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Kwicksilver Systems is now offering wheel repair franchises throughout the United States and abroad.  Kwicksilver services include wheel straightening and reconditioning of all aluminum and chrome rims, CNC lathe machining, custom wheel painting, chrome exchanges, wheel polishing and tire/wheel sales.  The Kwicksilver concept is easily co-branded and is a perfect match for those already providing aftermarket installation and repairs.  Kwicksilver has both mobile and fixed location shops. Take hold of the extraordinary opportunity in the emergent wheel repair and recon market.  Single, multi-unit, and master franchises are available. 

Huge Industry

The ratio of aluminum to steel wheels is growing at an ever-increasing rate. The ability to manufacture low profile tires has radically increased the wheel size on many vehicles. At one time, 16" wheels were only available by special order. Now, 17", 18" and larger wheels are common. Aftermarket wheels are often 20", 22" - even 24". As wheels increase in size, their durability is reduced. These larger, softer, aluminum wheels are also prone to curb rash, scrapes and gouges.  

Replace or Repair / Recondition

Replacing a damaged or bent aluminum wheel with a new one is becoming less of an option these days. With the escalating cost of these new wheels, the owners and their insurance carriers are looking for alternatives. The obvious answer is Kwicksilver. A bent wheel can generally be repaired for $75 - $200. A cosmetically damaged wheel can be reconditioned for $50 - $175. The work can be performed in 15 - 45 minutes. The price of performance OEM rims range from approximately $400 - $2,000 each. Aftermarket aluminum alloys can cost even more. The numbers clearly favor repair over replacement.

Fragmented Industry

The wheel repair and reconditioning industry is fragmented into tiny wheel shops, sporadically located, and a few large warehouse companies. This is precisely what makes the industry ripe for the emergence of a high-quality specialty franchise like Kwicksilver. The small wheel shops suffer from the lack of name recognition, network support/pricing and skilled wheel repair and recon technicians. The large warehouse companies suffer from the inability to provide quick, efficient and accurate repair and reconditioning.

Profit Potential

The Kwicksilver shop will take advantage of several streams of revenue, such as wheel straightening and repair, chrome exchanges, cosmetic wheel repair, custom wheel painting, wheel polishing, wheel location and replacement, tire/wheel sales, mobile wheel repair, etc. The Kwicksilver shop will have both wholesale and retail customers.

Advertising and Marketing

Most business owners do not have the expertise or the money to advertise and market their business successfully. When they do, their efforts are often poorly conceived and inconsistent. As a Kwicksilver partner, you benefit from our ability to provide high-quality creative talent and resources necessary for local, regional and national advertising and marketing. This is especially important in large metropolitan areas where advertising costs are often prohibitive. You'll receive point-of-sale marketing materials, brochures and promotional advertising leaflets.

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