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Roosters Men's Grooming Franchise Information:

A Cutting Edge Look and Feel
Into a Traditional Men's Grooming Center

Roosters Men's Grooming Center represents the cutting edge look and feel of our nation's return to traditional men's grooming centers. At Roosters, customers find a relaxed, professional environment where the long ago atmosphere of leather barbering chairs, dark woods and bay rum are blended with all the modern conveniences, a complete array of grooming services and a friendly, competent staff that we call a "team". Following more than thirty years of decline, men's only barbering and grooming services are making a come back; a come back that is not only long overdue, but one that is being received, welcomed and embraced by the clientele it serves.

Not The "Typical" Hair Salon Franchise Owner

One of Roosters key objectives is to create an environment in which "the best franchisees available to our company will be trained and supported with respect." As a franchisor with a commitment to personal relationships, we are interested in training and supporting our franchise owners in an environment of mutual trust and respect. That is the cornerstone of our franchising effort.

In the burgeoning men's grooming industry, we really do seek a different kind of franchisee than typically sought out in our market segment. What do we mean by "typically sought out?" It's simple. Most franchised hair care offerings seek investors with an eye on investing and managing numerous salons. We focus first and foremost on the professionals trained and committed to delivering the services provided by the salon. In other words, the base driver of our system is management, ownership and service at the hands of barbers and stylists. We feel that this common professional base makes us very different from other offerings because we are concerned first and foremost with the services we deliver and the well being of those delivering the services.

Now... we certainly offer, and in fact, we encourage investment opportunities at all levels, but the common denominator in our program is professional stylists seeking a business system and a proven concept in which they can apply their trade and reach their personal and professional potential.

We feel that if we keep the stylist and the client uppermost in our thinking, we will attract, and do a better job for the larger scale investors who share our passion and philosophy on the grooming business.

The bottom line is this. Our job is to identify, train and support our franchisees, whether they are "hands on" practitioners, or investors sharing our philosophy of family, service and tradition.

Separating The Hair Franchise Myths and Facts

Myth: "I can't afford a hair franchise."

Fact: Sadly, often people think that owning their own hair franchise is merely a pipe dream that they could never afford. The truth is that many of these people financially qualify for a Roosters Hair Care franchise and they don't even know it.

Myth: "There is too much competition in the hair care industry."

Fact: There sure is if you choose a run-of-the-mill discount hair care franchise. But not with our business model. Roosters hair franchises are unique in that they cater to a male clientele in a male atmosphere. Which, by the way, happens to be a wide open market.

Myth: "I would need extensive hair salon experience to get a franchise."

Fact: That is the best thing about the Roosters hair care franchise. There is no experience requirement to become a franchisee. You can trust in our decades of hair care experience to be your teacher. We learned the hair business the hard way so you don't have to.

We Look Forward To Speaking With You

If you are looking for a cutting edge concept within an industry that is experiencing unprecedented growth, we invite you to contact us.

We are interested in meeting prospective owners who share our values, appreciate our concept, are team and service oriented, and identify with our mission. Although single unit owners should have the capability of supporting an investment of approximately $100,000 to $150,000, we can arrange financing for those prospective owners who meet certain operating criteria.

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