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Your Neighbor Magazine Publishing Franchise

The worst thing you can do with a great opportunity is miss it!

Publish a Your Neighbor Magazine In Your Community

Here's how our franchisees put it all together.

They produce a powerful, widely accepted marketing tool. Printed in full color, professionally designed and mailed to local residents, smart shoppers in your community look for it, notice it, clip it, keep it and much to the delight of your clients, they use it. Your client's results are immediate and measurable.

They operate in their community. Good opportunities for local businesses to advertise with an offer focused on their own trade area are rare and valuable. Marketing dollars sharply aimed at prime customers are dollars well spent. A “Your Neighbor Magazine” provides local businesses the promotional power they need to compete with larger scale or multi-unit businesses. So local businesses love our franchisees because they understand local marketing challenges and opportunities.

They use our clear, comprehensive proprietary publishing system. Publishing a "Your Neighbor Magazine" is not a mystery. You can learn it, master it and manage it as we train you before and as you operate your business.

A "Your Neighbor Magazine" Franchise is selected by business persons who value:

  • Working from their home
  • Setting their own work schedule
  • Working with fascinating a clientele
  • Filling a respected, valued role in their own business community
  • Building repeat business
  • Sharing in cooperative business development from other franchisees and franchisor
  • Using their organizational, creative, writing and interactive skills
  • Enjoying a close knit and cooperative franchise community

And our franchisees do it all with a low upfront investment. No location, equipment or employee nightmares!

Franchisee Profile

Our franchisees are good with ideas, words and details. They are good at understanding the marketing problems and needs of business owners. They love being involved with their business community. They have confidence in their own skills and instincts and value the respect and connection they build with their clientele. They are in fact, passionate business builders for themselves and their clients.

Type of Franchise Offered

Talk to us about a single territory franchise. This works well for those franchisees who have other responsibilities such as parenting, complementary business interests, care giving or strong outside interests.


Talk to us about a multiple unit opportunity for those interested in developing a business opportunity with significant earnings potential.

Accepting Applications

In the state of Colorado if you are interested in a smaller scope development

In the Utah, Wyoming, Montana, New Mexico, Nebraska, Kansas or Oklahoma if you are interested in a multiple territory business.

Seize this opportunity. Submit your request. We'll send you detailed information immediately and we're really easy to talk to.

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