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What is a POD Advertising Unit?

POD Advertising Units

The patent pending POD Advertising Units come in all shapes, sizes, and technical capabilities. The one common factor amongst our units is that they combine a full motion digital message with printed literature for the viewer to take in one neatly organized place.

Think about it, how many digital ads can one person remember? Is a viewer going to drop everything and write down the phone number or run immediately to the store? Obviously at best the consumer will remember one or two ads, the last ones they saw! And, even then by the time they get finished with whatever it was they were doing they will forget. That is where the printed literature neatly displayed in each unit takes over.

For example:

In an eating establishment, patrons are receptive to information and entertainment while they are waiting for a table or eating their meal.

In a retail environment, consumers buying shoes are also picking up socks, pocket books, or stockings.

In a hotel lobby, guests are always looking for attractions, restaurants, transportation and various local services.

In a hospital, visitors are very often family members that need health-oriented or local information that can address their current needs.

The possibilities are endless. POD Advertising Units are capable of being deployed anywhere. The screens can be updated instantly because the units are linked to our servers.


Working doesn't always have to be 9:00 - 5:00...We offer FLEXIBILITY. Do business where and when you want; you control how much money you want to earn and when you want to work.

For the right candidate, a $39,900 initial investment will put you on your way to a business with unlimited potential. The ROI can be less than one year with your commitment to place units and secure advertisers. Financing is available to the right candidate.

A POD Advertising Unit in place and an advertising contract is all you need to start receiving a monthly income. Satisfied advertisers renew their contracts providing you with the potential for a long term recurring revenue stream.

NO inventory to stock. NO warehouse or distribution space. NO office space to rent. NO clerical staff. NO chasing your money. Work from home, sell digital advertising space, and maintain the unit location.

We provide you with all the tools you need to become a successful distributor. POD provides the initial sales training and ongoing back office support. POD manufactures, ships and installs every POD Advertising unit. Once the system is in place, we provide the creative for the digital ads, handle the content management and design and print the literature for advertiser. All billing, site and distributor revenue checks are automatically generated from corporate.

Expanding in all states.
International opportunities available.

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