Floating is nothing but relaxing. During your float, you are suspended effortlessly in a super saturation solution of Epson salt and water. The floatation tank is light and sound controlled, which reduces sensory stimulation and effectively suspends the effects of gravity on he central nervous system. Along with this controlled environment, the water is set at skin temperature. After a few minutes of effortlessly floating, you lose awareness of where the body ends and where the water begins. It’s truly an amazing experience! This calming environment creates reflective changes within the mind and the body. Floating improves the overall function of the brain the central nervous system. It may seem like magic after the first time you try floating, but this sense of relaxation is backed by more than 30 years of scientific research in human performance and wellness.


In 2008, Joe Beaudry, founder and CEO, found a way to help him gain a competitive edge in his career. A few items on his list that helped him do this was stress-relief, focus, and improved memory. Having this, he discovered an online community of “floaters”. In other words, floaters are advocates of the benefits of floating. Through an online forum, Joe decided to try out floating and quickly become obsessed with how it made him feel. Not only did floating help him personally, but his brand helped him help business professionals across the country. Knowing he needed help with starting Urban Float, Joe brought on Steve Swerland, who has great experience in wellness and retail.


Urban Float is more. Our brand is appealing and approachable by people from every walk of life. We cater to the need of all clients and we offer a high experience from the moment our customer books their float. Compared to others, we invest in the best materials and equipment that is very attractive to our customers.

We build our centers for maximum operational efficiency in maintenance, upkeep, and customer flow. We have exceptional customer service which results in more customers per day than other float centers. These efficiencies increase our capacity and heighten our revenue opportunities.

We offer unlimited membership, which allows our members to float as many times they want every month. Many other centers offer memberships, but they limit the amount of times you can float. We are able to offer this deal because we have built the capacity and facilities to handle the high demand.


Being a leader and top performer in the industry, Urban Float has quickly proven itself as one of the most exciting franchise opportunities out there. The economics of our business model are formidable. On average, stores are seeing $669,190 in annual revenue and $239,829 in annual operating income.

It has taken many years to refine and perfect our business concept. With hard work and dedication, we have captured the attention of entrepreneurs and franchise owners across the country.


Urban Float represents and brings forth an opportunity to be ahead of everyone else. Instead of starting a business in the generic service-based industries where competition is out of this world, we identify with a industry where there is constant and high demand for flotation centers.

To replicate the success of our brand, we look for partners who deeply care about their business and are dedicated to improving their well-being.

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