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About The Homesteader
"The Homesteader" is a monthly newspaper that is direct-mailed to new homeowners. We give new homeowners a free, two-year subscription to the newspaper. Each issue includes articles of interest to newcomers, like home improvement projects, decorating tips, antiques, movie reviews, restaurant reviews, local travel, museums, and a community calendar. We help new homeowners "settle in" to their new community. Because the paper is free, we reach virtually every new homeowner household in our target circulation area, making us the most complete solution to reaching new homeowners.

The Opportunity
Publish a local edition of "The Homesteader" and sell advertising to the businesses in your area, helping them get their message across to all the new homeowners moving in. As a local publisher, you would hire a graphic artist and a printer to produce your paper, and might hire sales reps and telemarketers to help in your sales effort. We recommend that you run the business from your home, although you might get an office if you run multiple territories. Multiple territories might give you efficiencies in sales, marketing, graphics, and printing. Each territory consists of a number of towns or zip codes. In assigning a territory, we will discuss the local area with a prospective publisher to determine shopping patterns, county lines, natural boundaries, etc. We try to create our territories with a general population of 200,000-300,000. Mulitiple territories can be purchased with additional time to develop.

A territory for only $400 down
We are currently offering local territories on very attractive terms. Buy your first territory for only $400 down, $3,000 after six months. The first six months are on a trial basis--if you do not like the business you can return all material to us, honor the agreement, agree not to compete with our concept, and you do not have to pay the $3,000 balance due on the fee. There is also a 10% royalty on ads sold after the six-month trial period. (Some states might have slightly different fee structures, depending on local regulations. Please contact us for further details.)

Training and Support
We provide initial training and a training manual, plus monthly editorial packages which contain 25-40 camera-ready articles. Articles are available on our members-only website in a monthly package. Previous months are also available, and many past articles are accessible in our article library. Many articles include art or photos. As part of our network, you can also sell ads into other publications in our group and earn commissions, or receive ads from other Homesteaders.

Two days of training are conducted at our office in Concord, Massachusetts. New publishers are strongly encouraged to come to Concord for training. There is no additional charge for training (other than your out-of-pocket expenses for travel, meals, and lodging.)

We spend one day focused on editorial and another on sales. Prior to training, we expect publishers to have read the pertinent sections of the Training Manual. There is also time for general or specific questions.

Once you start your business, we are available for questions and advice (within reason!) While most aspects of the business are discussed in the Manual, there are often unique problems or situations that develop locally which we are happy to advise on. Our members-only website also has most of the Manual online (searchable) plus other resources you can use, including examples of ads by category, marketing materials, and a frequenty-asked-question page.

Our monthly editorial packages have all types of articles, typically including home improvement, decorating, auto buying and care, children's activities, seasonal articles, cooking, health & fitness, antiques, movie reviews, etc. Local publishers are free to publish any articles we send. In addition, most publishers develop a few local articles including community calendars, restaurant reviews, local museums, daytrips, town histories or events, etc. We also provide regional articles in areas where we can produce an article that a few local publishers can use. And most of the articles we provide are also formatted for the page as a PDF to reduce your local graphics expense.

Take A Look
If you have sales, marketing, publishing or business experience, take a look at the low cost and high income potential of "The Homesteader" newspaper! We have a FREE information package we send out, with no cost or obligation. Included are a sample copy of The Homesteader and some marketing materials we use to sell ads in the field.

Once you get the initial package and want more information, we are happy to provide you with additional information and documents, including our Agreement and more sample copies (also at no charge). Contact us after you've received and reviewed our initial package!

Fees and terms may vary by state. Not all publishers may use our trademarks. Offer by agreement only.

We are NOT accepting applications from New York, Washington state, North Dakota, South Dakota, or Hawaii.

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