote the interests of the seller with the utmost good faith, loyalty, and fidelity. The agent negotiates on behalf of and ask as an advocate for the seller. The seller's agent must disclose to potential buyers all adverse material facts actually known by the seller's agent about the business/property. A separate written listing agreement is required which sets forth the duties and obligations of the broker and the seller. Buyer’s Agent: a buyer’s agent works solely on behalf of the buyer to promote the interests of the buyer with the utmost good faith, loyalty and fidelity. The agent negotiates on behalf of an accident advocate for the buyer. The buyer’s agent must disclose to all potential sellers all adverse material facts actually known by the buyer’s agent, including the buyer’s financial ability to perform the terms of the transaction. A separate written by a Buyer agreement is required which sets forth the duties and obligations of the broker and the buyer. Transaction broker: the transaction broker assist the buyer or seller or both throughout a real estate transaction by performing terms of any written or oral agreement, fully informing the parties, presenting all offers and assisting parties with any contracts, including the closing of the transaction, without being an agent or advocate for any of the parties. A transaction-broker must use reasonable skill and care and the performance of any oral or written agreement, and must make the same disclosures as agents about all adverse material facts actually known by the transaction – broker concerning the property or a buyer's financial ability to perform the terms of a transaction and whether the buyer intends to occupy the property. No written agreement is required. Company Broker Group, LLC, and Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle will be operating solely as a “Seller Agent” in all transactions.

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